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    EPIDODE 35 ✅
    Manila’s initiative And revelation.

    [Sarah’s POV ]

    I was shocked to see Dora, the nurse who stole Marvin. She looked innocent. I don’t know what transpired between Marvin and the nurse but when I saw Marvin, he was crying. Even Nurse Dora was also crying. The following day, Marvin was released and we went home. His “ mother” had also left because Marvin didn’t want to see her. To him, she was his enemy. The subsequent day, Marvin cheered up a little bit.
    I gazed at Marvin meticulously. He sure looked like the guy in the photograph I found in my book. I asked him, “Is this your picture?”Marvin looked at the picture , totally stunned. He looked at me and asked, “where did you get this picture from?”
    I answered, “from my old stuffs. I mean a story book.
    He said, “The guy in the photograph surely resemble me. It my twin brother.”
    I gazed at Marvin again. There is no difference between him and what I saw. I said ,” you can’t deceive me. You are Martin, trying to call yourself Marvin. You are My bro… boyfriend. You gave me a book when we went to your mother’s place. I rem_____”
    I’m NOT Martin, Sarah. My name is Marvin. The guy in the picture is Martin. He resembled me but honestly I have not met him before.”
    Something took over me. I drew Closer to Marvin and said, you can deny it but to me you are the one in the picture. To me, you are Martin.”
    As I said that, my love for him was rekindled. I kissed him and he responded. It want long before were swimming in a whirlpool of love in the enormous sitting room in his couch. The bond was instantaneous but precise. It happened like the speed of lightning.I found my clothes carelessly scattered on his massive floor. He was strong and powerful but had a bit of difficulty finding his way in since he was the first man to ever explore my “ virgin territory “
    Once again,Snippets of the past memories entered my mind.
    I smiled and told him, “ I remembered you bounced me severally when I was making advances at you when you first came into our house as our brother. You broke my heart when you took to me to your mother’s place____”
    “Sarah, I don’t know what you are talking about, Marvin said, getting quite irritated by my reminiscences.
    I said, “you can go on pretending that you are not Martin but to me you are. From now on, I will call you Martin. And thanks for making love to me at last. I’m happy you are the first man..”
    For the first time, I passed the night over at Marvin’s place. It was a memorable night for me. I felt fulfilled.

