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    Chapter Four.


    Libia hadn’t heard from her father, but her mother was now in another bout of sadness. Her eyes were always saddened, and her smile never seemed to brighten her whole face. Libia was beyond angry at her father for showing up unnanounced like that. 

    People in school were whispering about the appearance of Ben. Wondering who he was, mostly. Why he was dragging her away. Her friends were the only ones that knew what happened yesterday.

    She’d spent her entire day at school excited, getting ready for dance class. Her eyes were brighter, and her smile, too. Everyone seemed to notice the change. Johnson assumed confidently that it was him asking her out on a date that put the light in her eyes. Little did he know, that was far in the back of Libia’s mind. Dance always came first, for Libia.

    So she skipped from class, smiling eagerly to herself. She’d perposely walked to school, so she could feel the warm air on her skin and warm up before she got there. She loved walking.

    Libia looked around to make sure no one could see her, and she started down the sidewalk. No one could know about her danceing. She’d make sure no one knew.

    Little did she know, Damon was watching her as she suspitiously swept the area. He was sitting on a bench in the park that stretched out beside the school. He watched with raised eyebrows as she quickly began walking in the direction of the town. Where was she going?

    He checked his watch. He had to be in class in twenty minutes. He had plenty of time to drive there. It takes about five minutes to get there by car.

    Libia swept into the class, giving a bright smile to her teacher. Her teacher smiled back at the girl. Libia had been a valuable dancer in the teacher’s eyes.

    “Hello, Ms. Vans.” Libia greeted as she headed off to change.

    “Hey Libs.” She greeted back.

    Libia pulled on her tights, and a white T-shirt, pulling her long hair back in a ponytail. 

    When she came back out, Ms. Vans stopped her. “We’ve got a long-time student coming back today, Libs. He’ll be your partner, since you’re the only one who doesn’t have one. I think you and him will really be good together.” She explained.

    Libia felt her cheeks flame. Dancing with a partner. She’d only ever done that once, and the partner had been gay. He was extremely talented when in the zone, and crazy funny when he just hung out with her.

    She swallowed nervously and then nodded, not wanting to dissapoint her teacher.

    Well, well, well. Damon thought, a big smile taking over his face as he pulled into the lot and saw Libia through the glass windows. Fragile little Libia’s got a secret. 

    He imagined this was the dance partner Ms. Vans was raving about. He just imagined having her in his arms, watching her perfect body move and twist in sync with the music. He wanted her so much more, if that was possible.

    So he swung out of his car, walking confidently up to the door.

    Libia turned her head at the sound of the door opening, the little bells hanging on the handle jingled and clanked together. Her eyes widened to saucers as they met a tight black shirt, and moved up, meeting those unmistakable blue eyes.

    Oh no.

    Oh no.

    Ms. Vans squealed and hugged the boy, and he smirked at Libia over the over-joyed teacher’s shoulder.

    “It’s so good to see you again.” Ms. Vans gushed, pulling back.

    Damon grinned down at the woman. “You too.”

    Ms. Vans rushed over to Libia, dragging her across the room. “Damon Slain, this is your dance partner, Libia Fields. Now be nice to her, alright? You two are a team from here on out.” Ms. Vans said, mainly looking at Damon.

    Damon gave his teacher an innocent smile. “Who said I wasn’t going to be nice?”

    Libia was silent, her breathing slightly shallower as she stared up, wide eyed in panic at the boy. 

    “Ms. Vans, I need to talk to Damon alone for a moment.” Libia murmured, her voice breathless.

    Damon casually followed her to a quieter part of the room, and then she turned to him.

    “Damon, listen to me, you can’t tell anyone about me being here. No one.” She insisted, grabbing his arm when he looked away.

    He looked at the contact with surprise, electricity zinging through him, making him feel more alive. His eyes trailed up her small arm, then her shoulder, her neck, and then finally, her eyes. She stared at him urgently, although he could see the blush tinging her cheeks pink. He felt…good, knowing a secret that no one else knew. It was something that they shared, and only them.

    “I won’t-”

    “I’m serious, Damon. Not my mother, not my brother. No one can hear a word of this.” She interrupted.

    Surprising her, he shrugged off the hand on her arm and gripped her biceps, dragging her closer. “I won’t. Say. Anything.” He said, his voice deep and sinuous.

    Libia could feel her cheeks burning, as she stared up at him. “O-okay.”

    He smiled and let her go. “Come on. Ms. Vans is excited to see what we can do…and quite frankly, I want to see what that tiny body of yours is really capable of.” He murmured.

    Libia gasped, her eyes snapping back up to his from where they’d strayed to the floor. That was not a sexual innuendo…was it? No. Of course not. Get your mind out of the gutter! She mentally smacked herself and turned away from him.

    She walked over to where she’d plugged her phone in, turning on her favorite song to dance to.

    Ms. Vans wanted them to dance seperately at first, and then choreograph something later. So Libia closed her eyes for a moment when she took her place in the middle of the wood floors. And then her eyes snapped open with the beat, and she began moving. Her body twisted and her hair whipped around, as she ran forward and dropped, sliding on her knees for a few seconds before she sinuously jumped up, moving her feet expertly.

