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    Chapter One.

    Libia’s eyes were drooping as she pulled up to the school. Her long lashes brushing her cheeks with how tired she was. She knew this day would not be easy. The first day of school never is.

    Her hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail, her school uniform messily thrown on. The night before had been filled with nightmares about this day, for Libia Fields was not the best at making friends. In fact, she’d been deemed the loner because she was just too shy to make friends. 

    She was pretty, no doubt, with a heart-shaped face, long, wavy, raven black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Of course, she didn’t see her beauty as others did. Who does?

    If you asked a beautiful woman what she thought of herself – honestly, and with no embellishments – she’d tell you that she thought her butt was too fat, or that her face was too chubby, or that she had no curves or something of the sort. Libia, of course, wore makeup, did her hair when she felt like it, and sat at home watching comedies and reading books when she wasn’t in the dance studio or studying. Every girl once or twice a week looks at herself in the mirror and thinks, “I’m fabulous today.” and then the next day, they look at themselves and wonder how they came to that conclusion.

    And Libia was no different. Of course, the eighteen year old girl had no intentions of making friends this year, as she hadn’t every year. But as we all know, intentions are not always set in stone.

    So, Libia entered the school, looking in envy at the girls with perfect blond hair and barbie doll complexions. Not knowing that she herself, was getting looks of envy.

    She crossed her arms, trying to make herself as small as possible so no one would notice her. A trait she’d picked up from her shy ways. She wished she’d left her hair down, so it could shield her face from the curious on-lookers. Her mother, a boisterous woman with a big personality, had moved Libia here over the summer in hopes for a fresh start, so she had no idea what to expect from these kids, or who to avoid. She had no doubt that these kids knew each other, and that she was as much a stranger to them as they were to her. Already, she could hear people asking about her, hear the whispers, the rumors that had already circulated. Libia, even though she’d moved here in the middle of the Summer, had talked to no one in the town. They’d seen her walking the streets to reach her dance class, or stopping at Starbucks are her way back, and they’d created rumors about her. It was only natural that, since they had no solid facts, they’d let their mouths run as their minds wondered.

    Some, although their friends only suggested it, took those wandering thoughts as facts, and passed them from friend to friend. There creating a rumor.

    But I digress.

    Libia made her way to her first class as the warning bell chimed, having memorized the map in her mind the day before. She would stop by her locker when she needed it, she decided.

    She entered her first period, English Lit. It was a class she’d been anticipating to take. What she did not anticipate, was the teacher’s obvious excitement to have her here.

    “Ah, you must be our new student!” The teacher, Ms. Bakes exclaimed, her eyes alight with glee.

    “Yes.” Was all Libia was able to say, too shy to look up at the crowd of kids she knew was staring at her.

    “Well introduce yourself while I sign the slip!” She insisted, taking the slip from the girl’s shaking hands.

    Libia’s hands began to sweat, and she looked up, finally meeting the crowded room’s gaze, before she looked down again. “My n-name is Libia Fields.” She said quietly.

    “Where do you come from, Libia?” Ms. Bakes asked her, oblivious to the girl’s discomfort.

    Feeling that she’d be less inclined to bolt from the room in fright if she only addressed the teacher, she answered, “I was born in F-France, but I grew up in…Michigan.” She was finally able to answer, almost shrinking back from the audience.

    “Wonderful! Take a seat, and Garrison will grab you a book.” She said.

    She was so relieved to be away from the spot light that she practically ran to the back, plopping down in the corner. For the hundredth time in her life, she cursed her shyness. It crippled her sometimes.

    She looked up as a book was set in front of her, and gave a barely-convincing smile to the young man. He smiled back, and then walked back to his seat. When the lesson began, Libia tried to concentrate on it, but their were people staring at her, as if one look at her would tell you her whole life, and put their curiosity to rest. She found herself reading from her text book, just so she’d be able to get her mind off of their prying eyes.

    “You look a little flustered.” A female voice came from beside her.

