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    Beyond His Will
    Episode 7
    Christiana rushed to Johnson’s friend house, Johnson friend was not at home, she met his wife bimbo, the one that called her a maid on their first visit. Bimbo came to meet her at the gate and refused to let her in
    Yes, what do you want? Bimbo asked feeling irritated with Christiana presence
    Am sorry for disturbing you, I came to see brother Femi?
    He travelled, come back next month, she said and turn to leave
    Christiana held her leg and knelt down, pls sister bimbo, don’t do this to me, I know I have wrong you, don’t pay Me back with my own coin, pls my home is on fire, I need your help, Christiana begged her crying, pls help me, pls, she wept
    Humm, bimbo breathed out, so you can call me sister bimbo, the other day you came here, you were insulting me, calling me different names.
    Pls, am sorry, am so sorry! Forgive me for everything have done in the past, I was wrong I know, pls she cried
    Umm, well I can’t revenge, you can come in. Christiana stoop up and followed her. They got inside. Bimbo offers her a sit, Pls sit down
    Am okay ma
    No, sit down while I call femi out for you
    Christiana sat down, not feeling relax
    Femi came out and was surprise to see Christiana
    Good afternoon sir, she knelt down
    Femi was amaze as how Christiana knelt down for him, pls stand up
    What happened? How is Johnson?
    I came here because of him sir
    Is he sick or what?
    No sir, we had a misunderstandings and he left home since then, have been searching for him but I couldn’t find him, I went to his office everyday, he stopped coming to office, just today he…… She bursted out in tears.
    Why are you crying? Pls stop crying! He did what?
    He send me a divorce letter
    What! Femi and bimbo exclaimed
    Yes sir, she shed more tears
    Johnson can’t do such, I trust him, have not seen for many month now, the last time I saw him was the day you came together with him, have not set my eyes on him since then
    Ah! Sir pls help me, I need to find Johnson, am a change person now, Christiana knelt down
    Pls stand up. I will surely try my best to find him, I will call you immediately i find him.
    Thank you sir.
    Should I drop you home
    No dear, I will drop her, bimbo cut in
    Thank you, I really appreciate both of you
    Bimbo picked her car key and left with Christiana. Christiana cried throughout the journey. Bimbo tried to comfort her, but she kept crying. They got to her house. Christiana was about to alight from the car when bimbo called her
    Am sorry with the way I behave to you earlier, am so sorry
    Christiana fake a smile, it okay dear
    Pls be strong, it a storm, it will soon be settled.
    Alright. Drive safely. She came down and wave her goodbye. Bimbo zoomed off
    Christiana went in and broke down in tears, she prayed and cried to God.
    God, I know you can reverse the irreversible, you can change what no man cannot change, you can do what no man cannot do, pls change my marriage, pls save my marriage, I know you have the power to makes thing better for me and my marriage, you gave Abraham second chance after impregnating haggai, you still gave him a covenant child, you gave Samson another chance by returning his glory back to him, you gave Saul( Paul) another chance by letting him know you when he thought he was serving God. Father pls give me a second chance, i know am not worthy, but your blood have made me worthy, your pains has made me worthy, pls Lord save my marriage, change the heart of Johnson! She prayed and cried all alone in her room. She stayed in her room three days and night without eating anything praying and crying.
    The fourth day, she tidy up the housing, took her bath, cook a delicious meal and pack them in a lunch box. She headed out to her husband office
    Deborah was so scared on seeing her. Good morning ma, oga is not around ma,pls but you can enter, she said stammering and shivering
    Good morning sis Deborah
    Me? Sister? Deborah thought within herself as she look around to be sure she is referring to her
    Christiana smiled, can I have a word with you?
    Yes ma
    Pls sit down, Christiana sat down
    I didn’t come here to fight, I came to have a sisterly discussion with you. Sis Deborah I know have hurt you, I insulted and disrespect you, pls forgive me am so sorry for everything have caused, she knelt down but Deborah quickly held her
    No ma,pls stand up, she pulled her to her sit, ma I was never angry with you, before and after the incident I have always love and respect you, what transpire between us is a thing of the past, I can also do that if am in your shoe, ma I must commend that you are a string woman, because it take a string woman to apologized to someone younger than them. Thank you ma for this opportunity
    Christiana broke in tears
    No ma,stop crying. She cleaned her tears and hugged her, after two minutes of crying.