    Damon watched, leaning on the wall beside Ms. Vans, whom was quivering with excitement and pride, as the seemingly quiet, shy, goody-two-shoes girl pulled some moves that could only be explained as sexy. Sexy as hell. She was like a tiger with how effortless the dancing seemed for her.

    Before any of them wanted it to, the song ended, and Libia ended her dance in perfect sync. Her chest heaved, and her smile was one of bliss. It struck Damon to realize just how much Libia loved to dance. 

    They passed each other, and Damon brushed his hand on her arm and whispered, “Nice job, Babe.”

    Libia felt a shiver wrack her body, and she blushed.


    She was jogging home, her music blasting in her ears. She felt the wind in her face, as she relished in the feel stretching her legs. She decided to forgo the Starbucks route, seeing as she had a date tonight. She felt her gut tighten at the thought, a strange feeling of unease taking over, but she decided it was just nerves. Libia had always had a good sense of intuition. Something she inherited from her mother. About the only thing. Her mother had a strong feeling that her father had been up to something that she wouldn’t like. She’d always felt a strong urge to call work and ask if he was still there when he said he’d be staying late. But she didn’t for a long time, partly scared of what she’d find, and partly knowing that it was her husband, and that she needed to trust him.

    But, Libia didn’t want to analize this unease she felt. She simply passed it off as having not been on a date in quite some time.

    She arrived home and was planning on going straight to her room, but she was surprised to find Ben slumped over with his head in his hands and his elbows on the counter. His back was to her, but he knew she was there, having heard the door open and close.

    “Ben…?” Libia asked softly, settling a hand on his back.

    He let out a heavy sigh, saying in a rough voice, “Hey…Libs.”

    “What’s wrong?” Libia asked in concern, hearing the pain in his voice.

    “It’s…it’s nothin’…just…Dad asked me to move back with him…to get to know my half sister.” Ben muttered.

    Libia felt anger and pain for her brother. “He has no right to ask that of you!”

    “I want to know her, Libia…she’s my half sister, but I can’t stand the thought of…of them! Together! All lovey-dovey like him and mom used to be.” Ben clenched his fists.

    “I understand.” Libia murmured, wrapping her arms around his waist and lying her head on his back. “I don’t want to see it either. But that is our little half sister. No matter where she came from, she’s family.”

    “I won’t move back with him. I refuse to do it.” He muttered, and Libia felt his back tense with anger.

    “You don’t have to. Tell Dad that if he wants us to meet her, than he’ll bring her here. If he doesn’t do that, then we’ll arrange a meeting, just her and us. We’ll have lunch together, or we can take her to the peir.” She murmured to calm him down, patting his chest like she used to do when they were little.

    She felt and heard him take a huge breath, and moved back as he stood up. He turned around and enveloped his little sister in a big hug. “Thanks, Libs.”

    She smiled when he let her go. “No problem. Now I have to go and get ready.” She turned to go, but Ben stopped her.

    “Get ready for what?”

    Libia smiled up at him. “I’m going on a date.”

    Ben’s eyebrows furrowed, and he took the “protective stance.” As Libia called it. He crossed his arms, puffed out his chest, and stared down at Libia with a fatherly look of dubiousness. “Who is he?”

    Libia giggled. “His name his Johnson Breaker.”

    “How old is he?” Ben interrogated.

    “Eighteen.” Libia rolled her eyes.

    He narrowed his eyes for a moment, before his stance relaxed slightly. “Okay. If he tries anything I want you to knock him on his ass, kick him in the nuts, and call me, alright?”

    Libia had to laugh. This was a lecture he gave every time she went on a date. Even when she was asked by this really nerdy kid, Carl. She was fourteen years old at the time, and she was starting to blossom into a beautiful young lady. Carl had been a good friend, so she kindly accepted his offer to date. He was a nice, shy kid. They dated twice before they figured out that it wasn’t working for them.

    Ben had told her the exact same motto. Knock ’em on their ass, Kick ’em in the nuts, and call him.

    “I promise.” She assured.

    She turned and ran up the stairs, finally feeling a little bit of giddiness enter her system. She was going on a casual date to this pizza place. So, after showering, she dressed in a red sweater and black jeans, throwing on some flats. She slapped on some eyeliner and some mascara, swiftly putting on some lip gloss. She left her hair down, knowing that she’d need it when she wanted to hide her face from him, and left it naturally wavy.

    Libia got her black hair from her mother. Her mother’s mother was from India. Both of her granparents are Indian. Of course Libia is only half Indian, with only her exotic black hair to show for it. Sometimes Libia gets tired of her hair, but right now it was her saving grace. She needed it like a blanket of protection.

    Her brother was half Indian, but he got brown hair from her father. It was a strange thing. All of the girls on her mothers side of the family have black hair, but the men rarely do.

    When a knock came at the front door downstairs, Libia felt herself tense.

    She took off downstairs, racing Ben and shoving him away before he could open the door and completely embarrass her. She smoothed her shirt and fixed her hair, and then opened the door.

    Johnson smiled in at her, and then raised an eyebrow at her slightly heaving chest, and ruffled appearance.

    “Hi, Johnson.” She greeted, smiling like an idiot.

    “Hey, Libia. Were you running a marathon?” He asked.

    “More like wrestling me.” Ben muttered, straightening his shirt as he stepped back in the doorway.

