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    BetrayalPART2 & 3

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    Dave stared at his injured finger for a while before descending heavily on lynda, kicking, hitting and slapping her randomly with fury.

    Lynda’s cry soon shook the whole lodge that fateful evening, making us freeze like statues as she recieved Dave’s blows all alone. I truly have never heard nor witnessed anyone cry with such pain and anguish before in my life, but instead of rendering any help, i just stood and watched as if i was watching a home video.

    Perhaps it was because my strength failed me that moment or because i was too scared to jump into the fight, but then whatever it was that prevented me from intervening that moment equally turned me into a very heartless girl who just stood and watched a fellow girl as she got beaten in a fight which truly started because i happened to be in that very room that moment.

    “Supposing Amara and i left things as they were, all these wouldn’t have happened but i guess it’s now too late to be regretting” i reasoned as i watched him beat up lynda.

    Amara was still too stunned to intervene, as she sat speechless on the bed with both hands on her head.

    After Dave’s revelation about her boyfriend that fateful evening, she just coloured up and kept to herself like an AIDS patient.

    Finally i heaved a sigh of relief with a deep breathe as Dave’s two friends rushed up and dragged him out from Lynda, who just laid motionless from the terrifying blows she got from him. The poor girl really had given up with her struggles when her strength failed her, yet Dave really was very furious to care or even notice.

    Supposing his two friends didn’t break him away from her that moment, i truly don’t know what could have happened, perhaps i might not even be writing this story by now because the memory would have killed me….

    Dave and his friends finally left us alone in ‘pieces’ and i was then left with the huge task of reviving Lynda. Poor girl who was trampled upon, humilated and beaten all because of love.

    People don’t believe me when i do say that most things about life is either cruel, comes from cruelty or ends with cruelty, but here again Lynda’s case is just but one out of a million cases, and even though i blamed her, i still understood her plight, because not every girl has the strength nor courage of letting go a guy with whom she shared a unique portion of her heart and body with….

    With shaking hands, i lifted up her head and tried to revive her….

    To be continued tonight…

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    *<b>looks around . . . na me dey here first. chooses a seat at the front.</b>
    I’m here for good. ain’t gonna miss any of the updated this time.

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    “Dave is a devil” Lynda cried as i helped her sit up,

    “i will report him to school security and the police” i assured her,

    “no don’t do that, it will only make matters worst, just let me handle it” she replied sadly, while i looked at her with pity before shaking my head sadly.

    “Don’t worry about me just go to your room i want to be left alone” she added sorrowfully,

    “why, you are yet to regain your strength, i’m not going anywhere” i replied with a heavy heart, but she calmly pushed me away from her side,

    “cyndii please just go with your friend, trust me i’m okay” she assured with red eyes. I shrugged with resignation, stood up and dragged Amara with me as i quietly left her room.

    My legs shook as i walked out from Lynda’s room that evening, while my heart wept as if i was the one who recieved the beating. Surely i was very downcast with a guilty feeling because i knew i caused the whole fight by being in her room that evening.

    “do you believe that Chuks is a cultist?” Amara suddenly asked as we climbed the stairs leading to our floor, instantly dragging me away from my thoughts,

    “i seriously don’t know dear, life itself is a mystery” i calmly replied.

    Even though i was shocked when i heard Dave’s revelation on Chuk’s involvement in cultism, i wasn’t entirely surprised because i really never liked him for once but just tolerated him because of my friend, perhaps that was why i easily believed Dave’s revelation even though i clearly hid my feelings from her, because i really didn’t have the strength to take on another scene…

    “i will confront him tonight” she muttered quietly,

    “good but be diplomatic when doing that” i advised. She said no other word and left for her room….

    I barely had settled in my room, when Benjamin’s knock shook and woke me from my thoughts,

    “please dear i’ll like to be left alone” i pleaded when i opened my door. He stared at me with surprise but i looked away and avoided his gaze.

