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    Love would soon show

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    updates re late!!

    nice one tho!!

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    Balcony Boy Episode 10

    A couple hours later, I’m back in the hotel sitting on my balcony. I’m trying to read, but it’s proving impossible. Turns out, it’s really hard to read when you have a boy a few balcony’s across shouting your name constantly. +

    “Hey, Amber! Amber? Amber! Amber, look at me. Amber I know you can hear me! Amber?”

    Someone on a balcony below me shouts, “Amber, whoever you are answer the d--n boy!! I’m trying to drink my bloody beer in peace!” 7

    I slam my book closed in a huff, and stomp over to the railing. “What the hell do you want, Jake.”

    He smiles as soon as he sees me, “I wanted to talk, meet me down in the reception in 5.”

    “What? I-”

    But he was already gone, the balcony door sliding shut behind him. I turn and walk inside. I find my mum and dad on the sofa, both of them reading, a packet of crisps open in front of them.

    I pop a crisp in my mouth, “Hey, is it ok if I go downstairs and talk to Jake?”

    My mum pulls her glasses down her nose and raises an eyebrow. “Jake, huh?”

    I roll my eyes, “Yes, Jake.”

    “Just be back in time for us to go out for tea, we’re going out with Jake’s family.” 18

    “Thanks mu- Wait what?!”

    “Whilst you and Jake were out today, we talked with his parents, we’ve got along quite well so we’re going out for tea together.”

    I start to walk towards the door, my mouth open wide. “He can’t leave me alone for one minute.” I mutter as I walk out the door.

    I get down to reception to see Jake sat on a chair reading a brochure for Katmandu, an upside down house you can go in with different things like mirror mazes etc. 1

    I go and stand in front of him, hands on my hips. He looks up at me and flashes his signature smile. “Hey there, best friend.”

    “I’m not your best friend.”

    “Aw, come on, I thought we bonded today.”

    “Of course you do.”

    “I’ll win you over eventually. C’mon, I want to show you something”

    He turns and starts to walk away, knowing I’ll follow him. He leads me out of the doors, into the pool area. We walk around the edge of the pool and I make sure I stay well away from the edge, wary of Jake trying to push me in.

    I expect us to stop at the bar but he keeps walking, stopping in front of a small gap I hadn’t noticed before between the wall of the bar and a hedge.

    He looks back at me and smiles before walking through the thin alleyway. I follow him, my hair occasionally getting caught on the bush.

    “This better be good dipshit, I’m ruining my hair for thi-” I stop short when we reach the end of the pathway. The floor had turned to pebbles and we turn a corner to see a small beach, only about 20 meters long. It’s empty, bordered by massive boulders perfect for jumping off of.

    “How did you find this?” I ask Jake, turning to face him.

    He shrugs, “I was just walking about the first day I got here and I saw the gap. I thought of it when you said you don’t like sand today. It’s a shingle beach, completely stones. It’s perfect for you.” He smiles at me and I blush, turning away.

    “Thank you.”

    “No problem. However, there is one condition.”

    I turn towards him, eyes narrowed. “And that is?”

    “Whenever you come here, it has to be with me.”

    I roll my eyes, “Fine. But that’s a stupid condition.”

    He smirks at me, “I know.” He winks at me before taking of his shirt and shoes and running towards the rocks. “Ow, ow, ow, stones on bare feet hurt soooo bad.”

    “Jake, what are you doing? I thought we had to go out for tea soon.”

    He shrugs, “I’ll dry.” And without another word he dives off the boulder into the sea.


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    Balcony Boy Episode 11

    His head comes above the surface. “Cold. Cold. Very cold, oh my God I can’t feel my toes.” He starts to swim to shore, running towards me. “Quick Amber, hug me, I need your warmth.” +

    “Jake. No, don’t you dare.” I turn and run back towards the hotel, Jake close on my heels.

    “Pleeeeease, I’m gonna get hypothermia.” 1

    “Its about 25°C. You’ll warm up soon enough without my help.” I reach the hotel and run inside. Jake moves to join me and I stop him, pointing at a sign on the door. “You can’t come in unless you’re dry.” I say, smirking. 8

    “Can you get me a towel please?”

    “How am I going to do that?”

    “I’m in room 433, just knock on and ask for my towel.”

    “I’m not going to disturb your family just because you’re too stupid to stay dry until you go out for tea.”

    He sighs and looks around me at the reception desk. His clothes were bundled up in his hands and he was dripping all over them.

    “Here, give me your clothes, you’re ruining them.” I take the clothes from him and straighten them out, neatly folding them over my arm. I look up to find Jake smiling at me. “What?”

    He shakes his head, small smile still on his lips. “Nothing.” He looks past me once again and leans in closer to me. “Ok, the receptionist just went into the back, I need to make a run for the lift.” 1

    “Ja-” He runs past me, slipping on the smooth tiles as he goes. I speed walk after him, keeping my eye on the front desk. I turn and look for Jake, catching sight of him just as he runs into the lift and pokes his head out, gesturing for me to go faster.

    “Excuse me, you shouldn’t be in here unless you’re dry.” The receptionist has come out of the office and was walking around the desk, towards us.

    I turn, my eyes wide and bolt towards the lift. Jake is already pressing the close door button and I slip in the gap at the last minute as the door clangs shut. We’re both breathing heavily and Jake presses the button for floor 2.

    “Floor 2?” I ask, confused.

    “If they watch the lift, they’ll know what floor we go to. We’ll get off at 2 and take the stairs up to 4, just in case.”

    “What’s the worst they can do anyway? It’s only a bit of water on the floor.”

    “I don’t know, they could fine us or something.”

    “What? €10? Big loss.” We both laugh slightly.