    Johnson felt himself tense. Uh-oh. Big brother. Not good. He took in the guy as he crossed his arms over his chest, hovering behind Libia. A protective big brother. Shit.

    “Remember what I said, Libs?” Ben asked her.

    Libia rolled her eyes. “Yes. Johnson, this is Ben, my brother.” Libia introduced.

    “Nice to meet you.” Johnson said respectively.

    Ben gave a nod, which intimidated Johnson more. Libia rolled her eyes, stepping out of the house and slamming the door closed behind her.

    “Don’t worry about him. He does that crap with everyone I associate with.” Libia muttered.

    Johnson gave a nervous laugh. “Yeah. Let’s go.”


    “So what’s your favorite color?” Johnson asked Libia.

    They were sitting in the corner of the pizza parlor, sharing a small pizza between them. The parlor wasn’t busy, in fact there were only a handfull of people in the restaurant with them. Libia shrugged, swallowing a piece of pizza before speaking, “I’d say it was green. You know, like moss on a tree green. I’d always loved foresty colors and themes. What about you?” Libia took a sip of her drink.

    “Right now?” Libia nodded in reply. “Brown. Chocolate brown.”

    Her cheeks turned bright red. “That’s nice.”

    “Yeah. With little specs of gold.” He hinted.

    Libia couldn’t help the giggle, and hid her red cheeks with her hair.

    “What flowers do you prefer?” Johnson fired off again.

    “Um…I’ve always been partial to Lilies.” Libia answered, playing with the table top.

    “Hmm.” A slow grin spread across his face. “What is your favorite food?”

    “Bacon.” Libia answered without thinking, and then she blushed.

    “A girl with an appetite. I like it.” Johnson replied, taking a bite of his pizza.

    Libia laughed again.

    “You should laugh more. I like your laugh.” Johnson murmured, leaning forward.

    Libia felt shyness creep up, as she looked down at her lap. Johnson reached across the table, surprising her by lifting her chin. “Hi.” He whispered when her eyes met his.

    A slow smile spread across her face. “Hi.”

    He sat back, his eyes twinkling with an unknown emotion. “What do you prefer, Titanic, or Taken?”

    Libia knew what he was asking, suspense, or romance? 

    “Taken. It’s fun to watch Liam Neeson beat the crap out of people. Gives you a sense of justice.” Libia explained.

    He grinned again. “I see.”

    “What about you? You enjoy Titanic on the weekends?” Libia teased.

    “You know it. I just love listening to Sarah McLaughlin belt out belt out that beautiful, yet cliche song that everyone and their granny knows.”

    “It’s Celine Dion.” Libia pointed out.


    Libia had to laugh. And then, as a demonstration, Johnson got up, grabbed Libia’s hand, and began dancing with her in the middle of the restaurant, singing the Titanic theme song. Libia was laughing as her cheeks turned incredibley pink and she buried her face instinctually in his chest in embarrassment.


    They finished their pizza, and then Johnson stood up. “I’ll be right back. I forgot my wallet in the car.”

    Libia nodded up at him, smiling. He paused for a moment, before he leaned down, and pressed a kiss to her, right on the lips. Libia watched, in a daze, as he exited the building for the moment.

    Johnson smiled like the devil as he made his way out. His wallet was in his back pocket. Bailey sat on the hood of his car. “Ready, Babe?” She asked him with a seductive smile.

    “Oh yeah.” Johnson said, opening the door for her to get in.

    Libia heard the roar of an engine. And she looked up…just in time to see Johnson back out of his space, with Bailey Summers, a girl from her school in the seat beside him. He gave her a two-fingered wave, as she stood from her seat.

    She just stood there, staring out the window as he laughed, his face cruel, and sped out of the lot. So…all this was for a free meal? A chance to hurt a girl’s feelings? 

    Well, he did a damned good job. Libia felt her self-esteem drop to zero. Humiliation ignited in her gut, twisting and tightening. She felt tears pour down her cheeks. It had been an experiment, a scam. The bastard had even kissed her! 

    She furiously wiped her mouth as she pulled out her wallet with trembling hands. She went up to the counter, cheeks stained with tears, and began pulling out her money.

    “Don’t worry about it, Hon. It’s on the house.” 

    Libia looked up with her hurt eyes at the italian-looking man behind the counter. His gruff voice was grim, and his mouth was pressed into a thin line. He planned on hunting down that little jerk-off and making him pay every scent.

    “Oh, no I couldn’t-” Her shaky, almost sobbing reply was cut off.

    “Don’t you dare pull out that money, Darlin’.” This time it was a woman’s voice.

    Libia looked behind the man to find a petite, rounded woman with fiery red hair and hard green eyes. Her nametag said Jan.

    Libia sniffled. “Thank you.”

    “Do you need us to call someone? Or at least a cab to get you home?”

    Libia shook her head. “I’ll be okay. M-my house is just a few blocks from here.”

    The two watched the dejected girl walk from the restaurant, head down, lip between her teeth. Everyone in the parlor was watching, in fact. 

    “Crete, get that kid’s picture posted up on the wall. I can’t wait to kick him out next time he comes.” Jan said to her husband.

    “Done and done.” He replied.

    Libia began running as soon as the door shut behind her, her eyes blurry with tears. She only got a few feet before she rammed into a hard body. Arms wrapped around her waist to keep her from falling, and the guy stumbled back a bit.