    Biting her lip, Libia looked up. She found a girl with curly brown hair and blue eyes, crinkling at the sides as she smiled at the petite, shy girl beside her. 

    “I…I suppose I am.” Libia mumbled.

    “I’m Vivi Hallow. Named after the road in front of my house, if you can believe that.” Her voice held a cute rasp, and a southern drawl.

    “It’s nice to meet you.” Libia met her eyes briefly, before looking away.

    “You’re a shy one, aren’t ‘yah?” Vivi observed. “Well, you don’t have to be shy around me, darling. I’m as docile as a teddy-bear.” Vivi assured her, setting a hand briefly on Libia’s arm before returning to her work.

    Libia gave a shy smile, before returning to her work as well. 

    After her first class passed without a hitch, she made her way to her second period. She stumbled through the halls as people shoved past her, finding her locker number so she could put her book away. 

    She closed her locker, only to be startled when someone appeared from behind it.

    “Hello.” He greeted smoothly.

    Swallowing a gulp of air as she settled her hand over her heart, she only stared at the boy. His blond hair was shaggy, but still attractive, his features defined and masculine. A strong jaw framed two perfect lips, and was peppered with an attractive stubble. He had a straight nose leading up to these deep blue eyes. Libia felt crippling shyness take over, as she averted her eyes.

    “H-h-hello.” She managed in a barely audible murmur, her hands trembling as she lifted her bag to her shoulder.

    In the corner of her eye, she saw his lips turn up in an arrogant smirk. “You must be the new girl.” He murmured.

    As he spoke, Libia’s cheeks burned red, and she tried desperately to think of what to say to him. 

    “I am.”

    And then, with her heart racing, she turned and walked briskly away, fearing she’d say something really stupid to the attractive boy who, for some reason, took it upon himself to speak with her. 

    Ugh, Libia you are so stupid! She scolded herself, rubbing her arms uncomfortably.

    When she made it to History, pushing into the classroom unceremoniously. Blushing at the attention she drew to herself, she quickly handed the slip to her teacher. Mr. Gates assessed her for a moment, smiling slightly in amusement at how the girl stared down at her shoes. He decided to give her a break, seeing as her hands were trembling at her sides.

    “Please sit down, Ms. Fields. There is a book on your assigned desk.” He prompted.

    Libia let out a heavy breath of relief and rushed to her seat. She refused to meet anyone’s eyes, keeping her own trained on her desk as if her life depended on it. She knew that there were people looking at her, and she didn’t like it. She had been assigned to a seat in the middle, giviing everyone a perfect view of her. 

    “Ah, Johnson, nice of you to join us. Please take a seat.”

    Without her say, her eyes drifted up at the teacher’s voice, and they met the hazel eyes of whom she assumed was Johnson. He wore a charming smile, and his face was the essence of masculinity. His eyes shined with mischief, and ran a hand through his shaggy head of brown hair as he approached.

    Oh no. she thought. Don’t sit here. Don’t sit here!

     She had a sinking feeling that this cute boy was her science partner. Quickly, she averted her eyes, and as she thought, he slid into the seat beside hers, settling his book in front of him.

    She didn’t speak to him, opening her book to the first page to destract herself.

    “Hi, I’m Johnson Braker. You must be Libia.” He introduced himself, sticking his hand out.

    She looked up at him breifly from under her lashes, carefully taking his hand in my weak grasp. “Fields. L-Libia Fields.” She studdered.

    “Ah, a pretty name for a pretty girl.” He replied smoothly.

    To Libia’s dismay, she let out a girly giggle. Her face turned cherry red and she looked back down at her book, unable to speak. 

    “So, Libia, how’s school been treating you so far?” He asked her, oblivious to the fact that she was extremely uncomfortable.

    “U-um, fine I guess.” She mumbled, shyly folding her hands in her lap as her eyes flitted from his to the desk, over and over again.

