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    Moving on high without hope and comforting yourself with grieving word in order to move along with Life.
    God in above administering and controlling everything concerning the earth.
    Man live in a world more than His knowledge and understanding.
    At beside the ocean……..Man seek for nothing more than achievement and how to make it in Life.
    Inside the ocean……..Man got stucked and never have the opportunity to move, a matter of in between the devil and oceans. The point of that seems is the end.
    Sadness and grieve fill his heart and comforting words seem lost.
    When there is no hope…….Human has no means of surviving
    They cry, weep and waiting for miracle to happen
    Can we be save at this situation??
    When there is no hope, Human beg for death and become the lost soul in the grave
    At the foot of the cross, where there is sorrow and pains, where human give up of living, where human beg for death and its consequence
    Human being labour in pains
    A Path to hardworking, achievement and vanity
    Just about a man who wake up day and night ploughing the field
    who put every of his effor in it and in the end he has nothing to show for it
    His relatives watches in pains as his body is lower into the earth, and that’s was the end of him.
    A world of Vanity
    A World where death reign
    Man move away quickly fast from his destiny, sooner later His breathe cease and nothing become of him.
    He moved away from his creator because of what he need and see around him.
    Anything that is good should be tested through the spirit, man should realises this and keep himself far away from what lead to destruction.
    This is death.
    What that put pains in the heart of a man
    This is Death!?
    What leave man in a desperate situation
    Can human being live more that death?
    No mistakes…….No opportunity
    There is a passionate man who lift up his head feel the pain on the cross and bring salvation to human being
    He walk through the graves, gathering every bad deeds and puncture the people heart with his word of encouragement. He raise them to their feet and call them his choosen one.
    for every man that have hop will always remain forever.
    The hope that never die beyond the grave
    Death! Why is they face?
    The unleashed of sins makes you glow with shining armour around you but there a hope against you from a man who of the spirit that had everything in his hand
    My dear brothers and sisters
    Have you started a relationship with Jesus christ yet?
    He that love enternally and save the world in order of it to have enternal peace.
    He has been raised to his feet and everything has been put under his feet.
    He defeated death and open enternal salvation for humanity
    O Death, where is thy power to hurt in the face of KING OF KING
    Where is your hand to cause grieve and plunder people with sadness
    Death has been defeated and we will live beyond the grave
    No more dreaming but to face the reality
    Glory be to Jesus christ, the saviour of humanity
    The impossibility that ever happen to man is him having hope beyond the grave
    Since the way is open, a narrow road fill with sweet adventure
    Let us enter into the road. God will make a way in the time of storm. Be strong
    For the love of Jesus christ is with us
    For in the last days, we shall enter into everlasting joy
    Woe ? to those who never have this hope
    In God, everything is possible and Victory belong to our Lord JESUS CHRIST FOREVER AND EVER

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    Bãd bøy
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    With u bro

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    Good man

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