    <Third Person Narration >

    Manilla waited for Sarah that night but she didn’t returned home. She was quite agitated. She tried to call Sarah’s phone number but it was switched off. When Sarah finally returned home, she was all joy. Out of curiosity, Manilla asked her if she had slept with Marvin. Sarah was quite hesitant but eventually confided in her younger sister of their nightly sexual adventures.
    “I found this picture in my book a few days ago, “Sarah said , handing the picture over to Manilla.
    Manilla asked , “ you mean you found it in your old stuffs?
    “Yes, Manilla, in a book Martin bought for me.”
    Manila instantly remembered the book, “ THE LOVE OF A SISTER.”
    Manila then reasoned that if Sarah found the picture in her story book, then it didn’t belong to Marvin since he had never entered their room before . Besides , the date in the picture suggested the picture was taken five years ago. It therefore means the picture possibly couldn’t belong to Marvin as he called himself, which led to only one conclusion. Manilla countered her own thoughts and said, “Marvin could be Martin and be pretending . For the photograph, Sarah might have taken it from Marvin’s room and placed it in her story book and forget she did that.
    Something else worried Manilla. The Martin she knew didn’t believe in Pre-Marital sex yet Sarah claimed he had sex with her. That’s strange. She decided to investigate the Marvin- Martin guy thoroughly.
    Within one week, she saw a few fundamental differences between the Martin she knew and the Marvin she initially thought was Martin. Martin was jovial, principled and conservative but Marvin was quite carefree and liberal but not all forgiving.
    To finalize her investigation, she went to Doreen, Martin’s mother.
    Upon seeing her Doreen asked “What do you want here?”
    Her attitude was quite understandable. Doreen and Lucy were friends-turned -enemies and Manilla was Lucy’s daughter. Manilla ignored her cold reception and succinctly told her, Ma’am,
    “ I think Martin has a twin brother.
    Doreen said, “ I knew I gave birth to Twins but one died during delivery.”
    “Maybe he didn’t die, said Manilla and showed Doreen the two pictures.They looked the same to Doreen but she still didn’t believe Manilla.Manilla suggested to Doreen to go and see Marvin for herself. Soon Doreen reached the entrance of Marvin’s great Mansion and guest who the watchman was, Dickson, the fire service man who raped Doreen.
    Doreen ignored him and entered Marvin’s house, She saw Marvin. He indeed looked exactly like Martin although she knew quite instinctively that he was not Martin. At that point , she believed what Manilla said. The boy Marvin was indeed her son, an identical twin. Shock waves reverberated through her anatomy. Just then.Doreen looked at him for a long time and said, Marvin, This is DICKSON VANDERPUYE. YOUR WATCH MAN IS YOUR FATHER AND A RAPIST !!!
    “ What?” Marvin was quite embarrassed. Before he could blink an eye, Dickson Knelt before him and Doreen and said, ” please, forgive me. I was overcome by lust. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour, the king of king and Lord of Lord, the one who sacrificed himself at Golgata for the redemption of our sins, “PLEASE FORGIVE ME.”
    Doreen looked at him. He was crying like a baby. She said, I will think about it. After much crying, Doreen looked at Dickson and pointed out to Marvin saying, ” that is one of the by product of the rape. MARVIN IS YOUR SON, DICKSON. They are twins. Marvin had returned from America to look for us. The second one, Martin, had travelled to America to look for greener pastures.
    Dickson’s eyes widened in shock. He realised it now. He had been working for his own son as a watchman. He looked forward to seeing his second son, Martin.Crying again, Marvin hugged his Father Dickson, saying, father, “ I have forgiven you.”
    Something kept bothering Doreen. How come the nurse who delivered her of the babies never told her she gave birth to Twins.
    Marvin narrated the nurses’ confession to them. Doreen was infuriated and rushed to the hospital to confront Dora but alas, she had quit. The administrator said she resigned three days ago.
    Marvin reunited with his father and mother. He yearned to see his brother Martin because he heard a lot about him. He was afraid of one main thing though. Doreen told him Martin had dated Sarah before.
    Episode 36 is Loading …

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    Hmn! I don’t blame Nurse Dora

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    Full Realization And Reunification

    [ Sarah’s Viewpoint ]