    Johnson chuckled as he watched the girl struggle to form a sentence, his mind already coming up with a plan. She was beautiful, no doubt. Naive, too. He was going to have fun getting into her innocent pants. All he had to do was put on the charm, and she’d be putty in his hands.

    Having slipped in unseen behind Johnson, Damon watched the two from his seat in the back. He knew by the sly smirk that Breaker had that he was going to do something. He always targeted the weak girls. Libia was a prime subject. Damon felt pity for the girl, who would soon turn into Breaker’s Guinea pig. She was currently speaking to Johnson, her body exuding a timidness worthy of a rabbit. You wouldn’t know it from just looking at her. She was a beautiful girl, even with her hair pulled back into that messy ponytail, almost reaching mid-back. Her wide, chocolate brown eyes were framed with long black lashes. She would make a babe if she dressed properly. Damon smiled slightly at the thought, but quickly dissmissed it. A girl like that wouldn’t come within twenty feet of him. Too shy. She proved that from the stunt she pulled a few minutes earlier. 

    I am. Was her timid reply. The girl couldn’t even look at him. And then she ran.

    She ran. He chuckled.

    Meanwhile, Libia was trying her best not to stutter as the cute boy talked to her as if she were the most fascinating thing he’d ever encountered, asking where she was from, why she moved, her hobbies, skills, anything and everything. He’d usually just recieve a one-or-two-word answer.

    When the bell finally rang, she jumped from her seat like her shoes were on fire and rushed from the room, afraid that she’d embarrass herself if she lingered any longer. To her dismay, her foot caught on the table on her way out, and she went flying forward, only to hit a wall-of-a man. Her brown eyes clashed with familiar blue ones, and her cheeks flushed.

    “Better be careful there, sweetheart. Wouldn’t want that pretty face of yours to bruise.” He chuckled, unable to keep himself from helping her out, he saw the alarm in her face as she tripped, and he wanted to tease her.

    He was rewarded with bright red cheeks. “I-I-I’m sorry.” She was stumped, she couldn’t think of a single thing to say, with her hands still pressed to his chest, and his arms around her waist.

    “Not a problem.” He shrugged, finally letting her go.

    Her hands lingered on his chest for a moment, as she was unwilling to lose the warmth, and, if she was being shamefully honest with herself, she liked the feeling.

    Hmm. Damon thought deviously, watching as she lingered, pressed against him. Maybe goody-two-shoes is not as good as she seems.

     Johnson, who’d been watching the whole scene play out, cleared his throat, a little annoyed that Slain had gotton the girl to actually touch him willingly. She didn’t even look at him. Johnson wasn’t jealous, per say, but he knew Slain was doing this on perpose, as he sent a grin his way.

    As if snapping back into reality at the sound of Johnson, Libia sprang away from the man. She felt disbelieving that she hadn’t even learned his name yet.

    “I have to go.” She said, leaning down to pick up the book she’d carelessly flung on the floor when she fell. She quickly stood back up, gave a slight smile of thanks to the boy, and quickly fled down the hall.

    Damon watched her go, a plan forming in his head. He knew there was some confidence hiding in that timid little body somewhere. He just had to find it.

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    Scroll down for Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4-5

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    nyc start

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    Chapter Two.


    After a long, long day, Libia ended up jogging home, her headphones in her ear, humming quietly to herself through her heavy breathing. She had to keep in shape for dance class, it was the only rule her teacher gave her.

    Besides the fact that she loved jogging because of the wind in her face and the liberation it gave, it made her feel somewhat normal. When she ran, she felt like a regular person, instead of a person so shy she could suffocate with it. Her ponytail bounced behind her, following with the beat of the music. She reflected on the day she had with a shake of her head.

    Johnson, the boy in her science class, wouldn’t stop following her. He’d walk her from class to class, speaking to her, even though she rarely spoke back. She couldn’t count the glares she was recieving from countless girls, and she didn’t like it. Many a time she tried to hint that she didn’t want the attention, but he wasn’t having it. She was just lucky that Vivi had her sit with her and her group of friends. It seemed she was sitting at a table of missfits. All of them greeted her warmly, and she instantly felt okay with them. She knew that if she said something stupid, they’d laugh it off. She was able to relax.

