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    Befriending a ghost Episode 3

    Declan high school
    聽 聽 聽 聽 Waking up the next morning, I stretched and sat up on the bed
    聽 I looked around the room for ghostie but she was nowhere to be found……
    聽聽 Where could she be? I wondered
    聽 I dragged myself up from the bed , pulled off my clothes and headed to the bathroom to freshen up……:
    聽 聽 Returning to the room, I ran back to the bathroom when I saw ghostie standing beside the bed ….
    聽 聽 When did she come…. oh! I almost forgot that she was ghost ..
    聽 聽 I wrapped my towel around my naked body and returned back to the room……
    Good morning Sasha! she greeted with a smile……
    Morning! I grunted and walked over to the corner of the room…..
    Aren’t you gonna ask me where I am coming from? She asked but I ignored her…
    I took a stroll round the house and I must admit your house is so beautiful! she continued and I huffed …….
    聽 opening my bags , I searched through and brought out two gowns ……. ..
    聽 One was red while the other was blue ….
    聽聽 Which one should I go for? I thought aloud…
    聽聽 The blue gown will be better ! Ghostie suggested and I scoffed
    聽 聽 I didn’t ask for your opinion. I retorted still staring at both gowns …….
    聽 聽 But why! I thought we were friends. She asked and I looked in her direction
    聽 聽 Friends! don’t get any silly ideas, I am only helping you because I got no choice. I said in a huff聽 and she smiled lightly……
    聽 聽聽 I tossed the red gown on the box and went over to the bed holding the blue gown..
    聽 聽聽 I unzipped the blue gown and hurriedly dressed up in it, I pulled out a black boot from underneath the bed and wore it while standing……
    聽聽 I told you the blue gown will be perfect! she boasted but I ignored her
    I parked my hair into a loosed ponytail and applied a little makeup…
    You are beautiful Sasha! She remarked
    I know . I answered dryly
    聽聽 So where are we going to start from? She suddenly asked
    聽 聽聽 I don’t know. I shrug
    What do you mean you don’t know? She asked with a frown , you promised to help me….
    I know but I am still so confused
    Confused! she repeated and I nodded
    I am confused about the necklace , I am confused about the house , I am confused about you , I am also confused about me, in fact I am confused about everything. I said in frustration and she sighed
    聽 What if we ask from someone? She suggested and I rolled my eyes
    聽 聽 Incase you don’t know , I am new in this town and …… wait a minute! what if someone from my new school knows you! I mean since your chain was found in my house ,your family might be living close by or what do you think? I asked and she nodded slowly…..
    聽 聽 Good! I will start by making new friends…
    聽 But what about me, will I follow you to school? She asked and I shook my head negatively
    I can’t risk my parent seeing聽 you. I answered and she chuckled softly
    聽 聽 No one can see me except you .she assured and i bit my lips ….
    聽聽 If that is the case , you can come with me since we are in this together. I said after giving it some thought and she smiled …….
    聽 聽 And one more thing , do not talk to me in class. I warned and she nodded sheepishly
    聽 Oh yeah! I wouldn’t want to be seen as crazy!
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 I picked my backpack from the floor and headed downstairs with ghostie following behind me……….
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 I met my mom and kamara in the dinning having breakfast….
    聽 聽 Good morning mom! I greeted and sat down beside Kamara
    聽 聽 Good morning baby! how was your night? She asked and Kamara scoffed
    聽 聽聽 I bet she didn’t sleep last night . She said dryly
    聽 聽聽 What do you mean by that? My mom asked with an arched eyebrow
    聽 聽聽 I over heard her mom, she was talking to someone. She answered and I froze….
    聽 聽聽 Did she know something about ghostie? I thought within
    聽 聽聽 You are so funny Kamara! My mum remarked
    But I am serious mum , have you forgotten my room is close to hers. She insisted聽 while staring at me weirdly
    聽 Stop it Kamara! My mum cautioned her
    聽 Why can’t you just tell your family about me? ghostie who was standing beside me asked and I scoffed
    聽 Shut up! I barked at her聽 and my mom gasped softly
    聽 Who are you talking to? She asked fixing her gaze on me
    I erm talking to erm Kamara. I stuttered
    Liar! you are not talking to me . Kamara retorted angrily …
    聽 And who else would I be talking to! I defended and she smirked
    聽 聽 聽聽 Your self . She answered and then faced my mum..
    聽聽 Can’t you see Sasha is getting crazy, can’t you ….. she tried to say but my mom cut her off …
    聽 聽 Eat your food Kamara or else it will get cold and you Sasha it is normal to think aloud but do not let it affect your……….. Who gave you the necklace around your neck? She suddenly asked聽 and I froze
    聽聽 Who gave it to you? She repeated
    聽 It was a parting gift from Jayden. I lied …
    聽聽 Jayden! She repeated and I nodded
    聽 But I thought he was just your childhood crush or did you both take it to the next level? She asked
    聽 Can we please not talk about this mother? I pleaded as tears rolled down my eyes and she sighed
    聽聽 Do you love him that much? She asked but I ignored her
    聽 I am already running late from school! I informed
    聽聽 But baby you have not touched your food. She said staring at the untouched food
    聽 聽聽 I lost my appetite. I said and stood up in a huff
    聽 聽 Can we go now? I asked and she nodded
    聽 聽 She stood up and picked up the car keys
    Make sure you go to your room after eating. She instructed聽 Kamara
    聽 Alright mum! Kamara responded with a smile …
    聽聽 Crazy kid! I muttered……
    聽 聽 聽 I shifted my gaze to ghostie and met hers , she had been watching my family quietly …
    聽 Let us go. I mouthed at her and we both followed behind my mom …….
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 Getting into the passenger seat of the car , I looked through the rear mirror for ghostie but she was not in the car…
    聽 聽 Where could she be?or do ghost not ride in cars also? I wondered…..
