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    Cassandra you too much Jare , na you fit all these men wey their Amu no dey rest waliha.

    My dear you people’s escape is gonna b war, read my lips.

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    ©Johnny Légendary

    Note: 18+ 🔞 adult contents ❌ not for readers under the age of 18


    I stood under Cassandra’s desk, feeling sweat beads forming on my head.

    Cassandra was as calm as a cat. She sat with her legs wide opened before my face. My eyes came in contact with her hairy p*ssy and I winced.

    I couldn’t get my mind out of the situation on ground. I was in an Abbess office, hiding under her desk with her legs spread before me to conceal me from the older nuns view.

    How unreal.

    ” Are you busy, your grace?” The older nun asked, stepping into the office fully. ” I thought I heard voices.”

    ” I’m all alone,” Cassandra spoke curtly. ” But I’m busy. What do you want?”

    This surprised me. Why was she being rude to these nun who is old enough to be her grandmother?

    ” Your grace,” the older nun began almost as if politely. ” We have been having series of complaints coming in from the girls. For the past two days, ever since you brought that priest here, some of the younger nuns have been somewhat ill of recent. I believe they are pregnant.”

    Cassandra’s eyes dimmed. ” Pregnant?”

    The older nun nodded. ” I’ve been around pregnant women so I know the signs. About eleven girls are in the clinic now. They have been series of vomiting, high temperature, full breasts and other signs. I’m afraid these girls are pregnant.”

    This was a shock to me. I guess Cassandra and I were asking the same question.

    How come?

    I felt Cassandra’s fingers closed around the back of my head. Before I knew it, she pushed my face into her spread v*gina.

    What the hell! She wanted me to continue from where I stopped? What was wrong with this woman? Didn’t she realized an older nun was in the office?

    Cassandra’s desk was wide enough with a hollow space under that hide me from the older nuns eyes.

    ” How come are they pregnant?” Cassandra asked, pushing my head into her p*ssy. Closing my eyes,I brought out my tongue and began s-----g through the hairs.

    The older nun frowned. ” We were hoping you have an answer for that. This is the first time in five years we’ve had a priest stay in the Convent. As you know, no men are ever allowed here.”

    Cassandra closed her eyes then opened them again. ” So what are you implying?”

    I s----d deeply around her walls, thinking about Zach.

    Zach was responsible for those pregnant girls. I’m sure of it.

    The older nun gritted her teeth. ” Well, we were of the opinion that this priest of yours is a fake. He must be responsible for those girls pregnancy.”

    I stopped s-----g and tried to pull out but Cassandra pushed my head back.

    She closed her eyes as I resumed s-----g. Her lips flickered to a satisfying smile.

    ” So, you’re saying I brought a fake priest into the place of God, is that what it is?”

    The older nun began raising her voice. ” Well, it’s quite obvious isn’t it?”

    Cassandra opened her mouth then closed it as she strained to hold back the moaning trapped in her throat.

    She opened her eyes and stared straight at the older nun. ” Let me ask you, how many days has Matthew spent in this convent?”

    ” Two days, I believe.”

    Cassandra nodded. ” And you think in two days, he’d impregnate eleven girls? What manner of man would sleep with eleven girls and get them both pregnant in just two nights?”

    The older nun became quiet. I must say, Cassandra did strike a good point there. I was impressed yet suspicious of her.

    Had she been pregnant before?

    ” You’re not saying anything,” Cassandra said.

    The older nun began scratching the back of her head. ” It never did cross my mind. But it’s very confusing. There was no other man in this convent except the priest. The probability of–”

    ” That’s rubbish,” Cassandra snapped sharply. ” I’ll tell you what is going on here. You and the other older nuns are trying to put me in trouble aren’t you all?”

    This seemed to have given the older nun a shock. ” My goodness, how could you say something like that? We’d never–”

    ” Don’t play dumb with me,” Cassandra pointed a finger at her. ” I know what’s going on around here. You old nuns don’t like me, do you? Well, so do I. We all hate each other and I can understand that. I’m young and don’t deserve to be an Abbess. You are all jealous of my position and you’re putting your little efforts to land me in trouble, aren’t you?”