    But of course, as soon as she stood from the table and put her tray away, there Johnson was. She was seriously close to just taking off running, extremely embarrassed that she couldn’t even look him in the eye. 

    She also had a few encounters with the boy who caught her. She later found out that his name was Damon Slain. A strange name. She figured out that she had science, art, math, and gym with him, although they were always seperated into different teams, devided by gender.

    Libia sighed, knowing she’d have to go to work tonight. She had the unfortunate night-shift at the twenty four hour grocery store down the road from her house. Usually she always went for the 10:00 or even the 7:00 but sometimes she was forced into the night shift.

    She was surprised to see that the house was almost completely free of boxes when she walked through the front door. The living room was completely unpacked, looking nicely decorated, and the kitchen had been set up nicely.

    “Mom? Ben?” She called.

    No answer. She must have done this before she went to the hospital. Libia’s mom worked the night-shift at the hospital. From eight O clock to six she worked. She came home every morning a few minutes before she had to go to school, and usually she just crashed into bed. Libia felt sorry for mom. She tried hard to work for Ben and Libia..

    Ben is her older brother. Usually he’s out of the house with his friends. After the move, he went out and quickly made new aquaintances. Libia just sat in her room reading.

    Libia had no qualms about leaving my home town. After their father left, their mom needed a fresh start, so she applied for a job at the hospital ahead of time, bought a house, and they moved. The only one who had problems was her brother. Ben got his personality from mom. He was a bubbly person that everyone loved, including Libia. Of course, he had good friends back home that he didn’t want to lose. Eventually, after one night of seeing their mom come home crying that she couldn’t take it anymore, Ben gave in, and agreed to move.

    Their house was a nice, middle-class, one story house in a suburban area. The living room and the kitchen were seperated by a bar, and a hallway in the kitchen led to two different bedrooms on either side of the wall, while the master bedroom branched out from a door in the living room.

    Right now, all Libia’s bedroom held were posters of her favorite dance-style. Hip Hop. Libia, despite her shy attitude, was always obsessed with Hip Hop, even when she was a little girl. Breakdancing, as some called it, made her feel more alive, and less like the shy girl she used to be. She also had pictures up on her wall of her while she did her dance routines. But that was her class back in her home town.

    No one, not even her mother knew that she was in this class. She always said that she was going to work when her mother asked. Her mother never came in her room, and when she did, as bubbly as she was, she wasn’t vigilant at all. She didn’t even notice the pictures. Not even her brother knew. 

    Not only was did it make her feel like she was finally doing something on her own, without the judgemental eyes of anyone, but she felt that if her mother knew, she’d make a big deal about it, and Libia hated attention.

    She studied for a few hours, and then changed into a black, tight shirt and tan slacks.

    After settling her books back on the desk, she grabbed her phone and started out the door. She was startled when she bumped into Ben.

    “Oh, hey Ben.” She greeted with a small smile.

    He smiled back at her. “Hey Libbi. I want you to meet my friend here, Cam. Cam, this is my sister, Libia.” Libia looked behind Ben to see a guy around her age, with soft green eyes and blond hair. “It’s nice to meet you.” She greeted shyly, before turning back to Ben.

    “I’m headed to work. Mom needs those energy drinks for her shift tomorrow, so if you drink them tonight, make sure you replace them.” She ordered.

    “Will do Captain.” He saluted her playfully.

    She gave a teasing smile as she saluted him back. “See you later. It was nice meeting you Cam.” She called in a soft voice, heading down the sidewalk.

    “Be careful!” Ben called.

    “Ha!” Libia said, rolling her eyes.

    After a five minute jog, Libia entered the store, waving to Val, her co-worker to signal that she was off.

    Val let out a sigh of relief and waved back, beginning to gather her things. Libia spoke to her for a few minutes, before she left.