    聽 聽 聽 聽 I sighed
    聽 聽聽 Are you alright? My mum asked and I nodded
    聽聽 Good! She started and drove off heading to my new school…..
    聽 聽 聽 I leaned back on the seat and prayed silently , I prayed for everything to be fine!…..
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 We soon got to the school and I stared in awe at how big the school was…
    my mum parked in the big compound聽 and we both alighted from the car …
    聽聽 I read the sign boldly written in front of the school as we walked in
    ..Diamond High School…
    I smiled, I was already loving the school already ….
    We walked through a long passage to the principal office….
    My mom knocked on the door and a croaky voice answered
    Come in!
    She pushed the door opened and we walked in to see a fat man seated behind the huge desk ..
    Good morning sir! My mum greeted him
    he looked up at her and then at me
    You must be the transfer student right? he asked and I nodded
    Good! have you seat madam . he offered my mum and she did…
    Your name? he asked
    I was about answering when I felt another presence..
    Looking around the room, I saw ghostie standing beside the door
    I sighed softly , she is so weird!
    Sasha! My mum called softly and I looked in her direction….
    Are you alright? She asked and I nodded
    Then answer the principal. She said in a huff
    I shifted my gaze to the principal and met his angry gaze
    Are you sure you are alright miss? he asked tapping his pen on the table
    I nodded sheepishly
    I don’t think you are , because if you are truly alright you won’t be looking around my office like a lost puppy . he retorted angrily
    I am sorry sir. I apologised and he scoffed
    What is your name? he repeated
    Sasha Alfredo. I answered trying not to meet my mom curious gaze ….
    he wrote some things into a file and pulled out a paper from another file
    here. he handed the paper to me…
    That is a map that will help you get to your class. he informed and I nodded
    You are in Grade 12A.he added
    I stared at the paper and nodded slowly
    Can I go to my class? I asked to be sure and he nodded…
    I waved at my mom and walked out of the office with ghostie following behind me ……
    following the direction of the map, we walked through a long passage…..
    I am sorry for everything. ghostie apologised and I huffed
    And how did you find me? I asked
    The chain. She answered…..
    But I was …..I wanted to say but she cut me off
    That is your class . She said pointing to the class adjacent to us…..
    I looked at the class and then at the map ….
    You are right!
    I walked towards the class and read the inscription boldly written at the top” Grade 12A”
    Taking a deep breathe, I entered the class….
    The noisy class suddenly became quiet as everyone stopped what they were doing to look at the new girl….:
    I was so nervous
    What am I going to do? I wondered as I played with my hands shyly….::
    Follow me! Ghostie said
    What! I asked in whispers
    I said follow me! She repeated and walked towards a seat at the back ..
    I looked around the class before following behind her and the whole class just stared on at me….
    Crazy! I muttered….
    On getting to the back seat , ghostie instructed me to sit on it ….
    I looked at her and then the seat
    The seat looked abandoned and it was so dusty….
    Sit . She repeated and I signed
    It is at least better than standing like a fool in front of the class….
    I opened my bag to bring out a little towel. I dusted the seat with the towel and sat down on it …
    The class became noisy as everyone were talking in whispers…
    What is wrong? I wondered…..
    I shifted my gaze to ghostie, she was staring blankly into space
    What is wrong with everyone?
    Just then , two beautiful girls walked into the class . One was walking in front like a Princess while the second was coming behind her holding two bags…..
    I scoffed
    Is she the maid to the Princess!
    The first one stopped and looked around the class and when her gaze met mine , she signalled to her “maid” and they both walked up to me …..
    hi! She greeted with a bright smile and I must admit, she was really beautiful…..
    hi! I responded dryly….
    You must be new here right? she started and I rolled my eyes
    Isn’t it obvious. I answered and she chuckled softly
    I like you already , My name is Racheal and this is my bestie Cory . She said pointing to “her maid “behind her…
    hi Cory! I greeted and she smiled shyly….
    But if I may ask , why are you seated on this seat? Racheal probed on
    Is there anything wrong with the seat? I asked and Cory gasped softly
    Are you alright? Racheal asked her and she nodded..
    Are you sure! I repeated with my gaze fixed on her and she nodded slowly
    I am not feeling too well. She said with a trembling voice and sat down in the seat in front of me…..
    I smiled and shifted my gaze to Racheal….
    Is there anything wrong with the seat? I repeated and she shook her head negatively
    There is nothing wrong, so what is your name? she asked
    I am Sasha Alfredo. I answered and she smiled
    It is nice meeting you Sasha.she said and I nodded
    She was about to say something when the class became noisy again…
    Oh Declan is here! She informed
    Who is Decl…. i tried to ask but stopped when a pretty boy walked into the class….
    Oh! I guess this is the class hottie, he is way cuter than Jayden….
    D--n! why must I think of Jayden again!
    I watched the cute boy walked over to a seat at the corner of the class…
    he looked around the class and when his gaze met mine, he widened his eyes in surprise……
    he stared at me for a while before looking away ……..
    he is so handsome! ghostie remarked
    I looked at her and was surprised to see her drooling…
    I smirked, I never knew ghost drool!
    A teacher soon entered the class and the whole class became quiet ….
    She looked around the class and when her gaze met mine , she smiled
    You must be Sasha Alfredo right? she asked and I nodded shyly……
    You are welcome to Diamond high school . she said and I smiled lightly
    But ma, she really needs to change her seat. A girl at the front said and the whole class turned back to look at me..::
    And why should she do that! the teacher retorted , I can see you all are still dwelling in a superstitious belief.
    but ma. the girl tried to say but the teacher cut her off ….
    One more word from you , and you will be out of my class. the teacher threatened and girl immediately kept mute…
    Good! She remarked and started teaching……
    But what is wrong about the seat? I wondered…….
    The class became noisy again after the teacher left the class….:
    What a class! I muttered
    Sasha! ghostie called and I nodded without looking at her…………
    Aren’t you gonna ask about the chain? she answered and I looked around the class to make sure no one was looking before answering her…..
