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    *****Episode 1*******
    Blood pumped in my arteries………….my heart spasmed hysterically…………images flashed through my eyes leaving a deep imprint on my mind………..I shifted my head from side to side in the vain bid to understand what was going wrong inside my head…….i felt something wrapped around my head!!!! I could still see the image of a very beautiful lady pointing a glock pistol at me..I couldn’t tell who she was or why she was pointing the gun at my head but the image repeatedly punished my consciousness till I had no option but to yield to its intensity……I heard faint voices in the background……”call the doctor”,a female voice yelled with a high intensity….my ears were very sharp to pick out movements in the room…….by what I heard,there were two sets of feet in the room……presumably females by the sound of their voices…….i could sense the commotion amongst them…..were they scared of me or something????…….the two set of feet ran out of the room in apparent fear or confusion..I couldn’t tell which was compelling them to run in such a manner………I tried to open my eyes but whatever was wrapped around my head extended down to my eyes and was holding them down firmly in such a way that I could not open them….I tried to move my arms but it was a futile effort as there were restraints holding my arms to the bed,my legs too………I kept wondering as I rubbed my back against the linen sheets of the bed on which I was restrained trying to wriggle free…….why would I be restrained to a bed and what were those two ladies doing here……..My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the two sets of feet scurrying back towards the room with another set of feet following closely……whoever it was was wearing an Italian shoe no doubt,i knew because I had grown accustomed to hearing the luxurious click it gave whenever it landed against tiled floors… now I knew the floors were tiled without my eyes……How could I tell so much without opening my eyes??? Was I some kind of spy or something???…….The footsteps proceeded into the room as my breathing got heavier and heavier mostly because of the uncertainty of my safety…….”you said he moved????” a male voice asked…..He was probably the one wearing the expensive shoes…..”yes sir”,the two voices chirped in unison……..I was really tense now……..A flat cold metal was pressed on my chest….”A stethoscope”,i thought to myself finally realising that I was in some sort of medical facility……”who are you”,i demanded,”and what am I doing here????”……..”I am a doctor”,he replied,”am going to remove the bandages on your head now so I need you to remain calm while I remove them…”ok” I agreed…..he seemed friendly..As he bent over my nose,i caught a whiff of expensive perfume but it didn’t last long enough as my bed was bent into a sitting position and my bandages were slowly removed……….I opened my eyes and shut them quickly as the room was too bright……..As my eyes acclimatized,i could make out two pretty nurses standing in the corner and the bearded doctor sitting on my bed…..I peered at his shoes,I was right after all,they were Italian and the floor was tiled…….my thoughts were distracted as the doctor looked at me and said,”you sustained a gunshot wound to the head and you’ve been comatose for a long time”….
    “Gunshot!!!!”,i croaked in shock………….”its important that you be calm as you haven’t fully finished your treatment,any strain on the wounded parts can be injurious to your health”,he said as he took a large file from the nurse standing behind him…”could you tell me your name??”,he said as he peered into my eyes….My eyes widened in horror as I made a shocking discovery,”I couldn’t remember”…..

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    Greg now has an amnesia

    Too bad

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    Etz Froshberry
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    wow great

    u are highly welcome back
    We really miss u and this story
    ride on bro

    blood is back! special Iv for u .

    thanks for the beep

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    You don lost ur memory… She definitely shot you.. Who saved u then? Wairing for the next bomb.. Welcome back bro @greg-billz

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    You are welcome @Frankkay

    Mum @Pharm-vickymears you don divorce my step dad?

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    Wow!!!bring it on.Thanks for the notification @victorious child

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    @salamsky @excellentsmart @harkeem1 new story is here

    welcome runaway husband @greg-billz

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