    Though Doreen kept insisting Marvin was not Martin, I still didn’t believe her. To me, Marvin was Martin and Martin was Marvin. It was just a game. I was at home when Martin(Marvin) called me. He said I should come to his residence right away. I asked him what was happening but he said it was a surprise. When I reached his mansion, I noticed his gateman Dickson had been replaced with a much younger man in his mid twenties.
    ” Good morning ma’am,” he greeted me.
    “Good morning, please is Marvin at home?” I asked.
    “Yes,ma’am, “ the security man said.
    I stepped into the house and realized a party was going on. Marvin welcome me to his residence. Before I could utter a word, I saw another young man that really look like ‘Marvin.’
    The young man fixed his gaze on me and called out my name, “SARAH!!”
    The moment he called me, something shook in me and my brain flashed back in quick succession and then halted on a scene. Suddenly, I remembered everything. I screamed his name,
    My mind flashed back to the first time I met him thinking he was my brother, his failed marriage , the DNA test, how I foiled his marriage , Our planned marriage. I slipped and fell, hitting my head hard on the cemented floor.It all came back to me like a movie. I was amazed at the unfolding of those scenes in my mind. Martin was my first boyfriend, not Marvin.
    “Hmmm, Martin, what happened after I slipped down on our wedding day and where have you been?” I asked.
    Martin looked quite sad. He responded, “after you slipped down and hit your head on the cemented floor, you lost your memory and was admitted at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. I visited you everyday until your father stopped me. He blamed me for your misfortunes. Later, I got the chance to go to the USA.
    I returned two days ago?”
    Realization dawned on me. I have mistaken Marvin for Martin because they were identical Twins. How could I? It looked like I was in the family of Twins. Remember I had Twin brothers too- Mario and Marcelo and I was dating Twins.
    For over five minutes, there was an uneasy silence between Martin and I. Martin was my first and only true love. I had shown him unconditional love but he was always ambivalent about his love for me. The fibers of love burnt within me for Martin.
    Martin took me to a quiet place where we could have a little chat.
    In the backyard garden, I fixed my gaze on Martin. Then I gave him a passionate hug and kiss. We hugged each other as if there was no tomorrow. All the sentiments I had for him resurfaced.I have never stopped loving him even though my love have shifted to his twin brother mistakenly during my brain concussion. Now that I regain my memory, I realized the love I had for Martin was unparalleled. My joy knew no bound. My one and only true Martin is back. Then Martin said, “I’m back here to marry you and take you with me to America.”
    That’s unbelievable.It sounded too good to be true. In my moment of joy, I tuned round and saw someone staring at me from the back.He was Marvin. There was a tinge of jealousy in his eyes.
    Probably, no one told Martin I had been dating his twin brother before he returned .
    Even though Martin and Marvin were Twins, there were fundamental differences between them. Martin was much more fun to be with. He’s more principled and conservative and perhaps more intelligent than Marvin. But Marvin has his strength too. He was sociable,adaptive and more sophisticated.
    I was very happy Martin had returned and United With his brother, father and mother. Together we would become one great family. When I got married to Martin, it would be “happy ever after.”
    The following week, I realized changes in my body. My breast became fuller, I feel nauseous and slept a lot. Then I missed my period.I knew immediately I was pregnant for Marvin. That night I had sex with him in his residence.
    “Awww, God, why now. Just when we were planning to resume our marriage plan, the devil had decided to block it again by bringing in pregnancy. I knew Martin would never marry me if he knew I got pregnant for his twin brother Marvin. But I couldn’t hide it from him too. Abortion came into my mind. I could just take it out and solve the problem.
    Just when I was contemplating on what to do, Martin materialized.
    “Are you pregnant?” he asked me. I was quiet. He asked me again and I was quiet. Then he said, “You are pregnant for my brother, Marvin. Isn’t it? You mistook him for me and had sex with him thinking I changed my mind on premarital sex. No. I hate pre-marital sex and I would always remained solidly behind that principle.Sex is for married couples, Sarah. I keep telling you this. Now that you are pregnant , don’t ever think of abortion.”
    After saying that, he left. I felt my world coming down on me like waves. Martin would bounced me again because of the pregnancy.I knew it. I could feel it.

    ☆☆THE END ☆☆



    Every mortal shall dance to the tune of destiny. What will be will be and what won’t be won’t be. We may try all we can but the destiny of love is beyond our control. We can’t always have what we desire unless such desires work in line with our destiny.
    It is ironical that Sarah who loved Martin with a passion ended up with Marvin instead of Martin. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom he named after Martin Junior Vanderpuye. Marvin had renowned his USA citizenship and became a full Ghanaian.
    Mavis and Dora were arrested and sentenced to ten years imprisonment with hard labour after pleading guilty to baby thievery, kidnapping and trafficking.
    Martin returned to the USA. He is now in a relationship with the Annabelle, the white lady who conducted the interview for him when he went to the USA.From time to time, he calls home to check on the family.
    Lucy and Stephen strengthened their marriage and promised to be faithful to each other. Doreen got married to Dickson. The two friends-turned-enemies, Doreen and Lucy decided to reconcile and become good friends again.
    My dear Reader, always remember, what will be will be. You don’t need to force it. We must all carry the cross of our destiny.

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    Whatever will be will be!

    Thank you for this wonderful piece

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    Nice story

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    Que sera sera.

    Whatever will be will be.

    Thank you my broda man.

    My amiable Writer , ❤️ 👈 you plenty.

    Well-done and God bless you.

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    A good job welldone this story is really slendid

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