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    At what cost (episode 49)

    Felix who has reached home was extremely pissed.

    Why didn’t guys inform they were dogs, he asked with an angry tone.

    We are sorry, we didn’t feel it important, Joshua spoke for himself and kunle.

    Every single detail is important,felix replied.

    You didn’t tell us, kunle said.

    I know I didn’t but next time tell me every single detail, you guys wouldn’t want to know what happened .

    Yeah, I do, how did you know I sent a drone after you and you destroy it, Benson said folding his arms.

    What are you talking about, Felix oblivious of what Benson said asked.

    I said you shot down the drone I sent after you, Benson answered.

    Guys, you need to see this, joshua who was looking at his phone suddenly said.

    Then he showed them a video.

    In the video don Pedro right arm was cut off, so he screamed in agony then his left arm was also cut off by a man claded in a ninja costume holding a sword but there numerous footsteps heard running outside.

    Then he plunged the sword inside don Pedro mouth opened because he was shouting because of the pain and it came out from the neck .

    He picked up the camera and spoke with a menacing voice

    General, president, ferros then he crushed the camera.

    Who the hell, that means he was the one that struck the drone, Benson muttered.

    Felix who was already angry, watching the video added more fuel because he wanted to personally punish all those who was associated with his parents death.

    Who is he,


    Fez Base

    I never expected you alone to singlehandedly defeat don Pedro, fez said in shock after watching the video.

    This is nothing but there was a clown there also to kill don Pedro.

    What, what did you do, fez asked.

    I did nothing, I wanted to kill him but he seems luck was on his side,

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    At what cost (episode 50)

    The president, lieutenant general, ferros and dr richard were shocked to their bones after watching the video, so a meeting was held amongst them.

    Who the hell is the guy, the president said.

    I thought he died during the crash, Dr Richard said.

    Clearly he is not, branch said.

    That was not him, it seems to be another because method was crude, he carried no gun apart from swords, lieut general chipped in.

    So there is another, is that what you trying to say, the president asked bewildered.

    Yes, there is and he seems to be more dangerous than the first, the lieut general said .

    He need to be dealt with, I leave it to you ferros and the general because you all know the police are suspended for now, the president bluntly said.

    Very well mr president, branch said.

    And remember the campaign for the upcoming elections campaign and the general election is soon, put this at the back of your minds, the president said shifting his gaze from the lieut general to branch

    All duly noted.

    In a room with red lights with three men and a lady pacing about.

    I will make sure his death is extremely slow and painful, a man with a bionic left hand said.

    Hey, I am the one to end him, a man with a iron claw fastened on his hand said.

    I know for sure we all want to see his end for what he did to us but all know we can’t finish him on our own thus our reason for working together, who kills doesn’t matter as far we all get our pound of flesh, a man with a eye patch fixed on his right eye said.

    True we need to wait for the others to arrive before we leave for nigeria, a lady with a hand fan with sharp edges said.

    They should come soon or I would go…, the man with the bionic hand said.

    You would go and get yourself killed by him, the lady interrupted.

    Watch your tongue, the man warned.

    She is telling the truth, there are only three that can stand toe to toe with him but all of us in this room are not among the three or you want another painful reminder, the man with the iron claw said looking at his bionic hand.

    You can either choose to wait or go and be maimed, maybe perhaps meet your end, the man with the eye patch said, remember what he did to us.

    But only we are already enough, he said

    Yeah, sure but what of he got backup as strong as he , the lady said.

    I thought he works alone, the bionic armed man said.

    You thought wrong, and we don’t know any tricks he got up his sleeves, so he would hurt to wait for the others, the iron clawed man said.

    The man with the bionic hand punched through the wall then said

    McLean your end is nigh

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    Who is McLean?

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    @Grace, McLean is the family name of felix

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    At what cost(episode 51)

    With no information whatsoever about the mysterious ninja, Felix was perturbed, so he decided to head Alone to a nearby cinema since he was off from work today.

