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    I swear i dont know d full meaning of BBC until yesterday. if i ever shout BBC near grandpa again make i lay egg. oya listen to my stori
    grandpa has been a die hard of chelsa fan. sometimes i wonder what he sees in chelsea dat make him love d fooball club side so well. he tried in convincing me to support chelsea bt all went into thin as i told him liverpool till i die. i could remember very cleary some month back then manchester united beat chelsea home nd away dat day grandpa didnt had his meal all through d day
    yesterday, grandpa was seating at d basement wearing a sad face all bcus of d previous match they played against bayern munich
    d jar of palm wine dat was brought to him since morning was still on his table untouched. i was asking him what d problen was even after knowing d reasons behind his sadness wen mazi okafor walked in “good morning sir”i greeted mazi okafor from a distance, wearing a smile
    “kedu daniel”he replied in iggbo nd walked to where grandpa seated

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    BBC ep2

    “mazi okeke, y is ur face looking like a chimpanzee dat wants to give birth wen u have fresh plam wine right in front of u?mazi okafor asked, as he fetched some palm wine from d jar to himself
    grandpa glanced at him angrily for fetching his palm wine without asking and still dont utter a word to mazi okafor his friend
    “dat reminds me. Biko what is d score btw bayern munich and chelsea ur team?he asked slipping his wine
    granpa glanceed at him angrily and spoke out wrathfully
    “is dat d reason y u left ur auz to come and hear d score from me?d last time liverpool dealt with ur team man united did i come to ur auz to know d score?seems u are looking for my trouble dis early morning
    “haaah mazi okeke, no b fight na. I’m here to collect my money from u”
    “which f-----g money is dat?grandpa ask wrathfully
    “haaah mazi okeke have u forgotten dat we place a bet?i told u dat bayern munich will beat chelsea ur team which u disagree to d poing we place a bet 30k each. I’m here to get it”mazi okafor replied

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    BBC ep3

    Grandpa’s mood change as he kept wearing a sad face. There grandpa counted 30k without argument and gave it to mazi okafor his friend. As mazi okafor was leaving he shouted “BBC”. I noticed grandpa mood changed d more as he became angry
    “BBC, am going out, wont u walk me?mazi okafor asked
    “u came alone and so u would go alone. Beside we dont come together. I was even finding a way to send u out of my auz. So get out”grandpa thundered at him
    as mazi okafor was about leaving he shouted “BBC”grandpa stood up from his chair and pick a stone and chase mazi okafor out
    from where i sat, i ponder y grandpa became angry bcus of BBC. So i decided to walk to grandpa to know why he gets angry when he is call BBC. As i was approaching him, i began to chant d word bbc
    i didnt know dat grandpa was burning inside him as i continued to sing
    “daniel come and drink some palm wine. I dont think i can finish it all alone myself”grandspoke in a peaceful voice
    i reach closer to grandpa, as i was about to touch d palm wine

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    BBC ep4

    He land me a hot slap on my forehead about saying a word when he added another slap on my face
    “dis should be d last time i will ever hear u say dat name again”he thundered at me angrily
    “bt, grandpa bbc is a name of a radio station”i replied as i robbed my forehead
    grandpa became angry d more and took an axe and chase me out of d auz
    “dont come back again until chelsea win their match”he shouted
    i was running faster for my life when i met mazi okafor grandpa’s friend
    “y are u running like sometin is after u?he askee
    “its grandpa oh, dat man won kill me”i replied
    “what did u do?he asked
    “just bcus i shouted BBC. Uncle what is d meaning?bcus grandpa was angry when i shouted it”
    mazi okafor laughed to d extent he nearly fall down
    “my son dont ever call dat name when u are close to him, ooh d full meaning of BBC is bayern munich beats chelsea”mazi okafor spoke and left laughing as he finds his way home
    as talking to u, i’m on my way to karasco’s auz to go and spend d remaining weekends

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    Itz Reindy
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    The meaning no come

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    BBC ep5

    After grandpa has chased me out of d auz, i landed karasco auz my last hope and spent 2wks at his place even when grandma has been calling my line to come back home
    just yesterday saturday as chelsea popularly known as bbc were about to start their match with bournemouth, i begin to pray for them to win so i could go home
    i know u will wonder y home?bcus every saturday grandma usually cook pounded yam and egusi soup with assorted meats so i wont want to miss dat
    chelsea to win was my last prayer. I was at d viewing center with karasco when he brought out ticket from hi pocket
    “yesterday i no sleep, i just dey pray make bournemouth fire chelse today. I know it to well and i have d hope dat bbc will lose agains bournemouth today by fire by force
    i glanced at him without offering a word. As d match began, my heart was beating as i began sweating from my ass down below, as bournemouth were dominating bbc in d ball possession
    god so kind timo werner got a chance and found d ball into d net of bournemouth

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    BBC ep6

    At d 33rd mins of d game, i jump up like a true chelsea fan
    as i was watching with so much joy in my heart, i saw karasco was at d other side checking is bet9ja ticket angrily
    at d 55th mins bournemouth player lerma found d net of chelsea and make it 1-1
    within 3mins bournemouth striker found chelsea net and made it 2-1, where i was begin to sweat d more. Karasco left his seat and came and sat down very close to me
    “wetin i tell u?i tell u say chelsea na small pikin them be for bournemouth side. I saw dis coming na y i decide to place my bet on bournemouth by given them win or draw” he spoke with so much excitement as he ticked his bet9ja ticket
    “so i wont go home and eat pounded yam and egusi soup?i thought to myself angrily
    “y u dey vex?u no be chelsea fan, but u dey vex say them dey win them, na liverpool u b na. Later una go play watford and i wonder how ur mood go be if them beat una,bcus for my ticket her, i gave watford straight winning without turning back. Dis chelsea match i dey see na bbc

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    BBC ep7

    Bournemouth beat chelsea
    “d last time na bayern munich dis one now na bournemouh”i thought to myself
    “guy watin u dey think”karasco ask me
    “ur ticket don spoil, bcus liverpool go crush watford”i replied him
    as we were arguing timo werner net again making it 2-2 at 85th mins. Till d ball end na draw, i storm out with karasco following
    “guy u no play bet9ja y u come they para”he said
    “guy u no fit understand”i replied him
    after some hrs karasco check livescore. He jump up shouting say watford beat liverpool 3-0
    i tell am say na lie make i check am, as i collect d fone d tin shock me
    “i tell u ur unbeated team no go expect d team wey go beat them”he said
    i no reply am naso my fone ring i see say na grandpa, he tell me say make i come home
    karasco go collect him 30k gimme 7k. I pack my load dey go auz, i buy 2wine, 1 for me 1 for grandpa
    as i reach home i see grandpa and him friend mazi okafor dey drink palm wine
    “good evening sirs”i greeted them
    “welcome back wbl”my grandpa replied
    which one be wbl again

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