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    Sometime as a youth, we moved in a direction without a specific plan and purpose in our hearts. We put things at stake despite the pains and sorrow we may get from it?.
    We pleasurize our soul to the point we forgotten where we come from?………How we begin our daily life and how everything started.
    For how many years we will continue to dwell and follow this path when things is at stake
    For how many years we will allow evil and darkness to reign.
    Have you ever wonder why we sleep and wake up hale and healthy without getting hurt?
    Have you ever think why you are alive to this moment reading this message and thinking something in your heart?
    Have you ever think why you are genius at something?
    A special gift that God guaranted you
    What will happen if God mercy and love is not with you?
    Will the Grace ever save you if you are not with God?
    For who is of God is with God
    For how many years will your heart continue to wallow in the valley of darkness?
    Have your eye blinded not to see or your ear being blocked not to hear or your feet too heavy to move an inch to God
    We always hated to be corrected
    We want our way where we are not going to have it
    We are pathetic and bitter
    A Lineage of people who take sin through their heart
    We love We hate
    We cry, We laugh
    We die, We survive and carry everything along
    But this doesn’t change time when time is moving gradually
    We are up hight against the narrow road hoping to find something everlasting
    Is there somethin ever lasting than death??
    It send shiver to the spine of man, people waited, run, kill, survive and avoiding death and its way in their own sight
    But unknownly they are on the way to destruction, A Punishment for who has never listen to instruction
    My dear brothers and sisters
    We got an opportunity to life everyday
    When we sleep, we stay calm in the peaceful silent and never walk along with the body but of the spirit
    Instruction from God is not for us to glance through but to be follow with immediate action
    How pathetic is to live in darkness
    How bad is never to feel the peaceful breezes again
    How stupid is to fall down and Never tried to find your way
    Here are you brethren
    Breathing day and night and
    Living a life that be a threat to the darkness
    You can’t make your world, you come into the world and there is better plan for you From God
    You got time, spirit, knowledge and love all from this caring FATHER
    Because of His better plan for you
    No one can live against THE WORLD without GOD
    God is knocking at the door of your heart day and night
    Stay with God and enjoy His better Plan forever

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    nice one

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    Bãd bøy
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    Nice write up bro

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    Isaiah 1: 18 says ,come now let’s us reason together says the Lord though your sins be as Scarlets,though they are red as crimson they shall be white as snow ?️., Is left for us to make the choice now that there’s time.
    Nice one bro.

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    Good one from you bro i love it

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    Jboy young
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