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    EPISODE 32

    Dickson’s Prison Life And Work As A Watchman.

    < Third Person’s POV>

    It had been over 27 years since Dickson was arrested for raping Doreen. He could vividly recall how he was handcuffed and sent to the police station. The District Crime Officer detained him in the police cell. Soon, he was taken to court, found guilty and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour. He was immediately handcuffed and taken away after the pronouncement to Nsawam Prison. Prisons always take away your identity. Apart from your freedom that is denied you, life in Ghana prison is like living in hell even for one day , not to talk about one year, let alone ten years.It was by definition purely an authoritarian and restrictive institution that tolerate no independence or individuality. A Prisoner’s daily life takes place according to a daily schedule .The laid down rules and regulations in the prison were very strict and inhumane.
    The food cooked in prison was cooked according to prison standards.The food given isn’t food that you will eat at home; it was so terrible that it was not fit even for a dog. The dinner was a stiff cold salty porridge with a half teaspoon of sugar. Meat and fish were eaten once in a blue moon.The “banku” had no salt and the soups were so light that you could see your reflection in it. Everyone wore the same uniform. The standard prison uniform was a pair of short trousers, and a rough blue shirt.
    Dickson met Dennis in prison. Dennis told him he was arrested for allegedly killing a teenager he had no idea about; a fellow left a vehicle in his care which later turned out to contain the body of a teenage girl. He was arrested for that and he ended up in prison after the fellow told the police That he( Dennis) had stolen his car.
    The state of the prison was a very disturbing sight to the eye, people were packed in the cell like sardines or slaves in Europeans ships. This made it difficult to breathe due to the overcrowding. There were frequent disease outbreaks and wee smoking.
    ‘Wee’ and other illegal materials prohibited in the cells were smuggled into the cells. The Prisons were a place where little or no attention is paid to inmates’ health; they were left to their own fate when they fall ill. When one prove stubborn,he is beaten mercilessly by his own inmates. Nurses and Health Aides who operated infirmaries and clinics within the prison facility were quack and not qualified. They were unexperience and didn’t knew the drugs they administered very well.
    Dickson was once given a bad injection and that worsen his situation resulting in chronic pains all over his body.Sometimes they had to prescribe drugs for themselves.
    In the depth of darkness, he laid on his bed , with Dennis at the adjacent side. They were talking to busy ourselves, not even aware of time or place. His new prison smelled stale and dirty where he wouldn’t imagine any human being could spend even a night. They were languishing in jail, dying slowly, spending day and night in a dark smelling cell, in the company of insects, with no real human dignity and freedom Unlike like ordinary citizens. However ,he got accustomed to the place and circumstances. Their chit-chat sounded weak, hopeless and sorrowful, his voice was full of sadness and pain as he said , ” God, have mercy on me.”
    Dickson’s voice sounded regretful and reflected the need of crying although his tears had stopped flowing years ago.
    One of his prison mates Eric grew desperate and remorseful and said:”I was arrested for stealing money from the bank I worked for. They never believed it wasn’t me. What pained me the most was my wife. She never believed I was innocent. Consequently, she neglected me to my suffering. He asked his inmates, “You know what she did next?
    They answered in unison, ” NO”
    He continued,”She brought divorce papers here for me to sign with a threat that if I refused to sign it, she will leave me anyway to another man.”
    Silence reigned and darkness prevailed. Eric didn’t tell his inmates whether he signed the divorce papers or not and they didn’t want to push it. He left the conversation open-ended. There was a long boring silence. Day took a long time to come.
    Daylight brought a temporal glimmer of joy and expectations to the prisoners.
    Early in the morning, there was a knock on the door and a plate was pushed with some poor food from a hole at the bottom of the door. Dickson and his mates were not interested in eating the food.
