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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    How cud Robbie do dis? I thought he said he has changed???
    Now Dave is going to be blamed for someone’s act!!!

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    {My pains}
    Tears slide down my eyes as i felt so much
    pain, i quickly stood up and couldn’t
    believe Dave have finally succeded in
    raping to me, i quickly stood up and tried
    to walk on my feet. I hate Dave so much
    and he’ll definetely pay for this. I quickly
    managed to go outside to stopped a cab to
    take me back home. I know must be heart
    broken to see me.
    “Va..nessa what happen? my mom asked
    almost in tears, i quickly rushed and
    hugged her.
    “mom, i was raped, i was raped by Dave,
    Mr. Robbie’s friend,” i said while she was
    shocked to hear that.
    “if only we knew working over their will
    result to this you wouldn’t have go,” she
    said while i cried the more.
    “mom am only doing that to survived and
    to be able to return back to school,” i said
    crying the more, i quickly rushed to my
    room and freshen up, i put on my night
    gown and sat on my bed still in tears.
    “am sorry about what happen to you
    Vanessa, you need to be strong,” my mom
    said as she walked in and sat besdie to me,
    i turn to her then hug her.
    “mom, why will such thing have to happen
    to a poor girl like me, why will he have to
    rape me. He’ll surely pay for this,” i said
    wiping away my tears.
    “they’re rich Vanessa, they have power
    how can we even get him? my mom asked
    “mom, the fact we are poor doesn’t mean
    we will be handle anyhow, we also are
    humans and need to be treated as such,” i
    said while she nodded. “am very sure
    Robbie will help, Dave is his friend and am
    sure he will help out when i tell him the
    whole truth,” i said to her. Throughout that
    night i couldn’t sleep i kept tossing and
    rolling on my bed thinking about my life i
    just hope i won’t get pregnant cos if that
    happens am finish.
    Robbie’s POV
    I must be so stupid to have raped Vanessa,
    i shouldn’t have done that to her, i don’t
    know what came over me at that time, i
    should have help her and not to complete
    Dave’s mission, now i know she’ll always
    think Dave was the one that raped her not
    knowing it me. I think i need to tell her the
    whole truth, i checked the time which was
    already eight in the morning i went down
    to the sitting room pacing up and down
    when i was surprise to see Dave.
    “what happen to Vanessa yesterday? i
    asked while he seems shocked.
    “stop pretending dude, did you ended up
    raping her? he asked me while i almost
    punch him.
    “no Dave, when Vanessa left to restroom
    and you also followed, i never saw the
    both of you again, am just worried about
    her, what happeen between the both of
    you? i yelled at him.
    “nothing! he yelled back at me.
    “i guess it all part of your plan Dave, just
    leave and i don’t want to see your face ever
    again, just go and never come back again,”
    i yelled at him, while he said nothing.
    “you plan to hurt Vanessa and am gonna
    hear that from her, now go,” i yelled.
    ” i did nothing to her okay so just believe
    me,” he said then left. My eyes were filled
    with much tears now as i return back to
    my room and get myself drunk, i cried out
    my eyes and wish i never did that to
    Vanessa, i was such to fool to have did
    that. I couldn’t believe i wasn’t able to
    control myself at that time all because my
    past life which is now hunting me. I hated
    myself for everything and wish Vanessa
    will frgive me if i tell her that myself, even
    if she won’t be able to forgive me i just
    want her to know the truth. I emptied
    about three bottles of wine and threw
    myself helplessly on the bed until i finally
    fall asleep.
    I wake woke around 3:00pm and couldn’t
    believe i slept that much, i woke up with a
    very strong headache and i was so hungry,
    i went downstairs to asked some of the
    maid if Vanessa has come, i know she must
    be in so much pains, but can i even face
    her. I ordered for pizza which i ate only a
    few slice of it. I had my shower and return
    back to my room. I know i did the wrong
    thing by raping Vanessa and i shouldn’t
    have done that but i know some part of me
    still want her in my life, i tried calling her
    number but i wasn’t going through which
    was making me go crazy about that. I
    regretted every action i did, cos is as if i
    was possessed that night.
    The next day i was seated by the
    swimming pool when the gate and was
    opened by the security guard and to my
    surprise my parents are back and i can’t
    believe they came along with Juliet, the girl
    the always wanted me to marry.
    “oh Robbie, you’re looking so hot,” she said
    then rushed and hug me.
    “but mom, dad, i thought you were coming
    back next week,” i said cos to be honest i
    wasn’t glad seeing them.
    “come on son, we are back to celebrate
    your birthday, sorry for not coming on
    time. You know, we can’t just be away
    from my only son’s birthday,” mom said
    while i just kept mute, i was really in a bad
    mode and dad notice that.
    “Robbie are you still angry with us, atleast
    we are here to celebrate your birthday
    afresh,” he said while i smiled trying to
    look happy i don’t want them to feel bad.
    Juliet held my hand and we walked in. Later
    in the evening the maid were done
    preparing delicious meal all because of my
    birthday, i guess mom and dad were so
    much concern about it. A cool music was
    on and we had a small dinner party which
    was perfect but it wasn’t perfect for me, all
    i want to see is Vanessa but i felt so
    nervous i don’t know am gonna tell her
    this, gosh i know she’ll be so much hurt to
    know she was raped by the one she loved.
    The party ended and i hurriedly return back
    to my room, i called her line again but it
    wasn’t going through, my door went open
    and Juliet walked in putting on a short
    nighty gown which was parent, her curly