    And who do you expect me to ask?
    Cory. She answered and I smiled, I was planning on asking her also.
    hi! I leaned over to tap her gently……..
    she turned back to look at me
    hi newbie! Can I help you? She asked and I scoffed
    I am Sasha . I corrected
    Oh! So Sasha, how can I help you? she repeated
    I need your help with something. I started
    Something like what? she asked with an arched eyebrow
    I brought the chain out of my shirt and showed her the wordings on it …
    Oh my gawd! She exclaimed softly…
    Do you know anything about it? I asked
    D2! how did you get this? she asked looking around the class…
    Do you know anything about it? I repeated but she shook her head
    No. She retorted shaking in fear…..
    Cory! I called softly but she kept on looking at the chain….
    Cory! I called again and she looked up at me ….
    I don’t know how you go this but please don’t ever show this to anybody . She warned
    But why! Do you know the owner! I asked in a rush …..
    I don’t know . She said with a trembling voice and then looked away……..
    I shifted my gaze to ghostie and she smiled lightly….
    I scoffed …..
    I really don’t understand what is going on but I was sure of one thing , whatever happened to ghostie began from this class……..


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    Befriending a ghost Episode 4

    Meet Declan Davies
    聽聽 I glanced at the large clock on the class wall and sighed
    聽 聽 It was lunch hour but the maths teacher was still in class…….
    聽 聽 聽 This is really frustrating!
    聽聽 I was聽 d--n hungry and my stomach was already rumbling…….
    聽 聽 聽 So we will continue in the next class. I heard the teacher say and I sighed in relief…..
    聽 聽 At last ! I muttered……..
    聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽聽 The teacher soon left the class聽 and as expected, most of my classmates rushed out of the class…….
    聽 聽 Ghostie! I called in whispers but there was no response….
    聽 聽 I glanced beside me but she wasn’t there ……
    Looking around the almost empty class, I huffed when I saw her standing right in front of the聽 cute guy ….what is his name again?.. erm Dec.. yes Declan…..
    聽 聽聽 She was staring into his face with dreamy eyes…
    聽 聽聽 Is she for real!
    聽聽 And without thinking, I stood up in a huff and walked up to her…
    聽 聽聽 Ghostie! I called in whispers and she looked up at me…..
    聽 聽 What are you doing here? I asked with a frown but instead of answering, she looked at Declan and at me again….
    聽 聽 What is wrong……I wanted to say but stopped when I got what she was trying to tell me……
    聽聽 Damm! What did I just do? Did I just talk to ghostie in front of the hottie!
    聽 聽 I bit my lips and swallowed hard
    turning sideways to look at the hottie , i met his puzzled gaze ….
    聽 聽 聽 I am sorry. I apologised and聽 he huffed
    聽聽 Are you crazy! who were you talking to! who the hell is ghostie! he asked in a rush
    聽 聽聽 I erm erm . I stuttered not knowing what to say
    聽 聽 Just tell him it is D2. Ghostie said and I felt like squeezing those invisible mouth of hers…..
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Who is ghostie! he repeated
    聽 聽 You have got to ask him Sasha , he might have a clue to it . ghostie urged on
    聽聽 Shut up! I barked at her and Declan scoffed ….
    聽 聽 It is obvious you are crazy. he retorted in a huff …
    聽 聽聽 he stood up from his chair and walked past me
    Please ask him . ghostie pleaded and I sighed
    Do you know who is D2? I asked and he stopped …..
    he titled his head a little before turning back to face me…….
    What did you just say? he asked with a calm voice……
    D2! I repeated and his countenance changed to that of anger……
    Who are you! he barked
    Erm I am Sasha. I answered with a trembling voice and he scoffed
    I didn’t ask for your name , who the hell are you? he repeated but I just stared blankly at him……
    I can see you are not only crazy , you are also stupid just like her…..
    What! I exclaimed in shock and he eyed me coldly ……
    he walked over to his seat , picked up his backpack and stormed out of the class in anger………
    What the hell just happened?
    I looked around the class and met the curious stares of the few persons in the class…..
    I felt so embarrassed and wished for the ground to open up and swallow me……
    I am very sorry Sasha! ghostie apologised but her voice sounded so distant ….
    Am I really stupid! Am I really crazy! I wondered as tears rolled down my eyes …….
    Stop crying Sasha! I heard ghostie say , her voice was hoarse ….
    I looked at her and saw her tears, she was crying also……..
    Please don’t cry. she pleaded and I nodded slowly
    Wiping off the tears with my palm , i walked over to my seat ……
    I sat down and placed my head on the table, my stomach was still rumbling but I felt so abashed to leave the class…..
    Newbie! a voice called and I looked up to meet the angry gaze of a chubby girl….
    Why is she here! Did she also see me talking to ghostie! I wondered
    What did you do to our Declan? she asked with a harsh voice and I sighed in relief …..she is just here to ask about the rude boy !…..
    And who are you? I frowned and she scoffed
    Do you think you can seduce our Declan because you are beautiful! she continued….
    What are you saying? I asked in confusion……
    Quit pretending! I saw you seduce him, you even told him to shut up. she retorted angrily and I smirked…..
    Is that why you are here?
    She tried to say something but stopped when Racheal walked into the class in a huff ……
    Who the hell made Declan angry! she yelled to no one in particular…..
    It is the newbie. the chubby girl answered and I huffed …
    Why are they all work up because of a guy! I wondered…..

    I stared blankly at Racheal as she walked up to me……..
    Sasha! Is she saying the truth! Were you the one who made Declan angry? she asked and I nodded slowly
    I guess I am the one ….
    But why! she continued
    I didn’t mean to, i was just asking him a question but he flared up. I explained
    She stared at me for a while and chuckled….
