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    Being it on already

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    Episode 2

    After breakfast, Elena spent the rest of the day in her bedroom.

    She did not feel like going anywhere. She sat up straight on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

    She could not quite tell the reason why she felt so down,

    Rising up from her bed, she stood near her window, lost in thought, until a knock on her door pulled her out of her it.

    “Come in,” Elena called out.

    Maria immediately entered the room and shut the door behind her, her eyes resting upon her daughter, who was still standing by the window.

    “Are you alright?” she asked.

    Elena did not even know what to say. She was far from alright, but she couldn’t really give a valid reason for why she was feeling this way.

    “Yes, Mom, I’m fine,” Elena finally replied.

    Maria studied her daughter very well. “Are you sure?” she probed. 

    “Yes,” Elena again replied, giving her mother a smile along with her answer.

    “Okay,” Maria shrugged, giving up. She knew her daughter was hiding something, but Maria just let it slide.

    “Would you like to come with me to get some groceries?” Maria asked, mirroring Elena’s smile with one of her own.

    “Alright, Mom. I will be down in a minute,” she said in response.

    “Okay, I will be waiting,” Maria happily returned as she left the room.

    Elena went to her closet and picked out an outfit. She changed as quickly as she could, then went downstairs to find her mother. 

    ******** ******* *****

    Raguel and Raphael touched down on the ground, Since they had been in the sky for a while, they were careful to land in a place that was far from any humans, in order to avoid being spotted by them.

    Raphael glanced at Raguel as they walked along together. He could still see a hint of sadness on Raguel’s face.

    “Ralph, stop staring at me!” Raguel demanded. 

    “Do you want …” Sensing something, Raphael paused midway in his sentence.

    He looked at Raguel, who had also stopped walking.

    “DEMON!” they exclaimed in unison. Raphael and Raguel instantaneously became on alert, frantically scanning their surroundings for the demon.

    “Where is this demon?” Raguel wondered out loud.

    “I think we should check over there,” Raphael suggested, pointing out the direction to Raguel.

    But before they could search the spot, a demon appeared directly in front of them.

    “Hello there! Looking for me?” the demon playfully asked.

    “What are you doing here?” Raguel sternly asked.

    “What are you doing here?” the demon mischievously repeated, mimicking Raguel instead of answering his question.

    “Don’t play games with me! Answer my question!” Raguel, getting irritated, commanded.

    “You don’t have any right to ask me any questions. Besides, you are no better than me. I might be a demon, but you are a “BANISHED ANGEL”” the demon spat.

    “You were sent here to earth because of the crime you committed in heaven,” the demon continued, giving Raguel the smuggest of looks.

    Raguel was getting angry now. He always hated when people rubbed it in his face – a crime he knows he did not commit.

    “Did I hit a nerve?” the demon taunted, noticing the expression on Raguel’s face.

    “Get out of my way!”

    The demon spat as he pushed Raguel, who stumbled slightly backwards.

    Before Raphael could intervene, Raguel pulled the demon back and pushed him, sending the demon flying and hitting the ground hard.

    “How dare you!” Raguel shouted at him.

    Raphael quickly went to pull Raguel aside. “Stop it!” Raphael interceded.

    “Did you not hear him?” Raguel snapped back, pointing at the demon.

    The demon stood up from the ground, putting some space between himself and the Angels.

    “Is this the best you can do?” the demon goaded. 

    Raguel was about to attack again, but Raphael held him back.

    “No wonder you are not even worthy of a “soulmate,”” the demon further provoked.

    Raguel stood there, frozen from the demon’s words. The demon flashed him a wicked grin before he vanished, leaving the Angel just standing there.

    “Raguel …”

    “Don’t say anything,” Raguel interrupted, adding, “He is right.”

    “No, he is not. He just wanted to get a reaction from you.”

    “And he got it,” Raguel admitted, flashing his wings and darting away, leaving Raphael there on the ground all alone.

    ********** ****** *****

    Elena and her mother were done shopping and heading home, but Elena abruptly stopped in her tracks when she caught a glimpse of something peculiar.

    She couldn’t help but intensively stare at the spot sparking her curiosity.

    Maria noticed her daughter had stopped walking, so she immediately went to stand by her side.

    She followed her daughter’s gaze but did not see anything at the point upon which Elena’s eyes were so fixed.

    “Honey, are you alright?” Maria asked with concern in her voice.

    Maria’s voice pulled Elena out of her intense fixation. “I thought I saw something over there,” Elena said. 

    “It’s okay, let’s just go home,” Maria replied. Elena nodded her head as she glanced at the site one last time before she and her mother continued on toward home.

    Upon entering the house, Elena went straight into her bedroom.

    She wondered why she felt so strange. She sat on her bed and placed her hand on her chest, wondering why it hurt a little.

    She immediately heard a knock on the door, and her mother instantly stepped inside her room.

    “Are you sure you are alright?” Maria asked.

    “I think I’m just tired,” Elena said. “I will just lie down, and I’m sure I will be fine when I wake up,” she added, hoping that would be the case.

    “Yes, lie down,” Maria advised. Elena quickly settled under the covers and gave her mother a smile.

    “Call me if you need anything,” entreated Maria, as she stood up from the bed.

    “Will do,” Elena answered. Maria kissed Elena’s forehead before she left the room. Once alone, Elena again placed her hand upon her chest, before drifting off.

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    Thank you, I really hope you enjoy the story

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    Aruoriwo IgweAruoriwo Igwe
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    Thanks delexzy01, I really hope you will enjoy this story

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    Ride on

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    Okay o, the fallen angel nd Elena .

    Let’s see how it goes.

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    Thanks @thecomely , recently i havent b33n seeing my mentions except i come across them in comments on stories, i guess its a technical issue ..

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