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    Beyond His will
    Episode 3

    Hello dear, what are you doing? Johnson called Christiana
    Hi, am doing nothing
    Pls dress up, am on my way to your place, we are going out..
    Christiana yawned, where to?
    It a surprise.. He said laughing at the other end of the phone
    Okay… I will be ready
    Christiana stoop up from her bed, opened her wadrope
    What will I wear? Hummmmm, she sighed
    She picked a long gown and wear it
    Johnson arrived few minutes later, he met Christiana outside her house waiting for him,
    Hi babe, he greeted her
    Johnson came out of his car and saw what Christiana was wearing. A big long gown, with a scarf and a sandal
    Where are we going to? Christiana asked
    My queen, a friend of mine invited me to a dinner, he told me to come with you, because you haven’t met him and..
    Let go then, Christiana cut in
    Looking like this? Johnson pointed to her clothes.
    What happened to my clothes?
    Emmm, nothing actually, but I just think it would be nice if you wear something else. I want you to look good
    Johnson, am okay with what am wearing. It just a dinner, nothing else
    My friend will be seeing you for the first time, I want you to..
    So am lookin bad right now? Johnson why don’t you always appreciate what you have? You are always complaining about everything I do, why? In fact am not going again, Christiana hissed
    Am so sorry, Johnson stopped her, I don’t mean to offend you, i just want something good for you, you are my queen and i want you to look like one, i won’t complain again. Am so sorry dear. Christiana looked at him and smiled
    Can we go now?
    Yes.. Johnson opened the door for her and she entered
    Femi and his wife have been expecting Johnson. Immediately they sighted his car, femi beckoned on the gateman to opened the gate. Johnson drove him
    Long time friend, femi shouted and hugged Johnson
    Baddest man! Johnson hailed him. They both laughed and hugged each other
    Good afternoon bro Johnson, bimbo greeted him
    Good afternoon my wife, I can see my friend is really taking care of you
    While I do more of that to him..they all laughed
    Bimbo looked at Christiana, and thought she is Johnson maids
    Where is your wife? I told you to bring our new wife, is she not around? Why will you bring your maid, bro Johnson I don’t like it o, bimbo said looking at Christiana
    Wat do you mean by his maid? Christiana said angrily
    Am sorry dear, Johnson apologized to Christiana who was ready to fight
    Femi and bimbo this is my wife Christiana.. Babe, Meet my friend and his wife dear
    Your wife? Am sorry, I thought she is your maid, bimbo said feeling sorry
    You are very stupid for saying that again. You called me a maid earlier, I kept quiet and you are saying it again. Homeless pig
    Do you just call me a pig? Bro Johnson where do you see this? I knew anything good will not come out from her immediately I saw her, a good wife to be will not dress like a maid.. Untrained child, that what you are!
    Stop it bimbo, do you realized she is our guests? What is wrong with you? Femi shouted at bimbo
    Am so sorry bimbo. Pls, don’t take what she said to heart, she is not in good mood, Johnson said triying to defend Christiana
    Oh! Are you saying am mad Johnson? So am mad abi? You are calling me a mad woman because of this stinking thing, you are taking her side? Am a carzy woman who is not always in good mood to you? You brought me here to insult me Johnson..
    Who is stinking? You are an old fool, bimbo attacked her again
    Bimbo, get inside now! Right now! Femi commanded her
    Christiana ran after her, come back here,I will give you the beating of your life, you this harlot, a great sinner, femi and Johnson dragged her back. Johnson carried her into his car
    Leave me alone, I need to teach her a lesson! She lack home training, she dare call me a maid! I will let her know what am made off, Christiana raged angrily as she tried to open the door.
    I will see you later friend, Johnson said to femi and zoomed off
    Femi went inside and scold his wife for what she did
    It not my fault now, I thought she was a maid, she doesn’t look like his wife
    And how is that your business, must you say everything you see? Why can’t you learn to ignior? Be warn woman, femi walked out angrily
