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    Dãñîél wírê
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    though i didnt understand the story but it very bloody

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    Ubi Kyle
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    Actually You Ain’t Dreamin

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    Tashil Rymz Ug
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    m sitted with ma bottle of torero

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    Episode 4
    When the war start, the heartbeat faster only the strong stand
    LOCATION: AP United, New york city
    A man was seen walking on the street. He was on tuxedo suit, holding a briefcase in his hand, he put on a sunglass
    After walking for 30 minute. He reach his destination, Alpha Beta corporation.
    Alpha Beta is one of the world crime fighter organisation. It was created in the 20th century to formulate and maintain peace.
    They had been known for their special tactic, and strategy in taking down criminals.
    He reach for his I.D card in the Inner pocket of his Suit and show it to the security men
    After verification, He entered
    He walk through the dark secret place and reach the DC Offhce, he insert the key at the key hole of the door, it make a creepy sound and he enter.
    He turn on the light and sit down on the chair
    He put his PC from the briefcase to the table, he press the power on button.
    It vibrate, then display a funny animation
    He insert his password, welcome was displayed
    He make an adjustment on the chair and sighed deeply
    He refresh the PC simultaneously and start working on it
    He started punching on the keyboard typing a reply to the E-mail he recieved from the chairman
    He heard a fainting sound from the direction of the door, His attention was diverted
    He reach for his pistol and walk slowly toward the door.
    He clutched the door knob and waited behind the door, as it make a creepy sound.
    A Lady walk in, scanning the office and its content with her eyes
    He point the gun at her, was shocked to see that it was his P.A Rose.
    She squatted before him and laugh hysterical
    Rose: you scarce me to death uncle richard
    Richard: Oh God….you were lucky that i did not pull the trigger
    Rose: still the naughty boss i know, are you pulling my leg??
    Richard: No…..3 Gmm bullet moving at a velocity of 100 m/s at 10 second, no human being can beat that
    Rose: Just trust me then if i can’t beat it I Should stop wasting my time training hard
    Richard: Training never end even in the grave
    He signal her to come over and walk back to his chair. He set back to work
    Richard: i receive a message from the chairman this morning
    Rose: Everyone also receive it but according to the gravity of the work, you are the only one capable to do the work
    Richard: it’s says ‘A murder take place in Nigeria and the government want proper investigation on it
    Rose: Exactly
    Richard: have you dig enough information because No clue no work
    Rose: Actually the murder take place between 11. Am and 12. Pm
    Richard: that five hours ago, maybe a footage can help in tracking down the criminal
    Rose: it will only work if we leave new york city for nigeria
    Richard: am not prepare for this, i got so many things to attend to
    Rose: we are always ready boss
    Richard: can you tell me a brief description of the victim??
    She insert a flash drive to the laptop and started moving the cursor through the mouse. She double click on the information on the flash drive
    Rose: here
    She pointed at the blurry picture.
    Richard: so how did you obtain this information
    Rose: i copy it from the chairman Pc this morning to the flash drive
    Richard: that good, i should save some… what next?
    Rose: the picture is not clear and reliable
    Richard: we need proper analysis on this picture, that our next step
    Rose: we should contact Prof. Balu in the tech
    Richard: Nice decision
    He refresh the pc and move the cursor to the start button, he click on it and click on Hibernated
    He put his PC Inside his briefcase stand up and walk to the door
    He open it and walk out
    Richard: when you finish scanning, my office with your infected eyes, meet at the Tech room
    He walked away laughing hysterically

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    Next please

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    Dela Cruise
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    Ok just hope your investigation leads you guys to the culprits of this murder

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