    “hope you are okay?” he asked,

    “yea but please let me be for now, i’ll come over to your room later” i pleaded. He stared at me for a while, shrugged and left without further questions, even though i knew his mind must be filled with questions that very moment.

    Sometimes guys always mis-interprete or don’t understand when we beg to be left alone, most of them however do oblige us with doubts and suspicion in their mind.

    Most times when we girls go through a painful experience which we prefer not to share with anyone, we do like keeping to ourselves and having a boyfriend around always spoils the whole thing because of their inquisitive nature. No matter how much we love a guy, there are still some secrets we do keep away from him

    I really couldn’t help but wonder what was in Benjamin’s mind that fateful evening, but my heart soon leapt when i heard someone knock on my door with {Dave’s usual pattern} which left me stunned, speechless and indecisive as i contemplated whether to answer {open} my door or not……..

    To be continued…

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    “what is it again?” i coldly asked Dave when i finally opened my door. I never really planned to answer his knock that fateful evening, but i was forced to do so when it became obvious he wasn’t ready to give up knocking on my door.

    Inorder to stop him from disturbing my neighbours whom i knew were already peeping from their respective door “keyholes” to ascertain where the persistent knock{ing} disturbing them was coming from, and Benjamin whom I also knew heard the noise, i really had no choice than to open my door and face the devil.

    “what took you so long?” he asked with a smile, expertly avoiding the question i asked him.

    “what is it that you want?” i coldly asked again, while my right hand strongly held my door knob, for easy closing of my door incase he tried anything si.ll.y.

    “c’mon baby why the angry look?” he asked with a composed smile. I boiled inside as i stared at him with hatred,

    “how can he appear, so calm, well composed and lively after all he just did?” i wondered angrily.

    “anyway since you don’t want to talk to me, let me go ahead and say what brought me to your room” he added calmly.

    “i came to apologize because of what happened this evening in Lynda’s room, and i truly did what i did just to prove to you that there is nothing going on between Lynda and i anymore even though i do regret hitting her so hard” he tried to explain, but his explanation and apology only got on my nerves and infuriated me more.

    “you didn’t just hit the poor girl hard, you also tried to kill her, and never you say that you did such a stupid thing to prove your nonsense love to me, i never sent you on such errand, so just leave me alone please” i bravely barked at him. His eyes instantly lit up in anger for a while before dying down again.

    “so i lost Lynda for nothing?” he asked,

    “if you know what’s good for you better go and apologize to her and pray she forgives you” i answered bitterly.

    “cyndii please don’t turn me into a wretch because you won’t like it” he muttered with a dirty smile, which really shook my poor legs and frightened me.

    “are you threatening me??” i asked nervously. He just smiled and walked away, leaving me in great fear, suspence and wonder. Truly Dave knows how to leave a lasting impression on anyone he targets and as he walked away that fateful evening i was left in deep thought as i tried to figure out what he meant by being left a wretch….

    I locked my door showered and rushed into Benjamin’s room, deeply shaken and scared to my bones.

    All i needed that moment was his soothing words and caresses to calm my nerves, and a decent sex to bring my broken spirit back to life….

    “baby hope you are okay?” he asked as soon as i landed on his body. His voice instantly aroused and made my nipples hard…

    To be continued…..

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    emmm, i am not bragging but dave will not go unpunished should I wear cyndii’s shoe.

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    I trembled as he touched me and quivered as his inexperienced hands caressed me,

    “baby hope you are alright?” he asked with concern,

    “please continue” i replied shamelessly.

    He shrugged and continued while i closed my eyes and enjoyed his gentle caresses.

    Even though we hardly admit it, we girls also do enjoy lovemaking just like guys, but the only difference is that we don’t need it quite often like them, nor behave as if our life depends upon it.

    His lips were soon on my erect nipples, s-----g them one after the other hungrily. The warmth of his lips shook me greatly forcing me to moan gently.