    Am sorry dear,pls wait now.. Bimbo followed her husband
    Johnson drove down to his place.. Christiana ignored him throughout the journey
    She didn’t allow him to open the door for her before coming down from the car
    Am sorry Christiana, he opened the door and they both went in
    Christiana sat down on the couch, switched on the television and concentrate on the current program
    Am sorry, pls forgive me, Johnson sat down beside her
    Why are you begging me now? Ehn! At least you are satisfy now, allowing that thing to call me all sort of names, calling me a maid. What is wrong with the way I dressed? What? You could not defend me, you could not fight for me. Pls leave me alone
    Am sorry, you can blame me for everything that happened, but pls forgive me, am so sorry, I promise it won’t happen again
    Christiana didn’t say anything, she ignored him
    Johnson thought of what to say to make her happy and say something..
    When are you taking me to your parent?
    Christiana was happy hearing that question, but pretended not to hear him
    When are you taking me to your parent my queen? Christy now, it high time I know them. Pls
    When should we go? She asked smiling
    Anyday of your choice.. Am I forgiving? He asked slowly
    Partially o
    Tell me what I should do to make it up for you.. Anything for my queen
    Will tell you later
    I love you Christiana
    I love you too
    Christiana took Johnson to her family in the village, They welcome him warmly, and was happy that Christiana is finally getting married, Christiana’s mum urged Johnson to tell his Christiana to be fast about the marriage. Johnson and Christiana spent two days in the village before going back to Ibadan
    Johnson parent doesn’t reside in Nigeria, they stays in new York. Johnson had to introduce Christiana to them through video call. They apologise to her for not being around.
    The two families were ready to join Christiana and Johnson together. Christiana parent picked a date and started preparation immediately
    Johnson brought clothes for Christiana family, ordered for Christiana gown from U.K
    The traditional wedding was a day before their church wedding. Every preparation were made by Johnson family
    Their wedding day was a great day for both of them. Johnson parent came back home from abroad, many great people were invited, and the couples received a lot of gifts.
    They retired in their house at night. Johnson took his bath and was expecting Christiana to do the same, but she was busy reading bible
    Johnson didn’t want to disturb her, he picked his phone and started replying messages from friends and families
    After one hour, Christiana closed her bible and started praying, Johnson moved closer to her and touched her, she pushed him away and continue praying, Johnson touched her again, she pushed him away again
    What is your problem Johnson? Can’t you see that am busy..
    Am sorry dear, can you just wrapped up the prayer and come to bed, we have a stressful day, let rest now.
    No! We can’t, Christiana said bluntly
    Why? we are now married, we are entitled to each another, have been waiting for a day like this for a long time
    Johnson why are you so canal minded? Why are you not control by the spirit? Today is our first night together, you should pray throughout this night not what you are thinking
    What? Johnson exclaimed
    Yes! And this prayer is going to take me seven days, before we could have anything together, which means you should erase that funny idea on your mind because am on a special program for seven days .. So pls don’t disturb me, don’t allow Satan to make use of you
    Hummmm, Johnson sighed. Seven days? That not a problem, if that is what you want. I can move to the visitors room till the seventh day
    Johnson stoody up, picked his pillow and left the room, Christiana locked the door behind and continue praying.
    Johnson woke up very early the next morning, he went to the kitchen and cook Christiana favorite food. He set the dining table, tidy up every where, he wanted to surprise Christiana. Johnson wait patiently for Christiana to wake up before eating
    He switch on the television, changed the channel, he was tired of the whole program, he switch off the television again, it was past 10 in the morning, Christiana is yet to wake up
    Johnson sat on the couch waiting for Christiana to wake up until he slept off.
