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    πŸ’« Beyond The Stars 🌌

    Episode 7 🍭🍭

    πŸ‘… Ade’s Father πŸ‘…
    Some weeks later πŸ’«πŸ’«

    ” Why are we here? ” I asked as the third master and the fifth master stare at me

    ” It’s time ”

    ” For what? ” I asked looking confused
    ” We have to get ride of Ade’s Sword before things get out of hand ” One of them said and I sigh

    ” I am trying my best,, right now she’s getting married and she’s gonna stop all those things. Then,, I will be able to take that sword from her ” I said.
    ” It’s not that easy,, I know her, she’s a very determined person. She’s a fighter, a good one at that ” he said

    ” I will try my best ” I said ” And besides, she’s getting married in two days ”

    How will I tell Adelaide that I have to take the sword from her? I’m sure she’s gonna refuse.

    That sword was given to me to present it for her because she was destined to be a warrior,, but now the sword was discovered to be magical and not safe to be with her.

    I really need to tell her something that will change her mind,, but how?

    I got back to my house and went straight to my room,,

    ” Master, do you need anything? ” My personal guard asked
    ” Call Ade for me ” I said resting my head on the pillow
    ” Okay master ” he replied and rushed out of my room
    ” I wish you listen to me Adelaide ” I said to myself

    Few minutes later he came in, alone.

    ” Where is she? ” I asked
    ” Sir, my lady,, is missing again ” he said and I stood up immediately
    ” What? ”
    ” Yes master ”

    Gosh,, where is she again!!!

    I roughed my hair angrily,,

    ” Get the guards right now,, search everywhere in the village!! ” I yelled
    ” Okay master!! ” he said and ran out

    Where are you? Why do you always disappear when I need to see you?

    πŸ’‹ Adelaide’s Pov πŸ’‹

    I keep on thinking about him,, it’s like am charmed already. He really is my dream right now.
    And here I am, getting married to someone I don’t even love?

    I don’t know why!! Why can’t I come to you again!! Why!!!

    Why can’t I come to your world again? Please,, let me come into your world,, and your heart too

    ” Charles!! I miss you so much!! ” I yelled angrily with tears rushing down my eyes

    Suddenly I heard some sound,, I blocked my ear instantly. My eye caught with my sword that is on the bed

    It’s shining and making some noise,, the light coming out from it almost blocked my sight.

    I Bend down and took the sword,,,, what is happening right now?

    And then I met myself in Charles’s room,,, what the f--k just happened?

    I took my sword up,, the light is out already.
    Oh my God,,, my sword!! My sword is,,,,,,

    Suddenly the door opened, I turned and it’s Charles

    ” Charles!!! ” I shouted running to him in tears

    Why are you crying? My inner mind asked
    ” I don’t know ” I said as I finally hugged Charles

    πŸ˜‡ Charles’s Pov πŸ˜‡

    I entered my room weakly and met someone whose back is like Ade, wait is she the one?

    She turned,, a tear dropped from her eye

    She ran to me and hugged me tightly,,,,,

    ” Did you miss me that much? ” I asked

    ” Am I not allowed to miss you? ” she asked in tears
    ” Of course,,, you can ” I said and hugged her back.

    We finally unlock from the hug,,, she smiled and blink out tears

    ” Why are you so hurt? ” I asked wiping her tears with my palm
    ” I’m getting married in two days,, to someone I don’t love ” she broke down
    ” Then call off the wedding ” I said

    ” I can’t,,, but there is only one way to call it off β€œ. She said

    ” What is it? ” I asked

    she put her sword on the table and moved closer to me,,,

    ” Take my dignity ” she said



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    This is interesting… next

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    πŸ’« Beyond The Stars 🌌

    Episode 8 πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    πŸ’‹ Adelaide’s Pov πŸ’‹

    ” Take my dignity ” I said

    ” What? I can’t do that ” he replied moving away from me

    ” Charles,, this is the only way you can help me. I don’t want to get married to that man. Please ” I said

    ” Still I can’t do that,, just find another way. Not this, am not that type of guy ” he said and a smile escape my lips.