    Benjamin was very gently as he s----d, caressed and romanced me all over. Even though he was still not an expert, there really was some improvement with the way he touched me that fateful evening. He equally was so gentle with loving words of concern which left his lips as he worked on me that i almost urinated on my pant when i couldn’t bear it any longer.

    Finally he wore a rubber and slowly lowered his manhood into my wet and welcoming pu.n.ny. I gasped for breathe as he buried the full length inside me. The fire it brought into my body was exactly what i needed that moment. I drew back my waist a little and recieved the whole length of his gift with pleasure.

    I sang into his ear as he dug in and out of my honeypot. His tempo and breathe equally increased as he dug further. The look in his eyes were that of great pleasure, happiness and love, while i smiled in contentment with hands wrapped over his neck…

    With a deep breathe and jerk, he cummed{came} moments later, i closed my eyes with satisfaction and held him strongly.

    “Oh my Benjamin” i breathed to myself, before caressing his bare back for a while.

    “thanks” i whispered into his ear, which made him stare at me with surprise. I knew he must be wondering that moment what drew such word from my lips or what has come over me.

    However he said no word, but left moments later to dispose the used rubber. I equally got up afterwards and joined him in the bathroom where i freshened up, because i needed no second nor more rounds, neither did he ask for more, even though i knew he lacked the nerve to ask for more, so as not to upset me.

    Selfish or not, i only came to his room that night to satisfy the craving in my heart, the itch between my legs and to fill my soul with his warmth which i achieved. Moreover he never complained, and that’s one thing i greatly love about him,

    “He hardly complains”….

    To be continued….

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    I barely had returned to my room the following morning, when Amara knocked and entered with a very sad and tired look. She really looked that moment like a night worker who worked without rest all through the night.

    She wearily fell on my bed with a sigh. I sat beside her, with both hands on my waist and stared curiously at her with surprise.

    “it’s over between Chuks and i” she muttered, while i gasped in shock,

    “what did you just say?” i heard myself ask

    “my relationship with Chuks is over” she announced again, i just breathed deeply and kept quiet for few seconds.

    “how? What exactly happened?” i calmly asked,

    “i confronted him last night about his ties with a cult group, he tried denying it but when i continued with my questions, he barked at me almost hitting me in the process. I gave him a condition to tell me the truth or kiss our affair goodbye, yet he ignored me till this morning when i left the room” she explained unhappily, while I smiled and held her left hand.

    Even though i really never supported her relationship with that boy, i knew my friend really do love him, and so i had to be cautious and neutral when advising her.

    I looked at my wall clock which read 7:30AM, bit my lips and stared at my friend. I planned going to school that fateful day but with the look of things i knew i might skip lectures again.

    “girlfriend are you very sure about your decision?, you are already into him which is a fact you can’t deny” i asked with a smile, but she kept quiet and pretended as if she didn’t hear my words.

    Someone knocked on my door seconds later, which made me move my attention to my door. I waited extra two minutes before finally opening my door, where a nervous looking Chuks greeted me with a forced smile.

    “is Amara with you?” he calmly asked with a searching look. At first I truly was at lost on what to reply him, but when i finally made up my mind to deny ever seeing her that morning, Amara appeared behind me and shouted at him.

    “what are you doing here, leave me alone” she barked before shutting the door on his face. Instead of leaving, he surprised us by knocking again for almost an hour, and it really appeared as if he wasn’t ready to leave my door alone until it was opened.

    I really was uncomfortable and a bit sad, because I already have missed lectures for that day and still trapped in my room all because i was standing by my friend.

    “i think you should have a little chat with him, you never can tell what he wants to say to you” i finally whispered to Amara when i couldn’t endure his knock anymore. She tried to argue, but i gave her no chance, stood up and opened my door for Chuks who quickly rushed to her side.

    I never believed nor dreamt that someone like Chuks could ever do such a thing for a girl,

    “is that what true love really means or is he just trying to defend his pride??” was the question i keeping asking myself as i left them alone in my room to fetch a bucket of water downstairs…….

    To be continued….

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