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    At what cost (Episode 20)

    Can you please scan this, it is my souvenir from where I went, felix said handing over a the grenade pin to benson.

    O, okay, I heard on the news that it was a gas explosion and four died, Benson said.

    No, it wasn’t, I think it was a clash between two groups because I saw some blood that could barely be seen , and the car tracks on the environment increased my suspicion, but they did a really good, and fast job cleaning up, felix concluded.

    Wow, you really are good at detecting, kunle expressed.

    I think it wasn’t just a normal group clash, joshua chipped in.

    I think so too, hence my reason for bringing the pin to benson to know more, Felix added.


    Ferrions Base

    About four people died from the explosion, am purity daily planet news .

    Fez you escape this time but I assure you death is imminent, branch muttered, switching off the television

    Nice work taking away all possible evidence and pretending to be an eye witness that told dissuade the police to believe it was a gas explosion, branch said commending mesan.

    Anytime boss, but i have something to say, mesan retorted.

    Ok, go on, branch replied.

    Boss, I think we should limit the way we use the program survivors because about two were killed in the clash , mesan suggested.

    Hmmm, I think you are right, they will be used for only special occasions,the S program is expensive and also many ferrions died during the program branch agreed.

    But now we have to figure out who is alhaji danladi murderer.


    If not we already have a new base and some of our men were already, we would have all been killed because those Super ferrions were almost unstoppable and they massacred all of our men except you, me and some few others,deji said

    I like the word almost impossible, I managed to kill one of them, Fez replied.

    Boss, I really don’t know much about the ferrions, can you please enlighten me more, deji asked.

    Yes, you are right, okay listen carefully, The ferrions is an organization formed by the top politicians and the cream of the society to eliminate every possible threat to them like the death of john McLean and family and also for a tool to sabotage the country.

    The ferrions have spies in the political sector, educational sector, entertainment sector, everywhere there must surely be ferrion there and I think there might be a link between them and the army all I know is that they are bad news.

    We have to lay low now until he returns, they were rotten enough before, with the S program in the mix something big is going to go down, fez added.

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    Hmm….getting tougher

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    At what cost(Episode 21)


    Give the ferrions more weapons, they will need it, how about the Japanese, lieut general adios asked.

    General, they are having major problems there, because they were attacked and some were killed in major locations especially Koga, the soldier replied swiftly.

    I trust the Japanese to handle it, branch said brushing it off.

    And also your brother have finally defeated the rust the soldier added.

    So I have heard, the rust were a thorn in my flesh but now they have been defeated my plan will soon commence, Nigeria will be mine.


    I have completely analyze the grenade ring and I got to know the producers, Benson said.

    Wow, that great, Joshua remarked.

    That was extremely fast, kunle also remarked .

    So tell us all I need to know about it, Felix said.

    The grenade was made in Japan, Benson said.

    What, is that all Felix asked,

    Yeah, that all, Benson replied.

    Are you kidding me, felix barked with kunle and Joshua looking on.

    Or do you want the not so important info, Benson asked.

    Yeah, I will like to know, felix replied.

    Ok since you insist, I Will tell, the grenade was made in Japan, for it to get to Nigeria it must been approved by both country government, because they were Nigerian army initials on the pin, Benson replied again.

    And you call this not so important, kunle and Joshua , can you hear this guy.

    Anyways, I think it was given to Nigeria to improve the various countries relationship, Benson added.

    Pls o, what is your idea of important because I don’t know, Joshua asked.

    yeah, kunle added.

    Pls tell us, what do you understand by the word important, felix chipped in.

    Don’t mock me, you told me to tell you where it was made and I told you, simple, Benson replied.

    You really are something, so that means the clash was connected to the military, felix asked.

    Yeah, I think stay out of this, it is not of your business,we do not more problem or do we a Benson warned.

    Ok I promise, I will stay out, chill yo, felix replied.



    What do we about that demon, a man wearing glasses said in a large conference room with about Sixty chairs.

    Yes, we got to get rid of him, he killed all my men, all the guards I have are new and that has slow things for me, man 2 said.

    We got to kill him now, man 3 said.

    That is more easier said than done, I mean we sent over two hundred of our best men and he slayed them all, man 4 said.

    And to think he operates alone horrifies me, man 5 said.

    Ok , we all agree he is a terror to us all, so I have considered placing a bounty of 15 million dollars on his head,am sure he will not survive this, if you all agree, raise your hand, the man wearing glasses said.