    She and a few others were the only ones working tonight, and she was mostly just standing at the register, fiddling with the codes for different foods. Someone entered the store, much to her surprise, but she didn’t look up as she bit her lip, trying to remember the code for asparagus. 

    “Hey Lib, you got a minute to look at this thing?” One of her co-workers, Bennett asked.

    Bennett is an old man, his hair shot with grey and his eyes framed with wrinkles. Many times a night he’ll ask Libia to look at a machine he’s having a problem with – Libia has always had a knack for fixing things. Everything’s a puzzle to her.

    “Sure Benny.” She murmured, walking over to see what was wrong.

    She was busy, with wire cutters and a wrench, fixing the coin machine. There was a problem with the screen, every time you would press a button, the backlight would flicker.

    “Libia?” She heard the unmistakable voice of Damon.

    She paused, looking up. A small smile made it’s way to her face, more comfortable with herself when not under the eyes of hundreds of people. “Damon.” She greeted softly, her cheeks tinging red.

    His eyes flickered to the coin machine. “What are you doing?”

    “There’s a problem with the coin machine. A short in one of the wires. Needs re-wiring is all.” She explained, pushing the panel back into place and shutting the door.

    She stood up, brushing her pants off. “What are you doing here so late?” She asked.

    He glanced down at the basket he had in his hand. “I’m with a few friends. They dissapeared somewhere…you know how to fix this stuff?” He asked, eyeing her skeptically.

    She let out a soft laugh, taking his basket from him and taking it to the register. “Yes. All it takes is a little bit of puzzle-solving and tinkering.”

    “Huh.” He said simply, watching as she began to ring up his items.

    She looked up at him, absently sliding a bottle of soda over the scanner. “What?”

    “You’re one of those people.” He said vaguely.

    She crinkled an eyebrow, giving him a timidly amused glance. “One of what people?”

    “One of those super-geniuses. Tell me – what comes to mind when I say the square root of 35?”

    “That’s easy, it’s five,” She answered immediately, and then added, “But I’m not a genius. I just study.” She shrugged.

    He let out a laugh that was surprisingly loud. “Sure.”

    She didn’t answer, mostly because his laugh was like silk. It sent chills down her spine, but warmth flooded her veins at the same time.

    “That’s twenty five thirty six.” She murmured, glancing up at him.

    He pulled out his wallet, handing her a fifty.

    “So, I hear that Johnson kid has been following you around like a lost puppy.” Damon commented as she counted out the change.

    Her cheeks reddened. “I wish he wouldn’t.”

    Damon raised an eyebrow, so she explained, “I don’t like attention, especially when jealous girls are involved.” She murmured.

    Damon was definitely intrigued now by the strange girl. He watched her hair, which she’d let down from it’s ponytail, fall over her shoulder as she reached down to grab something from under the counter. The black shirt she wore was skillfully showing off her soft curves. Her eyes – when they met his, which was rarely – were so soft and chocolatey brown that he could get lost in their depths. Right then, he wanted her. Not just in his bed, as he’s had many before, but to be his. He wanted her to take the chance with Johnson, so he’ll leave her, and she’ll come running to him. He knew it was a cruel thing to hope for, but it would be the only way she would accept him. This was a process. Johnson breaks her heart, she runs to Damon, and Damon changes her – for the better – while also, in the process, makes her his. It wasn’t going to be easy, but Damon loved a challenge, and it was going to be a d--n fun one.

    Libia, oblivious to Damon’s devious thought process, handed him his change and gave a shy smile. “I hope you find your friends.”

    He smiled back, although his was much more charming and confident, and it held a secret amusement, as if there was a joke that she was missing.

    “Thanks.” He replied, making sure their hands brushed when he grabbed the money from her

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    Okay o, nxt.

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    @fb-danieledem please come with the register… @Maths, @LadyG, @henrymary this story is goin to be interesting fah…

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    Yea @emreks i feel so.

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