    He’s so different

    ” What are you smiling at? ” he asked snapping his finger

    ” Nothing, ” I replied and sat down on the bed ” I think my sword is the key to come into this world ” I said and he sat down beside me

    ” Wow ”

    ” And,, we may not be able to see each other again β€œI added

    ” why? ”

    ” Because,, after this wedding. The sword will be taken away from me ” I said and fake a smile

    ” What??!! ” he jerked up

    ” That’s the truth ” I said and wipe my tears

    ” I will loose you forever? ”

    ” Yeah,,, so. I am going right now,,,, thank you for the time we spent with each other, you are really one of a kind. ” I said and took my sword

    ” Wait!!! ” he shouted and hugged me tightly to himself

    ” I,,,, I love you ” he said and I unlock from the hug

    ” What did you say? ”

    ” I love you ” he repeated and a tear dropped from my eyes

    ” More than you do ” I said and kissed him

    ” I think this is our last meeting ” I said trying to prevent the tears forming in my eyes

    ” Will you forget me? ” he asked

    ” I can’t ” I shook my head negatively

    I unlock from the hug and took my sword,,,

    ” Bye Charles ”

    ” Wait ” but I’m gone

    I returned to my room and dropped the sword angrily,, things are just complicated right now. I can’t believe Adelaide is getting married,,,, hmm

    ” My lady,, you are back .you need to see master right now ” two guards said as they came into my room

    I nodded and they left

    I sigh before finally walking out of my room,,, I bump into Lucas and the starring began. He have been avoiding since I told him about the wedding

    ” Lucas,,, ” I called

    ” What ”

    ” We are still friends right? ” I asked

    ” Not until you tell me where you always run to,, ” he said

    ” So,, if I tell you. You will stop avoiding me? ”

    ” Sure ” he replied and I smiled a little

    ” What if I tell you there is another world different from ours? ” I asked and he laughed

    ” Are you crazy? How can something like that happen ”

    ” See? You don’t even believe me, ” I said and walked away

    I know it’s impossible for someone to believe this,, it’s confusing and hard to believe.

    ” Father am here ” I said

    ” Where are coming from? ” he asked sounding somehow angry

    ” Am,,, ”

    ” Talk to me!!!! ” he yelled and I moved back fearfully, why is he so angry right now?

    ” Father am sorry,, it won’t happen again ” I said

    ” Get Ready,, the wedding is tomorrow ” he said

    What??!? How can it be tomorrow? I’ve not even met with the guy, and am getting married to him??

    ” But father,!! ”

    ” Get ready,, that’s my word ” he said and I walked toward the door

    ” Give me your sword ” he said and I almost stumbled

    ” Father please,,, you can’t take this from me ” I cried

    This is the only way I can see Charles,

    ” You don’t have to fight again Ade,, I will get you guards to do that when needed ” he said

    I hand over the sword to him and ran out of the room in tears,,,

    I ran into my room and cried bitterly,, I can’t believe I will never know happiness in my life again!!


    I wish all these never happened in the first place,, am really hurt right now. Really hurt,,,

    πŸ‘‘ Charles POV πŸ‘‘

    Why did you come to me when you know you won’t stay? Why did you have to leave me when am finally falling in love again after so many years?

    I wish I can come to that world of yours, to stay with you forever

    ” You need to stop thinking about her,, if she’s yours then she will definitely come back ” Ellis said taking the wine from me

    ” Mine? Do I have to prove that she’s mine? I’ve never feel this way for the past few years, what else do I need? ” I asked

    ” Dude,, its okay ” he said patting my back

    Will you ever come back? How are you doing right now? Are you okay?


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    πŸ’« Beyond The Stars 🌌

    Episode 9 🍭🍭

    Semi Finale

    🍭 Adelaide 🍭

    ” My lady, you should come out now. Everyone is waiting ”

    ” Five more minutes ” I said and wipe my tears away

    I wish I can just disappear right now,, but it’s like my hope is lost already. Should I accept my fate?

    I don’t even love Aaron one bit,, he’s just like a friend to me. Now am getting married to him?

    ” My lady ” she called one last time and I got up

    I checked myself out,,, I scoff at the bride wear am putting on. It doesn’t suit me, am not even happy about it.

    ” you look so beautiful ”

    ” Thanks ” I said and walked out of the room,, two bride maids followed me as we walk into the temple

    Dressed so beautifully,, I wish am getting married to Charles, it will be my happiest day.

    Right now I don’t even know how he’s doing,,,

    ” Do you take him Charles Chaplin as your wedded husband? ” I imagined the priest saying

    ” Do you take Aaron Delos as your wedded husband? ” The priest asked for real and I sigh

    I don’t have a choice right?

    ” Yes, I,, do ” I replied

    I saw him grinning,, is he happy to be my husband?

    ” You may now,, kiss the bride ”

    What!!!!! Kiss who!!!! Me??!!!

