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    Ride on
    more oil on your head

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    . .

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    At what cost(episode 75)

    Jordan couldn’t see very clearly but he manage to put felix and he jumped into the water then the missile came in contact with the bridge and there was an explosion, with debris of the bridge falling into the water.

    Felix was sinking in the water but jordan caught him and held him tight but a debris from the exploded bridge fell on his shoulder and he let go of felix for his vision was still blurry cos of felix light attack.

    jordan swam after him evading some debris but still some made contact with his shoulder .

    He finally caught felix, and his car that plunged into the water came underneath them, opened up and they descended inside and it covered again.

    Jordan waited for up to an hour underneath the water before he said, Nara please bring the car back to base.

    Roger, that,was the reply he got.


    Take it easy, jordan said, as Nara was trying to fix his broken shoulder.

    Sorry, Nara said stopping what he was doing.

    Now that you know one of your brother is still alive, what are you going to do, Nara asked.

    Not sure but I am glad my kid bro is alive, Jordan said smiling.

    Good to see you smile genuinely for a change, but there is a problem, the assassin guild is working with the league of monsters to get to you and guess what the military also.

    I don’t care, even if the entire nation is with for them, I must get my revenge for my family and for her.

    Haven’t you move on from my sister death, Nara asked.

    Only if your brother has, jordan replied.

    I don’t know who is more stubborn between you and my brother, sheesh,.

    I think your brother, he is hell bent of on killing him and he has almost every time we meet, Jordan said.

    You know it is your fault he is after you, only if you have explained to him.

    But you have, jordan said.

    Yes, I have but you were his best friend, you know I think I made the wrong choice following you, nara said stroking his beardless jaw.


    felix woke up and the first person he saw was the ninja, so he picked a glass on a table close to him and threw it at him.

    The ninja dodged, and felix sprang up of the bed and started attacking jordan but he blocked him.

    Jordan managed to create some distance between him and felix.

    Calm down, I am not… Then he docked as felix threw a table at him.

    Dude, calm down, Benson said rushing into the room with purity as they heard objects been thrown.

    Felix immediately hold on for he wanted to throw a shoe at jordan.

    Benson, purity, what are you doing here, felix asked shifting his gaze from purity to Benson.

    He basically kidnapped us, Benson said looking at jordan.

    That aside, he is your brother.

    Are you high on weed , all my family members are dead, felix said.

    No, I am still alive, tobi, Jordan said coming towards him.

    That is not possible, I watch you been sprayed with bullets, felix said with his voice breaking.

    I know but your brother managed to survive, fez said stepping into the room.

    You, felix said, pointing at fez, I saw you there.

    «««««Flash Back

    Fez and Cruz, go raze down the house, branch ordered.

    Yes boss, they both replied and went back to the house.

    Cruz and fez both poured petrol and they wanted to lit it.

    Cruz, wait, please let me do the honors, I want to personally burn the house, Fez said.

    If you say so, cruz said dropping the match stick, Cruz left.

    Where is this faint sound coming from, fez said entering into the house.

    When he entered the house, he looked at the direction of the bodies of john mclean family and he saw a hand moving.

    He went there and saw a boy whose shirt soaked with his blood, still coughing and moving slowly.

    Wow, there is a survivor, fez said carrying thr boy on his shoulders and went outside then lit the house.


    And here we are, fez narrated.

    So,jordan said, spreading his hands.

    And felix rushed to his side.

    Felix don’t, but they were surprised as felix hugged Jordan tightly.

    Awwn, that’s cute, Benson said.

    Felix looked at purity and disengaged from the hug.

    Purity noticed the reaction of felix and said.

    I know, he killed my father but it have forgiven him.

    Wait, what just like that, felix asked surprised.

    Yeah, I was I kinda hurt though, but three weeks each more than enough time and beside I have Jesus, purity remarked.

    There you go with your… , you mean I have spent three weeks in bed.

    Yes, I am starting to think laying unconscious is your hubby.

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    At what cost (episode 76)

    Why are the league of monsters hell bent on destroying you, felix asked.

    I don’t really know, Jordan said.

    Let me explain, cos Jordan is a liar,your brother, Nara said pointing at jordan.

    Had a relationship with my daughter and kept it from my brother is friend who is the second in command,

    Was my friend, Jordan interrupted.

    Ok, he was sent on a mission to the assassin Guild, he was caught, so my sister went to save him, she died in the process but he survived.

    My brother knew of their thing after her death and he was very bitter and your jerk of a brother refuse to talk things out with my brother which made my brother think he was betrayed by jordan.

    Why didn’t you talk things our with your friend, Benson asked.