    They all raised hand in agreement.

    And the man said demon “shi ga anata ni yattekuru” the man said in Japanese.

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    Roger on bro

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    At what cost (Episode 22)

    Felix POV

    It was just remaining few days to Mr amaechi birthday, and I went to work, talked to tunde with his funny attitude.

    I think am starting to like him, and Solomon though cool but there is something off about him, then purity calm, intelligent but tried talking to me about Jesus, always inviting me to church.

    I have really considered going but we were all Christians in my family, prayed daily but my family died a terrible death and the God we prayed to couldn’t even save us and that is why I hated religion but I didn’t tell purity the reason why.

    On my way home from work, I needed to stop a bus popularly called danfo for I always feel awkward when booking a cab and likes with only the driver and I, yikes.

    So I went to a bustop to and then a danfo with two passengers sitting at the back, two sitting at the front seat and none at the middle and then only the driver at the front, my instinct told me this was a trap but I decided to go with the flow.

    I entered the middle seat, then one of the passengers at the front closed the door, the driver started the ignition and moved the bus

    All of a sudden one at the back hold my neck, the two at the front brought out a knife and a dagger.

    If you move I kill you, if you like yourself beta corporate with us, they said simultaneously.

    Please don’t kill me, I said bringing out all the money in my pocket.

    Sharp guy, see as e corporate sharply, one of the guys said, e no b like that last woman wey they form stubborn and we use aboniki sama her small pikin eyes, the way the small girl shout mummy funny me.

    Why did you guys do that to the small girl, I said without my countenance changing

    Na wetin we dey use punish the stubborn ones, why you come they squeeze face, you want make we take aboniki sama your face too

    I will really love to see you guys try and beside I want my money back, I barked at them.

    They all laughed in mockery of me, hold am down, I go apply am to he eyes too, the one with the knife said dropping his knife and brought out a balm and apply it to his hands bringing it closer to my eyes.

    I then managed to use my leg to kick his hands away from my face then I stood up making those at the back stand up too, then I fell backward on the seats breaking free their hold.

    Then the one at the front with the dagger tried to stab me but I caught his wrist and dragged it making him stab in the stomach one at the back who was already up and I broke his wrist directing he screamed in pain .

    I dodge another attack from the second guy at the back, I put my hands on the Seats and slowly turned using the seat handle as a pivot then used my legs to kick the guy who flied out through the boot that was not properly closed of the Bus in motion ,

    Then the remaining guy at the front whom wanted to apply balm on my face tried also to attack me but I punched him hard on his mouth making two of his teeth fly out and he hit his head hard on the bus.

    The driver but the vehicle to a halt, I wanted to hit him too but he pleaded making me calm down.

    I have two advice for you, one never attack children and two words are costly and I alighted from the bus after collecting my money from the guy whoms wrist I broke with him shivering.

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    very interesting

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    At what cost (Episode 23)

    What happened, why do you look so roughed up, Benson asked.

    Did you get into a fight at work, Joshua asked too.

    No, no, yes I got into a fight but not at work, felix answered.

    I was attacked In the bus I entered but I just taught them a small lesson, Felix continued.

    One chance, Joshua and kunle said in unison.

    See why I always tell you to book a cab but you wouldn’t listen, Benson said.

    Yeah, I know but never mind , how about Friday’s operation, felix asked.

    All plans in check, we have gotten the various outfits and ID cards needed, kunle answered.

    We have to be very cautious because the general is going to be in attendance , felix said.

    Ouch, I told you it was a mistake but the security in this event is going to be mad and I see you are trying the digression tactics, Benson replied.

    Of course I am, before you start giving a long lecture on why I should book a cab,
    Anyways, I will be going as a crew of the daily planet, so will be leaving on Wednesday for imo, felix added.

    So we will meet in imo, kunle replied.

    Yes,we will felix replied.

    But wait why do need you guys, don’t they have a division in imo, Benson asked.

    Yeah, the station is new so they don’t have branches in any other state but Lagos , hence the reason we have to go there but with time I think they will have, Felix said.

    As if you are going to stay that long, benson retorted.

    Felix, purity, tunde, Solomon were taken by the daily planet news van to the airport for their flight to imo and were given the usual routine talk on behavior and he bidded them farewell.

    Meanwhile in Japan,

    About thirty men armed with guns surrounded a man claded in a ninja costume armed with ninja weapons.

    Your end has come, there is no surviving this black ninja.

    *to be continued*

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