    Before I knew it, The older nun was speaking rubbish as if she was caught in a sin. I’ll bet she was guilty. Before I knew it, she began apologizing.

    I was Soo absorbed with Cassandra’s p*ssy to bother with their problems. My mind was centered on my escaping tonight.

    ” I’ll tell you what I think is happening,” Cassandra started again. ” I believe there is another man in this convent.”

    This was another shock to me. How she’d managed to guess that part was a surprise to me. Then I remembered she must’ve guess another foolish man like me was trapped in here as well.

    The older nun was surprised. ” Do you think so?”

    Cassandra looked away. ” I am certain of it. These girls must have been fooling around with a man before I was transferred here.”

    She had guessed right. This woman was a natural. She got a brain as sharp as a razor.

    The older nun seemed to have considered this although she seems to have her doubts as well. ” So what do we do now?”

    Cassandra pushed my head back and stood up.

    Finally, fresh air.

    ” I’ll go see these girls,” Cassandra said, grabbing a long black whip. ” By the time I’m done with them today, I’ll know the rat who’s behind those pregnancies.”

    And that was how they both left the office, leaving me alone.

    I staggered to my feet, catching my breath slowly. It wouldn’t be long now, Zach would be exposed.

    We couldn’t wait till evening. We have to move now. Once Cassandra finds out about Zach, she’d have everything turned over.

    I ran out of the office in search of Zach. We hadn’t much time left. We have to move now!


    Zach was waiting for me in my room. I locked the door and ran up to him.

    I told him everything. There was obviously nothing we can do at the circumstances. Once Cassandra finds out about him, our chances of escaping would be slim.

    Zach listened attentively for a long time without saying anything.

    When I was done I stared oddly at him. ” Why are you not saying anything?”

    He sighed. ” Boris, don’t you think it’d be better if we came out clean to the older nuns and confess? I mean, it’s not as if they’d kill us. The least they could do is have us arrested. Besides, they’d be on our side. They don’t like Cassandra so it’s our only way out.”

    ” That’s not smart,” I said sharply. ” We can’t risk that. If we come out clean, they’d have us thrown in jail. I don’t want to spend my entire life in prison. Besides, Cassandra might use a gun on us.”

    ” A gun?”

    ” Yes, a gun,” I shouted. ” She has a tranquilizer gun but I’m also sure she owns a real gun. I’m not sure. That woman is too dangerous. I can’t trust her. If we must leave this place, we’ve got to do it without anyone knowing.”

    Zach was confused. ” I don’t know, Boris. What Is your plan?”

    My plan? Call Jide.

    ” You got the phones yet?”

    He gave me the phone he managed to steal. I took it from his hands and began dialing some numbers.

    He was right. The network around this convent was extremely poor.

    After wasting twelve prescious minutes, I managed to get Jide on the line.

    ” Hello?” Jide’s voice came on.

    Hearing that stubborn voice brought out the joy in me. I nearly danced in the room. ” Jide, can you hear me?”

    ” Probably, your voice is cracking. Hey, wait a second, who is this? How did you get my number?”

    ” Jide, it’s me, Boris!”

    Zach watched me closely as I walked round the room, trying to explain to Jide where I’ve been these whole time.

    ” Jide I need your help,” i said. ” I’m trapped in a convent.”

    I could imagine the shock on Jide’s face.

    ” Na lie!” Jide shouted.

    ” I’m not lying, bros. Abeg I need your help.”

    ” Wait o, wetin you go find for convent? No b you tell me say you de travel for business meeting?”

    ” I lied,” I spoke frantically. ” Can you help me? I have no more time. My life is in danger as it is.”

    Jide asked. ” Where are you?”

    I told him. I also told him about Cassandra. It was amazing how lucky I am to spend such time talking to him. The network was bad but I fed him everything that has happened during the days I’ve been missing.