    11:45am, Christiana woke up, yawn lazily and went to the living room, she met Johnson sleeping peacefully
    She was angry
    How can he be sleeping by this time of the day? He slept throughout the night and here is he again sleeping, he can’t even pray or read the word of God.
    Johnson, Johnson! She screamed his name
    Johnson woke up.. Baby you are up, have been waiting for..
    Why are you sleeping by the time of the day, Christiana cut in
    I was waiting for you to wake up, I cooked your favorite, I don’t know wen I slept off, hope you slept well?
    Breakfast? Am not eating, am fasting
    Fasting! Oh! My effort are all wasted, it okay dear. Will cook dinner for you then.. Let me go and tidy up the bedroom.
    Johnson went to the bedroom, while Christiana sat down and switch on the television to her favorite channel
    Throughout Christiana seven days fasting and prayer, she refused to cook for Johnson claiming she can’t defy herself with he aroma of the food, she refused to tidy up the whole house, Johnson understand her and does all the house chores in the house.
    Johnson wait patiently for Christiana to finish her seven days fasting and prayer before performing her husbandly duty with her, he was so happy the following morning.
    He woke up early and cook for Christiana, he woke her up with a big cake and her favorite food on bed. Christiana was happy with the surprise. They hugged each other and stays in the bed throughout the day
    Johnson parent called him very early following morning, it was 6am. His parent needed his attention to sign some document before travelling back to new York. He got up so early, took his bath and dressed up
    He woke Christiana and told her he was heading out,
    Johnson got to his parents house , he signed every documents he needed to sign. Johnson mum told him to dropped them at the air port, on their way to the air port, an emergency occur and their flight date was changed. They had to turn back and go back home
    Johnson mum suggest they should go to Johnson house to greet Christiana. Johnson knowing fully well that Christiana don’t know how to cook and she might not tidy up the house, tried to convince her parent not to go, but they insisted
    OK, fine you will go to my place but pls let go to your house first we need to drop your luggage and I need to pick some things. Johnson said trying to buy time for himself
    His parent agreed
    He drove down to his parent house, and secretly call Christiana
    Hello dear, my parent are coming to our house now, pls tidy up the whole house, and order for some food, home delivery will do, I want you to look nice too
    Okay, I will, she yawned
    Thank dear, we will be home in the next one hour, I will try to delay them
    OK.. She hanged up and continue sleeping
    Johnson pretended to be busy in their house, he kept his parent busy by talking about Irrelevant things so as to delay them
    Christiana woke up, packed the dirty clothes in their room,she was on her way to do the laundry when she notice her favorite program have started, she dropped the dirty clothes in the living room and settle down to watch the program
    Let me watch little before tidying up..
    She went to the kitchen and saw all the dirty plate.. Oh God, I will do all these later.
    She serve herself some good and juice and went back to the living room o continue her program
    She eat the food and slept off..
    One hour later, Johnson called Christiana to ask her if she is through, but she didn’t pick
    His parent couldn’t wait any longer. He drove them to his house.
    They got home and entered the house
    Johnson mum was the first to entered, she was shocked seeing the whole house, she opened her mouth on how dirty the whole house was. Christiana was sleeping on the floor with left over food, the juice she was drinking was left opened and poured on the floor, heap of dirty cloth was there, every where look untidy
    What is this? Johnson mum asked
    Johnson and his dater entered and was more than surprise.. Johnson was ashamed
    What is going on here? His father asked
    Johnson knelt down beside Christiana
    Wake up babe, my parent are here..
    Leave me alone jor, I need to sleep,am receiving some revelation from God, she said half sleep
    Johnson parent looked at each other surprisedly. Johnson scratched his head with his both hand.

