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    in case you missed the previous season, check below link

    One thing that puts me off totally about the woman I call my mom is that
    she easily trusts and over trust everybody and anybody who wins her trust with the little things they do…. For me I don’t trust any flesh and blood that makes human…… That was just by the way
    We all had our eyes fixed on the two. Deemah walked towards us and my “supposed father” followed. I was smiling in my mind because I knew something big was about to happen but to my biggest utter dismay , Deemah walked past us and said nothing neither did she even look at us in the face… (Gosh! This girl has grown metal wings!) What surprised me the most was the fact that my mom didn’t question her… Lizzy and I looked at each other in the eye… We entered the room and left my mom and her husband outside… I don’t know what ensued between the two but am sure he defended himself again as usual. That night was hell for me . I felt like a sword was being pieced through my heart. I avoided Creamy’s calls for two days even though it was difficult, my mind was made up….
    A hard bang on my door woke me up from a deep sleep. I checked the time and it was 5:45am.. Who could be banging on my door at this time. I got out of my bed and opened my door.. I was shocked to see my cousin at that time of the morning because its quite unusual of her..
    NAA DROMOR! Isn’t it too early?
    LIZZY: there’s a gentleman at the door he wants to see you..
    Now that got the sleep off my face ( who could that be) I asked myself ..
    NAA DROMOR: OK let me get morning coat..
    I reached for the door and couldn’t believe my eyes
    NAA DROMOR: what are you doing here.. my mom is around.. She might get furious seeing you around me .
    CREAMY: why are you avoiding me?
    NAA DROMOR: Creamy you know you shouldn’t be here?
    CREAMY: You pushed me Naa.. Why are you avoiding me? I want to know
    NAA DROMOR: You should go home creamy.. Before my mom does anything nasty..
    CREAMY: she will only have to kill me so I know I ‘ve ended it all….. Please forgive me.. Am sorry
    The next thing I could see was tears rolling down his cheeks… This is what breaks me down I hate to see his tear. I moved close to him and held his hand and whispered slowly.
    NAA DROMOR: please go home I will come around soon..
    I wiped his tear, he looked at me in the eye.. His lips were trembling. I could see love written in his eyes and I can feel his heart beating for me but the question is what’s keeping him from saying it?
    CREAMY: I will be waiting for you..
    I was stacked at my pace, watching him walk slowly out of the compound.. My eyes met with Lizzy’s as I turned to enter the house…
    LIZZY: He truly loves you…
    I didn’t know which one to choose, either to smile or frown.. But all I felt within was sorrow so all I could do was to drop a tear… She walked towards me and gave me a warm hug…
    LIZZY: I know you love him too… He’s a good guy, give him the chance for him to love you…
    I said nothing than enjoy the security in my cousins bosom…
    LIZZY: am very sorry for what happened last night… I promise it won’t happen again. She looked at me in the eye, wiped my tears and smiled at me..
    Later that day when everybody had left, I left for Creamy’s house.. He was happy to see me, he hugged me and held my hand.. He apologized again and again.. We had a conversation… We went into the kitchen to prepare lunch, looking at myself in his big yellow lacoste that almost touched my knee only placed a smile on my face.. He carried me and placed me on the counter like a baby and served me with a glass of juice, then asked me to watch him as he prepared the stew.. I did nothing all I had to do was watch him cook…. When the food was ready he fed me and after he cleared the plates and washed them… He joined me in the living room.. As we watched American pie together we begun kissing, it was so deep and sensual that I started feeling a rush in my body.. He robbed his hands around me that got me more warm. I couldn’t help it than to touch his muscular body and down to his c--k were I realised he was fully erected … At that point I knew anything could happen and I was ready because its been a long time ..
    Suddenly his phone rung.. He reaches for his phone and spoke for a while.. He enters the his bedroom and comes back with a shirt..
    CREAMY: I have to meet a friend for a business deal . I will be with you in less than 30 minutes..
    I was disappointed but I didn’t want to show it..
    CREAMY: A friend of mine is on his way here, he Alex by name.. Please ask him to wait for me…
    He planted a kiss on my lips and rushed out.. Not long after he left a knock came on the door, I reached for it
    ALEX: hi, am Alex , Creamy’s friend .
    NAA DROMOR: yes, he said you should wait for him
    He entered and made himself comfortable.. I laid in the three in one sofa watching a movie… I caught the boy watching me but I didn’t want to pay attention..
    He moved close to me and started playing with my feet.. From the onset I resisted but he didn’t give up, he robbed his hands around my thighs.. I couldn’t resist it anymore so I gave up.. He pushed my panty to the left side and started playing with my c------s… As he realised I was enjoying it he put his hands under my big T shirt and grabs my breast, he folds it and that got me more wet…
    ALEX: do you want me…
    I didn’t know what to say.. As the saying goes “silence means concern” he continued… He unzipped his flap, brought down his jean and mine oh mine… (Does it mean all black guys have BBC?) I asked in my mind… You all know Big Black C---s turn me on.. I was all wet for him and all I wanted was a quick penetration… He raised my T shirt and pulled down my panty.. He slowly penetrated his BBC into my wet kitty and begun winding his small waist just then the door was pushed wide open… Creamy entered..! The saddest day of my life…

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    Something Is Wrong With You Naa!!

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    Imagine fukking his friend in his house just minutes after he left, Naa you are more than stupid

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    Ouch! And I wish I comment first sha

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    It'z WizzyIt’z Wizzy
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    U need deliverance, how can u be sleeping with any guy u meet

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    Something is really wrong with dis girl I d head

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    you guys will soon hear the cause

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