    He lean closer! Closer!! Closer!!! Stop!!!!!!

    His lips landed on mine,, I wish I could push him away,, but hell no!! I can’t.

    I closed my eyes,, I didn’t kiss him back though.

    πŸ’‹ Charles πŸ’‹

    My heart is hurting right now,, why do I have a feeling that she’s gonna leave me? What if she forget about me?

    Will I be able to hold it in.

    Ade,,, you are my love, you are the one I want. You came into my life so suddenly and you Stole My Heart,, you make me fall in love again.

    How do I forget about you? How!!

    ” Charles!!! ” Ana shouted running to me and collected the bottle from me

    ” Why are you here?! ” I asked

    ” One of the bodyguard called me!! You will hurt yourself if you continue doing this!! ” she yelled

    ” What’s your business with that,, it’s my life ” I said

    ” I know,,,, but it’s hurting me to see you this way ” she said

    ” Why? ”

    ” Because I love you ” She said

    Is this Ade?

    ” Are you Ade? ” I asked

    ” What?? Yeah, it’s me ” she said and I pulled her closer to me

    ” No,,, Charles. Its Ana!! Just get her out of your mind, she’s not coming back ” she said and wrap my arms around her neck

    ” Where are we going? ” I asked

    ” Am taking you to your room,, you look horrible ” she said

    πŸ‘‘ Adelaide πŸ‘‘

    Now it’s time to do what married couples do,,, I cried as the water splashes all over my body.

    I entered into the room and he walked to me with happiness shown all over his face

    ” I know you are not happy about this,,, but Ade I really love you a lot. And I will do anything to make you accept me,,, you won’t regret this ” he said and kissed me

    Should I believe him?

    I closed my eyes and let him do his thing with me,,, what do I do? I already made my oath,, he broke my Virginity,,, he’s the one for me.

    Maybe Charles is only a character,,, not for me

    A tear dropped from my eyes,, what I want is different from what I got


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    This is terrible

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    this one deep

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    bring it on

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    πŸ’« Beyond The Stars 🌌

    ( Fate Made Us.)

    Episode 10

    Finale πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    πŸ’‹ Adelaide Pov πŸ’‹

    Three years have passed and many things has changed,, I wish I could bring back time and live my life the way I wanted.

    If wishes were horses,, I faced my three years old girl smiling at me like an angel she is.

    I still think about Charles everytime,,, but I really want to see him and tell him everything that happened. I want to ask him how he have been,,

    But I can’t,, because we are not fated to be with each other. A smile escape my lips,, I am happy with Aaron, he loves me alot and will do anything to make me happy.

    But you know what first love means right? I once heard someone saying first love doesn’t last,, I knew it’s a lie.

    But right now,,, I am trying to fight my mind telling me it’s true that first love doesn’t last.

    ” Hey baby ” Aaron entered and pecked my lips

    ” Hey,, how was your day? ” I asked

    ” Great,, was thinking about you all day ” he said and I blushed

    ” You should do something else now adays ” I said

    ” What is more important than you? ” He asked and kissed me

    ” Dadaaa ” our daughter called

    ” Oh no,, am so sorry baby ” Aaron said lifting Angel up

    ” Am so sorry Angel ” he said and kissed her hair

    Awwwn, so cute

    Am trying my best to stay focus with Aaron,, I wish Charles is doing the same. I always wish for this every night I stare out of my window,, seeing many stars.

    ” I wish you are happy like I am ” That’s all
    I can wish for.

    If I am chanced to come back in my next life , am gonna love you and I will never leave you.

    That’s my wish,,,,, dear Charles,, my first love ❀️

    😘 Charles 😘

    Now,, I’ve waited for you this three years. Seems nothing is gonna change, maybe I lost you forever.

    Or maybe we are not fated to be with each other right? But right now will never stop loving you,, you are not my first love.

    You are my lost love,, gone for good and forever. A hurtful smile escape my lips when I think about her,, my first encounter with her.

    How she dressed with sword in her hand,, how I kissed her. How her lips tastes like,, how we talked.

    I can’t get her off my mind,, I love you so much Adelaide.

    And here I am getting married to Eva,,, I wish you are also happy right now

    ” You may kiss the bride ” the pastor said

    I smiled and kissed her with passion,,,

    ” I will always love you Charles ” she said

    What else can i just wish for? I wish you find your true love in any world you are right now, I don’t know maybe i still exist in your dream right now.

    But I still love you, and my love for you is,, Beyond The Stars 🌌


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