    To be continued
    Beyonce His will
    Episode 4
    ©️ Ismail Damilola Oyinade Aluyotumise

    Christiana woke up and saw Johnson’s parent
    Good morning ma, morning sir.. She greeted them reluctantly and went into their bedroom
    Good morning, Johnson father replied her while his mother looked in disbelief
    Johnson knew his mother was angry, he immedately tried to cover her up
    Mum, dad pls sit down.. Christiana is very ill, I forgot to tell you ealier, she has been down since last week, the doctor said the malaria is too much in her body system.. Johnson lied to his parent to defend Christiana.
    Really? Since when? His mother asked
    Last week ma, she can’t eat nor sleep, her body is just getting better just yesterday.
    You should have inform me,I would have come to take care of my wife.
    Yea, I know but I don’t want to disturb you, beside I can take care of my wife, you taught me that dad..
    Yea, I did, they all laugh
    What should I prepare for you?
    No, we have to go now, you should take care of Christiana and send my regards to her..
    No, mum I can prepare you something
    We will be okay dear. Take care
    They hugged their son and left
    Johnson was relief, he sighed.. Thank God. Christiana! Christiana! He called her
    Did I faint or what? Why are you shouting my name as if I fainted, she came out of the bedroom
    Am sorry, but what really happened? I called you to inform you about my parent visit, I told you to make everything ready, but I met the opposite.
    It that the reason why you lied that I am sick? So you want me to be sick so that you can go for another lady? You wish me sicknesses abi? Not even only that, how can you tell a lie, and you call yourself a Christian, do you know you just hurt God with your lie now, Johnson why? You are no longer trending on the narrow road again, you are digressing to the broad road, it will lead you to destruction
    Humm, Christiana I did that because of you, I don’t want my parent to have any bad idea about you or get angry with you, I don’t want them to know our weakness, I don’t want you to have problem with my parent especially my mum, that was why I lied, it all for peace to reign, I know I don’t have any justification before God, but you judging me like this is hurting me more
    You did it for your selfish interest, not for me, and for what you did, you will be starting fasting tomorrow, your prayer point is forgiveness,
    Fasting? What for? Johnson asked surprisedly.. OK OK, I will, can we tidy up now
    Yes, I will tidy up the kitchen while you do the living room
    Alriht, Johnson started immediately while Christiana went to the kitchen
    Johnson left home very early the next morning, he has an important meeting to attend with his secretary. He got to office and immediately started the meeting with the board of directors and his secretary. His switch his phone to silent mode
    Christiana was monitoring Johnson fasting, she want to make sure he is praying every three hours
    She called him around 12:00pm, but didn’t receive any response, she called Johnson many time but he didn’t picked. She was worried and decided to pay him a visit
    The meeting ends by 12:30, Johnson and his secretary retired back to their office.
    Pls get me the document, he told his secretary before entering his office
    The Secretary came back with pile of documents
    Why are they much? He asked
    You have been so busy sir, you keep on telling me to bring them back
    It okay, bring them, the secretary handed the documents to him
    You can wait to collect them now, I just need to sign them, pls process them immediately after signing them, I don’t want any delay
    Yes Sir
    You can sit down, you don’t have to stand.
    No sir, am okay standing like this
    Johnson dropped his pen and look at his secretary, Ruth, we have both been working since, you are also a human just like I am, I know you are very tired, pls sit down while I sign this, I have a sister like you at home, and I don’t pray she works with a wicked boss, pls sit
    Thank you sir, the secretary sat down waiting for Johnson to finish up
    Christiana got to her husband office and was surprise for not meeting the secretary on her sit
    Where could she be? Is this how she leaves my husband office to meet her boyfriend? No problems, she will meet me here
    She banged into her husband office without knocking
    She was shocked to see her husband and the secretary sitting down
    What is going on here? She asked as she dropped her bag on the floor
    Hello baby, when did you arrive? Johnson stoop up and attempt to hug her
    Excuse me pls. She pushed him away
    Good afternoon madam, Ruth greeted her
    Bad afternoon for you and your generation! Oh! So this is what you have been doing behind my back? Sleeping around with your secretary
    Ah! No ma, the secretary knelt down immediately
    What are you saying Christy?
    Johnson asked widening his eyes ball
    Why is your secretary in your office, she is not even standing, but sitting down comfortably, as if she is the madam
    Christiana stop it, I asked her to sit down because our day was so stressful and..
    And what? And what? Lair! This is not your first time lying, why don’t you pick your calls?
    My calls? Oh I forgot, my phone was on silent mode, he brought out his phone from his pocked and check it. 30 missed call! Am sorry
    You are a liar, you ignored my call because of your selfish desire you want to fulfil with your secretary, she faced the secretary. You are the one sent to come and destroy my home abi? Tell the agent of the devil that send you his servant that you didn’t succeed! You have failed! Because I layed the foundation of my marriage in Christ. Not you or your boss Satan can’t destroy it.
    No ma, it not what you think, pls ma, I can’t do that with boss
    You are fired! Get your stuff and get out now! I mean now!
    Johnson was so tired and fed up, he knew defending Ruth will only put her into more trouble, he sat down, feeling so depressed as he allow Christiana to have her way.
    Christiana pushed Ruth out of the office, she called the security to take her out
    Ruth cried and plead for mercy, but Christana turned deaf ears
    She faced her husband, you! I told you to fast because of a sin, I never know you are now a master sinner, ehnn! You will see what I will do for you! She hissed and walked out