    The thought of Doreen crept into Dickson’s mind. He could hear himself saying,
    “She is an icon of beauty. He imagined himself apologizing to Doreen and saying ” my love, Doreen, I am very sorry for what I have done to you……..”
    “Dickson!,Dickson!!Dickson!!!,His sweet reverie was broken by the incessant calling of his name. A stern looking officer materialised at the exit.He really looked stern, ruthless and sadistic. He stared at Eric and Dickson and sarcastically said:” You are lucky to be pardoned by the president.You will be able to breathe some fresh air after been in this stink odour.. Dickson and Eric were the oldest prisoners in that prison. They have been in prison for 27 years out of the 30 years pronounced on them.
    Their mates looked at them, green with envy. The two prisoners didn’t know what to say. They were lost of words. A mixture of happiness, sadness and surprise dominated his emotions. The President had exercised his powers of prerogative of mercy to grant remission to prisoners who had serve 20 plus years in prison.
    When he was released, he begged some people for money and used it to board a car to the apartment he rented before his arrest. Unfortunately, It was given to another occupant and his family had come for his belongings. His village was not far but he wanted to live in the city of Accra. He remembered Tord. Tord was Dickson’s friend and ex work mate. They were both fire service men before Dickson’s incarceration. He managed to walk for three hours to Tord’s residence to beg him for an accommodation.
    To his amazement, Tord declined his offer. He said he couldn’t harbour an Ex-convict in his house. Even if he agreed, his wife would be uncomfortable with a full grown male in the house where their two teenage daughters also live. What is more, the man in question was a rapist who just released from prison after serving 27 years there on the charges of rape.
    Tord concluded, “my friend, it’s practicably impossible.”
    Tord gave him Ghc 150 and Dickson left quite disappointed. The joy of getting released was short-lived though, and reality soon set in.The end of his first very tiring day of freedom was a maltreatment from a friend. There is the stigma of having been in prison – few employers are willing to take on an Ex-convict.
    Prison isn’t easy, it isn’t pleasant by any stretch of the imagination, and it isn’t a ‘holiday camp’ as he so often hear – but it offers stability and structure.
    Dickson was contemplating what to do when he saw a notice advertising a Job Vacancy for a watch man. Well. He was 52 years old now and could still work as a watch man.
    Without hesitation, he rang the gate bell. A young man came out and asked in an American accent, “what do you want sir” staring at the man’s shabby dressing.
    “I’m here for the watch man job,” Dickson said.
    The young man laughed and said, Then you are welcome, my name is Marvin. Come on in. After sitting down, the young man conducted a little interview for Dickson. After that, he said, “Let’s discuss the terms and conditions of your work.”
    Dickson smiled.
    At least he could start life from there. He counted himself lucky to be a security man in a rich boy’s house. He was given a nice room for accommodation. A single room self-contained. Dickson got to know the young man Marvin was based in USA but returned to Africa in search of his true parents. He often wondered where his parents might have been and secretly wished he were Martin’s father. He recalled the day he became a fire service man. He was just 21. To him, Firefighters and firefighting was something that seemed bigger than life!
    He was among the Four hundred and seventy Fire Service recruits, including 300 females, who passed out in Accra. Dickson came out as the best recruit in their year batch. He saved a girl from a high rise building over 100ft which was engulfed in flame. In the process, he got burnt. His bravery earned him a national award and a promotion at work. He made other strides in the fire service and became quite famous. He had worked for 4 years as a fireman before meeting Doreen that fateful day. Unfortunately, Dickson who could quench and face monstrous fires and inferno could not quench the fire of lust that had challenged him.
    Prison is a second by second assault on the soul, a day to day degradation of the self, an oppressive steel and brick umbrella that transforms seconds into hours and hours into days. -Mumia Abu-Jamal
    People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes -Abigail Van Buren
    What happened next? Episode 33 is LOADING…