    hair were packed in a ponytail. Was she
    trying to seduce!
    “what did you want? i asked her frowning
    while she smile and sat down beside me on
    the bed.
    “you look sad, something must be wrong
    Robbie, please i don’t like seeing you this
    way,” she said.
    “just go, i need to be alone,” i yelled at her
    which make her startled, she quickly stood
    up while i glare at her.
    “just go Juliet, i want to think straight,” i
    said to her while she left without saying
    anything, i sighed and rested my head on
    my pillow, i think i need to visit Vanessa.
    Vanessa’s POV
    I was already dressed in my orange flare
    gown and packed my long striaght hair in a
    bun as usual, i looked at myself in the
    mirror, tears slide down my cheeks and i
    wipe it away, my mom was already out for
    work and am ready to tell Robbie about
    this, i miss him so much and i hope he help
    me find that Dave, i know Robbie will
    definitely helped me. I could have called
    him but the phone he gave me was missing
    that night, how can i ever forget his
    birthday night on 12th June. I took a cab
    which took me to his mansion. The security
    guard allow me go in because they knew
    am a maid in the house, i walked in and
    knocked on the door a young lady opened
    it, she’s quiet taller than me with curly hair.
    “who are you? she asked rudely.
    “am Vanessa, please i need to see Robbie, i
    need to tell him something, it very urgent
    now,” i said then gave her a pleading look,
    she looked at me from head to toe i know
    she might have notice am from a poor
    “too bad, Robbie my fiance, that is my
    husband to be, just traveled this morning,
    and hey! once he’s back we will soon get
    married,” she said which makes my eyes
    filled up with tears.
    “he did, but when is he coming back? i ask
    her while she glare at me.
    “that non of your non business, and i don’t
    know what Robbie will do with someone
    like you,” she said while tears slide down
    my eyes.
    ” i have to go,” i said then quickly left, i
    guess she’s the one his parents had always
    wanted him to marry, i knew our love with
    him will gonna be impossible, his parents
    will never want me for their son. I love
    Robbie, i love him so much, how can i
    survived this without him by my side, i
    wept so bitterly.
    “Va..nessa,” my mom walked in and i told
    her all that happen, she hug me so tight to
    “we are moving to San Francisco,” she said
    while i was surprise by that.
    “why mom? am still hoping to see My
    Robbie,” i said in tears.
    “a friend of mine has decided to help me
    get a job over and beside you can also
    complete your education over their,” she
    said while i nodded in agreement, after all i
    have nothing to say.
    Immediately the next day i and mom
    traveled to San francisco and i hope life will
    be much easier here.
    Robbie’s POV
    My parents insisted i marry Juliet but i
    prove them stubborn and disapprove
    about that, i went to check on Vanessa only
    to be told that she has moved out and no
    one knows where she go, i felt so heart
    broken and wish i could see and tell her
    everything, now i kept cursing myself, i
    search everywhere for her but she was no
    where tobe found and i sometimes wonder
    if she still exist in this world. It been a
    month now without seeing Vanessa, i
    wonder where she might have gone to, my
    dad insisted i should marry Juliet else he
    disowned me, i have no option than to
    accept that, to marry Juliet not because he
    threaten me but because am paying for the
    useless life i lived back then if only i was
    able to control myself that night. We
    moved to New York to start a fresh life and
    that’s where i married Juliet even thou i
    haven’t forget about vanessa. Just a month
    after my marriage with Juliet my dad died
    in a plane crash, i used that advantage to
    divorce Juliet but my mom never agreed of
    that and beside my dad was such a fool to
    have write almost all his share to Juliet,
    divorcing her simply means leaving her
    with my dad wealth, i never knew it was an
    agreement they made just because of the
    so call business to moved on well, her
    parents has contributed much to my dad’s
    company, so i have continue with the
    marriage which i never like. I just hope i
    get to see and tell Vanessa everything
    Vanessa’s POV
    I cried out my eyes and wasn’t thinking
    straight throughout the week, am actually
    two month pregnant and i felt like killing
    myself, i hated myself but my mom was
    alwasy their giving me reason to keep the
    baby even thou i insisted to go for
    “mom what about school, how do you
    expect me to cope with my studies while
    am pregnant,” i cried.
    “look Vanessa, you’re still young, you’re
    just seventeen maybe after delivery you
    can keep the baby with me and return back
    to school fully. Everything happens for a
    reason, you just need to be strong,” She
    said then wipe away my tears, first i was
    raped, second i couldn’t even get the
    chance to talk to Robbie my love, am sure
    he’s already married, thirdly am left alone
    with this unborn child, what if the baby
    eventually grew and asked about his
    father? i asked my mom, more tears were
    forming in my eyes. Dave will gonna pay
    for this someday.
    “Vanessa, you’re still young and beautiful
    am sure you will still have someone to love
    you and maybe take reponsibility of this
    baby,” my mom said while i said nothing, i
    burst out crying again.
    ” i don’t want to be a mother at seventeen,
    i need to go back to school like my friends
    and other mate,” i said in tears…

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    Am sorry for de late post
    Lover valz fanz

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    hmmmmmm,,, following

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    Pregnant ke???
    See me see trouble oo,but Robbie, how cud ur dad be so careless in bequeathing all his properties to ur wife? It’s really going to be to ur disadvantage especially when u decide to divorce her!!!

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