    “I-I’m sorry.” Libia sobbed.

    “Whoa, whoa. Libia, what happened?” She almost instantly recognized the voice.

    “D-Damon?” She asked, looking up with watery eyes.

    Sure enough, those familiar blue eyes were looking down at her with questions flooding them, his eyebrows furrowed. “Yeah. What happened?” He repeated.

    Libia pulled away from Damon, wrapping her arms around herself. “He ditched me!” She cried.

    He raised his eyebrows, having never seen her so out of sorts. “What? What are you talking-”

    “I was on a date with Johnson The-Heart Breaker! He got a pizza, we ate it, and then he left! He ditched me. I had ten dollars in my wallet, Damon. Ten f-----g dollars! He danced with me, he asked me what flowers I liked…he f-----g kissed me! And then…and then…” Libia felt her eyes well up again. “And then he got in his car with Bailey Summers and drove away.”

    Damon saw red. “He kissed you.”

    Libia looked up at him, almost unable to see him through her tears. It was a good thing, too. In their close proximity, Libia probably would have turned to ash under his rage-filled gaze. 

    “Yes. He kissed me.”

    Damon clenched his fists and took deep breaths, getting his jealousy under control before he had to rip Johnson a new one. This was his plan, was it not? To get Johnson to screw up, and then move in. But d--n it was hard to do.

    “D--n sweet-talking moron. ‘Brown. Chocolate brown. With little specs of gold.’ My ass!” She ranted.

    Damon could feel his anger subsiding, and surprise taking it’s place. He’d never heard her curse before. It was surprisingly sexy. He’d never even heard her raise her voice as much as she had.

    Damon decided it was time to lay his offer on the table. “Gee, Johnson’s a real ass, isn’t he?” He hedged.

    Libia nodded, crossing her arms indignantly. “Not only an ass. An ass-hole!”

    “I bet you’d like to get back at him good, wouldn’t you?” Damon inched his way towards her.

    She was too caught up in her anger and her hurt, glaring angrily at nothing in particular as she crossed her arms. “Got that right. I’m going to kick his ass to Memphis.” Libia growled.

    Suddenly, Damon grabbed her up. She let out a cry in surprise, and suddenly she was flush against Damon’s chest.

    His hot breath hit her face, as his blue eyes bored into hers. “How about something along the lines of showing him what he missed?” Damon suggested.

    She swallowed thickly, suddenly the quiet girl he met in school. “W-what?”

    “Change, Libia. Become someone that Johnson will drool over. Let him know what he missed out on. Be a bad girl.” Damon rumbled, the sound of his voice reverberating through her chest.

    “A-a bad girl?” She repeated dumbly.

    “No more stuttering. No more innocent looks, no more avoiding people. Wear your uniform like you’re a model and the school is your cat walk. Put on a smile that says ‘F--k you, world.’ Be who I know you are. Who I know you really are.” Damon muttered.

    “H-how?” Libia whispered, staring up at him with wide eyes.

    A slow grin spread across his face. “I’ll show you, Babe.”

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    Chapter Five.


    Libia pushed away from him. “N-no. I can’t. That’s not me.”

    Damon pulled her back, lifting her chin so she looked straight at him. “Don’t you want to show Johnson that he can’t break you down that easily? You can do this. Show him that he can push you down, but you’ll only rise stronger, and better.” Damon said.

    Libia had to admit. She liked the idea. But what would her brother think? Her mother? Would they approve of this? Of course, she didn’t exactly have to tell them.

    Yeah. She thought. This could be like my dance class. I could keep this a secret.

    But what would her brother say if he knew? Would he approve? Would he think her foolish?

    Somehow, Libia couldn’t find it in herself to care. She was angry as Johnson, but also hurt. Those emotions were clouding her usually clear thinking process. She wanted him to see that what he did to her didn’t affect her like he wanted it to. She wanted everyone to see the confident girl she could become.

    So she pulled away from Damon once again, but this time she looked him straight in the eyes. “Alright. What do I do first?” She asked.

    He grinned down at her. Mission accomplished.

    “A wardrobe change. We start early tomorrow. Make sure you set your alarm for eight and you’re ready by nine.” He ordered, beginning to drag her across the parking lot.

    “Where are we going?” She asked him.

    “I’m taking you home.” Damon said, as if it were obvious.

    Libia opened her mouth to protest, but nothing came out, as they came upon a shiny, poison green sports motorcycle.

    “What…is this?” She asked him.

    “This is my baby, Babe.” He answered, and then he threw his leg over. 

    “You weren’t driving that earlier today.” Libia pointed out.

    “I don’t normally drive my bike to school, Babe.” He answered, using his hold on her hand to pull her closer.

    “Um…I’m not getting on that thing.” Libia said, taking a step back.

    “Oh yes you are. This is the first step in showing Johnson what a badass you can be.” He grinned up at her, pulling her back again.

    When Libia made no move to get on the bike, Damon sighed. He swung his leg back over, stood up, and swept her legs out from under her. She let out a shriek, and caught her just before she hit the ground.

    “Let me go!” She cried, wriggling in his arms.

    Damon only laughed, and then he settled her on the bike, taking her hands and wrapping them around his waist.