    That is the way he is , he is so rude! she remarked and I smiled lightly…
    But what are you in class, aren’t you hungry? she asked
    I am hungry but I don’t know the way to the cafe . I answered
    Oh dear! I am sorry for not checking on you before going. She apologised and I smiled lightly
    Come on , let us go . she said
    I stood up from my seat and she took my hands into hers as with walked to the cafe …….and I smiled knowing ghostie was following behind me…..
    I stared in awe at the cafe , it was so classic and beautiful
    聽聽 I will get the orders , go and sit with Cory聽 . She said pointing to a table at the corner of the cafe ……
    聽 聽 I dipped my hand into my pocket to bring out some few dollars but she stopped me…
    聽 聽 The bill is on me . She assured with a smile
    聽聽 but it is …. I tried to say but she cut me off
    聽聽 Pleaaaassse, Just for today . She pleaded and I sighed..
    聽 Fine! I agreed
    聽聽 I walked up to the table and sat down beside Cory ….
    聽 hi Cory! I greeted
    聽聽 hi! She responded trying not to meet my gaze
    聽 聽聽 Is this about the necklace!I asked but she ignored me ……..
    聽 I smirked….
    聽 But what is so special about the necklace? why did Declan flare up when I asked him about
    D2! why did he say I was stupid just like her! I wondered…..
    聽 聽 I turned sideways to look at ghostie, her gaze was fixed on Cory’s lunch….
    聽 聽 I smiled
    Don’t worry D2, I won’t stop till I find out what happened to you …….
    聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Declan Davies

    聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 *
    聽 After leaving the class, I walked hurriedly through the long hallway as tears rolled down my eyes ………
    聽 聽 I聽 just wanted to be alone , I just wanted to go home ….
    聽聽 Declan! a familiar voice called but I ignored her and kept on walking till I got to the taxi- station…..
    聽 聽 I flagged down a taxi and got into it
    聽 Petra estate. I called and the driver nodded before driving off……
    聽聽 I leaned on the car seat and my mind drifted off to what happened in class…..
    聽聽 D2! how did she know about her! Who the hell is she ! Why did she even have to remind me of that pathetic looser!
    聽 聽聽 She is so strange!… I mean what kind of girl talks to herself, only a strange and crazy one!…..
    聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 The driver soon stopped in front of my house and I paid him before alighting…
    聽 聽 I walked towards the front door and pushed it opened
    聽 聽 Entering the sitting room, I met my mum sprawled up on the floor….
    聽 聽聽 There were bottles of liquor scattered all around her …
    聽 聽 I bit my lips my lips in anger…..
    聽聽 Opening my backpack, I brought out my phone ….
    聽聽 I dialled her therapist number and she picked it on the second ring ….
    聽 聽 hi Declan . She greeted and I huffed
    聽 聽 What happened! Why did you leave my mother all by herself! I asked with a rash voice….
    聽 聽 I am sorry Declan but I had something important to take care of . She apologised and I scoffed
    聽聽 Do you聽 mean my mother is not important ?i asked聽 in a huff
    聽 聽 No Declan you need …. she tried to say but I ended the call……
    聽 聽 D--n her and her therapy! I cursed
    聽 聽聽 I moved closer to mother and bend to hold her
    聽 Mom! I called gently but she just mumbled some words
    聽 I smiled sadly
    聽聽 I carried her up in a bridal style and headed upstairs to her room….
    聽 聽 On getting to her room, I used my legs to push the door opened……
    聽聽 I walked in聽 and placed her gently on her bed……..
    聽 聽聽 She stirred a little and I smiled…..
    聽聽 I miss you mom. I muttered
    聽 I pulled up her covers and leaned over to peck her before walking out of her room……
    聽 聽 Closing her room door gently, I walked towards my room
    聽 聽 Entering the room, I sat down on the scattered bed…
    聽 聽 I was feeling weak and unhappy at the Same time….
    聽 I picked up the pack of cigarettes and a lighter from the table beside me….
    聽聽 I pulled out a stick of cigarette and lit it up
    聽 聽聽 I inhaled the smoke and pull a little of the smoke in my mouth ,removing the cigarette from my mouth, I blew the smoke out …..
    聽 聽 I kept on smoking but I was still feeling frustrated and empty… I pulled out my pot starch from under the bed…..
    聽 聽聽 Opening it, I brought out a rolled up marijuana and lit it up….
    聽聽 Inhaling just little of the stuff brought me all the happiness that I want ….
    聽 聽 I inhaled more of the stuffs and smiled when the image of a聽 girl with black hair flashed through my mind…..
    聽聽 Daphne! I muttered before drifting off to sleep………::
    聽 *

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    Befriending a ghost Episode 5

    Meaning of D2
    Sasha Alfredo
    After school hours, I bade Racheal and Cory bye and headed to the taxi station with ghostie ……
    I can see you have finally made new friends. ghostie started
    So! What about it! Are you jealous? I asked and she pouted
    聽 聽 Kind of . She answered and I chuckled softly…….
    聽 聽聽 But I don’t like that Racheal, she is too bossy! she remarked and I nodded
    聽 Me too , I don’t like her either ..
    聽 Then why are you friends with her if you don’t like her? She probed on and I shrug
    聽 Erm let’s just say it is because of you . I answered
    聽聽 Me! she repeated in surprise聽 and I nodded slowly
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 Sure, the whole class seems to know you but no one is willing to talk, so you see if I get to be her friend, she might tell me what she knows about you . I explained聽 and聽 she grinned widely
    聽聽 Thanks Sasha. She said in appreciation and I smiled…..
    聽 聽聽
    聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 On getting to the taxi station, I flagged down a taxi…..
    聽 聽聽 We will see at home . ghostie said in whispers聽 and I nodded without looking at her…..
    聽聽 I opened the car door and got into the taxi….
    聽聽 harmony block . I called and the driver nodded before driving off………
    聽 聽聽 Leaning on the seat , my mind drifted off to the last conversation I had with Jayden…
    聽聽 he bluntly told me our聽 relationship would be over once I leave the town and he is sure acting on his words, he hasn’t called nor messaged me since yesterday……
    聽聽 What should I do? I guess I should just call him first………
    聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 The driver soon stopped in front of a beautiful house
    聽 聽 Is this really my home?