    Christiana held Deborah hands, pls I need a favour from you, I know my husband have refused to come to office, but pls I always want to come here and drop his lunch food everyday
    That a small favour ma,but who will eat it? Oga doesn’t come to office at all
    At the end of the day, you can give it out to anybody pls sister Deborah
    Ma, don’t call me sister, am Deborah. Your request is granted ma. You can come into his office anytime ma
    Thank you, they hugged each other, Christiana carried her bag and the lunch bag and headed to Johnson office
    She entered and the whole place was a bit dusty,she picked up a napkin and cleaned everywhere, she carefully placed the lunch bag on his table, after arranging his table.
    Johnson do you hate me this much for you to abandoned your office, you left your work all because you want to avoid me, pls am sorry, come back home, am ready to be the best woman you always dream of, pls, she hugged her husband picture and cried
    She spent an hour in his office before heading home, she thank Deborah for forgiving her and accepting her favour. They hugged each other before saying her bye
    Christiana would woke up everyday, tidy up her house, cook a delicious meal and headed to Johnson office to drop his lunch.
    One Saturday morning, she received a call from ola.
    Hi friend, how are you?
    Am fine
    Today is the wedding, I want you to go with me
    Ola, I can’t believe you are saying this, you want me to attend my husband wedding to another lady? Am sorry, I don’t have the heart to accept that, I can’t follow you
    No now, I just want you to get out of your mood
    By witnessing my husband saying I do to another lady, ola you can go,pls let me be, take care, she hanged up
    God! God! Is this how am going to lose Johnson forever? Is this how your promise and covenant will come to an end? I thought you will change thugs around before his wedding day, but I was wrong, I guess second chance are not made for people like me,because I misuse the precious opportunity you gave me,. She started praying and crying,
    After an hour, her phone was ringing, she checked the caller, it was ola again
    She ignored it and continue crying. Did she want to tell me how happy Johnson is,or how beautiful his wife his? She thought within herself and bursted into a big cry
    Ola keep on calling, but Christiana refused to pick his call. Suddenly a new message entered
    She checked the SMS,it was from ola again, she wanted to throw the phone away when her eye caught the message body. She quickly opened the message and read it
    Christiana he is not the one!
    Christiana eyes nearly pop out of its socket, she was confused,
    What is she saying? Who is she referring to? She stoop up trembling, she dialled ola number, pick up ola! Ola pls pick! The phone fell off from her hand, she picked it and redail her number, ola pick
    Hello Christy
    Ola, I don’t understand your message! Pls what are you trying to say.
    Christy, you need to be here, I will send you the address
    Okay am in my way!
    Christiana rushed out forgotten to wear her sandal, she locked the door and ran out to the street, she was about to enter a cab when she realize she was barefooted, she ran back to her house opened the door and ran inside to wear her sandal. She ran as fast as her leg could carry her to the main road entered a cab. Christiana begged the driver to drive fast.
    Madam pls ma one live we get o, let take am easy
    Pls sir, it about my life pls
    They got to the venue, Christiana called ola to inform her of his presence, ola came out to picked her. She dragged her to the front row. Christiana saw the groom and the bride as the pastor announced that they could kiss each other.
    Tears rolled down from her eyes! She knelt down there thanking God, people were looking at her, what is wrong with her, they murmured
    Ola took her out of the venue, Christiana hugged ola, thank you! Thank so much friend! She wept
    It okay,
    I want to be on my way now, I will give you a call. Christiana went home singing praises to God
    She got home, knelt down and thank God for many hours.
    The groom is not my husband, they only bears the same name, but where could Johnson be? Where is he? I still can’t find him, God touch Johnson heart wherever he is, pls Lord. But what about the divorce letter? He sent a divorce letter to me, God pls take control of everything.
    Christiana keeps on praying and fasting. She never stopped taking food to Johnson office too.
    One month later,
    Christiana was at home, cleaning the whole house when she knock at the door, she went to the door, thinking it was ola that was knocking
    Am coming, where are you just coming now. She opened the door and was shocked, she couldn’t believe who was standing before her
    She couldn’t say anything, as she stared at the person
    To be continued

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    Johnson is back!

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    has finally answered ur prayers..
    U better learn lessons out dis cos der wudnt be another chance again!!!

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    God finally answered you eh

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    I guess Johnson is back. Next please

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    Beyond His Will
    Final episode
    It all started in my office that fateful day, Deborah came to my office and asked me what happened to me, why am I always moody?