    “You might want to hold onto me, Babe.” And then the bike roared to life beneath them.

    Libia yelped in fright, as she pulled herself closer to Damon, wrapping her arms around his waist. She could feel him laughing at her, so she lifted her head and cried in his ear, “Quit laughing!”

    This only made him laugh harder, as they pulled out of the lot. Libia was glad that her hous was just a few blocks away. She didn’t want to be on this death trap any longer than she had to be.

    As he picked up speed, Libia began to feel the wind in her hair, and although it was cold, it brought a feeling of exhileration to life that she didn’t know was in her. Her stomach dropped when he turned, making a nervous giggle escape. 

    She was almost dissapointed when he came to a stop at a stop sign.

    “Where is your house?” He called back to her.

    “364 Dale Street!” She replied over the noise.

    He nodded to himself, and started driving again. Not a minute later, he cruised past her house.

    “You passed it!”

    “Shit, hang on!” He yelled back.

    He slowed to a stop two houses from his original target, and the night was silent once again as he turned the bike off. Libia got off first, and was surprised as Damon got off behind her.

    “I’ll walk you to the door.” He said.

    She raised an eyebrow at his innocent expression. Had he…? No. It was an honest mistake that he was just trying to make up for…right?

    He unexpectedly tucked her hand in the crook of his arm, pulling her into his side.

    She felt her cheeks go red, but brushed the feeling off.

    They walked in silence, but it was comfortable. She felt safe at his side, for some odd reason. 

    They paused at her doorstep, and he took a look around for a moment. “Your driveway’s empty.” He pointed out.

    Libia nodded. “Yeah. Mom works as the night nurse at the hospital, and my brother is usually out with his friends.” She explained as she pulled out her key.

    “Ah, Babe, your hair is a little crazy.” Damon pointed out.

    “Hmm? Oh!” Her cheeks turned bright red, as she ran her fingers through her hair. “Is that better?”

    Damon shook his head, and boldly pulled her closer. He threaded his fingers through her hair, carefully dragging them down to smooth the tangles. Her eyes were wide, and doe-like, as they stared up at him.

    He never took his eyes from hers, seeming to lose control of himself for a moment. He had no idea what got into him. He just took an opportunity to hold her.

    “There. That’s better.” He whispered, his breath fanning Libia’s face.

    He took a step back, gave her a blinding smile, and left.

    Libia stood still, watching him walk down the sidewalk. He got on his bike, turned to her, and she could have sworn he winked, but she couldn’t be sure from this distance.

    He sped down the road, and her heart’s erratic pumping slowly began to relax. She turned, and a giddy giggle escaped without her consent.

    Her mind wasn’t even on Johnson anymore.

    Her smiled dropped when her brother’s angered voice traveled throughout the house.

    “What the hell was that?”

    “Ben? I thought-”

    “You thought what? That I wouldn’t see you come speeding down the road on a motorcycle with no helmet on? With some guy?” He growled.

    Libia should have known he would wait for her. He always waited for her to return after her dates. 

    “No Ben. Where’s your car?” She asked.

    “A friend of mine had to borrow it for a couple of hours. That’s beside the point, Libia.” He snapped, taking a step closer. “Who the hell was that guy? Where’s this Johnson kid? And why was he touching you like that?” He fired off questions, making Libia grimace.

    “That was Damon. Johnson…had an emergency and he had to leave. He didn’t have time to take me home, so Damon offered.” She lied through her teeth. “Damon’s a friend-”

    “That move he pulled out there didn’t look very friendly! And what the hell do you think you were doing on that bike?” Ben fired off again.

    Libia sighed, keeping her voice calm in hopes that he’d lower his. “I would have walked but he insisted. Would you rather I walked this late at night? And as for what he did out there…I have no idea what it means.” Libia held back the reflexive smile that wanted to burst forth, keeping her face smooth.

    “I have an idea.” Ben muttered, finally lowering his voice. “And no, as much as I don’t like the vehicle arrangment, I wouldn’t prefer you walking.”

    “Can you do me a favor and don’t tell Mom about this? I’d be dead before you could finish the sentence.” Libia pleaded.

    “Fine. But I don’t want to see that kind of thing again. I was this close to opening that door and shoving his face into the concrete.” He said, leaning against the wall in a resigned manner.

    Libia winced. She wasn’t sure, but she had a feeling that she was going to be on that bike again. She knew that wasn’t the only thing he was talking about, too. Libia wasn’t too sure about that, either.

    Never the less, Ben wasn’t going to see it again. She gave him a nod in reply. “You got it.”

    Without another word, Libia sprinted down the hall, entering her room with mixed emotions. Part of her wanted to crawl into a hole and wither into nothing. Another part of her wanted to rise above it all and show everyone just how strong she could be. The part that wanted to crawl into a hole won over for the night. Of course there were no holes nearby, so she chose the next best thing, she crawled underneath the covers and snuggled into her bed, feeling anything but comforted. 

    She let tears fall from her eyes and the feelings of humiliation and hurt take hold. She saved her anger and her grudging feelings for tomorrow, where they could fuel her. When she woke up this morning, Libia had no idea that she would be spending a Saturday with a boy who caused her heart to do strange things in her chest. She refused to believe the reaction was anything more than physical attraction. It was an easy explanation – Who wouldn’t be attracted to him?

