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    At what cost (Episode 24)

    About thirty men armed with guns surrounded a man claded in a ninja costume armed with ninja weapons.

    Wow, is this is going to be an easy kill, guy 1 said.

    This is the easiest job ever, guy 2 said.

    Is this really the most feared man in Japan because all I see here is a grown man playing dress up, guy 3 said.

    Enough with the yapping let us eliminate him and collect the bounty, guy 4 said.

    They cocked their gun and were about to shoot him and suddenly he brought out a object then threw it on floor, immediately the whole area got covered in a purple smoke.

    Where is he, I can’t see, the men shouted simultaneously and all of a sudden they heard a scream with some slashing sounds following.

    Open fire then the men started shooting, I think I see him one of the bounty hunters shouted and shot in that direction.

    Then he went closed and bent down but found his fellow bounty he shot dead, then he heard a whooshing sound so he raised his heard then a chained was hurled at his neck but he wasn’t quick enough to dodge.

    So the chained wrapped in his neck and was dragged into the center of the smoke.

    Then the scream and slashing sound continues.

    The purple smoke still covered the area and the remaining bounty hunters stayed closed to each other moved around in the smoke with them seeing blood stains on the floor with some severed bodies.

    Who really is this guy, I didn’t sign up for this the guys at the back said, why aren’t you guys moving they said again and tried turning them but found arrows stuck in their chest and the two at the front fell down.

    He is there, then they opened fire not minding or seeing what the shoot at.

    I think I shot him of one the remaining two bounty hunters said.

    I am gonna check, he added.

    Stay close, the other said almost in a whisper.

    Then he went closed but a bone cracking sound was heard.

    And the bounty hunter headed in direction shooting but there was a long silence.

    The purple smoke was now gone but the whole area was filled with blood and severed dead bodies of the bounty hunters and a man putting back his sword in his shealth.

    He bent down picked a phone and dialled a number.

    The ninja is dead I need the bounty, he said then switched of the phone .

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    Carry on…

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    At what cost(Episode 25)

    Felix, purity, tunde and Solomon arrived at imo state and checked in at adore hotels.

    Tunde, Solomon shared a room while purity and felix stayed in seperates room.

    Felix brought out his phone, started operating it as if he was chatting, then his spotted a hidden camera fixed at the entrance, he thought to himself, so like suspected there is a camera in this room, so I guess I communicated with kunle, Benson and joshua in the bathroom.

    Then he went to the bathroom and video called benson then he picked.

    Benson» How are you doing felix

    Felix» fine, kunle and joshua there with you

    Benson»Yes they are, kunle!!, Joshua!!
    Felix want to talk to you.

    Joshua»am here

    Kunle»am here

    Felix»Good, the reason I called is the planning will be done today because tomorrow, I might not be available on Thursday for any call at all.

    Benson» Roger that but are you in the bathroom cos I see a bath tub.

    Felix» yes, I am in a bathroom

    Benson» Dude can’t you call me in a more decent place,

    Felix» Quit yapping, I am in a hotel and it is code A.

    Benson» Oh, I get, typical of any hotel.

    Kunle» What is code A

    Felix» it means not safe, cameras available leaving that aside let go straight in the strategy, the operation his going to be hit and camouflage not hit and run, I have this feeling this is going to be very tricky.

    Joshua» I see

    Kunle» I agree , the guest coming are famous so the security is going to be top notched.

    Benson» True

    Felix» I attack him when is cutting his birthday cake…

    Benson» You are a sadist but that when all eyes will be at the moment, making it difficult to camouflage.

    Felix» first of all I am not a sadist,second I want to make a daring statement, I know that is when everybody is concentrated at the celebrant, so all eyes are going to be on me making me a distraction .

    Benson» Wait what, you are going to be the attraction and distraction.

    Felix» Yeah, I will distract them long enough for you guys to fill the hall with N²0.

    Kunle» so it easier for you to blend into the crowd.

    Joshua» Well is there a plan A.

    Felix» No, this is our only plan , so we put in our best but you can improvise, do you all agree.

    Benson» Yes

    Joshua» Yes

    Kunle» Yes

    Felix» Good.


    Here he is a white man holding a black bag, now my bounty.

    One of the men who hired the bounty hunters checked the bag and saw a arrow plunged into the neck of a man wearing a mask.

    He then handed a briefcase 💼 to the white man, how can we sure he is the one.

    You know and there is an imposter among you, he said then left the room carrying the briefcase.

    Who is the traitor, one of the men of fifty men sitted then and argument ensued.

    Stop, stop, the man who collected the bag said, then there was order.

    A sound could be heard, then he opened the bag, the sound was faster and intense then he saw a blinking red light from the arrow.

    Then he said “nani”, immediately an explosion occured.

    The whiteman removed his face mask revealing is true self then he looked at the building then smiled.

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    Roger on boss

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