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    Quantinue !

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    At what cost(Episode 3)

    Coming down from the airplane, a very handsome young man of about 6’3 inches tall claded in black polo, a blue jeans and a Nike sneakers, he sighted a man in his late forties,

    Good afternoon sir, he greeted,

    how are you doing my son, wow you have grown, you now look bulky, I most say america has been fair to you,

    Yes sir, I am no longer skinny, Felix said, o my manners,

    this is my friend I told you about, he is been a lot of help to me, his name his benson, he said introducing his friend to his father,

    Good afternoon sir, nice to meet you Felix friend greeted.
    Nice to meet you too, come let Go home, Musa go get their back, he told his security.
    Ferrions, I welcome you all to the 20th anniversary of our organization said a man on an elevated surface speaking to his cohorts ,

    he paused a bit then continued, we all know we are the best at all we do even do but there is a rival organization led by a traitor whom we all know as fez, they killed two cells (with each cell having about fifteen members) of our men yesterday and we gonna strike back hard, we are going to make then pay with their lives.

    To war, he yelled promoting a response war chant from the large crowd.

    The ferrions proceed into the bus parked according to their cell and drove to the enemies location which was an hour drive from their location
    The enemies base

    Boss we just got intel from our spy that the ferrions are on their way,
    How many cells are coming, asked the leader,

    About 2-4 cells boss along with their leader, tobe replied.
    Well, well it seems Cruz wants to handle this personally, Plant the bombs on the two doors, the pillars , get the mannequins place them in positions, go tell the rest of the crew to leave in earnest, ferros won’t know what hit them, the boss said chuckling.

    So mean to tell me that the president as a hand in my family death, felix asked angrily in one mr Johnson living room with four couch,a glass table and a huge Samsung plasma tv ,

    Yes, he was responsible for the death but not only him and five others, mr Johnson answered felix.

    I know alhaji danladi, senator ifeanyi and general were in collaboration with the president but the remaining two I don’t know, he added

    In time we will get to know, Benson chipped in.

    Do you remember the masked men I told you I saw, asked felix.

    From the Intel I gather while you were in america, they are an organization know as ferros, they are hired by top politicians whom can afford them to dirty work, their leader is in charge of the president security, mr Johnson answered.

    This is good, Felix smirked, it is time to get the plans in motion, Benson setup the room, am going after alhaji danladi first, vengeance must be mine ,felix yelled.

    Cruz became the leader of the ferrions while fez left ferros and started his own organization.

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    At what cost(Episode 4)

    Cruz POV
    Am really gonna kill fez, he left us years back and he his now strongly against us, he even killed two cells, this will be his last night on earth.

    I then alighted from the bus and gave a hand sign for two cells to enter the compound.

    We have entered the compound successfully boss, a cell leader communicated with me through our radio com fixed in our ears,
    That good can you see anyone outside I asked,
    No boss but I see people and hearing voices inside the house sir, he replied.

    That odd fez doesn’t joke with security or maybe am over thinking this, I thought to myself.

    Proceed inside with caution, eliminate any one you see, I told the cell leader

    The gate was open from inside by one of my men, i proceeded to the compound with a cell and ordered the remaining cell to stand guard,

    immediately I entered the compound I had this bad energy, my instinct was tell me this is wrong,

    I started inspecting the building then I noticed a blinking red light coming from the pillars, I went there and I recognized it

    Oh know this is a trap , ferrions abort missi……. I couldn’t complete my statement when the bomb exploded and the blast from the explosion threw me and the cell am leading backwards.
    Next thing I saw was the building in flames and crashing down on the ferrions inside then I blacked out.
    This is the full data of alhaji danladi, he is the chairman of steel cars,
    He has two wives, with ten children,he his based in Abuja, he is link with the money laundering that occured and he moves around with tight security suited for a man with his caliber,

    He his coming to Lagos this Wednesday for a business conference which begins on Thursday and ends on Saturday and he will be leaving on monda,kunle one of five men said in a room with a projector.

    Very Brilliant, felix retorted, then we will attack him on Sunday, he added.

    Why Sunday, we can get him on Wednesday or any other days but why sunday, Benson asked.

    On Wednesday his a no no because on his arrival security will be very tight and you know the organizers of the conference will add other securities details on the days of the conference, felix paused, then continued we can’t attack him on Monday for his security will be tight cos that his departure day but on Sunday we be when his security will be more relaxed, I hope you all get my logic, felix said.

    Yes we do, They all responded in unison.

    He like girls alot, I bet he will be with one when you meet him, kunle said

    I surely hope so, Felix said and they all left the room.

    Felix called mr Johnson and told him of their preparations through the phone for he had an urgent meeting.

    Vengeance will be mine, felix said inwardly.

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    @kingsheddy Welcome back

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    Ride on

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    At what cost (Episode 5)

    Cruz could be seen on the hospital bed with severe burns on his body , with a oxygen masked fixed on his nose and a drip fixed on his arm.

    How bad his is condition, a man in late forties called branch asked the doctor attending to Cruz.

    His condition is very critical, he received first degree burns on his face and some part of his lower body, he is lucky to still be alive, the doctor replied.

    How long his he going to be like this doctor, branch asked again.

    For a couple of months depending on how he responds to treatment, the doctor replied.

    Thanks doctor, I will transfer the money for his treatment and the others, said branch.

    Thank you very much sir, the doctor said as he shook hands with branch.

    I will be on my way now, branch said has he left the building with his security detail and enter his car.


    I will have to serve as the leader for the ferros again until Cruz recovers, I will make sure the RUST and fez pay with their lives for what they did,
    Take me to the airport I need to return to Abuja in earnest, he said to his driver.
    Felix POV

    I couldn’t sleep through out the night, I was having series of nightmares regarding what happened to my family each time I close my eyes.
    I got up from bed did some stretching exercises, series of push-up and I practice some kungfu and karate chops I learned in America, I later went to take my bath.

    I left my room and headed for Benson room, I knocked the door but I got know response, so I decided to enter and met him snoring like someone long deprived of sleep.

    Wake up you lazy bones, I yelled hitting him with a pillow, the rest of the guys are already in the room,
    He slowly opened his eyes and asked what time is it,

    It is past nine you sleepy head hurry up and meet us there, I said leaving his room.

    We are going to share ourselves into two groups, joshua and I going to be in one, while kunle and Jericho are to be in the other and for Benson he is going to be operation the computer and he his our eyes, I said to the gang.

    Any questions, I asked, they all respond in the negative. Alright going on Tuesday to inspect the hotel and to be familiar with the surroundings and place some bugs and Benson you are coming with me, ok he retorted.

    What are the weapons you need so I can make them available, mr Johnson asked.

    I am going to need, a smoke screen, chloroform gas , a scream mask and here the list of things I need to make micro bombs, I said handing the list to kunle.

    Alright we are set for the mission but I really need to get to the hotel to get the blueprint , I said.

    Thanks guys you all can leave now and they all left to their respective quarters leaving mr Johnson and I.

    Mr johnson:hope you are good
    Me: yes I am
    Mr johnson: why do you want to move out of here
    Me:it really not be safe using your house because of my operations and if any incident occur it will be distractrous .

    Ok have heard you, See you later in the Day felix, am off to work, he said, Bye see you then I replied.

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