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    Eps 1
    I smiled 2 d taxi driver as i gave him a huge tip
    I was in a good mood dat i came home so early
    I had good news 4 my husband
    I opened d gate nd saw a strange car parked in d park
    I frowned
    It looked like celine’s car
    I became suspicious nd i began 2 tip-toe towards d house
    I opened d door slowly nd entered
    I removed my shoes nd walked up-stairs quietly
    As i walked towards our master bedroom,i began 2 hear deep throaty moans
    F--k me..!
    F--k me..!
    My heart was pounding fast nd hard
    It was celine’s voice
    Deep down i was hearing dele’s moans too
    I reached d doorknob nd opened it slowly without a noise
    Lo nd behold
    I saw my husband nd celine naked as d day they were born..
    My dele pounding into my best friend
    Celine was on her knees in a doggy stlye nd my husband was behind
    His hands on her hair pulling her close 2 himself
    I was so shocked
    I couldn’t cry nor laugh
    My handbag dropped nd dat drew their attention…

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    Eps 2-3
    They were suprised 2 see me but d shocking aspect was dat they were nt ashamed
    My husband said
    Welcome home
    U came early
    I wanted 2 scream
    I wanted 2 cry out loud
    But i calmed down nd said
    Celine…Is dis how friends do..?
    She did nt look guilty,instead she smiled wickedly nd said
    Ur husband is too hot
    Only u can’t enjoy him
    She began 2 rub my husband’s d--k right in front of me
    My husband gave a low moan…
    Water filled my eyes instantly bt i did nt shed them
    Celine went ahead 2 s--k my hubby’s d--k as i stood watching them.
    My name is tinu
    Am just 28 year bt av been in marriage since i was 20,yet i had no child
    I was a meek nd quiet type
    My husband takes advantage of me through dis manner
    He flirts nd f--k many girls right in our house while i will be in d kitchen
    Or in my bedroom crying
    Neighbours call me mumu..
    I think dat is what i am
    I stared at my husband who was busy s-----g celine’s p---y
    I couldn’t hold my pains anymore
    I burst into tears nd ran downstairs..
    I came out of d plane wit great joy,
    av missed my baby sister nd mum
    I heard a loud sweet voice
    Bro mie…!
    My brother..!
    I turned 2 see my baby sis
    She was now a big gal with nice curves
    She was wearing a cape top nd leggings wit a nice pair of fashion sandal
    She was no longer a child..
    She’s 25
    She ran towards me wit great joy nd hugged me tightly
    I hugged her back happily
    Av missed u ken..
    I stroked her cheeks
    Eliza…U av changed a lot..
    Our mum walked 2wards us nd hugged me tightly
    My son…
    Welcum back 2 9ja
    I laughed loudly
    Thank u mum
    We walked 2wards my mum’s expensive Rangeover
    I went to d sitting room 2 weep
    My heart was in pieces
    I dunno why i find it hard 2 revenge or fight those dat make life difficult 4 me
    I was just too meek
    Like an half-wit
    Celine came out minutes later with my husband nd kissed him in my front nd left
    He turned 2 me nd said
    Am hungry tinu
    go nd prepare sometin 4 me
    Lyk an idiot
    I went to d kitchen 2 cook
    I went to d kitchen 2 prepare rice nd stew
    As i was making d stew,d smell of d maggi irritated me
    I ran 2 d toilet 2 vomit my breakfast
    Dat reminded me of d reason y i came home early
    i wanted 2 break d good new 2 my husband but it was a shame
    I washed my mouth nd went back 2 continue wit my cooking
    I was thinking deeply
    Should i abort or keep d baby…?
    It has been 5 weeks since i got home
    I was tired of staying at home
    I want a job,
    I rose 4rm my bed,
    took my bath
    wore nice clothes nd walked 2 d living room
    Eliza was at d dining..
    Setting d table
    She winked at me nd walked 2ward me
    Good morning bro..
    I smiled
    Gud mawnin sis..
    She hugged me tightly 2 d extent dat our mum who sat in d living room reading news paper said
    Leave ur brother alone
    If u continue dis
    He won’t get a girlfriend
    Nor u too
    Becus people will think u are dating
    Eliza frowned
    I don’t need any guy
    Our mum raised her left eyebrow
    At 25…?
    I pity u
    Eliza frowned
    4get it mom….
    Am nt interested in dat
    Our mother shrugged and dat was wen i spoke
    Mum…I tink i need 2 start working
    My mum looked surprised
    So early…?
    I thought u would at least rest 4 3 months b4 thinking of work
    I gasped
    Ah..Ah mummy…!
    Do u want me grow lazy..?
    I actually want to start work
    I’m sick of home…
    Ok…My mum said
    I will find something 4 u 2 do
    I sat down in d cab lost in thought
    I had made up my mind 2 keep d baby
    I had been childless 4 8 good years nd now God has provided one
    Am going 2 4give my husband nd tell him d gud news
    I paid d taxi man nd entered our house
    Celine’s car was in d park again beside my husband’s car
    I felt anger boiling in my blood
    I couldn’t control it again
    I entered d house wit fury nd saw celine on d couch
    her head on my husband laps
    I screamed
    GET OUT..!
    Celine looked at me wit disgust
    Tinu…go 2 d bedroom nd cry lyk usual
    Leave us alone
    I became furious
    I rushed towards her wit fury nd slapped her thrice.!
    Celine was shocked,
    she stood up nd walked 2wards me
    Tinu…U slapped me..?
    my anger was reaching an higher level
    Yes! I screamed
    Nd i will do it again!
    Celine rushed me nd began 2 punch me
    I returned her boutifully wit slaps,kicks,blo
    ws,infact,i bit her
    She screamed nd gave me a hard blow on my tummy
    I felt a sharp pain on my stomach
    My husband just sat down drinking wine nd ignored us
    I felt something warm on my panties
    I bent down nd saw a line of blood running down my leg
    I screamed
    MY BABY.!
    My husband dat sat down drinking wine frooze nd ran towards me with speed
    bt then i fainted…
    It was a tiring day at office
    I loved my job nd i took it deligently
    I didn’t want to go home early becus of Eliza
    I did nt lyk wot am seeing in her
    She is just too protective,i couldn’t place it wheneva she chases my female friends away
    Bt yesterday,she hugged me in a romantic manner
    I felt dat i should complain bt i didn’t want 2 sound harsh or hurt her.
    Bt am uncomfortable
    To be continued

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    I guess Eliza is interested in you

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    Eliza doesn’t want a man coz of ken, tinu being childless doesn’t mean you have to stay in an abusive marriage… I just hope you don’t miscarry

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    ride on

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    Eliza is inlove with her brother

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    senator daniel
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