    Flash Back
    Deborah it a long story.. Johnson said bowing down his head
    I will love to listen sir, Christiana adjusted her sit
    I got married to Christiana eleven months ago, I love and cherish her, I didn’t just go for her because of love, I went for her because God is also in approval of our union. We got married and everything change, she makes my life difficult, I tried to understand her everyday, but it seems like an impossible mission for me, I satisfy her with everything she want, Christiana will still complain, she fought with all my friends, and with everybody around me, Christiana is making my life unbearable.
    Sir, what have you done about it? What step have you take to help your wife realized her mistakes?
    I have talked to her several time.
    After that?
    I don’t understand, what else should I do?
    Sir, marriage is beyond getting married to the right person, is beyond having a big weddings, it beyond loving your wife dearly, marriage is all about God walking with you in your marriage, directing your every step, you might get marriage to the right person and still regret, Adam got married to the bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh Eve, it is through this same Eve, Adam lost his relationship with God. Ananias and Sapphira were husband and wife, but the foolishness of Sapphira to caution her husband when Satan want to make them lie to the holy spirit cost them their lives, marriage is all about calling God to every of your discussions, matters, steps, thought, because Satan know how powerful marriage is, he won’t hesitate to come into a marriage if a small door is open to destroy it. Sir, am not saying what aunty Christiana is doing is right, but as the head of the house, have you taken the matter to God? did you for once prayed for her? Satan operated through peter, God favorite disciple to discouraged Jesus from doing his redemption assignment, Jesus knew it was not peter talking but Satan was operating through him, He rebuked Satan Mathew 16: 21-22, this mean Satan can use or operate through anybody to destroy a great destiny. You have a great mission with your wife, do you expect Satan to sit and watch while you make explore? No! he will definitely look for someone to use, I must say your wife might not notice this schemes of Satan to use her destroy her marriage, but as the head you shouldn’t have sleep spiritually too, go to God, pray for her, am sure there are lot of things that are yet to be reveal to you by God. Don’t get angry with your wife when you are also at fault by sleeping sprirutually as the head of the house, wake up sir
    Deborah, that true, have slept.. He breathed out and stood up from his sit, what should I do now?
    I suggests you go back to God, He is the one that knows all things
    Thank you so much Deborah, I really appreciate
    You are welcome sir
    Deborah left his office
    Back to the present
    After my discussion with Deborah, I made up my mind to take my marriage problems to God. To wake up from my sleep and save my marriage, I made up my mind to go to the mountain of mercy, in ekiti state without telling you nor Deborah because I want to be alone with my God. I came home to pack my things and headed straight to mountain of mercy. I got there in the evening, find a good corner and started praying. I asked God for the forgiveness of my sin before I started fasting and praying for many month, alot was reveal to me by God, Johnson paused while Christiana listen attentively
    Flash Back
    Johnson laid down on the mountain praying. God save my marriage, pls remould my wife and my marriage. Come and be the sailors of our marriage ship, come and be the driver of our journey car. Pls Lord. After praying for many hours. The holy spirit ministered to him
    I can’t save your marriage, you only have the power to save or destroyed your marriage
    How Lord?
    By selecting the type of problems you bring to me, most of the things you need Me for, you think you can handl them yourself, this made you to be the driver of your marriage
    But, I asked you before going into this marriage and you gave your consent
    I give consent, I don’t give grace, wisdom, power to be able to maintain and stay in my will unless you asked for it, Mathew 7:7 ask and it shall be given. When you don’t ask, I don’t give, I told you Christiana is my will for you, but do you ask me to give you wisdom to walk with her? Do you ask me to give you the grace to be the head of the house? Do you ask for the power that will make your marriage untouchable for the devil? Do you ask me to walk with you? Do you ask me to turn your weakness to strength? No! You didn’t. There is a lot beyond my will! Johnson your marriage was like that because you thought you only need me at the beginning, not daily basis.
    Oh lord pls forgive me, there is indeed a lot beyond your will. I do not know I need wisdom, grace, power. Pls lord help me now before we drowned. Johnson cried and prayed.
    Back to the present
    Johnson looked at Christiana, she looked away trying to avoid his gaze, Johnson cleared his throat and continue his story
    After praying for two months, God finally answered my prayer. I wanted to come home and embrace my new marriage, but God told me to stayed back. I asked him why? He didn’t reply until yesterday. A lot happened When he told me to stay back.