    Jide listened without interrupting me. When I was done, he nearly laughed.

    ” O boy, you de enjoy oooo.”

    I frowned. ” Jide, I’m trapped. Are you going to help me or not?”

    Jide cleared his throat. ” Alright, so what’s the plan?”

    I saw Zach opening my door and leaving the room. I had no idea where he was going but I was too preoccupied with Jide to bother myself.

    ” We have a key to the gates,” I spoke urgently. I want you to drive all the way from home to the blue sisters convent. I don’t know which state or town this is but no matter what happens, at least before nightfall, you’re here waiting for us outside the gates. When we get there, we’d unlock the inside lock and pass you the key that unlock the outside lock.”

    ” That sounds familiar,” Jide said. ” I know that convent.”

    I was surprised. ” You do?”

    ” Yes, blue sisters convent. It’s six towns away from here. That’s a notorious strict convent. Their past Abbess was convicted of murder last month.”

    I felt a chill crawl up my spine. ” Murder?!”

    ” Yes, it appeared in the news just last week. It was alleged four men were discovered outside the Convent walls near a refuse heap.”

    This was news to me. I saw my hands shaking. ” How come I never knew about this?”

    ” Nothing has been proved yet. The Abbess denied having anything to do with the death of those four men. According to forensic investigation, those men were raped to death.”

    The words kept banging in my head like a ping pong.

    Raped to death!

    Raped to death!

    Raped to death!

    ” Hello, you still there?” Jide’s voice came to my ears but I was too absorbed in my thoughts to answer him.

    My door suddenly flung opened and someone began walking in slowly. I quickly cut off the line and turned to face the door.

    To my relief it was only Zach. I let out a deep breath.

    ” Man, you had me there for a while. Zach you wouldn’t believe what I just heard now.”

    But Zach didn’t reply me. He had a fixed cold snarl on his face and his skin was as stiff as a new rope.

    Suddenly, he collapsed to the ground and folded up.

    ” Jesus!” I exclaimed as I staggered back in shock. ” Zach, Zach are you alright?”

    No answer. Then I saw the blood oozing out from under his belly. My eyes grew wide and I darted them to the doorway.

    Cassandra was standing at the doorway, a knife in her hand dripping with Zach’s blood.

    She had a cold expression on her face that made her looked like a monster. Her red lips curved into a smirk.

    ” Hello, Boris. Are you done with your calls?”


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    Dis one na wahala

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    Why did zach go out? Boris in trouble “father matthew”

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    Cassandra is a monster

    Big wahala

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    (The Art Of Seduction)
    ©Johnny Légendary

    Note: 18+ 🔞 adult contents ❌ not for readers under the age of 18


    ( Not edited…. expect mistakes)

    Cassandra stood at the doorway, watching me as dangerously as a cobra. The knife gleamed against the sunlight, dripping with Zach’s blood.

    I felt nausea feeling gushing up from my guts.

    ” Are you done with your calls?” Cassandra repeated.

    ” Yes, I have,” i didn’t recognized my voice. It sounded like a dying toad.

    ” Hand over the phone,” she stretched forth her hands.

    I tossed it to her, scared she’d slash me with the knife. Then to my horror, she smashed the phone to the ground and crushed it with her feet.

    ” You’re not going anywhere, Boris,” she said, eyeing me as she stepped fully into the room. ” You though you could escape, didn’t you? I told you before, you’re not leaving this place without my say-so.”

    ” I know what you told me,” I gritted at her. I didn’t know where the anger and courage came from but I knew I’ve had just about enough with this woman. This was the last straw. I ain’t taking any more sh*t from her.

    Zach’s murder decided me. Now was the time to step up.

    ” You knew yet you went again our deal. A deal is a deal, Boris. You stay here for two weeks. That was the deal.”

    ” That’s human abuse!” I yelled. ” In two weeks I’d be dead. Do you have any idea what it means to sleep with you every night? I get drained and tired and extremely weak. I can’t continue like this. I’m a dead man if I go on with that stupid deal!”

