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    “Why can’t an igbo man or woman get married in our village,papa,i am in love with Femi,i want to marry him”
    “my daughter not that you cannot marry him but its forbidden in my family to mr Oji said,
    “then i will kill myself”Ijeoma rushed in to take a knife,
    Ijeoma ! stop don’t do anything crazy
    “why papa ,why! i love Femi”
    “Ijeoma do not try to act wierd ijeoma will do something toward that ijeoma promise,but they has to be a lot of sacrifice maee to appease the gods” mr Oji said
    “whatever it requires ijeoma will do it”
    just then Chibuzor, my brother broke the silence by informing me Femi has arrived
    in shock*******
    (to be continued)

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    i let the knife drop on the floor and quickly rushed outside to hug Femi

    Femi is a yoruba boy,he came from ondo to Enugu state to teach,i knew him as a teacher

    “i missed you Femi,you took so long why?”
    “sorry dear you know i have to obey my father”Femi said

    just then papa walked out from his room informing me that he was going to see their family doctor(witch man)
    “Ijeoma,i am going to make requirement for the sacrifice from our native doctor Ozizi”mr Oji said

    “okay papa”was my reply

    Femi was amused by the sound of hearing sacrifice
    “Ijeoma,sacrifice for what, is there a ritual going on?”Femi said

    i explained everything that happened earlier before his arrival,he was not happy with me
    i knew what i did was wrong,but i had no option
    just then Femi told me he was not involving himself to any religious practice that is against the will of God

    “in my family we are not allowed to make rituals”

    i was confused,then tears began to drop down my face

    “stop crying”Femi said

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    “i can’t disobey my parent”

    just then Femi told me his parent did not approve him geting married to a igbo girl,but if he goes ahead doing so he might become poor for the rest of his life

    “Ijeoma,i think our relationship has to end,because it won’t work we,we are in love with each other but our parent are not in agreement”Femi said

    looking at his expression you can tell he was not himself,but he could do nothing than to end our relationship,tears began to roll down my checks,Femi held me tight and we entered the living room

    “mama goodevening,i am really sorry for not greeting earlier”

    my shocking mother Shinaza or address as mrs Oji hissed and walked away from us,she opened the curtains and said

    “if you two gets married,i will never attend that wedding,over my dead body”Shinaza said

    mama closed the curtains and walked away promising to separate the both of us from each other,just then papa came inside

    “welcome papa”Femi said prostrating
    “stand my son,these are the requirement”

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    Thunder fire tradition, untop pesin wey i love, we die here oooo

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    Femi dont give up yet

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    papa began to mention all what Ozizi tje native doctor said

    “Ozizi said you will need two big cow,a ram,a keg og palm oil,two white chickens,and one bottle of shinap”

    i shouted in amazement of what papa just mentioned Femi was still in his shock staring at the list,just then my mother who has been peeping at users through he curtain came out and burst out in laughter

    “i told you,were on earth can you get the money for all what my husband just mentioed,leave my daughter alone there are so many girls out there waiting for men to approach them,and you Ijeoma go get yourself a good rich husband”

    mama said and walked away,papa told Femi he should take things easy just then Femi spoke up that he was going to get the money and have to be disobey his parent

    “okay if the money is ready,then the sacrifice will take place”papa said and walked into his room

    we both argued alot,i told him i was going with him to find he money

    “i will do it myself,i am going to meet one of my old friend in lagos”

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    Femi promised he was going to come back as soon as the money is ready
    i was scared because i had many stories about people going to lagos and not coming back to fulfil their promise,Femi kissed my forehead and i escorted him

    “don’t forget me once you reach lagos”i was still crying

    we waved ourselves goodbye,and he left

    Femi arrived at lagos very late,the bus he took was to slow,he knew one of his friend Shina who they went to the same secondary school,Shina studied further but i droped down because of no money
    so i thought of meeting him but how on earth will i find him,if i still rememberd his address

    Shina is now a married man having his own mansion and family,so Femi borded a bus going to surulere,were he could locate his friend,on furtunately as Femi was about to enter the bus he heard hi name,
    “Femi! Femi!!,or is that not Femi” a man in a car called wearing t-shirt and short,as Femi turned back

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    and it was his friend abi

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