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    in case you missed season 1 here is the link >>



    We left the hospital and headed back to Akwa Ibom.

    The wife of the governor, through hospital management, made arrangement for the hospital ambulance to convey us back to Akwa Ibom.

    The thought of who was the father of those kids kept coming time after time.

    I became even more worried on the fact that the father refused to come to the hospital to see his kids.

    What on earth would have made a man to abandon his beautiful wife and new born kids in the hospital?

    Was there something she was not telling me?

    There was a day I saw her crying, and when I asked her the reason for those tears, she told me not to bother.

    While at the hospital, she told me her story.

    Enobong was an orphan who was determined to survive. Things were very difficult for her, so she was willing to follow any man as long as food was put on her table.

    She was used to clubbing and exposed to drugs.

    She did several abortions for different men.

    Twice she had tried terminating that pregnancy – the triplets.

    She met Abisoye in a popular night club in Eket.

    Eket is an oil rich city in Akwa Ibom where night clubs are scattered all over the place.

    Abisoye on the other hand was an employee of one of the oil companies in the area.

    With money and influence, he wooed Enobong into bed.

    That was how she used to shuttle from Uyo to Eket nearly all weekends.

    She was introduced to all sorts of social vices, which in turn marred her.

    She had two abortions for Abisoye, and the third one did not go through.

    After attempting to abort it twice, she decided to keep the pregnancy.

    Abisoye agreed to marry her, after all, he was single and searching.

    But what baffled me was the fact that each time she visited Abisoye, they always ended up in a hotel room.

    She had never for once visited the young man in his own residence.

    Four months after conceiving, Abisoye was sent abroad for further studies.

    They kept in touch until she began the journey.

    The young man had told her to come to Lagos for the first time to meet his people, and that was where she was supposed to put to bed.

    I remembered asking for her husband’s number while in the bush, but she told me she did not have the number offhand.

    But when we were given new phones, she called the man.

    From where did she get the number to call him, I do not know.

    But the whole story did not make sense to me, and I did not bother to make findings because I thought the husband was coming.

    Well, I needed more answers, so I turned to her and asked:

    “Where will you be going when we get to Akwa Ibom with these kids?”


    “I said where will you be going to when we get to Akwa Ibom with these kids?” I repeated.

    “I don’t know. Maybe I will follow you. Please allow me to follow you. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

    “But I have a wife and a four year old boy, so that won’t be possible. Even if it’s possible, you’ll only stay for a few days.”

    She did not respond. Then I continued.

    “With the money you now have, you can start a life with it, you don’t have to wait for your husband to return. I’ll be coming to visit you people.”

    Again, she did not respond.

    “You can lodge in a hotel and then find an agent online who will get you a house.”

    “You will not understand,” she said.

    “Then make me understand.”

    “How will I take care of this babies all by myself?”

    “You are not alone. Your husband will join you.”

    “I wish it was true.”

    “What do you mean?

    “It’s a long story.”

    “We are not getting home any time soon, so I am relaxed. Roll it.”

    “I have messed up my life. I have messed up my life. My friends will laugh at me,” she said as she began to weep.

    “I don’t understand. Your kids were given scholarship. You have more than enough money to carter for them, and your husband is coming soon. So why are you crying? Is there something you would want to tell me?”

    She shook her head.

    “Then why the tears?” I asked.

    “It’s fine. I am fine. You have done so much for me. You have done more than a husband. You saved my life and those of my babies. We owe you our lives. I shall narrate this encounter to these kids when they grow.”

    She began to weep again.

    That was when I began to lose patience.

    “D--n it! You are not telling me what I want to hear. Don’t make me regret meeting you. I have not seen my family for five weeks now. Five weeks madam. Five weeks. I sacrificed my family just to save you. I even sacrificed my job, even though I have another job now. But I did all these for you. Why are you not opening up? Tell me something,” I scolded her.

    She continued crying.

    “I know you called your husband back in the hospital. I don’t want to ask how you got his number because you told me back in the bush that you didn’t have it offhand. So tell me, what did you both discuss? What did he say? I don’t want you to lie. Tell me the truth.” I yelled.

    She cleaned her eyes and looked at me. I saw the truth she was about to say in her eyes.

    She stood up and came to my seat, held my hands and said:

    “Abisoye is not the father of my kids.”

    © Ezekiel Umoren


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    Nawa oo

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    Ok continue

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    Kasala wan burst

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    Which kin woman be this?

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    Wahala no dey finish. Who is the father then

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    Then who is the father

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