    聽 The walls were painted brown聽 unlike the faded blue of yesterday…
    聽 I paid the driver and alighted from the car…….
    聽聽 Walking to the front door, I stared in awe at men who were still painting the upper part of the building …..
    聽 聽 I never knew the “ancient” building could be as beautiful as this”
    聽 聽 聽聽 The door was slightly ajar so I pushed it opened and walked in……
    聽 聽 I met my mum and Kamara seated in the beautiful sitting room…..
    聽 Oh my gawd! Is this for real! I wondered as I looked around, the whole house looked completely different…..
    聽 聽 I hope you like what you see? My mum asked and I nodded
    聽 聽 Sure mom , it is really really very nice . I beamed happily and she smiled
    I am glad you like it, you should go check out your room. She informed
    聽 My room . I repeated and she nodded
    聽 What happened to my room? I probed and Kamara scoffed
    聽 聽 Go check it out yourself dummy. She said with a frown….
    聽聽 Spoilt brat! I muttered before heading upstairs to my room……
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 Entering my room, I widened my eyes in surprise as I looked around…
    聽 聽 The cracked walls had been fixed and the whole painted , there was also a new wardrobe and a fancy reading table in the room……..
    聽 聽 聽 This is so nice! I squealed in delight….
    聽 I walked聽 up to the wardrobe and opened it , my clothes neatly arranged in it ….
    聽 聽聽 Thanks mum. I muttered …..
    聽聽 I tossed my backpack to the bed and was about pulling off my clothes when ghostie came聽 in through the walls ……..
    聽 聽聽 I widened my eyes in shock , Omooo! how did you do that? I asked and she smirked
    聽聽 have you forgotten I am a ghost? she said looking around the room……
    聽聽 Wow! Your room is beautiful! She remarked and before I knew it , she started running around excitedly…….:
    聽 聽 I stared at her in surprise
    聽聽 Are you sure you are 18 years old ? I asked to be sure and she stopped
    聽 Why did you ask? She asked with an arched eyebrow
    聽 You behave like a little kid. I answered and she frowned……
    聽 聽聽 If I am a little kid then what are you? She retorted angrily and I chuckled softly
    聽 聽 Calm down D2, I didn’t mean it that way . I said trying to calm her down…
    聽聽 D2! She repeated and I nodded slowly
    聽 But why did you call me that? She asked with a stern face and I smirked
    聽 Are you dumb! Didn’t you hear Declan response why I asked him about you? I asked while pulling off my shoes
    聽聽 I heard but I did not fully understand what he meant , can you please explain better to me? She pleaded
    聽 聽 Fine! he said you are stupid just like her, and do you know what that means? I asked hoping she would say yes but instead, she shook her head negatively…..
    聽聽 I sighed in frustration , she must be really dumb!
    聽聽 So you see it means D2 is a girl and that girl is you . I explained and she gave me a weird look..
    聽聽 But how can D2 be my name? I mean is there a name like that? She asked and I laughed out loud
    聽聽 You are so naive ! I never said it was your real name , it could be your alias聽 . I said with a shrug and she nodded slowly…..
    聽聽 Alias name ! but what about my real name? She probed and I smiled
    聽 Don’t worry baby , I will find out soon……….:
    聽 聽 Are you done talking with yourself? a familiar voice asked and I froze…..
    聽 聽 I looked in the direction of the voice and saw Kamara standing at the entrance to my room….
    聽 erm wheeen did you geeet herrre. I stuttered
    Long enough to hear you talking to yourself about a D2. She answered still staring at me weirdly…..
    聽聽 I was not talking to myself , I was revising for a test . I lied and she smirked
    聽 You can tell that to dummies. She retorted in disbelief…..
    聽聽 But why didn’t you knock before coming in? I fired at her
    聽 It isn’t my fault聽 you left your door opened . She fired back at me
    聽 聽 Fine! Then why are you here? I asked with a frown but she just stared on at me
    聽聽 Kamara! I called聽 and she sighed
    聽聽 Are you sure you are okay? I think you need to visit a psychiatrist. She said with a concerned look and I scoffed
    聽 Are you trying to say I am insane? I asked in a huff..
    聽聽 No , I am just trying….. she tried to say but I cut her off
    聽 Just tell me why you are here! I barked and she eyed me coldly
    聽 Dinner is ready , you can choose either to come down or remain in your room talking to yourself . She said mockingly before leaving the room……
    聽 聽 I bit my lips and turned sideways to look at ghostie…..
    聽 聽聽 I am sorry . She apologised while playing with her hands ….
    聽聽 It is not your fault . I assured and she smiled lightly…..
    聽聽 I pulled off the gown and hurriedly changed into an indoor outfit…..
    聽聽 Wait here for me . I instructed and walked out of the room without waiting for her response…..
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Declan Davies…..
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 I woke up with a throbbing headache and slight body pain
    聽 聽 I sat up on the bed and looked around me, the pot Starch was still on the bed and the cigarettes butt littered the floor…….:
    聽聽 I ran my hands through my hair, I felt so confused and empty ……..
    聽 聽聽 Glancing at the wall clock, it was 21:00 pm
    聽聽 D--n! I slept for roughly 9 hours……….
    I dragged myself up from the bed and headed downstairs to kitchen………
    聽 聽聽 I met my mom seated in the dinning , she was drinking as usual….
    聽 聽聽 hi mom! I greeted but as expected, she ignored me….
    聽 聽聽 I smiled lightly
    聽 I walked into the kitchen to see the whole place in a mess…..
    聽 聽 聽 This is really frustrating! I was too tired to do any cleanup….
    聽 聽聽 Opening the refrigerator,聽 I took聽 out a bottled water and a canned food before walking out of the messy kitchen……
    聽 聽 I took聽 few steps towards the stairs and stopped when I heard my name…….