    “Honestly? I figured that if we take the stairs, I’d get a bit more time with you.” I look over, Jake’s eyes already on me; the tips of his ears slightly red. His eyes go to my lips and my breath catches in my throat. He starts to lean closer and I swear my heart stops.

    But the lift dings and he shakes his head slightly, looking back at the lift doors just as they open. I swallow and take a deep breath. 1

    Was Jake going to kiss me? 3

    I put all thoughts of Jake’s lips on mine to the back of my head and follow him out of the lift. “Well you have to sit through a meal with me tonight anyway. You’ll be sick of me by tomorrow.”

    He smiles and looks down at his feet, rocking back on his heels, “I seriously doubt that I could ever be sick of you.” I blush furiously as we walk towards the stairs, I put my foot on the first step but Jake stops me. “Race you?” 2

    “For two floors? I don’t know if you have the endurance, I’m a swimmer remember.”

    “I’m on my local cross country team.”

    “Well. Bollocks.”

    “You’ve met your match, Bloom.”


    He nods. “3, 2-”

    He stops counting and sets off, taking me by surprise. I shout my protests at his cheating and run after him. We’re both skipping steps and the slap of our feet echo around the staircase. I manage to catch up with him after one flight and finally over take him near the end as he starts to slow down. I’m about to reach the 4th floor when Jake’s arms come around my waist and pull me back. 1

    “No! This is cheating you absolute cabbage.” He puts me down a few steps below him and quickly runs to the top. 3

    He holds his arms about his head. “I am victorious. Runners are better than swimmers.”

    “Better at being douchebags.”

    He laughs and puts his arm around my shoulders as he walks me back to my room. +

    And this time, I leave it there. 1


    This is my favourite chapter so far

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    Balcony Boy Episode 12

    We all meet in the reception before walking to the restaurant and Madison, Jake’s little sister, immediately comes up to me.

    “Hi, I’m Maddy.” She stuck out her hand and I shook it, smiling.

    “Nice to meet you Maddy, I’m Amber.”

    “I know. Jakey won’t stop talking about you.” I laugh and look over at Jake. He looks mortified.

    “How old are you, Maddy?”

    “I am 5 and a half.” She smiles, almost proud.

    “Don’t leave out the half or else she’ll get real mad.” Jake says, coming up behind me, Madison sticks her tongue out at Jake and I turn to smile at him. The adults start to walk out the door and Maddy skips after them.

    “Amber and Jake, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-” She squeals and doesn’t get to finish as Jake jogs up behind and scoops her into his arms, beginning to tickle her. 1

    “What were you saying?” He says.

    “Nothing! Nothing Jake, please!”

    I stand back and watch. You can tell how close they are instantly; and as an only child, I can’t help but feel a little jealous.

    When we arrive at the restaurant, we sit at two separate tables. All the adults are on one while me, Jake and Madison are on the other. We all pick up menus and Jake leans over to read mine instead of his own.

    “What are you doing?”

    He smirks at me, “Mine’s broken.” He replies, pointing at his (perfectly fine) menu. I shake my head, smiling. “What are you having Mads?” He asks his sister. 1

    “Fish fingers!”

    Jake laughs, “What about you, Bloom?”

    “Um…probably a burger.”

    “Yeah, me too.” He says smiling.

    “So you’re copying me now?”

    “I knew I was having a burger before you.”

    “How are you going to prove that?”

    He shrugs, smirking. “Don’t need to.”

    The night continues and soon the sky turns dark. Maddy orders a banana split and me and Jake share a vanilla sundae for dessert. “Sharing a sundae? I didn’t know we were moving this fast, Bloom.”

    I shake my head and snort. “You’re an idiot.”

    “Hey, I don’t share my ice creams with just anyone.”

    “I’m honoured.” I say, rolling my eyes.

    “You should be.”

    Soon everyone’s getting ready to leave and Jake’s mum walks over to our table. “Amber! We haven’t properly met, I’m Jessica, Jake’s mum.”

    I shake her outstretched hand, smiling. “Nice to meet you Mrs Fletcher.”

    “Well, we’re all making our way back to the hotel, but we thought you two might want to walk around? Maybe look in some shops?”

    Jake and me both nod. “Cheers, mum.” He says.

    “Just be careful.”

    “Mum, I’m 17.”

    “I don’t care if you’re 17, you’re still my baby. So don’t do anything stupid.” She walks away with my family, Madison holding her hand. Maddy turns to wave just before they turn the corner out of sight.

    “So.” Jake turns to me. “You’re the expert, where too?”

    I take him through the streets, weaving in and out of shops. Jake picks up everything he can, messing with it. “Bloom, look at this. I can grow my own penis peppers!”

    “Why would you want to do that?”

    “Why wouldn’t I want to do that?” 3

    I just shake my head walking away. “I’m not even going to answer that.”

    “It’s not my fault they’re obsessed with knobs over here.”

    Just as he says it, we walk past another shop with…interesting bottle openers of various sizes.

    Jake picks up the biggest one. “This looks familiar, it’s just like mine.” I blush instantly. 4

    I take it from him and hang it up, grabbing his hand and dragging him from the store. “You’re ridiculous.” I tell him, small smile on my lips. We carry on walking and Jake doesn’t let go of my hand.

    We walk through the streets side by side and continue looking through shops. I find a display of rings and look through them as Jake goes deeper into the shop. There’s one in particular that I’m drawn to; I pull it out on the security cable, trying it on.

    Jake comes up behind me, “You expecting a proposal or something Bloom?”

    I jump slightly, and take it off my finger quickly. “No, idiot. I just think they’re really pretty.” I shake my head. “Anyway, we should probably start heading back.” +

    Jake yawns, “Yeah I guess you’re right

    And with that we begin the walk back to our hotel.


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    Amber is totally in love with him(jake) now

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