    I wasn’t in the right frame of mind as at then, and I was feeling a little guilty , Jordan said.

    I feel he still hurt, I believe if you try to to reason with him, he might let go, purity said.

    I won’t, let things be as they are, jordan sternly said.

    You and my brother are both stubborn lot, sheesh, nara said.

    Later on, felix called nara aside.

    Why did you stick with jordan after all this years, felix asked.

    Nara took a deep breath and began explaining.

    My brother had terrible anger issues when he was young , if angered he destroys anything on sight without minding who would get hurt and so did your brother, until they met and they helped tame the other.

    Then your brother got in a relationship with my sister, when she was about to go rescue jordan, she sacrificed herself to save him but when she was about to go rescue him she gave me instructions but I refused at first because I was angry at jordan.

    Your brother lost all control and went on a killing spree,the most scary of all was that he doesn’t recognizes friend or foe but kill anyone he sees.

    He killed his trainer and lots of his friends me when I decided to yield to my sister.

    I met him when he was killing in the league of monsters and he almost killed me until reached out to him emotionally, he was severely affected by your family death psychologically and so here I am, should he loose control again.


    Set the trap, make sure there are no slip up, Jordan must be captured dead or alive.

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    At what cost(episode 77)

    Jordan!!!, Nara shouted,

    I’m coming, Jordan replied.

    The head of the assassin Guild is in Lagos, see his coordinates, jordan glanced at the laptop screen, then he ran off, passing felix and Benson,entered a car and zoomed off.

    What was that about, felix asked after entering the room with Benson.

    Oh know, I got to go, nara said and ran out.


    Division 1,in position, division 2 in position, Division 3 in position, Division 4 in position.


    The division 1 got eyes on the ninja and a rocket was launched at him,

    💥 Boom, but there was no sign of scattered bodies as they expected.

    Division 1 compromised.


    Division 3 at a roof top

    I see the ninja running,

    Well shoot at him

    Ok, then they started firing at him, the ninja entered a gas station and they stopped shooting.

    The ninja rushed out of the gas station, the ferrions wanted to shoot but there was a huge explosion.

    Division 3,come in, division 3,all division stay alert


    Benson drive faster, felix said.

    Dude, i am trying, Benson said increasing the car speed .


    Division 4

    We got eyes on him, then they opened fire but the bullets pass right through him and hit a car.

    Uhn, an hologram.

    Division 2


    Division 2.

    I see him , then a ferrion jumped and cut off his head but when he saw the neck, he noticed some wires a 🤖 robot.

    How, it is up to you guys now

    Roger that


    The ninja jumped into a building through a window and he was checking the rooms.

    I know you will surely show, a man with one byonic hand said coming out from a deep freezer, the ninja wanted to run out of the room but the door was blocked by a lady with hand fans.

    It judgment day , a man with metallic claws fixed on both of hands said.

    Then they formed a triangle with the ninja in the middle and the lady threw one of her fans, so the ninja ducked, the fan got stuck on the wall.

    The ninja threw shurikens at the byonic armed man but he raised his hand and blocked them.

    You seem a bit off today, the byonic man said.

    The one with the claws on his hands threw it at him but the ninja dodged and he retracted the claws.

    The lady with fans started attacking him , the ninja struggled to dodge, so the sharp edges of fan cut him.

    The ninja was blinded sided by the byonic handed man and the lady , that created an opening for the iron claw man who threw his claws and it pierced the ninja abdomen and he withdrew it making the ninja come to his side and he gave him an upper cut.

    Before he could land the byonic armed man jumped and punched him to the floor, the lady wanted to use her fan to cut him up but another ninja dressed in his outfits stepped into the room.

    What, there was different expression on the faces of the three elites.

    I see you are working with the elites, the ninja said then he shifted his glance to the ninja on the floor almost lifeless, now who is this imposter, he said removing his gaze from him but he quickly returned his gaze to him.

    There is only one person who will, Nara, the ninja said and rushed to the ninja side and bent down.

    The elites started retreating back.

    Nara, Jordan yelled and removed the mask from his face, he saw Jordan face deadly pale.

    Jordan…, nara said with his eyes closed.

    Nara, jordan said with his voice breaking.

    This is it for me, don… , Nara eyes closed before he could continue what he wanted to say.

    Nara, nara, Nara, jordan said shaking him, then he cried loudly for minutes with the elites fidgeting very close to the wall.

    The ninja stopped crying and slowly stood up , then his outfit gradually changed to silver and gold glittering just like the metals with his gaze down on Jordan.

    A huge gulp was heard from the direction of the elites.

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