    聽 聽 Am I dreaming! Did mom just call me ? I thought within….
    聽聽 Declan! she called again and I turned back to look at her
    聽聽 What is that in your hands? She asked coldly
    聽 聽 I looked at the bottled water and then at her …
    聽 聽 It is water and food ma. I answered still wondering why she asked……
    聽聽 She stood up in a huff and moved closer to me
    聽聽 Water! She repeated and I nodded
    What do you want to do with it? Do you want to poison yourself? Do you want to leave me also . she yelled
    聽聽 No mother, I will never leave you . I assured her
    聽 Liar! they both said the same thing and they left . She retorted angrily and I shook my head
    Just go away! Just go away! She screamed loudly.
    聽 聽聽 No mum, I will never leave you …
    聽 I tried to touch her but she pushed me away …..
    聽 聽 They all left , my husband left , Daphne left so what are you waiting for? Leave me alone. she held her head and kept on screaming….
    聽聽 Mother please stop . I please but she didn’t budge…..
    聽聽 Daphne killed my husband, Daphne destroyed my family . She continued
    聽聽 I bit my lips as tears rolled down my eyes
    聽 I gave her life , I gave her love but look at how she repaid me! she made me… she stopped and broke down in tears…..
    聽 聽 I was about saying something when I heard a knock on the door….
    聽 聽 I rushed to open in and sighed in relief when I saw it was her therapist…….
    聽 Please Come in ma, she is at it again . I informed and opened the door widely ……聽 聽
    聽 聽聽 The woman rushed into the room and tried to calm my mother聽 who was still screaming loudly……..
    聽聽 I watched the聽 therapist bring out a small bottle and a syringe from her bag….
    聽聽 She used the needle to draw out all the content from the bottle …and as soon as she injected it into my mom arm, my mom became calm…….
    聽 聽 I love you Declan ! love you聽 Daphne! I heard her say before she drifted off to sleep……
    聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽 Sasha Alfredo
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 After dinner , I bade my mum goodnight before heading to my room……and as for my dad, he was still at work…..
    聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 Entering the room, I met ghostie in front of the mirror
    聽聽 What are you doing there? I asked and she turned to look at me…….
    聽 聽聽 There is no reflection of me in the mirror. She answered sadly
    聽 聽 聽 That is because you are a ghost . I reminded and she nodded slowly……
    聽 聽 I moved closer to the bed and sat down on it
    聽 Picking my phone from the table, I dialled Jayden number but he did not pick …..
    聽 I dialled it again but it was still the same ……
    聽 What is wrong! Is he聽 mad at me! I wondered…:
    聽 聽 I was about dialling it for the third time when a message popped in, it was a message from Jayden..
    聽 I clicked on it and read聽 it
    “Stop bugging me with calls, I am with my new girl ”
    No! It can’t be ! I said aloud……
    What is that? ghostie asked while moving closer to me but I ignored her…..
    聽 Tears rolled down my eyes as I read the message again…
    聽 Oh Jayden! Am I that easy to be forgotten!
    聽 聽 聽 聽 Why are you crying? Ghostie asked
    聽聽 Nothing. I lied
    聽 聽 I am not a dummy! I know you are not happy so please tell me about it . She insisted
    聽聽 And why would I tell you? I retorted angrily hoping she would let me be but instead she smiled….
    聽聽 Because I am your friend. She answered innocently…….
    聽 聽 I stared at her for a while and sighed
    聽 Fine! It is Jayden my boyfriend or should I say ex ………
    聽聽 And what did he do? She asked
    聽 聽 he replaced me so easily . I answered as more tears rolled down my eyes and she scoffed
    聽 Is that why you are crying! I mean why waste your tears on a jerk like him? She retorted with a frown
    聽聽 Jerk! I repeated
    Yes, guys who treats ladies like trash are jerk. She answered with a light smile ….
    聽聽 Oh! I exclaimed softly
    聽 So who is the little kid now? She pouted and聽 I
    聽聽 Laughed……..
    聽聽 So forget him and date someone better. She continued
    聽聽 Better! And where will I see someone better? I asked while deleting the stupid message and the jerk number off my phone….
    聽 聽聽 She smiled mischievously
    聽聽 What of Declan? she asked and I huffed
    聽 聽 hell no! he is so rude.
    聽聽 That is because you don’t know him . She defended and I smirked……
    聽 聽 You are talking as if you know him better than I do , he is my class mate remember?
    聽 聽 Oh! She nodded slowly and I smiled……..but speaking of Declan made me remember something I noticed in class…….
    聽 聽 聽 聽 Ghostie and Declan have the same eye colour……….
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽 Declan Davies
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽 After tucking my mum up in her bed , I headed to my room …….
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 I didn’t know what I could have done if her therapist had not shown up on time …..
    聽 She assured me that mum would be a little bit better when she wakes up …..
    聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 Entering my room , I hid the pot starch underneath the bed and dusted the bed聽 a little …….
    聽 聽 聽聽 I sat down on the bed and was about pulling off my clothes when my phone rang …..
    聽 聽 I checked the caller, it was Racheal….
    聽 聽聽 Why is she calling? I wondered and banged the call……
    聽 聽 聽 And as expected , she called again and I received it on the second ring ….
    聽 聽 聽 Hi Declan! she called
    聽 聽 What do you want? I asked coldly
    聽 I just want to check up on you . She answered
    聽 Thanks, I am alright. I assured her
    聽 聽 And also I ….. she tried to say but I cut her off
    Good night Racheal! I bade and ended the call…….
    聽 聽 I was no mood to talk to anyone…..
    聽 Pulling off my clothes, I picked up the packet of cigarettes from the table but it was empty…
    聽 Jeez! Did I smoke it all!
    聽 I stood up the bed and walked to my reading table …….
    聽聽 Opening the drawer of the table , a shiny object hidden at the corner caught my attention…..
    聽聽 I brought it out along with a pack of cigarette
    聽 I stared at the chain ,聽 It was a golden chain with the letter D inscripted on it …………..