    Cassandra smirked. ” You called it stupid but weren’t you the one who sneaked into my convent to catch some fun with my nuns?”

    ” I’m done with that!” I retorted. ” I’m not going to make that same mistake again. Let me go. I’m done. Just let me go.”

    Cassandra shooked her head. ” I’m not going to do that. I’d rather kill you than let you leave this convent.”

    There it was. I saw that coming didn’t I? She was approaching me with the knife. I haven’t gotten in a knife fight before but I was certain she was skillful in killing. The room just wasn’t enough for me to maneuver.

    ” If you step any closer, I’d scream!” I said.

    ” Then scream,” she said. ” Scream the entire place down and I’d tell them you were responsible for those young nuns pregnancy. I’d also tell them you and Zach were imposters and were trying to rape me when I killed him. Trust me, Boris, they’d believe my words against yours.”

    I knew it! This woman was just too clever.

    Time for plan B. But I had no plan B

    My mind began working fast. I haven’t thought this quick the way I was thinking now. This was a matter of life and death. I had to find a way out of this mess.

    Suddenly, a clever idea strucked me.

    Cassandra had the door locked. It was just her and me with Zach’s corpse. My hand went to my pillow and I gripped it.

    Cassandra watched me closely and laughed. ” What do you think you are doing?”

    I didn’t answer her. Instead I threw the pillow outside the window. I grabbed the bedsheets and threw them outside the window.

    I became berserk as I started throwing things outside the window in a frenzy. Cassandra’s eyes grew as she suddenly realized what I was doing.

    With one swift jerk, she threw the knife at me but I dodged miraculously. The knife whizzed past my shoulder and hung to the wall.

    This was my chance. I gripped the knife and poked my head outside the window. To my delight, a crowd has already gathered. Young girls in black and white gown clustered the area outside my window.

    Their eyes took in the many things I’ve thrown then they rose their head to stare at me.

    I waved at them and shouted urgently while I raised the knife. ” Help, your Abbess is about to kill me.”

    I didn’t know how long I kept shouting. My entire attention was on the girls below. I’ve completely forgotten about Cassandra.

    From the corner of my eyes, I saw her charging at me with my wooden chair.

    Before I could move a muscle, the chair slammed hard against my head, sending me into unconsciousness.

    I fell.

    I fell from the window with the knife in my hand. I fell down and down and down towards the ground.

    A floor high from my window, I fell and the last thing I remembered was crashing loudly to the ground with the screams of many girls blocking my ears till I fade into darkness.


    The first person I saw when I woke up was a police sergeant in uniform, sitting over me.

    The rest of the place was as white as snow.

    ” My, thank goodness you’re awake,” he said, standing to his feet as he picked up a receiver and dialed some numbers.

    I felt a painful banging in my forehead. I couldn’t remember what happened to me. My head hurts Soo badly and my vision were as bad as a mole.

    The next thing I knew,a man in white coat ran up to me from outside, smiling broadly as he took up my hands and felt my pulse.

    A doctor? That means I was in a hospital.

    ” He’s doing great,” the doctor said to the sergeant. ” But I don’t think it’s about time you interrogate him. He’s not fit to talk.”

    The sergeant was an impatient man. ” Come on, doctor. I’m in a haste today. I’ve got to clear this situation up. It’s been in the news for two days now. If we don’t get his words before Friday, the trial wouldn’t be favorable to him.”

    My mind woke up. ” Trial, what trial?”

    They both looked at me. I was straining to sit up. ” Talk to me, Sergeant. What trial are you talking about?”

    ” Easy, Boris,” the doctor came over to me. ” You are not entire well. Don’t strain yourself that hard.”

    ” Can I at least talk to him?” The sergeant asked. ” I would be quick. I promise.”

    And that was how I was being interrogated by a police officer. It was my first time actually.

    ” Alright,” he said. ” Now let’s take this from the top. What Happened to you? I want you to tell me all that you can remember.”