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    EPISODE 33✅

    Marvin’s Sickness And The Nurse

    { Sarah’s Narration }

    When I got home Manilla was waiting for me. She looked worried.
    “ Sister, where have you been?. I have been worried about you because nowadays you are always going out with that visitor of yours.”
    I asked her, “do you have any problems with my visitor?” I asked Manilla. She was quiet for a few minutes. Then she said , I didn’t have time to look at him critically but the little glimpse I had Of him gave me the shivers. She resemble ____errrr someone I knew.”
    “Who?” I asked curiously.
    “Nothing ,sister. It’s okay. Maybe it’s just a figment Of my own imagination,”Manila said.
    Manilla’s behavior made me feel she was hiding something from me. I said, “I have a picture of him, we took it together when he invited me out. See.”
    Just then Jacqueline also came into my room. I showed Marvin’s picture to them. To my surprise, they both exclaimed, “MARTIN!!!”
    Manilla was so mesmerized that no matter how she hide it, it was emblazoned on her face. Jacqueline didn’t hide her emotion either . She said, sister, that brother Martin. I thought he travel to USA. When did he come back.?”
    The more my sisters talked about the picture the more I got confused. He told me his name is Marvin. Why are my sisters calling him Martin. He also told me he had never been to Africa before until the day we met but my siblings said he had travel to USA which suggested he was in Africa before traveling.
    I asked Manilla, “who really is Martin to me?”
    Manila said, “He was your …..friend.”
    I knew she was hiding something away from me. Whenever she lied, she looked down and that was exactly what she was doing.
    Before I could prop further ,Manilla and Jacqueline left.
    That evening , I couldn’t sleep. I was deep in thought. What exactly was going on?
    Unable to sleep, I decided to searching through some of my old stuffs to get a story book to read. I saw one. The Title was “ THE LOVE OF A BROTHER”. I flipped the pages and then a picture fell out of the story book. When I saw the photograph , my eyes widened up in shock. The young man in the photograph looked exactly like marvin. I didn’t remember taking any hard cover picture from Marvin so how come his Look-alike picture ended up in my book. I gazed at the picture again and compared it with the picture I took of Marvin with my cell phone.
    I scrutinized the two pictures. I was amazed at the revelation. It was a near perfect match. The date the picture was taken was embossed on it. Considering the year we were in, that picture was taken about five years ago.I became curious and wanted to find the mystery behind the perfect resemblance of the two pictures.
    It was that mystery that made me want to visit him the following day.
    The next day, I received a message that Marvin was seriously sick and was taken to the hospital. I rushed to the hospital to see him. He was lying in bed. I lied to the doctor that he was my brother. He said he had been diagnosed of Xeroderma pigmentosum, a rare disease that caused extreme sensitivity to sunlight.
    I was with Marvin at the hospital when a call came through on his phone. The caller was named “ Mavis”. My heart sank. Who is Mavis. Could she be Marvin’s girlfriend. No. It’s not possible. After ignoring the call for three times, I finally picked it.
    “Hello, this is Mavis Agyeman, Marvin’s mother…..”
    It was quite surprising. This was the woman who bought Marvin after he was stolen from his real mother. Such a wicked Art.
    “…..Please can I speak to my son?”
    When I heard her say “ son” I felt like insulting her but I comported myself and told her her “son” was in a hospital. She asked of the direction and I reluctantly gave it to her. She asked who I was but I simply said, “Sarah, Marvin’s friend.”
    <Third Person’s Viewpoint>

