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    Daniel Edem
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    {My pains}
    *It about our love story. We lived an
    ordinary lives but very fulfilling. We’ve
    been through a lot but we ended up not
    being together. Life has not been so unfair
    to us THAT It shouldn’t be the two of us*
    “am pregnant Robbie, am really pregnant,
    and you promise to marry me! Imelda
    yelled at Robbie. Robbie happens to be a
    very rich handsome guy, having a very rich
    parent, they are filthy rich and all girls go
    about throwing themselves anyhow at
    him. Imelda one of his girls got pregnant
    and came early in the morning to confront
    him about it.
    “Imelda, you should abort this d--n child,
    am not interested and beside i hope you
    know my parents very well, now leave or i
    call the security,” he yelled at her which
    make her startled.
    “i thought you love me Robbie, please
    don’t do this to me,” she cried but Robbie
    called the security men to chase her out.
    “my parents will personally deal with you if
    they knew anything about this, you
    cheaply give yourself to me,” he blurted
    out while the security men quickly kicked
    her out of the mansion.
    Vanessa’s POV
    I wonder why sir Robbie has to chase
    Imelda one of his girlfriend or rather one
    of his w---e out of the house, i still
    wonder why those girls keep giving him
    their body for free and he don’t even mind
    using and dumping them. I quickly close
    the curtain and hurried to the kitchen to
    make breakfast. Am Vanessa am only
    seventeen years, i worked as one of the
    maid in Walton’s mansion, i drop out of
    school and got this job to help myself go
    back to school and also my mother Andrea.
    I must say Robbie must be so luckily to
    have a rich parents and i have always love
    him but dislike his attitude, he’s nothing
    but a playboy.
    Robbie’s POV
    All those w---e, am done with them i just
    want them out of my life and concentrate
    on Vanessa but am scared she might
    thought i only want to use and dump her,
    Vanessa is such a young and pretty girl and
    i think i have a soft spot for her. Am still
    worried about mom and dad because they
    kept pestering my life to marry Juliet
    whom i don’t never loved. I was at the
    sitting room watching television when
    Dave my best friend entered.
    “Bruh! he walked in smiling, then we shook
    hands and he sat down beside me.
    “Vanessa get us something to drink,” i said
    cos i saw her passing through the hallway.
    “ok sir,” she said then left and in just few
    seconds she arrived with an alcohol, she
    knows our kind of drink.
    “who’s she? Dave asked.
    “she works here just a month ago,” i said
    then sip my drink.
    “OMG, she got it,” he said smiling then
    licking his lower lips.
    “got what? i asked rudely
    “the beauty, she’s beautiful am sure she’ll
    gonna be good in bed also,” he said while i
    hit his shoulder then smirk at him.
    “Vanessa is not like the other girls, she’s
    innocent,” i said while he just looked at me
    then laughed.
    “i think i love her already,” he said.
    “hey are you kidding me!, Vanessa is mine,
    i’ll just give her a try this time, am d--n
    serious about her and i’ll go to any extent
    just to marry her,” i said while Dave just
    smile, he smiled devilishly and i wonder
    what that means. I just gulped down my
    drink and relax, for sure am having Vanessa
    for myself.
    Vanessa’s POV
    I felt something is actually wrong because i
    wonder why sir Robbie no longer bring the
    girls the way he usually brought them,
    maybe he meet them in the hotels who
    knows? But it so weird to see him talking
    to me, i sometimes caught him staring at
    me each time am working which make me
    feel he like me, but it awkward, maybe he
    likes me. No Sir Robbie can’t just fall in love
    with a poor girl like me. Maybe he’s in love
    with me! or maybe he just want to use and
    dump me* Oh no, i slightly slapped my
    forehead, i don’t want to think negative
    about it. But the worse thing i hate is that
    his friend Dave, who usually visit him, he
    stare at me licking his lips, i don’t just like
    him, and i wonder where Sir Robbie got a
    terrible friend like that.
    Robbie’s POV
    Dad and Mom has traveled out to Brazil for