    The movie end of the spear was playing in the cinema and the storyline of the film was quite similar to his own but the difference is, Felix chose to revenge.

    Felix was greatly disturbed after watching the movie, regretting why he even went to the cinema In the first place.

    So he decided to head home and was greatly thinking about his revenge while passing through a particular street, he found a large number of people at a house with with some weeping.

    This piqued his interest, so he asked a guy what happened, then the guy began explaining.

    This life wicked sha, nah one man like dat o, wey get one neighbor,

    Something cause quarrel for the two of them, I no know wetin, so dey begin they fight, naso the fight con start, the man wife con see say dey they beat her husband, carry hot water pour for the neighbor head, the neighbor con leave the man dey hold e head, he go find bottle throw for the woman but she dodge the bottle con hit the man small pikin, naso she take die.

    After the man pikin die, police come arrest the neighbor but the neighbor family beg the man and wife well well, the man and e wife con pity the neighbor , then dey drop the case.

    This morning we con hear say, the man wey dey release pour fuel, set fire around that kind 12:30am for night, the man, wife and the remaining three Children all roast to death, none of them survive, after police do investigation, con arrest the neighbor, the neighbor confess say na because the hot water that man wife pour ham, disfigure e face and no woman look e side nah the anger he use burn them.

    Say u dey see this live sha, the man concluded shaking his head.

    Felix who was contemplating whether to continue with his revenge or not but what he heard cleared all doubt’s.

    They must surely pay.


    Purity POV

    I sometimes feel the void in felix heart , though he acts all macho and stuff but when I look into his eyes I see nothing but emptiness, pain and sadness.

    I have tried inviting him to church but he honored my visitation once while his friend Benson as been coming.

    I think his case is related to God because he avoids all religious activities, I should try asking Benson when next I see him in church.

    But now I need to intercede for him.

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    Felix needs Jesus in his life

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    At what cost (episode 52)

    Wow you came but what about your friend, purity smiled and asked Benson after she saw in church.

    He is good, he could have come but he has a slight headache, Benson lied.

    O’i hope he gets better, purity said feeling concerned.

    All choir members are to meet now, please assemble, the choir leader announced at the altar by the help of the microphone.

    And that is my cue, please send my regards to him, bye, purity said.

    Bye, kunle replied.

    Then purity turned and left.

    And where is joshua, Benson said using his eyes to try and locate him for they came to church together.

    There he is, Benson said after locating him, he then headed there.

    Yo, Benson said after reaching Joshua.

    Sorry for keeping you waiting, I was attending believers class, Joshua said.

    Believer’s what, no matter, let’s go, I might join to see why you are so interested, Benson said and left the church premises together with joshua.

    ********Next day(monday) ***********

    I was expecting you in church but I didn’t see you, purity asked.

    I followed one of my friends to his church, Felix replied.

    I wasn’t talking to you Felix but Jordan at your back.

    Felix turned and saw Jordan.

    I was just tired,Jordan said scratching his head but I promise to make it this Sunday, Jordan said smiling.

    But Benson told me you had a slight headache , purity asked hands akimbo.

    yeah, sure but the headache reduced and I decided to follow my neighbor who is also my friend to his church, felix said without blinking.

    Good, leaving that aside, we have a talkshow scheduled by 3pm, so this is the topic, purity said handing a paper to felix.


    »»Fast forward (evening)

    Dude, why didn’t you tell me , you told purity I had an headache, Felix questioned Benson.

    Calm down bro,would have preferred me telling her you never want to visit in quote her church again, Benson asked.

    Yes, sure, Felix replied doubtly.

    Stop being so rigid, try to be a little flexible, for what I can see you like, no love her and I think vice versa, because of her , you now have a glow in your eyes but….

    Stop, Felix yelled infuriated, I don’t love her, the glow you are talking about is because I have succeeded in killing some of those responsible for my family demise, felix said and turned his back to leave.

    And one more thing, never bring up this issue again he said then left .

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    Ride on

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