    Humm,Johnson sighed
    Johnson got home early and met Christiana watching movie
    Good evening
    Christiana ignored her
    He went straight to the dining table, it was empty, he went to the kitchen, and all the pot were empty, he came back to the living room to meet Christiana
    You didn’t cook anything? Am so hungry
    You should have bring your secretary along to cook for you, I didn’t cook anything, she said without looking at him
    Humm, mm, he sighed, Johnson looked up, then looked down, he looked at his wife
    Christiana, pls we need to talk
    Am not asking you not to talk but be fast about it, I don’t have time
    Johnson knelt down in front of her
    Christiana, pls listen to me, ever since God have being creating human, He only gave them one life, no matter how much one hate his life, he can’t cheat or leave his life for another life, until he leaves the surface of this earth. Christiana you are my life, I can’t cheat on you with another life, it not possible, I can never cheat on you with the richest man’s daughter not to talk of my secretary, I only pitied her that was why I asked her to sit while I sign the document, we were not even discussing, and talking of my phone, one of the rule in an official meeting is no picking of calls, that was why I switch it to silent mode, I forgot to change it when I left the meeting. Christiana I love you so much and I really mean it, I love you with my whole heart regardless of what happens between us,I will always love you because I made a vows in the presence of God that I will love you for good or bad,for better or worst, pls stop doubting my love for you. Am tired of our constant fight, am tired of all this misunderstandings, Christiana pls come back to me,let return back to our first love, I want you back, I want your love back,pls, he placed his head on Christiana lap and sob
    Christiana was touched, she felt sobber too. Am sorry too dear, you have me back. They both hugged each other. Johnson suggest they celebrate their love by going out on a date, Christiana agreed and they went out to Christiana choice of place to have fun
    The following day was weekend, they both woke up late from bed.Johnson woke up and tidy up every where, he was cooking when Christiana woke up and met him cooking
    She hugged him and they greeted each other happily, dear, you can go and rest am almost through with the cooking
    Alright love, she went to the living room and switch on the television to watch her favorite show
    She heard a knock at the door
    Who is there?
    Friends. They chorus
    She opened the door and Johnson friends came in
    Good morning
    Good morning,how are you?
    Fine sir, pls sit down
    Thank, where is john?
    Johnson came out from the kitchen wearing a apron, hi guys, he greeted them
    His friends were surprise to see him cooking while his wife was watching a movie,
    We are fine..
    Am happy to see you, whatsup
    Happy indeed, if you miss us, you would have come to join us at our joint
    I wish to come, but am a family man, he laughs
    Johnson moved near to Christiana and sat besides her
    Babe. The food is almost ready, go and have your bath while I set the dining table
    OK dear, she stoop up and left
    Immediately she left, his friends moved closer to him
    What is going on?
    Like how?
    I mean you switching of roles, you cooking while she watch movie. She is the one suppose to be cooking not you
    Says who? Who told you it is the duty of a wife to cook?
    That is how our tradition is
    Friends, Christiana is my help mate not slave. We are meant to help each other, I love my wife, and I can do anything for her
    Na wa o! They all laughed
    Guys are you eating or not?
    Of course we will
    Then make your way to the dinning while I serve. He went to the kitchen and serve
    Christiana joined them in the kitchen and they all eat in silent. Johnson packed the plates to the kitchen and escort his friends out
    Christiana sat down on the chair and switch on the television, she was watching a program when Johnson came in, he was talking on pone with someone
    Really? Oh my God! I remember too, those are great memories, I missed those days! He laughs out so loud. You will always remain in my heart, no! No! I didn’t forget
    Christiana was annoyed she was wondering who could he be to talking to feeling so happy and laughing that way
    Johnson sat down and continue talking with his caller, yea I remember, oh my! I would still do the same to you if I see you right now! Yes, he laughs again
    Christiana stoop up, who are you talking to?
    Babe pls, give me few minutes, this call is important. He continued talking. Am sorry, I was talking to someone, he laughs again, am always ready to give you hug whenever that happen, but you are an adult now,
    Christiana was so angry, she snatched the phone from Johnson and smash it on the floor
    The whole phone pieces on the floor.
    Christiana what happened?
    Why did you break my phone?
    Ask your ancestors! She shouted back

    Hmm will this marriage last?
    As a man can u condone dis kind of attitude from ur wife?and as a woman can u allow dis kind of woman in ur brothers life?

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    Hopeyemi AdenijiHopeyemi Adeniji
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    Dis marriage is not going to last

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    even as a woman,, I will never allow such marriage to last,, she myt be a Christian but she lacks all d virtue of a lady, she doesn’t know how to talk, no manners,,,, doesn’t know how to dress, infact all the bad characters in this world is in her life… so I pity d man

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    A Disgrace to and abuse of the Faith she is claiming to believe

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    Hmmmmm it will really take divine intervention for dis marriage to last,dats why I asked earlier on DAT will u be able to tolerate dos absurd behavior of hers? If yes, for how long???

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    how did God speak to such a person? I doubt if it was really God who spoke to her before her marriage, chaiii dirty character.

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