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    written by nimen

    “I’m a mess, even Jesus can’t save me now” he told himself, he shakes his head, crumples his hands into a fist and punches the mirror, trickles of blood starts dropping from his fist, he sees the blood and smiles licking it off his hands. He seats down and smiles at himself while looking at the damage he’s just wrecked, he diverts his gaze at the dressing table, there was a framed picture that attracted his attention he took the picture from the table and slumped back to the bed sitting on it, the picture was of him and a lady, it was taken in the park five years ago, he was a high ranking public speaker with many best selling books to his name she was there with him when he amassed his numerous awards, but here he is, he never knew the son-of-a-b---h was cheating on him he slipped out his pen-knife from his trousers and stuck it in her head, he threw it on the wall and the glass shattered, he took the picture and tore it, tearing out her picture and stuffed it in his mouth it tasted like gruel but he didn’t spit it out, he swallowed it. And yelled loudly tears welling in his eyes he rushed the curtain rail and dragged it out, drawing the curtain out, he smiled again and started breaking stuff with the rod first the mirror next he dragged everything off the ward rope littering it on the floor. He started kicking the ward rope, he pulled down his briefcase, and then saw the shotgun on top of the wardrope, he picked it, pointing the gun on himself, then he’s countenance fell on his phone lying some meters away from, jerking like a junkie he picks it up and dials Amanda’s number it rang but she didn’t pick, he tries a second time after sometime, she picks it

    “Hello, Benson i told you not to call me again”

    “Baby i can’t get over you, you’re my love, my life”
    he pleaded

    “I’m sorry Benson but i don’t love you no more”

    “Baby please” he said almost choking in his tears

    “Hello when did don’t call this number started sounding like latin? Don’t call this number again or else you’ll have it hot on you”

    It was a male voice, shit!! The son of a b---h is there with her, and he has the guts to threaten me. He thought, his grip tightened at the shot gun. That c--t may be kissing her. He took some weed and put it in the paper pinching it and removing impurities, then he licked the paper and rolled it and lighted it, s----d it in and puffed out billows upon billows of smoke, he put it in his mouth again, grabbed the shotgun, wore his jacket, concealed the shot gun and entered his car and zoomed off.


    they where watching a comedy show when they heard a knock on the door

    “who is it?”

    “Madam na me, we get serious matter for here oh” the gateman said

    Amanda leaves for the door and as she opens it, Abdul’s head blew open, like a fuse, his brain spattered all over her body, in front of her stood her ex, a pump action pointing at her

    “Bens… Benson what is it” she stammered

    “What the fvvck is he doing….” he never finished that sentence because the top of his head got open like a lead, Amanda screamed.

    “Mandy what did you think? That i’ll leave you and that yahoo boy to finish my money?” he said aiming the shotgun to her head

    “Please don’t kill me i’m just twenty five, remember the love we once shared” Amanda says tears streaming down her eyes

    “yeah this is for the love we once shared, we’ll be seen together like Romeo and Juliet” he said as he puffed the last billow from the weed, threw it on the floor and stepped on it and then


    He blew her face out of her head and she fell, he caught her before she reached the ground, and cried on her faceless body , he carried her to the big Mahogany bed he bought for her, good times they had here, he thought as he dropped her on the bed, lying down beside her he sobbed

    “God forgive me” he mumbled

    as he pointed the shot gun below his Jaw, laid Amanda’s faceless head on his chest as he sobbed again.
    He pulled the trigger and his brain spattered on the pillows

    (That’s the story of Benson and Amanda)

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    oh my goodness!! did he just…….

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    John Walter El Marshall
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    what a tragedy!

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    What a love!

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    What a tragedy!

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    Etz Froshberry
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    Oh my!!
    tragedy leleyi o

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    Mz Unique
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    Things we do for love

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    Prince Adehsam
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    Things we do for love Is unimaginable things

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