    Mavis wasted no time in boarding a plane and coming to Ghana. She soon found her way into the hospital.Upon Identifying herself , she was ushered into the ward to see Marvin.Marvin was not really happy to see her mother. Sarah left the two and went to the Out Patient Department.
    “My son, relax, you will get well soon,” Mavis encouraged him.
    Marvin was quiet, hardly looking her “mother’s” way. Then he said,”You are NOT my mother. You are a BABY THIEF.”
    Mavis was shocked by Marvin’s utterances. She left the hospital after putting down her contact details in case of any emergency. She went to her Mansion in Tema. It was an executive Mansion she bought a few weeks in Ghana before leaving to the USA to stay with her husband in the U.S.A.The mansion was being taken care of by her younger sister Serwaa and brother Kwaku. Her real hometown Juaben, a small town in the Ejisu-Juaben Municipal District, a district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.
    Two weeks later, she was called by the hospital administrator that her son had recuperated. She entered the hospital with joy but she suddenly met the one person she would pay any amount to avoid in life- the nurse who sold Marvin to Her; Nurse DORA!!!
    She was administering some drugs on Marvin. It was amazing how the world is just a small place. Sometimes we see how far places are from each other geographically and assumed we are really far from each other while in reality we are closer to each other than we thought. The same people, events or situations we encountered in our past life are most likely going to be similar to our future encounter.
    Mavis never expect ever meeting Nurse Dora Dompeh ever again in her life but alas , there she was, standing right before her very eyes with the child she stole for her about two decades ago.
    Nurse Dora was a short nurse with a very minuscule stature. She could be described as a shortie.Age wise, she was in her late forties. Mavis was flummoxed and let out a shout ,” DORA!!!”
    At the mention of the name “Dora” Marvin became highly attentive. This was the nurse he had spent money looking for to no avail. The best he ever got was an endless list of unknown nurses. Dora suddenly turned round and gazed at Mavis. She recognised the face immediately and was frightened. Her heartbeat missed instantaneously. She was quite confused. She felt cornered and wished the ground gave way to extricate her from that quagmire of guilt which was about to sink him. She managed to gather herself and asked, ” What are you doing here?”
    Inasmuch as the question sounded awkward, she answered,” I’m here to see the baby you stole and sold to me 27 years ago.”
    The expression on the nurse’s showed the impact of Mavis’ words. It had increased her burden of guilt. Somehow ,Marvin who was in a shocked mode since the surprise encounter between nurse Dora and Mavis, a women who he believed to be his mum for the past 27 years,came to the nurse’s rescue. He said, She’s not more guilty than you. You are all the same.”
    Mavis turned round and left. She knew the stakes were high. When she left, Marvin turned to Nurse Dora and said, “ I think you need to start confessing your sins now. You stole me from my mother and sold me like a cheap commodity to that deceptive woman I kept calling my mother for more than two decades. Now tell me exactly what happened.”
    Nurse Dora looked at Marvin sorrowfully and tears trickled down her cheeks. When she finally opened her mouth she said ,” Hmmm, before I tell you what happened 27 years ago, I want to let you know I wished I can turn back the hands of time to the day you were stolen from your mother but time is irreversible and what we did in the past cannot be undone. Our past mistakes can only be lessons for us in the future.Marvin, I’m sorry for stealing you from your real mother and I promise I will help you locate your real mother. Sadly, I forgot her name. Now, this was what happened 27 years ago.______”
    If you are interested in Nurse Dora’s Confession, don’t miss EPISODE 34👈🏻

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    #Ride on sir

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    Anticipating…next chapter pls

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    @ladyg how’s life.
    What do you think of EPISODE 33?

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    EPISODE 34✅
    Nurse Dora’s confession