    a business trip and not only that but to
    bring Juliet along with them, the girl they
    always wanted me to marry. Arrrggh.. i
    don’t love her, i have only know her just
    for a weeks, i don’t even like her. Well am
    so glad i and Vanessa have been good
    friends now, we do hang out a times and
    we sometimes visit her mom, i can’t
    believe we eventually became good friends
    and we sometimes cooked together,
    Vanessa is good cook she sometimes teach
    me how to cook which was so much fun.
    On 12th June happens to my birthday, how
    can i even celebrate my birthday without
    my parents. But am glad Vanessa is always
    here for me.
    “have this,” i said to her as i hand over
    some clothes to her.
    “today is my birthday,” i said while she
    smile a bit, she looks so beautiful, i wonder
    how our children will look like if we get
    married and we later have babies.
    “thank you sir but….
    I quickly cut her off with a kiss, and i was
    d--n surprise she also kiss me back.
    “am sorry..” i said when she pushed me
    away from her which i wonder why.
    “I have to go,” she stammered as she turn
    to leave but i pulled her back and hug her
    so tight to me.
    “i love you Vanessa,” i blurted out, i just
    have to tell her about my feelings before it
    too late. Her eyes where wide open as she
    looked at me.
    “no..Sir.. i…i can’t,” she said while i held her
    hands so tight to mine.
    “i love you Vanessa, please just give me a
    chance, i have completely changed because
    of you, i truly love you and am ready to
    wait for you,” i said in a cracking voice, no
    girl has ever make me go crazy like
    Vanessa. I hope she feel the same for me.
    “please Vanessa be my love, i know how to
    handle my parents if they come back,” i
    said kneeling down, she quickly held my
    hands and made me to stood up then hug
    “I love you too,” she said smiling, i felt my
    heart being at rest, i so much love Vanessa
    and this time for real am no longer the
    playboy everyone knows.
    “stop calling me Sir, am Robbie,” i said
    while she nodded.
    Vanessa’s POV
    I can’t believe this happening, does it
    means am now his girlfriend, i feel so good
    i can’t wait to tell mom when i get home,
    Robbie was already waiting for me as i
    took my bath and put on the dress he gave
    me, it a blue high low gown which looks
    perfectly good on me, i put on the heels,
    this my first time of putting on a heels but
    all the same i can still walk on it, i combed
    my long straight hair and packed it in a
    bun. I went outside and meet him already
    dressed, he look so handsome, he quickly
    stood up when he saw me.
    “you look pretty,” he kissed my cheeks
    while i blushed. He moved closer to me as
    he put his hand round my neck and put on
    a necklace. OMG This nice, a diamond
    necklace with a love sign on it.
    “this was given to me by my grandmother
    ever since am young, and i promise to give
    this to the lady i love most and that’s you,”
    He said then peck me. Is this what is meant
    to love and to be loved. I so much love
    Robbie but i still have to be careful.
    “thank you, thanks for choosing me,” i said
    while he smiled. He held my hands and we
    went outside, he quickly open the door for
    me which i felt on top of the world, he
    treated me so special and i like that.
    We arrived to one of those expensive and
    beautiful restaurant, i really love that place,
    i guess it was 6pm and i don’t like staying
    late at night, my mom might get worried.
    “please Sir.. sorry i mean Robbie,” i said
    while he interrupted me with a kiss.
    “call me Robbie, i know you’ve never go
    out late and it getting dark already but
    believe me you’re safe with me and am
    sure your mom won’t get worried, you can
    call her if you want to,” he said then gave
    me his iphone. This the first time am
    holding such an expensive phone.
    “thanks,” i smiled then collect it and called
    my mom, i told her i needed to do some
    work so i might come back late.
    “thanks,” i said then gave him back his
    phone after calling my mom.
    “it yours,” he said. And i can’t believe i will
    be using such an expensive phone.
    “are you sure about this..? i asked in a
    whisper while he smiled and held my
    “i love you Vanessa and i will do everything
