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    Must Read: Banking (18+) Part 1

    Written By Dessy and Bolaji…

    ‘’Please sign right here, Deji,’’ Jennifer, one of the cashier, asked placing an opened register on Deji Adelowo’s desk.
    ‘’Are you done with the drafts issuance now?’’ Deji inquired as he append his signature on the draft register.
    ‘’yes please.’’ She confirmed closing the register and walked to her desk.
    ‘’Alright people, let’s balance up real quick and get out of here.’’ Deji, the branch manager of Loyalty Bank’s branch at Computer Village, urged the cashiers.
    Like every other Fridays of every week, the banking hall was so busy that Deji could barely eat throughout the day. Though he had two assistants, but that was still not enough to make him work less due to the location of the branch. The banking job was tasking, but he preferred it to managing one of the many companies owned by his late father. A decision his mother was totally in agreement with.
    Rising to his feet, he made his way to Amanda’s cubicle. He had noticed how unsettled she was and knew something was definitely amiss.
    ’’What’s happening?’’
    ‘’I’m not good. I’m having a deficit of three hundred and sixty thousand.’’ She explained worriedly.
    ‘’Have you checked all the transactions properly?’’
    ‘’I did, but I still can’t figure out where it’s coming from.’’
    ‘’Let me take a look at it.’’ Deji said siting on the chair in Amanda’s cubicle while she stood behind him .
    Deji was loved by the cashiers due to his kind-heartedness. He wasn’t the type of branch manager who will leave a cashier who was having trouble balancing to sort him/herself out, nor was he the type who will be quick to ask the cashier to pay for the deficit he/she had. He always try to get to the root cause of either the deficit or surplus of any of his sub-ordinates.
    After over an hour of going through Amanda’s transactions for the day, Deji still couldn’t find the error. He decided to take the next available option. He got in touch with his own superior through mail to get an approval for him to close the branch account with the deficit for the night which was granted. He informed his two assistants and Amanda to be in the office the next day and make sure they detect the error before leaving.
    Stealing a glance at the time on the monitor, Deji noticed it was fifteen minutes past eight. He ensured proper closure of the branch as he shut down his CPU.
    Aremu quickly opened the door as he sighted his boss stepping out of the mantrap door. Deji hopped in instantly.
    ‘’Are you going in this Ankara outfit?’’ Aremu asked as he sat on the driver’s seat.
    ‘’I don’t get? I’m going to where?’’ Deji responded innocently as he unbuttoned his shirt.
    ‘’Mrs Williams’ pre-xmas party,’’ Aremu reminded him starring at the mirror.
    ‘’Oh my!’ the enormity of situation hit him. He had forgotten tonight was the pre-xmas party he had promised his mother he would attend. Deji knew exactly what his mother could do if he was absent.
    ‘’I need to change into something better. Let’s get home real quick.’’
    ‘’Off we go boss.’’


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    Must Read: Banking (18+)… Part 2

    Deji emerged from the crowd at the front door and immediately caught his friend’s gaze just behind the crowd. Kola smiled and waved.
    Some ladies stared at him as he walked towards his friend. He was used to that.
    He had a clean low haircut and scythe-shaped eyebrows. His aquiline nose and half-dome cheekbones sat above an oaken jaw. His mellifluous voice, his brown eyes, his manly physique, with the fact he was six feet were enough features to attract the opposite S£x.
    Since their days at Oxford University years ago, Kola and Deji had been good friends.
    Kola was not as tall as Deji, but his punk hairstyle didn’t make it obvious. Kola was burly and round faced.
    ‘’You’re early this year. I was already on the bed when you arrived last year.’’ Kola Williams teased his friend.
    ‘’Yeah. i don’t want a remix of mother’s last year reaction.’’ Deji said, picking up a filled glass of wine from a footman’s tray. ‘’When did you get back?’’
    Kola has been on a business trip for three months.
    ‘‘Now that you’re here. I want you to meet someone,’’ Kola Williams said eagerly.
    ‘’Female?’’ Deji asked with slight scepticism.
    ‘’Yep. My cousin and she’s one for the eye. I must warn you, Deji. She might tempt you away from Nike.’’ Kola raised and lowered his eyebrows in a devilish manner.
    Deji gave him a doubtful look as they made their way through the hall, where sophisticated and fashionable dressed people swarmed about. A cool music played at one end of the elaborately decorated room and couples danced in the centre. It was the former Commissioner for Women Affairs’ party and she was renowned for her lavish and extravagant entertaining. Her informal style and manner were often imitated but never matched, for no one could host a party quite like Mrs Williams.
    Tonight was the kick-off for the Pre-Xmas Party. A lot of activities await the fortunate guests who were extended an invitation.
    Deji truly, didn’t even wish to be at this party in the first place. He has made a promise to his mother, as well as Theresa, that he would attend, and he could not break it.
    His mother’s wishes were not easily foiled, she had wrangled this particular promise out of him when he had been overly distracted with work and he had seen no decent way out of it. If it had not been for the imbalance of one of his cashiers last night, he actually might have enjoyed this get-away on the island. He wouldn’t worry much about the work as he had two assistants to back him up.


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