    “I was 21 years old by then. I just completed the Narh-Bita Nurse’s training College in Tema and was posted to the Commonwealth Aid International Hospital. As a new nurse I earned a meagre salary.
    I remembered it was in the month of March. A desperate woman came to our hospital. She was to be loitering around looking very depressed. I just finished my day’s off and was about to take a taxi when I saw the strange desperate woman by the roadside. She seemed to be waiting for me. Quickly she walked towards me. I was quite frightened. Then she said, ” my daughter, I need your help. I believe you are the one God will you to bless me with a child. Please, don’t refuse.”
    “I didn’t understand what she was trying to say. She begged me to follow her home so that she would tell me the details. I rejected her suggestion to escort her home and took a bus to my own house.
    The next day she came to the hospital again. She waited for me to finish my work. Then she approached me with the same request. Again I rejected her suggestion. I was about to leave when she held my hand and shouted,” PLEASE HELP ME!!! OR I WILL KILL MYSELF HERE. She took out a knife ready to stab herself to death. I was shocked and changed my mind. Reluctantly, I escorted her to her home. She drove me home in her porsh car. I suspected she was very rich.”
    “By the time we reached her home, my suspicion was confirmed. Her mansion alone was a testimony to that fact.
    When we reached her executive sitting room , I was highly impressed with the aura and general ambiance in her room, the chandeliers, the heavy carpet On the floor, the executive couch and the 65″ Plasma TV mounted on the wall all pointed to a woman of high social standing. Your mother ……erhhh,Mavis told me her husband was impotent and all attempts to resolve his issue or adopt a child proved futile. She begged me to get her a child.”
    ”At first, I thought she wanted me to get pregnant, give birth and give my child to her but she quickly added, “I want you to steal a child from your hospital for me”
    I told her I couldn’t do that. She promised giving me $250,000!!
    The money was tempting. That money was close to 1.5 Billion
    GHC. Still , I turned it down. She gave me her card and told me to consult her if I changed my mind.
    Honestly, I didn’t change my mind until my mother became fatally sick. She had cancer of the lung. My father had broken up with my mother when I was just 9 years old so I didn’t know his whereabouts.
    I tried to use my meagre salary to help but drugs for my mother but it was apparent my meagre salary wouldn’t be able to buy the rather expensive chemotherapy drugs like Corticosteroids( Prednisone, Methyl prednisolone, Dexamethasone).
    Even some of her drugs had to be imported from abroad like Arsenic trioxide, Asparginase,Eribulin,Mitotane,
    Then I was called by the specialist Doctor treating my mother. He said my mother had to be transported to South Africa for advanced Cancer treatment. He said I had just one week to raise an amount of $100,000.
    Since I don’t have that huge amount of money,I knew soon my mother was going to die. My small savings and salary had been consummated. At that moment I died a thousand time in the spirit. I found myself between the devil and the deep blue sea. If I stick to the moral decision, my mother will die. If I take a logical decision, my mother will live but I will bear the guilt of selling an innocent child to an unknown person.
    I tried to borrow the money from people I call my friends. I appealed to NGO’s and voluntary organisations but ended up with nothing. A day to the deadline, a pregnant woman came to the hospital to deliver a child. While in labour she lost her consciousness. I was amazed when she delivered twins. Then she collapsed for a few minutes. I saw that opportunity as God’s Answer to my prayer. Quickly I called Your …Erhh Mavis and told her I’m ready to steal a child for her in exchange for the money she promised. I told her to come to the hospital. She came within ten minutes and I stole you and sold to her. She was very excited and thanked me. She then gave me a check of $500,000!!!!
    That’s 3 Billion Ghana Cedis( 190,500000.00 Naira)😳
    I melted with shock. She said she doubled the amount for me because she knew it was a difficult thing I did and she appreciated it so highly. Your mother woke up a few hours later. She saw her child and asked if she had given birth to just a child or twins. I told her she gave birth to twins but one of her babies died after she delivered him and collapsed. She insisted on seeing the dead baby’s body. I knew she would say that. I took her to the special mortuary reserve for dead babies and showed her a dead baby, claiming it was hers. She didn’t seemed to be convinced but she didn’t argue with me again.
    She left the hospital a few weeks after the incident but before she left, she told me something I never forget. She said, if your heart is clean with regard to my dead son , I bless you. If you are guilty, the law of karma will catch up with you.”