    I told him everything. I held nothing back from him. After listening to me without interruption, he nodded them shooked his head.

    ” You are one lucky fellow,” he began. ” Cassandra would’ve killed you if you hadn’t taken action. It might surprise you but you are not the first man Cassandra had intentions of killing. Besides Zach, about five dead men bodies had been exhumed by our policemen today at the former convent where she was before she was transferred here. And she confessed that they were her lovers.”

    ” Wait a minute,” I was confused. ” What happened? A few moments ago, I thought I was going to die. Why I’m I not dead yet? What’s going on here? What happened before I ended up here.”

    The sergeant took his time to explain everything to me.

    Turns out when I had crashed to the ground with the knife, there had been a scramble. Cassandra tried to lie to the older nuns. She told them Zach and I were imposters and had tried to rape her when she defended herself. The older nuns weren’t satisfied with that story so the police got involved.

    Cassandra wasn’t as smart as she thought she was. The knife had both her finger prints and mine. The police also grilled the eleven pregnant nuns and they confessed that Zach was the father of their babies. That day, the police ransacked the entire place and found the underground room which turned out to be the legendary love nest of Cassandra.

    If I was an imposter, then why had Cassandra brought me to live in a convent in the disguise of a priest for two weeks?

    ” She’s in detention now, Boris. The convent isn’t pressing charges but that doesn’t mean we would let you go Scot free. It’s a miracle you’re still alive. We hope to see you in court to defend yourself on Friday.”

    ” I’ll make it,” I said because there was obviously nothing else to say.

    The sergeant crossed his legs as he took note of all what we’ve said today. ” So what do you have to say for yourself?”

    I bowed my head in shame. ” I’m sorry for everything.”

    ” You don’t have to tell me sorry. The Covent won’t press charges against you but they do hope you’ve learned a lesson,” the sergeant said.

    ” Yes,” I said. ” Never get into a Covent again.”

    ” That’s one lesson,” he said with a sly smile. ” But bros I no go lie you ehh, you enjoy life small Sha.”

    Cassandra was sentence to life imprisonment while I stayed a month at the hospital before I was told to return home. Jide was waiting for me in the car when I came out.

    He let me in and as we drove home, he kept throwing all sorts of questions.

    ” Jide,” I said. ” Till I die I no go ever f**k woman ever again.”

    Jide laughed. ” I feel bad for Cassandra. Life sentence is not child’s play.”

    I scoffed. ” They should have persecuted her. For crying out loud, she killed six men.”

    Jide shrugged. ” And so did the former Abbess of blue sister’s convent. I can’t believe women are this crazy about sex.”

    I rolled my eyes. ” Yeah tell me about it.”

    ” If I’d known she was a sex freak, I would’ve….”

    ” Don’t even try it,” i said. ” You’ve been a dead man by now.”

    ” Taaaaa,” Jide barked. ” If that kind opportunity comes my way again, omo I no go pity the woman ooo.”

    I screwed my face in disgust. ” You go die young be dat.”

    ” But bros ehh, you get mind ooo,” Jide laughed. ” Sex for two weeks? Free Toto and you come de run! Boris, you are not a man.”

    If only he knew…..I shooked my head sadly. If only he knew what I and late Zach went through.

    This idiot wouldn’t have said what he just said.

    Well, I guess this is the end. I’ve learnt a very bitter lesson. Yeah I’ve achieved my goal but then again, reflecting all over it,I guess it was all stupid.

    I fear woman.

    I nearly lost my life because of a woman. Sex is good but when it comes in too much doses, it’s destruction.

    That was one lesson learnt. The next time I see a nun, I go commot my shoes pick race. So help me God.


    The end

    So to everyone out there. What morals did you learn from here? Let me know what you think from this short story.

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    Guy, you almost died oh

    Am glad Cassandra is now paying for her evil deeds

    Lesson learnt


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    Sulihat Adeola Abdul YekeenSulihat Adeola Abdul Yekeen
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    In fact,its better described as learning the bitter truth through the hard way

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