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    INSERT 1

    πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ†πŸŒπŸ€πŸ”žπŸ‘ˆ πŸ”ž


    I meant it when I said I didn’t believe in love at first sight. It takes time to really, truly fall for someone. Yet I believe in a moment. A moment when you glimpse the truth within someone, and they glimpse the truth within you. In that moment, you don’t belong to yourself any longer, not completely. Part of you belongs to him,part of him belongs to you. After that, you can’t take it back, no matter how much you want to, no matter how hard you try.I believe
    in love at first sight
    but I will always believe
    that the people
    we love
    we have loved before.

    Many, many, many times before
    and when we stumble
    through grace and circumstance
    and that brilliant illusion of choice
    to finally meet them again,
    we feel it faster
    each time through.
    The one glance
    that set life alight
    is two sets of two eyes
    staring through the layers of lifetimes and stolen glances
    and first kisses and hands held,the brace against the weight and unrelenting tide of waiting.I believe
    in love at first sight
    but am not burdened with the misconception that it’s a first sight
    at all.You see the first thing we love is a scene. For love at first sight requires the very sign of its suddenness; and of all things, it is the scene which seems to be seen best for the first time: a curtain parts and what had not yet ever been seen is devoured by the eyes: the scene consecrates the object I am going to love. The context is the constellation of elements, harmoniously arranged that encompass the experience of the amorous subject
    why do you like entertaining those girls ” I asked
    how is that your business” he asked busy on his phone
    Raymond really am your girlfriend but why do you like treating me like am nobody to you ”i asked
    look Sharon ,I need to go back to my studies ” he said
    ray I miss us ” I said
    will talk later ” he said getting his bag .

    have you even been in love with someone but they never paid attention to you ,no matter what you do they never looked at you love for ray was love at first sight kind of love. .but my love for him grew everyday though he seemed not to be interested in me anymore ..
    hey ladies ” he said
    jasmine smiled ,I dont like entertaining guys became I was royal to my man.
    you friend doesn’t talk ” he asked
    she does ” she said
    hey beautiful” he said looking at me
    hi ” I said
    do you mind me dropping me off ” he said
    we are fine ” I said
    come on we don’t even have transport money” she whispered
    look we don’t know this man ” I said
    am Caleb ” he said
    look Sharon ,your boyfriend isn’t here ” she whispered
    ladies am I taking you or not ” he asked
    yes ” jasmine said
    we got in the man’s car ,I kept checking my phone to see if ray has texted but no text or call ,that’s what happens when you sleep with a man on a first date ,I wasn’t a virgin,if I was I wouldn’t have opened my legs for me ..
    I got out of the car and jasmine remained in the car..I walked in our room .
    hey babe ” maria said
    hey ” I said
    what’s with the low voice ” she asked
    ray hasn’t called ” I said
    she clicked her tongue .
    I know you don’t like him but I love him “I said
    jasmine walked in .
    what were you doing with that man ” I asked
    he wanted you number” jasmine replied
    hope you didn’t give him” I said
    I gave him ,he will call you ” Jasmine said
    wait what ,why would you do that ,you know am dating” I said
    Maria clapped her hands
    you have never been in love nowonder you are acting like this ” i said
    they busted into laughter .
    whatever” I said getting irritated
    I had my supper and went to sleep .
    I was disturbed by a call .

    hello ” I answered with a sleepy voice .
    hey ” he answered
    I didn’t recognize the voice so I checked the caller ID and it was a strange number. .
    may I know who this is “I asked
    this is Caleb ” he said
    I don’t know any Caleb ,wrong number dude ” I said sarcastically
    the guy who gave you a ride with your friend” he said
    look sir ,as you can hear from my voice am sleeping ” I said
    I just wanted …..I interrupted him .
    you just what ,I want to sleep huh” I yelled
    am sorry ” he said
    you better be ,what if my boyfriend finds my line busy what will I say huh” I asked
    am sorry ” he said
    I hung up .
    babe who are you yelling at” maria asked
    no one ” I said
    I checked the time and it was 23:46hrs ..and to my disappointment ray didn’t even call me some ..I cuddled myself to sleep …I woke up at 05 and started preparing for my 8hrs class. .
    you are up early ” Maria asked
    I wanted to pass by Ray’s room before I go to class .

    she didn’t say anything ..I walked out and went to his room ,he was sleeping ..he smelled like he slept in a tank of beer.
    hey ” I shook him gently
    what ” he yelled
    am sorry was worried about you ” I said
    ad you can see am fine ,would you let me sleep” he said
    okay babe ,I love you” I said peeking his lips
    okay” he said
    I got up and went to class ..I received a text from Caleb. I just ignored him .