    Libia knew that he wasn’t attracted to her. It wasn’t possible. He was probably just teasing her. Or maybe his actions were innocent. Maybe this was friendly for him.

    Libia drifted to sleep in the middle of her wandering thoughts, and the next morning she awoke to her regular alarm. She hadn’t turned it off for the weekend because Damon wanted her up early.

    Groaning, Libia dragged herself out of bed, stumbling like every morning into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth like a zombie before jumping in the shower.

    The scalding hot water managed to get her awake and focused. She stepped out of the shower, lifting her eyes to the window behind her desk. Hers was the last house on the block, and her room faced the street corner. She loved to people watch after studying. Right now she was watching for any signs of the motorcycle.

    Libia walked into her closet, languidly picking out her clothing for the day. Her thoughts went back to Damon’s words before.

    A wardrobe change? Libia thought her wardrobe suited her just fine. She had T-shirts of all kinds, lots of sweaters, jeans, and only a few pairs of ripped shorts that reached a few inches above the knee. She didn’t like showing a lot of skin. And she didn’t have a lot of dressy, or girly shirts.

    Maybe that’s what he means. She needs to dress girlier? Libia had no idea what was wrong with her wardrobe.

    Maybe she’d call Vivi and ask her what she thought. 

    Shaking her thoughts, she grabbed a white knit sweater, throwing on a tank top underneath. She slipped on some dark blue jeans to go with it, along with some white flats.

    She swiped on some makeup, just some mascara and eyeliner, and checked the time. It was ten minutes to eight. 

    Libia thought this was a good time to check and see if her brother was home. She knew her mother was, but her mother would be sleeping off the night shift. That woman could sleep through an earth quake. Libia made her way through the house, checking in the kitchen. She noticed a note on the fridge.

    Had to leave for job interview at Cane’s Workshop, be back at 11:00.

    – B.

     Libia could tell by how clumsily he’d written it that he’d woken up later than planned and had to leave in a rush. Libia shook her head, smiling. 

    She put the note back on the fridge as someone knocked on the door.

    Strange. She thought. I didn’t hear the motorcycle.

    She opened the door, and Damon smiled in at her. “Hey, Babe. Ready?” He asked.

    “Hang on, let me write a note for Ben and Mom.” She left the door open for him, jogging back to the kitchen and ripping a note from the pad.

    Went to the mall with a friend. Should be back sometime tonight.

    – L.

    Libia stuck the note on the fridge beside her brother’s, doubting her mom would be up, but just wanting to make sure. 

    “Let’s go.” Libia said, a little reluctantly.

    Damon followed Libia out, and noticed her looking for the bike.

    “No bike today, Babe. We’re taking the 911.” Damon said smugly.

    Libia turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow, and he gestured down the road, one house down.

    She looked, and her eyes popped. It was a sleek black Porsche 911 Turbo.

    “Where do you get all these cars?” She asked him as he pressed his hand to the small of her back, leading her down the sidewalk.

    He chuckled, enjoying her awe. “This one’s my Dad’s. The bike is mine, and the BMW that I usually drive is my brother’s.”

    “You have a brother?” She asked, her eyes wide with curiosity, as he unlocked the car and pulled the door open.

    He smiled down at her, staring into her doe-like eyes. “Yeah. And a sister. Carol and Jack, She’s sixteen, he’s nineteen. I assume Ben’s your brother?” He asked her.

    “Yeah. He’s a year older than me. Speaking of, my brother saw us last night. He didn’t much like the idea of me riding on a bike.” Libia said, glancing up at Damon.

    He closed the door, jogging around to the other side to jump in.

    Damon raised an eyebrow at her when he got settled. “I thought you said he wasn’t home.”

    “I thought he wasn’t. His car was gone. One of his friends had borrowed it for a couple of hours.” Libia explained.

    “I bet he wasn’t too happy when he saw me.” Damon muttered, starting the car up and pulling out.

    “Nope.” Libia popped the ‘P’ flippantly as she examined the car.

    What neither of them mentioned, was the intamate moment they shared. It was clear without being said that Libia’s brother had seen that, too.


    When they arrived at the mall, it was already packed, despite it being nine fifteen in the morning. Libia could feel herself closing off, and her shy side was beginning to cover the brave.

    She got out of the car with Damon, rushing over to his side as he met her at the back end of the car. Seeing her discomfort, he slung an arm around her small shoulders, making sure she was tucked safely into his side.  Libia felt her cheeks heat up at the contact, but was thankful he understood. She was able to lift her head just a little more, and walk with a longer stride.

    “So where are we going?” She asked, her voice back to it’s quiet tone.

    He glanced down at her, his eyes searching. “Food court, I didn’t have breakfast.” He muttered.

    She nodded, averting her gaze back to the ground.

    Meanwhile, Johnson sat in the food court, telling his friends all about the so called “Date” he had.

    “I totally got her under my spell. All I had to do was compliment her eyes and bam! She was all mine.” Johnson laughed, pulling Bailey closer to his side.

    “You might want to watch out, John. My friend Vinny found out from his cousin Jen that her sister Jamie was there, and she saw the little nerd run right into Damon Slain’s arms. She said they left on his motorcycle and everything.” Daina, Bailey’s friend informed.