    聽 聽 聽聽 It smiled lightly…..
    聽 It was a birthday gift from my late dad , he made it specially for me and Daphne ……… her’s had a D2 inscription on it…. I guess it is the聽 initials of her full name (Daphne Davies)
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽
    聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 *

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    Ghostie is Declan’s sister

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    No nwa na bt we move

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    Roger on

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    Befriending a ghost Episode 6

    Ghostie got a name ( Daphne)
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Sasha Alfredo
    聽聽 *
    聽聽 Entering the class on a Monday morning, I glanced at Declan’s seat but it was empty.
    聽 聽 I sighed in frustration
    Declan has been absent in school for about a week and I was really worried…. I mean I was the one who made him angry , how I wish I never asked him about D2!
    I walked over to my seat and as usual , ghostie was following behind me……
    聽聽 he is not in school again , what could be wrong with him? she asked but I ignored her
    I sat down and brought out my physics book before placing my backpack gently on the tiled floor ………..
    Opening the book , I went through my assignment to be sure I made no mistake…..
    I nodded in satisfaction….
    Sasha! a voice called and I looked up to meet Cory puppy eyes gaze ……
    聽 聽聽 Can you please lend me your physics note? She pleaded and I grinned
    Just simply tell me you want to dub from me and I will give it to you . I said with an eye roll
    Fine! You are right . She聽 agreed and i smirked……
    picking up my book from the table , i handed it to her …..
    Thanks. She muttered and ghostie scoffed
    I turned sideways to look at her and met her angry gaze …..
    What is wrong with you Sasha? Why did you give her your note? She asked with a frown
    I glanced around the class to be sure no one was looking before answering her…..
    聽 聽聽 I am trying to get close聽 to her. I answered in whispers and she nodded slowly………
    聽 聽 But she is … she tried to say but stopped when Declan walked into the class…..
    聽聽 Oh my gawd! Cutie is here. She squealed in delight and I sighed in relief
    聽聽 he finally came to school today!
    聽聽 He walked over to his seat and sat down quietly…..
    聽 聽 聽 What is wrong with him! I wondered,he looked so pale!
    I watched Racheal walk up to him , she leaned over to whisper something to him and a faint smile escape his lips despite his dark mood…..
    Are they dating? I wondered
    And as if reading my mind , ghostie asked me the same question…….Are they dating?
    I don’t know . I shrug and she scoffed ….
    They better not be! She retorted angrily and I smiled lightly…..
    Why does she dislike Racheal so much? I wondered……..
    The class went quiet as soon as the physics teacher walked into the class……
    Cory! are you done with my book? I asked in whispers but she shook her head negatively….
    Please hurry up with it . I urged her to and she nodded slowly …….
    So today , I will be teaching you on Capacitor and Capacitance. the teacher started…
    聽 聽 But ma you gave us an assignment. a girl seated in front reminded and the whole class was rippled with angry murmurs…..聽
    聽 聽 I stretched my neck to get a better view of the girl and聽 saw it was the same chubby girl who confronted me about Seducing Declan….
    聽 聽 聽聽 I smirked
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 I guess she is the “loosed mouth” of the class and I am going to use it to an advantage……..
    聽 聽 聽 Enough of the murmurings! the teacher barked and the class went silent again…….
    聽 聽 聽 I will take a look at it in the next class . She informed and began writing on the marker board ……
    聽 聽聽 Leaning over , I was about tapping Cory when she turned back to face me ….
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 here. She handed me back my book with a smile …
    聽聽 Are you done? I asked to be sure and she nodded
    聽聽 Thanks so much friend. She said in appreciation and I smiled lightly…..
    聽聽 Friend! I doubt that , my only true friend is …..ghostie ….
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 I stared absentmindedly at the board as the teacher wrote on it , I was lost in thought wondering what could be wrong with Declan…..
    Everything about him seems so off ……
    I turned sideways to look at him , he was fiddling with his pen while staring at the board ……..
    I sighed
    Are you alright? ghostie asked and I shook my head negatively
    Are you worried about Declan? She asked again and I nodded slowly
    Then try and talk to him . She suggested, I think he is bothered about something. She added and I exhaled deeply …….
    I will do just that!……………………
    聽聽 So we will learn about the formulas in our next lesson. the teacher said and I sighed in relief …
    The class was d--n boring!
    Picking up my backpack from the floor, I was about bringing out my English note when ghostie called me…
    I nodded without looking at her
    I think Declan is leaving the class. She informed and I looked up Just In time to see him walk out of the class…….
    And without thinking, I stood up from my seat and ran after him ………
    聽 聽 聽聽 Declan! I called but he did not answer, instead he increased his walking pace and began to climb the staircase…..
    聽 聽 聽 What is wrong with him? ghostie asked and I bit my lips ….
    聽 聽 聽 We followed quietly behind him as he climbed up the flight of stairs to an empty hall…..
    聽 聽 Declan! I called again and this time , he turned back to look at me ……
    聽 聽 聽 So it is you , what do you want? he asked coldly
    聽 聽 I want to talk to you. I answered while moving closer to him and he smirked
    聽 聽 Talk to me! Why? he asked staring intently at me…..
    聽 聽 Can we go somewhere quiet? I asked looking around聽
    聽 聽 he stared at me for a while and聽 then led me to an empty classroom…..
    聽 聽 *
    聽聽 I looked around the classroom, it was dusty and was also littered with cigarettes butts and ashes ……..
    聽 聽 Jeez! I never knew there were smokers in this school ……….
    聽 聽 聽 So what do you want to talk to me about? he started
    聽 聽 erm I just want to apologise to you. I stuttered and he smirked
    聽 Apologise! Why! Did you offend me ? he asked in a rush and I gave him a surprised look
    聽 聽 I thought you were angry with me聽 because i asked聽 about ……
    聽 D2! he completed and I nodded……
    聽聽 but how the hell did you get to know that name ? he asked and I swallowed hard
    聽 聽 Why can’t you just tell him the truth? ghostie who was standing beside me asked but I ignored her….