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    INSERT 2

    Sometimes there are just too many annoying people in sight that it makes you feel crazy to be in the same place with them or even within the same vicinity. When the time comes, it would be great to not see these annoying people or at least let these annoying people know exactly how you feel about them.

    If that is not possible, relax and let yourself be comforted by the fact that you are not the only one. May you not invite those annoying people into your life, make the rules like a great person.
    The truth is that I care a lot about the first impression if I get annoyed with you, youll know.
    I am pretty much a tolerating person so if I get mad at you, it means you are just too much.
    Some people think I am snobbish, I think its more of I get easily irritated with people.

    I am certainly not irritable so if we do not make sense together, you should know what it is. I do not like people who think that’s simple feats in life are impossible, it does not exist for me. We can build a lot of things together if you remove your habit of interrupting me when I talk.
    the sight of Sharon irritated me, yes she is my girlfriend but I was tired of her nagging and complaining, all I ever wanted was a calm cool girlfriend now her she was the opposite, yes the sex was to die for, the girl was wild in bed, no woman can make you feel like that in bed…
    after she left my room I got up and started preparing for class.

    saw your girlfriend coming out of our room” Jerry asked
    yes ” I said
    hope she didn’t find Sarah ” he asked
    Sarah left around 04″ I said
    why are you with her ” he asked
    the sex dude ” I said
    he laughed
    look dude the girl can take you places you have never been, she is just wild ” I said
    I try her ” he asked
    don’t you dare ” I said
    after class, I went to see Sarah.
    hey, sexy ” she said. she only had her towel on.
    going to take a shower”, I said biting my lower lip.
    from bathing ” she said
    Sarah was more fun being around, she wasn’t wild but crazy…
    I moved closer to her…
    ray I have class ” she said
    come on, just one round” I said
    she giggled…Sharon was prettier than Sarah but hey, a h---y man doesn’t care as long as he had his way.

    I placed her on her bed. removed her towel…
    I started kissing her I played with boobs, she moaned softly, I moved to her belly button, I played with it, then went to the punani I enjoyed the way she lost control. she coolval stories moaned like a crazy maniac..
    I entered her, she was busy moaning, my phone kept on ringing. but I was enjoying it…
    when I was done, I went to my room…I took a quick showed. When I was done, I found Sharon.
    hey,” she said.
    hi ” I said
    I have been calling you ” she said
    I was busy ” I said getting my body lotion
    with what ” she asked
    what kind of stupid question is that ” I asked?
    the one that gave me you the audacity to lie to me ” she said
    excuse me ” I asked
    I saw you entering Sarahs room” she said
    now why are you asking” I said
    she got up and sat next to me.
    I just had a boxer on …she started caressing my body.
    Sharon not now” I said
    but she didn’t stop. She got on top of me and started kissing me, I was tired from the search session but I didn’t want her to know all she will nag me like crazy. I kissed her back, she removed my boxer and gave me a blow job. You see what I say wild.
    I screamed her name and she did it fast.
    when I was about to c-m, I withdraw from her mouth.
    come here ” I pulled her from her braids.

    she sat on top of me I unbuttoned her jumpsuit.
    I removed everything and entered her she moved her little waist like she was that traditional dancer. Sharon was dark in complexion pretty and had a model body but when she was in bed, she can handle any weight.
    you are one cray cray girl ” I said trying to catch my breath…
    she giggled…
    I kissed her forehead.
    I need to go ” she said
    okay ” I said
    I watched her as she got ready. before she finished dressing up Sarah walked in…
    what is going on ” she said
    I can explain babe ” I said
    babe “Sharon asked
    no babe ” I said looking at Sharon.
    Sarah slapped Sharon.
    what was that for ” I asked?
    for sleeping with my man ” she said
    Sharon looked at me and walked away.
    Sharon ” I yelled
    it’s her ” she asked
    no babe it’s you ” I said moving close to sarah
    then why are you from having sex with her ” she asked
    she was seducing me ” I said
    why can’t you refuse” she asked?
    you know there was nothing I can do, am a man ” I said
    control yourself ” she said
    okay, babe” I said pecking her lips.
    I escorted her, I needed to talk to Sharon but she was avoiding me.
    you scrolled two ladies ” he asked
    you know me ” I laughed
    you are people,of all people ,if it was history you could have a name by now ” he said
    I was caught ” I said.
    how ” he asked
    we didn’t lock the door; you know how Sharon makes me lose my mind ” I said
    who caught you ” he asked?
    Sarah but I convinced her that Sharon was after me ” I said
    you are bad news, but did Sarah buy the excuse ” he laughed
    I nodded .


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    Dating is a stupid game to me.

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    Dear Sharon, Raymond is not the guy for you, you deserve better

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    hmmmm Sharon, next pls

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    Sharon you are busy falling in love with someone whereas someone somewhere is dying for you.

    Such is life, we move.

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    Loving wrong, next please

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