    He rubbed his two palm together
    Flash back
    After a long stressful day without eating, but fasting and praying, Johnson went to the canteen to break his fast in the evening. He met a young man who looks happy and vibrant, the man brought some food and didn’t have money to pay, the woman was shouting at him when Johnson came to his rescue
    What happened? Johnson asked
    He came to buy food here, and he was telling me he forgot his money in his car, that is how they always come here and lie, the woman explained angrily
    I actually forgot my wallet in my car, I told her to take her food while I go bring my Wallet to be sure that am not running away, but she refused
    How much is the fees ma
    Johnson brought out his wallet and paid for the man, the man was so happy. He appreciate him and left. Johnson finished eating and left the canteen, he was about to climb the mountain when someone called him, he looked back and saw the man he helped earlier
    Thank so much for saving me earlier
    You are welcome sir,
    Have been waiting for you to walk pass since, I actually came to the mountain to thank God for the contract I won last week. I want to be on my way now, but I want to ive you something sir, he opened his car and brought out an invitation and #2000
    Sir, take this for the money you spent earlier
    No! Noo! That by gone.
    Thank so much sir, if you don’t mind I would love you to be at my wedding, this is the invitation card. He gave him the card.
    Alright, I will surely be there.
    Thank you, the man entered his car and zoomed off
    Johnson stood at the spot until the car was out of sight, he opened the card and checked it, Bassey john wed Chukudi Christiana
    Chukudi was Christiana maiden name.
    What! Johnson screamed! Creating attention as people looked at his direction
    He sat on the floor and broke down in tears
    Christiana is getting married? Just two month away from home! Johnson sat at the spot for three hours crying
    Why God! You told me my mistakes and solution, why do you allowed Christiana to get married to another man? Why Lord! I promise to always pray for her, I promise to always invite you to our day to day activities, pls Lord. He cried so bitterly on the mountai
    He wanted to go home, but God instruct him not to go, this made him cried more
    Few weeks later, he received a letter from a young man, when he opened the letter, it was termination of marriage agreements. Johnson nearly fainted on seeing the letter, he laid down on the mountain for four days without eating or standing up, he was praying and crying.
    God, pls save my marriage, pls Lord!
    One month later, the young man that gave him the wedding invitation came to the mountain with his wife for Thanksgiving. They greeted Johnson and he was so surprise the wife was not his wife. They oy bears the same name, He was so happy. The next day God told him to check the letter he received very well. Johnson searched the dust bin and saw it. He carefully looked at the names and it was totally different from his name and Christiana names, he laughed out loud, making jest of himself.
    He was so happy throughout his stays on the mountain, thanking God.
    He was praying one evening when the holy spirit ministered
    Johnson, the reason why I asked you not to go home is because I want to remould you, and equipped you with what you need to stay in my will, and what you need that is beyond my will. I have dine all that. You can go home now.
    He was so happy, and scared as the same time, he didn’t know what he is going to meet at home. The next day, he packed his clothes and headed home
    Back to present
    Christiana couldn’t hold back tears, she cried so bitterly.
    What about the divorce letter you send to me? She said while crying
    I didn’t send any divorce letter, Johnson was shocked
    You did
    I didn’t
    Christiana was confused, she rushed to her bedroom and Johnson followed her. She was searching for the letter. Christiana searched under her bed and found the squeezed letter. She took it and looked at the name, it was totally different. The address was NO. 45 while Christiana address was NO 55. The same street but the number was different. Tears of joy rolled down from her eyes. Johnson drew her to himself and hugged him. The wedding invitation and the divorce letter remould our lifes, Johnson whispered to her.
    They both cried in each other arm.
    After much hugging and caring, Christiana cooked Johnson favorite food. He tasted the food and was so shocked
    You cooked this?
    Yes, for my king!
    Thank my queen
    They went out for a date to celebrate their new remould marriage!
    Christiana woke up so early the next day, cooked for her husband when she left the kitchen, she found out Johnson had tidy up the whole house
    Why would you do that? I don’t want any stress for you, Christiana said smiling
    I just wanted to help my queen. They hugged each other and laughed
    Christiana and Johnson visit bimbo and femi, they were so suorise as how Christiana respect and care for Johnson. Femi was forced to asked, pls what is the secret of this great change?
    It a wedding invitation and a divorce letter, Christiana and Johnson chorus and laugh
    Femi and bimbo was confused, I don’t understand, bimbo said.
    Staying in His will is beyond His will, when you know what it take to stay in His Will, the result will go beyond your understanding. Our marriage is an examples of the result of knowing how to stay in HIS WILL, which is Beyond HIS WILL! Christiana said and hugged her husband
    The End
    Thanks for reading


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