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    Link to season 1

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    Mubarak master post
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    mm oka

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    yes o, waiting already

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    Somewhere in the rebel occupied region of Congo.

    A brown Agama lizard slowly but steadily crawled
    its way across the dusty road; heading for the
    shade at the other side to hide from the blistering
    heat of the afternoon. Making a few pause in its
    movement, it made a few glances with its
    unblinking eyes and crawled a few inches. Then it stopped again, resting one of it’s front claw on a
    rusty spent bullet casing. Many more, perhaps hundreds of the casings,
    littered around the place as the reptile made its way
    through the pieces of metals and dirt scattered all
    over the dusty road, heading towards what was left
    of a storey building. Like most of the buildings in the
    area, it was completely damaged. The walls ridden with bullet holes and the roof destroyed. A few
    signs on the buildings that survived the destruction
    and rust showed that it was once a thriving
    province before havoc was wrecked in the place
    with war machines. Halfway to its destination, the reptile stopped in its
    track again. The ground underneath it seems to be
    trembling with a roaring noise that keep getting
    louder and louder. Then the lizard made a quick turn
    and raced back to where it came. Fast enough to
    escape being run over by the tires of the convoy passing through. There are three vehicles in the convoy. Two
    tarpaulin covered military trucks trailing behind a
    dusty black coloured 1997 Mercedes benz E-class.
    They left trail of thick dust cloud as the convoy
    raced through the rough road heading towards
    what seems to be a settlement seen in a distance. The driver worked the steering wheel as the
    Mercedes raced through the dusty road; swerving
    left and right as he made the car to avoid the pot
    holes and bumps. With the cold look in his beady
    bear like eyes and a merciless scowl in his face, he
    glanced at occupants in the back seat through the rearview mirror. There are four other people in the
    car. A fierce looking young man, probably in his
    early twenties and very dark in complexion, sat on
    the front passenger seat beside the driver. His
    somewhat skinny body wore a worn out military
    fatigue with his rough hands bearing an AK47 automatic rifle. Two same looking men were at the
    back seat with another man sandwiched inbetween
    them. And they also carried automatic weapons. The man sitting inbetween the two armed men at
    the backseat was in an uncomfortable position. His
    hands were tied together behind his back, head
    bowed, and eyes blindfolded. He seems to be a
    prisoner or a victim of a kidnap being driven to a
    location in a car full of men armed with automatic assault rifles. But yet, he looked calm and visibly
    composed. And unlike his rough and rugged looking
    captors, he looked quite clean and built. He wore a
    long sleeve navy blue plaid check shirt with its
    sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The man in the front seat sighed and lazily took out
    a crumpled pack of cigarette from his breast pocket.
    He glanced at their victim through the rearview
    mirror as he lit himself a stick and took a drag. “What do you think the boss gonna do with him?”,
    the man asked the driver in french as he exhaled
    the smoke from his lungs and jerked his head at the
    blindfolded man. “I dont know…..”, the driver replied, shifting his eyes
    to the image in the rearview mirror and then back
    to the road. “…..Probably kill him like the rest. “Bloody foreigners……..”, the man scoffed and took
    another drag from the cigarette. “If they are not
    here to take the diamonds, they are here to sell
    weapons”, he puffed out the cigarette smoke and
    looked at the driver. “This one is probably the
    stupidest of them all……here to sell weapons without security or bodyguards. Not even carrying a
    gun…….. those diseased prostitutes in Kinshasa
    must have made him think that he was in his
    maternal home”, the man said with a grin and the
    two armed men at the backseat roared with
    laughter. “And you have to be worried about that”, the driver
    said without looking at the man beside him. The man stared at the driver with the grin on his
    face fading away. “What do you mean by that?”, he asked. The driver didnt answer the question. He remained
    silent and continued driving while the man looked at
    him and then glanced at the occupants behind him. “Why the hell should i be worried?”, the man asked
    again with a smirk. “With all the killings and bloody sh!ts going
    on……especially in this region”, the driver began
    quietly, scratching the deep scar on his forehead. “It
    will be highly unusual for someone not from here,
    especially a foreigner to come in this kind of place
    to conduct any business without some serious protection”, then he looked at the man beside him.
    “That’s why am having some bad feelings about this
    guy”. The two other men at the back glanced at each
    other and stared at man they held captive. “The guy is quite built and looks tough”, the one
    sitting on the left noted as he ran his eyes from the
    blindfolded man’s head to his feet. “Do you think he
    could be one of those guys?”, he asked the other
    man on the right. “Which guys?”. “You know…….those guys in the movies……the ones
    who take out an enemy group singlehandedly”. “You are an idiot”. “What do you mean by that?, you think it is not
    possible?”. “Shut your mouth!……you watch too much American
    movies”. “Yeah with your mother”. “What did you just say?”. “Why dont the both you shut your mouths before i
    do it myself”, the man in the front seat said as the
    two men at the back were about to start having an
    unfriendly argument. Then he looked at the driver
    and dipped his right hand inside his pocket. “No
    matter who he is……or how built he is, one thing is for sure”, he took out a bullet from his pockect. “I’m
    yet to see anyone who is built for this”, he continued
    and he waved the slug at the driver. “So dont worry
    about this Kizengi. If he makes any wrong move i
    will blow his brains out myself”. “I hope you are right”, the driver murmured,
    swerving the car and making it to take a left turn.
    The trucks behind followed suit.

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    Note: Kizengi means Ret@rd in congolese language.

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    sum1 should plz call attendance

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