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    what happened? thank God she was fine

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    Having identified her as the lady we sat together, I began to wonder how she outran me.

    Over a million questions were running in my mind.

    ‘With her condition, how is it possible for her to get here before me? Is she a spirit? No she’s not. What is wrong with her? Could this be labor? No no no no no no. God forbid. It can’t be. She told me she wasn’t due yet. Besides, I can’t even handle it.’ I mumbled.

    “Don’t just stand there looking at me. Help me please”, her voice woke me from my unpleasant reverie.

    “What is the problem?” I asked.

    “I don’t know. It’s like the baby is coming. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Oooooooooooh! Father please forgive my sins. Forgive my sins father.”

    She was panting seriously as if she was running out of oxygen.

    I had never been in such a situation before.

    Even when we had our son, I could not even stay at the hospital, thanks to my mother in-law who stood in for me.

    The sight of seeing a woman undergo those turbulent moments weakens my spirit.

    But there I was, face to face with the one thing I feared the most in my life.

    I was afraid.

    I was sweating.

    And for a moment, I found myself gasping for air.

    I tried to calm myself down so I could help her.

    “Calm down please. You’ll be fine,” I assured her.

    “I can’t ooo. I can’t. Come come come come. Hold me. Hold me. Hold my waist please.”

    I held her waist.

    “I didn’t ask of your name. Please tell me your name,” I requested.

    “Enobong. Enobong. Enobong is my name. Oh Jesus! She kept crying.

    “Enobong, I want you listen to me. The road is far from here and you have to be strong. Besides, it is dark and we do not know the direction that will lead us back to the road. There are things I can not handle, and this is one of them. I have no idea about this. So you will do us a favor. Your babies and I are inexperienced. And you don’t have to shout in order not to attract those men. Give me your phone let call your husband.”

    “I lost my phone while running,” she said still panting.

    “So what do we do now?” I asked.

    “You talk too much. Please go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. I don’t want to see you. I will help myself. I am strong. Yes. My husband used to tell me I am strong. I will deliver my babies myself.”

    At that point, tears began to cascade down my cheeks.

    I cried.

    “No, I will not leave you. We started this journey together and we must finish it together. You’re a strong woman. You will do it. You will carry one baby and I will carry the other one. You are strong….”

    “I said you talk too much,” she interrupted.

    “OK. OK. OK. I’m sorry. I won’t talk too much again.”

    I was visibly shaking.

    “Can you stand up please, let’s walk back to the main road. We will find help there. Let’s follow this side. I think we will find the express….”

    “No oooo. Let’s follow this side. This side is shorter. That’s the route I took,” she interrupted.

    I helped her to stand up.

    As she stood up, her water broke.

    © Ezekiel Umoren


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    This story dey scare me o

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    Wahala mix with fear

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    The water bottle just got broken. Problem dey o. Next please

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    Ahh water broke ke… The bandict baby is coming out now

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