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    coming up soon

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    Esisoh Blessing
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    waiting patiently for it oh

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    can’t wait…..

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    Oga bring am naa general coolval durn come

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    Chapter one

    Eric woke up and stopped the alarm clock buzzing for
    over a minute. The bright sun ray was already
    halfway across his bedroom. Pushing the blue
    coloured down blanket aside, he yawned and
    stretched both arms as far as they could reach.
    Rubbing his eyes, he looked around the bed and bedside table for his cellphone. Then he paused. The
    house is unusually quiet, especially for a saturday
    morning. No whirring sound of the vaccum cleaner
    whenever his mother performs the daily cleaning
    routine that seems to never end on saturdays. The
    alarm buzzed at 10 am. Two hours ago his mother would have pulled the blanket off to wake and remind
    him that his room wont clean itself. Eric casually got out of his bed and saw the phone
    lying on the floor. He might have dropped it as he fell
    asleep the night before. Picking it up, he checked for
    missing calls and new text messages as he adjusted
    the collar of his pyjamas. He paused again and cocked
    his ears for any sound or movements. Except the muffled chatters of kids playing outside the six storey
    apartment, the house was dead silent. Wondering
    what his mother was upto, he head towards the door
    of his bedroom. “Mom!”, he called out as he crossed the living-room,
    heading towards the dining. No answer. Eric opened the refrigerator and took out a half filled
    bottle of water. Closing the door, he noticed a yellow
    sticker on it as he raised the bottle to his lips. “Gone to see someone i will be
    back by afternoon. Make sure u
    eat your breakfast” It was his mother’s hand writing and was hurriedly
    written. Eric pursed his lips and swallowed the cold water.
    “Probably gone to see Dave”, he thought with a smirk. Mr David whom Eric calls Dave was a patient his
    mother met in the hospital where she worked as a
    nurse. A few dinner dates and unending phone chats
    later, a good chemistry had being developed between
    him and Eric’s mother. Eric got to know what was
    going on when he noticed the greater amount of time his mother spent on wearing make-ups. And seeing
    her checking out some dresses infront of the mirror in
    her bedroom. Dresses Eric never knew his mother
    had. Some late nights he do caught her in the balcony
    of their apartment smiling and talking softly on her
    cellphone. Eric took a few more gulps of the cold water and
    grimaced. He hate the taste in his mouth and need to
    brush his teeth.

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    It’s 2pm and the dojo is packed with practitioners of
    different ages and sizes. All of them were doing one
    form of training or the other since it was the dojo free
    training day. The place was big but not that very big and located at
    the basement of the building. It had everything. Six
    punching bags hung on the left side. Four of them
    were heavy bags. Away from the punching bags and
    against the wall is a big four legged wooden frame
    that resembled a swing, but smaller. It hanged four heavy sandbags. Two were above around the chest
    level with a few inches of space between them and
    the other two were below and a few inches above the
    floor with similar space in between them. Next to the
    wooden frame is a rack of dumbells and barbells. The
    right wall is adorned with a large blue coloured logo that had “KYOKUSHIN-KAN KARATE” written on top of
    it and a japanese inscription on the side. There is alot of energy in the place. Some practiced
    and perfected their ‘katas’ infront of the giant sized
    mirror facing the dojo. Others were either stretching,
    hard hitting the punching bags or conditioning their
    knuckles and shins with the “Makiwara” , a padded
    striking post firmly attached to the sandbag frame. The little kids contented themselves with running
    around and play wrestling on the padded floor After completing the tenth round of a five minutes
    hard hitting of the heavy bag with both fist and leg
    combinations, Eric wiped the sweats dripping from his
    face with a towel. He is trying to control his breath
    and must have pushed himself too hard. Drinking
    some of the mineral water he had with him, Eric proceed to the “Mkiwara” to condition his knuckles
    while he cooled off. Taking the stance and making sure it was right, he
    begin to rhythmically pound the first two knuckles of
    his fist on the wooden board. Unclenching the fist as
    he withdrew and clenching before it hit. The thumping
    sound keep getting louder and louder as he put more
    power to the punch, earning him a few stares mostly from the beginners. “Dude… that how hard u can punch?”, Eric paused for a moment and continued. He
    recognized the voice. “No wonder guys dont wanna fist fight with u because
    u might tickle them to death with those lady punches”. “Oh yeah?”…….i hope u dont mind me tickling u on the
    neck right now”, Eric began as he turned and faced
    Stanley, his best friend. “Where the hell are u coming
    from?”, he asked. “From the hospital” “Hospital?… what is it this time?, herpes or
    something worse?” “Ask your sister…….u should have told me she was a
    bed frame tester”, Stanley feigned seriousness as he
    tried to suppress a smile. “Let’s just say i wanted to teach u a lesson”, Eric said. The two friends laughed and shook hands that was
    more like grabbing arms. Stanley was more built than
    Eric but not as tall. He was their high school wrestling
    champion and he is now training with the national
    wrestling team. He is 18, same age as Eric. “So what’s up with u yesterday?”, Stanley asked as he
    looked around the dojo. “What do u mean?”, Eric wasn’t sure of what he was
    talking about.

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    Stanley looked at Eric surprisingly. “About Jerry’s
    birthday. U promised to attend only to call at the
    eleventh hour saying that u wont make it. And u
    sound rather impatient on the phone”, Stanley stated. Eric remembered. He was with Janet. Actually he had
    made his plans for the occasion until Janet called. He
    didnt know how she got his number and was pretty
    sure that Liz didnt give it to her. She said she wanted
    to have dinner with him to show her appreciation for
    what he did for her last week. Eric had refused the offer and quite vehemently when she was so
    insisting. Until she told him she already booked a table
    at an upscale restaurant called the Valentino’s. The
    restaurant is well famed in Metro-city and no one ever
    refuses an offer to have dinner there, especially on a
    friday evening because there are always the possibilities of meeting a celebrities and getting an
    autograph. It was said that tables there were booked
    in days advance, even weeks. Eric had wondered
    how Janet pulled it off till he learnt that the restaurant
    proprietress was her god mother. “So why the change of heart?”, Stanley asked Eric,
    interrupting him in his thoughts “Home issues”, Eric lied and picked up two 12kg
    dumbbells from the rack. “My mother needed my help
    in sorting out some stuffs………work stuff”. “Ok”, Stanley murmured thoughtfully as he watched
    his friend do the curling exercise. “So how was it………the birthday”. Eric asked and
    pursed his lips as he curled up the dumbbells. “It was okay. Lots of drinks, good food and alot of old
    friends from high school attended”. Stanley replied “What about Jerry?”. “Quite disappointed when he heard u won’t be
    coming. He wanted to know why, so i told him u were
    on a date with your girlfriend”. Stanley smiled. Eric completed the tenth rep. He re-racked the weight
    and looked at Stanley. “U knew that he wasn’t happy because of my absence
    in his party”. he began. “Then u told him i didn’t make
    it because i chose to go on a date with a
    girlfriend?……….congratulation……u are a genius and a
    best friend indeed”. “Dude i know u were out seeing that girl…..dont tell
    me u were at home helping your mother”. Stanley
    said with a funny look. “Which girl?”. Eric wondered if he had seen him and
    Janet. “The rich girl, the one whose mother is a fashion
    designer” “U mean Liz?”. Eric was relieved. “Dude she is just a
    friend and i wasnt with her that day. She also has a
    boyfriend”. “Really?…” . Stanley asked looking at Eric intently.
    “…because last time we were together, she had this
    thing in her eyes each time she stared at u. Like some
    kind of hunger”.

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