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    The story sound interesting. Look like sam will grow to become a killer

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    Next episode

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    Miraculous Softeaner
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    tag me to next episode please

    kudos to you

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    Lifēøf Shy Gúy
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    Episode 7
    Sub title: THE CHASE
    ~When you spill blood, many people got affected~
    Lucas was pacing around his private room thinking about the news he had heard earlier, it came as a shock to him.
    How can Rebecca in an unpleasant ways, He still have to phantom and knows more the cause of her death, it happened mysteriously and someone is playing on his intelligence.
    He was still in his thought when a guard walk in
    He notice someone presence in the room and put on a fake smile
    Guard: The Elders are trying to know why you walked out from them and they need your attention and presence
    Lucas: Tell them i will meet soon……How many minute have you been standing here
    Guard: a mins ago my lord, i will take my leave now
    Lucas takes a glimpse at him and gesture with his hand toward the door
    Lucas: leave now
    He clench his teeth and the guard run away in fear
    Lucas: now it’s time to get something done right now
    He open a small shelf beside the reading table and bring out a pistol
    He loaded it with bullet, and put on a green glove on his hand.
    He went out slamming the door behind him
    He hid the gun in the back pocket of his trouser and head to Dark venom hall
    He meet them rejoicing and chit chatting, a tears drop from his eyes.
    Lucas: i have been loyal to this fraternity, but your act of treachery have no limit
    The elders was startle by his appearance. And the hall is silent like a graveyard
    Lucas: no one dare to face me, why did you have to mock me on my desperate plight
    They were shivering in fear
    Lucas: that how it’s began, my daughter is killed, this is not the plan, frank tell me something
    He notice the tension he had put on them and smile inwardly
    Frank stand up and catwalk toward him
    Lucas: is that not another sign of mockey
    Frank smile at him but his mood instantly change when he notice lucas glare at him
    Lucas: I Said tell me something
    Frank: Ehmm ehh………I Sent an email to Evil Dean about the bloody fight that happened between his Devil twins and Rebecca which result to their result
    Lucas: You………..what?
    He rush at him simultaneouly blowing him on his nose
    Frank fall down with a loud thud with blood oozing out from his nose
    He stoop and hold him by the collar of his cloth and lift him up
    Lucas: Did you know the gravity of what you did without the consent of the others
    Frank: am sorry
    Lucas: sorry is not in Lucas dictionary..say that to my grandma in heaven
    Frank: please spare me
    Lucas: so evil dean had been planning against Me or were you the pawn
    Frank i have no idea of what you are talking about my lord
    Amos: who even dare to overthrown the mighty lucas
    Lucas: enough of this bullshit, i have seen enough of your hypocrite character
    He throw frank against the wall, frank groan and was struggling to stand up
    He walk up to him and point a gun at him
    Lucas: any last word?
    Frank: i have always been loyal to you but you were too consumed by anger and notice the love i have for you, I pray your enemy will not overcome you.
    Lucas: you are still saying bullshit
    Frank: let my blood stand as a witness today
    The elders are silent still and no one try to make any move they see lucas holding a gun in his hand
    Lucas fire a two quick shot at him on his head, blood splash all over the wall.
    Lucas: that will teach you how to speak to the elder
    He spat at his face, and turn back to the direction of the hall entrance.
    Six men start trooping in, they have start running when they heard the sound of gunshot
    Lucas: take care of the body, dispose it and be careful
    He lit up a cigar, he puff the smoke into the air and walk back to his private room.
    TIME: 9:05 am
    The chase had been on, different cars and motocyles was pursuing a green lemonard toyota car
    Jerry make a left turn and accelerate toward the direction of an unknown forest
    Jerry: won’t they stop following
    Me: i don’t think they will, the look on their face is enough to scarce somebody to death
    Jerry: we’ll keep you alive no matter what we have to pass through here, and the Journey will take about 2hrs from here
    Me: i hope it end in a good way
    Jeery wake up the sleeping girl beside him
    She open her eyes slowly , sigh and stretch her body, we hear the cracking of bone as she clear her throat.
    Girl: where are we
    Jerry: close to our destination, they lost trace of us a mins ago
    Girl: so we will be at home at last, Sweet home! Sam be prepare to meet the leader of night shadown, he may be strict sometime, but he’s a very good friend of your father and he will take care of you
    Me: yes and i will be looking forward to that
    Girl: make sure you keep every bad attitude in check
    Jerry: enough of this chit chatting
    After 1hr on the road, they reached a magnificient building inside an abandoned forest
    Me: i can’t believe this
    Girl: Better keep your mouth
    Jerry: all thanks to road shortcut created by us
    He put the car to an halt , i alight following her
    Girl: thanks for saving us
    Jerry: it’s nothing compare with your life call me when you are in danger, i will be going now, send my regard to boss, i will see him soon. Bye
    He ignited the car and zoom away and she start waving her hand
    Me: i think killers don’t wave
    Girl: mood swing something, i ain’t that cold hearted, we proteat the innocent ones. Let go
    We enter into the building and was greeted by Men in sult.
    Evil dean is sipping a sweet and fantastic drink and smiling evily with his friend, Chanda in the room on the rooftop in his training school.
    Evil dean: soon everything will become ours
    Chanda: sure with our perfect plan
    Evil dean: nobody will stop me this time
    How’s the story going??

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