    Since then I never saw her again. With the evil money I got from Mavis, I took my mum to South Africa and she was treated. I also acquired a nice house where I live comfortably. I established a big pharmacy too.
    In order to ease my conscience, I asked for a transfer from that hospital six months after selling you to her.
    I lived quite well for three years and got married to a Nigerian business tycoon called Cygnus Chuckwu. It was after marriage that your real mother’s curses began to manifest. Every night I saw a baby boy telling me to send him back to his mother. I would scream and wake up deep in the night.
    It became incessant and my husband became piss off. Ten years after marriage I didn’t hear the cry of a BABY in my home. In fact, I never got pregnant let alone gave birth. We went to several hospitals and miracle centres, spiritualist and powerful pastors but all these attempts prove futile.
    Pressure was mounted on my husband to divorce me and marry a fertile woman. He loved me so much and didn’t want to kowtow to his family’s request.His family devised another tactic. They get a lady for him from his village and planned with her to get pregnant for my husband. She came to the house as a house maid. We employed her. She proved to be hard-working and obedient. My husband became very close to her. Abidemi as she was called did nothing to show she was interested in my husband.
    One day , I travelled to my mother’s place and stayed for three days. It was at that moment that she seduced my husband who was already attracted to her beautiful features.
    When I realised she was pregnant I threw her out of my matrimonial home. My husband didn’t object to that. Our Marriage continued for another six months. I came back home one afternoon only to see my former maid Abidemi in the house again.I was very angry with my husband and fought with him to send the girl away. He told me he loved me but must also bear children to continue his lineage when he’s gone. He begged me to reconsider my decision regarding the maid and take her as my sister. I agreed in principle but not in practice. I made life very uncomfortable for Abidemi to the point where she ran away from the house just two months after she returned.
    My husband became infuriated with my intransigence and said I was wicked. He even labeled me an enemy of progress.He went searching for her but couldn’t locate her.
    A month later Cygnus mother called. She was very excited. He asked her mother Amara the cause of her excitement. Amara congratulated My husband and told him his wife had given birth to Twins. At first I thought my husband had impregnated another girl in the village but when later we went to the village to see his mysterious wife , it turned up to be Abidemi. It was then that realisation dawned on me that the family had tricked my husband.
    Still I was not willing to divorce my husband until he decided to marry the maid. I objected to that idea but he went ahead and married her.
    Since then my husband’s attention had shifted to Abidemi. I became a married spinster in my own matrimonial home. I tried to poison her but was caught in the process by my husband. He gave me the beating of my life and threatened to report me to the police if I press any domestic violence charge against him.
    Unable to endure the pain and emotional torture, I parked out of the house and never returned. The following week, my mother died. After her burial, my business collapsed. Things grew from bad to worse when my younger sister died , followed by my aunt, then an uncle of mine. I knew I was paying for my sins. I went to a pastor to seek solution to my prayers. He told me I must return the money given to me by the woman whom I sold the baby to. After that , I must confess my sins to the baby and her mother and seek for his forgiveness.
    I knew the two task would be difficult.”
    “First, how would I be able to raise $500,000!!! with my nursing profession. Two, how will I identity the baby I sold 27 years ago. It sounded preposterous.
    I auctioned my house for sale. Luckily, a certain rich man bought it at $400,000. I have also squeezed myself to raise the remaining $100,000 by saving my salary. So Marvin , now that I see you I want you to forgive me and free me from this bondage.
    Nurse Dora didn’t realised that Marvin had been crying throughout her narration. She was mesmerized when she saw him in that sad mood.Marvin asked her a question, You sold me to a total stranger. What if she had used me for money ritual. Will I be alive to forgive you today?”
    That was a million dollar question Nurse Dora knew she couldn’t answer.
    She went on her knees begging Marvin to forgive her. Marvin just looked on sobbing. In his heart he knew she sold him because she found herself in a catch-22 situation but that couldn’t justify her crime. He said, “ I’m not God. I don’t have the power to forgive sins, but you must go to prison for your crime. That, I’m sure of it.”
    What happened next. EPISODE 35 is loading…

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