    Johnson furrowed his eyebrows. “He probably took pity on her. She probably begged for a ride.” He chuckled, waving it off.

    The table laughed, but as the laughter died down, Dan, a friend of Johnson’s eyes focused on something behind them. He knudged Daina with wide eyes, and hers grew equally wide as they followed his gaze.


    Growing curious, Johnson turned around in his seat, and his eyes bugged at what he saw. Damon Slain had his arm around Libia, and they were laughing at something. Libia looked like she was genuinely having a good time, Damon as well.

    “Well I’ll be a son of a b---h.” Dan muttered.

    “What about Mc. Donalds?” Libia suggested as they walked into the food court.

    Damon pulled a face, shaking his head. “I don’t want to eat food with a creepy clown staring at me.” He muttered, pointing to the giant clown face beside the sign.

    Libia couldn’t help but burst out laughing, imagining the clown eyes following Damon. Damon laughed with her, glad he was able to get her to relax a little.

    As his eyes were scanning the court for another option, they landed on Johnson and a few of his other friends. Their eyes were already on the two, and Johnson’s mouth was open slightly in surprise.

    “Look who it is –  Bozo The Dunce.” Damon said, inclining his head in their direction.

    He felt Libia tense under his arm as she followed his gaze, and gave her shoulders a squeeze. 

    “Let’s go get Wendy’s. I can deal with a redhead in pigtails staring at me.” He suggested, steering her away.

    She shot him a thankful smile, as they got in line.

    The smile was forgotton, however, as she glanced back to see Johnson getting out of his seat. She prayed that he was just going to leave, but that wasn’t the case, unfortunately, as he made his way over.

    “Heads up.” Libia muttered sullenly.

    Damon discreetly glanced back, to see Johnson halfway to where they were. And he acted.

    “Libia, kiss me.” Damon ordered.

    “W-what?” She asked in surprise.

    “Kiss me. You want to show him that you’re over him. Kiss me.” He repeated, turning to her and cupping her face in both his hands.

    Libia couldn’t think. Before she even had time to blink his lips were on hers, and she was lost. Her eyes fluttered closed, and her mind went blank. She had no idea how to react, no prior training except for one time when she was kissed against her will by this kid named Garth who had gotton rabies from picking up what he thought was a dead racoon the day before. Let’s just say it wasn’t dead. Libia thought that it was wet and gross and she never wanted to experience it again.

    But with Damon, there was no thought. She moved her lips with his on instinct, and it wasn’t wet or gross, it was warm and soft. Sparks ignited inside of her, and electricity flowed like blood through her veins. The hair on his chin tickled hers, adding to the experiance, and making her want to be closer to him.

    Her hands made their way up his muscular chest, to his neck. She traveled up until she felt the stubble on his chin, and then reached their destination, entangling in his hair.

    She needed air, and Damon sensed it, as he pulled away. They were both gasping. Damon didn’t expect to have that kind of reaction to their lips meeting. He meant it to be brief, and sweet, but he lost control. He had been thinking about what she said to him the night before. Johnson had kissed her. He wanted her to remember this kiss. This was the kiss he wanted her to think about at night. Hell, he wanted to be thinking about it at night. He loved how her lips were swollen, her eyes glazed as they stared into his.

    “That was…” Libia couldn’t finish, for someone cleared their throat rather loudly.

    They turned their heads, to see Johnson standing a mere feet away from them, with his friends not far behind.

    “Oh…Johnson.” Libia took a step away from Damon, realizing that she’d pressed herself to him sometime when they were…kissing!

    Oh my god. Libia thought, her cheeks flaming. We kissed! We…me and Damon…Damon and I…

     Damon was grinning like a fool, as he looked at the group. “Hey guys. What’s up?” He asked casually.

    The girls, who were glaring with jealousy at the now quiet girl standing beside Damon, batted their eyelashes at him. Even Bailey, whom was still under Johnson’s arm.

    “Nothing much. We were just wondering…why you guys were here.” Johnson had to swallow mid-sentance, as if his polite tone was painful to use.

    Libia jumped in without even thinking. Her anger at Johnson fueling her words. “Well last night, after you left so ‘unnexpectedly’, I ran into Damon. He was planning on driving me home, but we stopped for icecream first. He asked me to come with him to the mall today as sort of a…date.” She smiled sweetly, looping her arm around Damon’s.

    Damon was nodding, impressed at how well the girl could lie. Make Johnson even angrier that his plan didn’t work by telling him that Libia found someone else. Someone better.

    Johnson’s eyes flashed with indignation. “Huh…I see.”

    “Well we’re just going to eat, and then head off. Bye, bye now!” Libia waved once, and then turned around, pulling him with her to close the gap between them and the line to Wendy’s that had been created while they…ahem, kissed.

    They ordered their food, and Libia had a huge, liberated smile on her face. “Damon…that felt really good!” She said.

    He grinned down at her. “See, Babe? I knew you had it in you.” He knudged her playfully.


    After eating, they headed to Pacific Sun, where Damon asked her size, shoved her into a dressing room, and began throwing clothes over the door at her. Grumbling to herself, she threw on an outfit.

    “Um, Damian! There is something wrong with this shirt.” Libia said, tilting her head at the mirror.

    “What?” Damon asked. “What’s wrong with it?”

    “It stops…at my bellybutton.” Libia said, her tone incredulous.