    to make you happy,” he said while i smiled.
    “thank you Robbie,” i said with much tears
    in my eyes.
    He order for a soft drink, i don’t like the
    idea of drinking in such places. I was d--n
    angry when i saw Dave and two other who
    came in and join us, i know they must be
    Robbie’s friends, i don’t like that Dave.
    Robbie introduce me to his friends and
    proudly said am his girlfriend, am quite
    happy because he seems so proud of me,
    but what about his parents, i know they’ll
    never approve of this.
    “excuse me, i will just go to the restroom,”
    i said to Robbie.
    “ok dear,” he replied while i quickly stood
    up, That Dave kept staring at me and i hate
    it, i quickly left. I walked to the restroom
    and wash my face using the tap water, i
    use my handkerchief to dabbed my face,
    then stared at myself in the mirror.
    “Vanessa are you doing the right thing?
    something deep within me asked. I love
    Robbie right the first day i started working
    in his house and am scared i feel
    something bad will gonna happen, i guess i
    just need to leave, i need to tell Robbie to
    take me home. I walked towards the door
    when i bumped into Dave, he was holding
    a drink in his left hand and also a black
    mask, i wonder what’s he’s doing with
    that, i felt my heart beating faster.
    “what did you want? i asked in a cracking
    “calm down beauty, i love you and i just
    want to have a taste of you,” he said as he
    forcefully kiss me.
    “just let me go you fool,” i yelled at him
    but he quickly held me tight and force a
    drink to my mouth, i quickly spat it out but
    discovered i swallowed some.
    “just let me go,” i said so dizzy after much
    struggle with him, i guess he just drugged
    me with that drink, i wish Robbie will come
    to my rescue. Dave quickly hit me so hard
    then carried me while to a room, i felt so
    weak and couldn’t shout, he laid me on a
    bed then tore my dress, he quickly tie my
    hands to the bed and hurried out.
    Dave hurried out to picked up the glass cup
    he dropped at the restroom so that no one
    could suspect him but before he return
    back to the room, the door was locked
    from inside, he knocked the door but no
    one opened it.
    Robbie’s POV
    I suspected something was wrong, then
    went to check on Vanessa but was shocked
    to see her on bed half naked and her hands
    were tied to the bed, i saw a mask on the
    floor and wonder what was happening, i
    quickly put it on my face and walked in
    then locked the door, i guess it must be
    Dave handwork, stupid him”! i lose control
    of myself i never knew Vanessa could be
    this hot and sexy, i climb on top of her and
    i could say she’s so weak with her eyes
    “please Dave don’t do this to me,” this
    what she have been saying with tears in
    her eyes. I reached out for her bra then
    unhooked it, i tore her pant and have my
    way in her, thrusting in and out of her.
    “Dave please stop..,” she said with her eyes
    closed. I never knew she was a virgin. I
    kissed her to avoid her from shouting,
    after all she’s so weak to shout, after am
    done with her, she has already fainted i
    guess, i quickly stood up and left, thank
    goodness i didn’t find anyone at the door, i
    guess the person knocking must have left.
    Vanessa’s POV
    I woke up around 10pm, my whole body
    was a mess, i couldn’t believe Dave raped
    me, where could Robbie be.. what will my
    mother say about this. I wept so bitterly…
    AND one word for Robbie and Vanessa.

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    Daniel Edem
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    Bedroom Gangster
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    Seated bro. I gat you

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    Hope robbie action wnt backfire

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    I’m seated too

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    It doesn’t seems that Robbie is ready to change for good with what he just did with Vanessa

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    Eludini Abigail Kolawole
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    Too bad

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    this Robbie is a player indeed

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