    聽 聽 how did you? he repeated
    聽聽 erm she is eeerm my erm . I聽 stuttered not knowing what to say聽 and he smirked…….
    聽 聽 聽 You don’t even know her聽 so why asking about her?he probed but I just stared blankly at him…..
    聽 聽 聽聽 Show him the necklace, it might help convince him. ghostie suggested and I nodded in agreement…
    聽聽 Unbuttoning the collar of my shirt , I was about to show him the golden necklace when I heard someone scoffed
    聽 聽 I looked in the direction and saw Racheal standing at the entrance of the class…..
    聽 聽聽 Racheal! I called in surprise聽
    聽 聽聽 She looked at me and then at Declan..
    聽 What is going on here? She asked in a huff
    Nothing. I answered and turned to go when Declan caught me by my arm……….
    聽聽 I turned to look at him in surprise聽 and he smiled lightly
    聽 Aren’t you curious to know more about her? he asked and I arched my eyebrow……
    聽 聽 Who are you talking about? I asked and he leaned forward to whisper in my ears ……
    聽聽 D2 is just her initials, her real name is Daphne. he corrected and then let go of me …….
    聽 聽 I gave him a small smile before walking out of the class…..
    聽 聽 What did he whisper in your ears? ghostie asked and I grinned….
    聽聽 I thought ghosts have super powers. I teased her….
    聽聽 Please Sasha just tell me . She pleaded and I smiled lightly….
    聽 聽聽 Daphne ! Your name is Daphne……….
    聽 聽 聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Declan Davies
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽 Why was she here with you ? Racheal asked as soon as we were alone
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 It is none of your business. I retorted and she scoffed…
    聽 聽聽 Are you f-----g her also? she half yelled and I smirked…..
    聽 聽聽 Dipping my hands into my pocket , I pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter…..
    聽聽 I lit up the cigarette and inhaled the smoke …..
    聽 聽 So what are you waiting for, let us get started …..
    聽 聽 I pulled her close to me and puff out the smoke on her……
    聽 聽聽 She retched and coughed out ……:
    聽 聽 You are crazy Declan! She cursed and I chuckled
    聽聽 Are you just aware of it now? I asked inhaling more of the smoke……
    聽 聽聽 But who am I to you , am I still your girlfriend?聽 She suddenly asked and I frowned…….
    聽 聽聽 I have told you times without number not to ask me this question again……..
    聽 聽 But why or don’t you love me again? She asked and I froze…..
    聽 聽 聽 We used to be the best couple in class but everything changed when that stupid Daphne Rui…… she tried to say but I cut her off….
    聽 聽 聽 Don’t ever call my sister stupid again . I warned聽 and she sighed
    聽 聽聽 Fine! I am sorry for calling her that but please let us go back to how we were . she pleaded and I scoffed
    聽 聽聽 That can never happen!
    聽 聽 聽聽 but why? She asked with a wavering voice and I could tell she was about to cry ……
    聽 聽 聽 because I don’t love you. I answered with a low voice ………
    聽 聽 聽 Liar! You love me聽 Declan, you are just too confused to know . she retorted angrily before storming out of the room……..
    聽 聽 聽 I watched her go and smirked
    聽 聽 聽 She is really crazy!
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 Sasha Alfredo
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 *
    聽 聽 聽聽 On getting to the class, I met only a few persons in the class
    聽 聽 聽 聽 I glanced at the time , it was 11:00 am
    聽 聽聽 Oh! It was time for short recess…..
    聽 聽 Looking around the class, I spotted the chubby girl seated alone at the extreme corner of the class……:
    聽 聽 聽 聽 I smirked聽 and walked up to her ….
    聽 聽聽 hi! I greeted the girl
    聽 聽 聽聽 she looked up at me聽聽 and scoffed …..
    聽 聽 What do you want? She asked coldly and I clutched my fist to stop myself from poking her flat nose…..
    聽 聽 聽 I faked a smile…..
    聽聽 I just want to apologise for yelling at you last week ………
    聽 聽 She gave me a surprised look……..
    聽 And why are you doing all this? She asked
    聽 Because i want to be friends with you . I answered with a smile…….
    聽 聽 聽 Friends! but why! She asked and I glanced at ghostie before answering her …..:
    聽 聽 You see erm I just like you. I stuttered and she smiled lightly…….
    聽聽 Quit the act and just tell me what you want? She said with a grin ….
    聽 聽 What! I exclaimed softly and she nodded slowly
    聽 聽 聽 I bit my lips , I never knew she was so smart!
    聽 Fine! My seat! I want to know why it was abandoned, I want to know why they all reacted strangely when I sat on it ………
    聽聽 She looked around the class to make sure no one was eavesdropping before looking back at me….
    聽 聽 You see I am quite new here also and I don’t really know what happened but I heard the seat is kinda cursed …
    聽 聽 Cursed! I repeated in shock and she nodded….
    聽聽 I heard the owner of the seat ruined her聽 own family聽 and anyone who sits there will share in the same fate ……..
    聽 聽聽 I stared at her in confusion
    聽聽 How is that possible?how can a girl ruin her own family?
    聽 聽 This was the same question I asked also when I first heard about it ……. how聽 can a girl ruin her own family?
    聽 聽 聽 I sighed
    聽 聽 Do you have an idea who the girl is? I asked and she nodded
    聽 聽 her name is Daphne and she always wear a necklace with聽 the wordings “D2” on it . She informed and I gasped in shock …….
    聽 聽 聽 Is this the reason why Cory looked shocked when I showed the necklace to her? or is there something more to it …….
    聽 聽聽 I shifted my gaze to Daphne who also had a surprised look on her face ……
    聽 聽 聽 聽 What exactly did she do? I wondered…….
    聽聽 *
    聽 聽 *
    聽聽 TBC

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