    Libia heard Damon’s smooth laugh behind the door. “It’s a crop top. It’s supposed to do that. Come out, and let me see.” Damon demanded.

    “And these shorts don’t even reach mid-thigh!” Libia exclaimed, ignoring Damon.

    “Libia…” Damon held back a groan at the image in his mind. “Let me see.”

    Hesitantly, Libia unlocked the door. She pulled it open, and revealed herself.

    If there were wind in the store, Damon would have fallen over like a piece of precariously balanced wood. He wasn’t breathing, he wasn’t moving, he was just staring.

    Libia was blushing from her heels to her forehead, as his eyes traveled from her bare feet, and up her slender legs. They paused briefly on her stomach, taking in the supple, creamy skin. He noticed a scar leading up from her hip to a few inches below her navel, his fingers itched to trace it. His eyes then traveled up a little more, to the revealing crop top that showed off her perfect breasts, and then finally, he met her eyes.

    “Perfect.” He breathed.

    It was all he could say. All he could think of that would at least explain a tiny bit of what he saw. She was far out of the ‘Perfect’ league. She was exquisite, beautiful, extraordinary, take your pick. They wouldn’t be enough.

    Damon’s heart was beating out of his chest, and he worried that she could hear it.

    All the while, Libia was growing redder and redder. “Sh-should I…try something else on?” She asked Damon.

    Swallowing thickly, feeling like he hadn’t had water in years, he shook himself from his haze. “Yes. But we’re getting that outfit.” He muttered.

    She was afraid he was going to say that.


    The rest of the day went by slowly, and painfully. After finding out that she wasn’t allowed to pay for anything, Libia was forced into store after store. The only store he didn’t make her go into was Victoria Secret. She refused to even think about it.

    They were now on the road, the back of the car filled to the brim with bags and boxes, and Damon was interrogating her. “Have you had any prior boyfriends?” He asked her, flickering a glance in her direction.

    “What does that matter?” She asked incredulously.

    “Just answer the question!” He chuckled.

    “I-I guess…I mean I think I had one before.” She shrugged shyly.

    The car suddenly jerked to a stop, the tires squealing. Libia caught herself by her hands on the dashboard. “Damon!” She exclaimed, seeing that they’d stopped at a light. Her complaints were silenced, however, as she looked over at him. He had been gaping at her, eyes wide with disbelief.

    “You think you had one before? How could a girl like you only have one?” He asked incredulously.

    Her cheeks flamed in embarrassment. She was unsure whether he was complimenting her or not.

    “I don’t know. Everyone always thought I was a know-it-all.” She shrugged, her voice quiet.

    “You’re not a know-it-all. You’re just more mature than most of the students out there.” He said.

    This time, her cheeks were red with flattery. “Thank you.”

    “Only one boyfriend!” He repeated, aghast.

    Libia giggled. “I’m not even sure he was a boyfriend, anyway. I mean, we dated for a few months.”

    Libia couldn’t be sure, but she could have sworn he heard him say, “He was an idiot not to make you his.” But she coudn’t be sure. He was too quiet.

    The drive was silent after that, until Libia noticed that they were no where near her home.

    “Where are we going?” She asked him.

    He glanced at her, a big smile forming on his face. “Tell me, Libia, have you ever thought of getting a tattoo?”

    “Wh-what?” She stuttered, tensing.

    His smile grew bigger. “We’re getting you a tattoo, maybe a piercing…” He listed, not noticing Libia’s growing terror.

    “D-doesn’t it hurt?” She squeaked.

    He looked at her again, and his smile softened. “I’ll be right there, Libs. Tell you what, we’ll get the piercing first, and then if you’re up for it, we’ll get the tattoo.” He suggested.

    “And…how’s this supposed to help me?” She asked him with wide eyes.

    “Libs, it seems to me like you’ve got more problems then just a messed up date. You can’t do much for yourself. You won’t even tell anyone about your dance class because you’re afraid of what they’d say, right?” He asked her.

    “Not true!” Very true. She was terrified of what her brother would think.

    “Liar.” He grinned at her. “Take a chance, Libia. Be free for a while.”

    “I-I don’t think-”

    “Haven’t you ever seen a tattoo that you’ve wanted? That you’ve dreamed of having?” He asked her, serious now.

    Libia closed her mouth. There was one that she had saved on her computer. She knew the design, the placement, everything. She was afraid of what her brother would think. She looked up to her brother like a father, and he had high standards for Libia. He always took care of Libia, and steered her away from reckless stuff like this.

    But the tattoo…

    “Ah! I see the look! You have got one!” Damon accused.

    Libia’s cheeks flamed. “There is one…but what if my brother sees it? What if he is ashamed of me?” Libia worried.

    Damon looked over at her. “Then he wasn’t a good brother in the first place.”

    Libia bit her lip. She couldn’t never think of him as a bad brother, but Damon was right, if he shunned her, what did that say about their relationship?

    Libia knew her brother. He’d be angry at her at first…very angry…but he’d accept it, because she was his sister, and there was nothing he could do about it.

    “He might forbid me from seeing you again.” Libia whispered.

    Damon snorted. “Would that stop you?”

    Yes. “No.” She denied.

    “Good. Then it won’t stop me either.”

    Libia gulped.

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