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    Written & submitted by our Guest writer Onihaxy

    BRO. Paul

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    Paul was born into a family of three. His father is a corporate
    worker who sets out as early as 5am in the morning only to
    return home at 10pm and above.
    His mother was a business woman who sells provisions in
    wholesale and retails. She also closed as late as 10pm. Paul has two junior sisters who were in KG 2 and primary 4 respectively
    while he was in SS2.
    Due to lack of parental
    monitoring, paul had mingled with the bad guys in his neighbourhood. Every evening after school, he would go to the
    neighbourhood to play, the bad guys would send him to buy cigarettes and alcoholic drinks.
    Atimes, he would be sent to call a pretty lady passing by.

    At ss3, paul had started smoking
    indian hemp, his parent tried so many times to correct him but he had turned to a dry fish difficult to bend. Paul had became notorious in the neighbourhood
    causing trouble and atrocities. He wrote his first jamb after ss3 at 18 but he failed. he made another 3 attempts at the next 3
    consecutive years and still failed.

    he was frustrated with his failure and yet, he wouldn’t give up on his bad attitude,.
    He was at home one day watching a programme on the
    TV station and after the program, a religious program came up.
    Paul was captivated by the preacher and followed the preaching bumper to bumper. It got to a point, the preacher made mention that
    “you should make a difficult vow with God and be serious with it.
    It should be something that will
    cost you pain . And tell God that if you can do this particular thing
    for me, this is what I will give you/ do for you.”.. Paul got the
    message and decided to give it a trial. He promised God to be born again and served him with the whole of his live on campus and beyond if God could give him an
    admission the following year. As
    luck would have it, paul gained admission to study micro-biology the following year. At the
    beginning of his year one. He was finding it difficult to born again due to the high number of pretty chicks who were freshers on campus. They were indeed
    tempting and seductive. The way
    this girls packaged their assets could make a G.O commit “side- game”.

    To be continued……

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    Episodes 1-6 On First page.

    Episode 7-End

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    At first semester, paul enjoyed life, f----d 3 freshers and clubbed forgetting that he made a promise to God. Towards the
    end of first semester, he had a dream seeing an old man in
    white gown reminding him of
    the promises he made before he got his admission. He woke up and began to cry, he cried and realized he didn’t fulfilled his
    promises. The following week, he
    joined a fellowship of one of his numerous girlfriends.

    At the beginning of second semester, paul became a changed person. He stopped flirting and clubing. He joined bible
    study and Prayer units. He was so fervent in the service that he barely missed any of the weekly
    programs and activities, you would always see paul at every campus religious gatherings and events.

    At 200level, he was made the bible study secretary of his
    fellowship. He was so diligent in the stewardship that he was made the president of his
    Fellowship at 300level. All through this periods, paul was
    binding and casting out demons and doing special miraculous
    works. The entire campus could feel it that there was someone named paul.

    He graduated from school and went for his NYSC and was
    posted to a public secondary school in calabar, that was where trouble started………………….

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    Bro paul got to NYSC. He was posted to a public secondary
    school. he tried to keep and maintain his religious standard
    at all cost but temptation started
    befalling him. Many of the students would walk pass him flaunting their “ukwus’ and “bobby”. He was trying all his
    best to resist the intimate urges and temptations with the power of the holy-spirit in him and it
    worked. Three months after his
    commencement in the school, another female corper named
    eunice was posted to the school.

    Eunice was 29years old, a very beautiful and elegant lady. She was naturally pretty and endowed.
    Eunice was a rough girl who had flexed and enjoyed her life as a runs girl while on campus and had the determination of
    hooking a God fearing guy during service. Weeks after
    eunice commencement of her
    service to her fatherland at the same PPA with bro paul, they became friends. Eunice studied paul and noticed he was a God
    fearing man, without wasting time, she began to form holy just to gain the attention of paul, she
    would sing gospel song, read xtian books, she stopped using jewellery and made sure she wore moderate clothes. Bro paul was carried away by the looks and display of Christianity, he was happy that he met a dedicated xtian like him and didn’t bother to involve God into it, he followed his mind and asked eunice out. Without
    wasting much time, eunice gave a YES answer after 2 weeks and that started dating.

    As time went on, eunice couldn’t
    hold on to abstinence has she began to desire for sex in the
    relationship. He tried so many means to seduce bro paul but he kept resisting. After long weeks of resistance, bro paul finally fell for it and they have sex after
    4months of the relationship.

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    Bro paul started drowning spiritually into the ocean of
    eunice’s touch. Every moment, bro paul would go on his kneels and cry to God for forgiveness, only to fall back on eunice laps weeks later. His prayer and devotion life began to reduce
    drastically to the extent that he hardly read bible as
    frequently as before. (That is the power of woman I must say,
    behind the downfall of most spiritual leaders are women of
    easy virtue who knows how to
    manipulate them to get what they wanted).

    Paul began to struggle with his spiritual life. He began to hear
    strange voices and found it difficult to identify the voice of
    the holy spirit from that of the devil, one voice will say “paul!
    Paul! Paul!!!, leave that woman alone, she is going to destroy you!!!. Then another one will say,
    paul! Paul! Paul!!!, he who finds a wife has found a good thing and obtains favour from ME. Do not loose her because she will make a good wife with her cool and
    nice attitude!!”. He loved eunice so much because eunice seems
    to posses everything he wanted in a woman, the intimate
    intercourse was just the problem with this two lover birds. At one moment, they will pray and cry to
    God not to indulge in immorality again. At another moment, they
    are both back to the bed. “This must be the devil’s trick” bro paul
    thought. He decided to take a great risk that involved his life.
    After so many failed attempt to flee immorality, he called eunice into his room one evening, he
    went on his kneels and told eunice to do the same. He told
    her about his decision to finally quit sex until marriage, though
    eunice wasn’t feeling
    comfortable with the decision, she enjoys sex but she isn’t
    ready to loose paul simply because paul is a God fearing man who loves God and also cared for her, eunice believed that she can’t be maltreated by
    paul and believed paul will always be there to help in times
    of prayers and sacrifices. She
    pretended to be cool with the “no more sex” decision with the
    mindset that paul would still fall back on her laps.

    Paul held her hands, they both closed their eyes and paul started
    praying and crying for
    forgiveness. After 15 minutes into the prayer, bro paul made a strong vow to God on behalf of the love birds and he said, “oh
    lord, any day WE decided to engage in intimate again, may
    WE be strike with leprosy and epilepsy instantly!! AMEN”. Eunice was shocked to the extent that her heart almost burst out of her chest, she removed her hands
    and stood up, she refused to say Amen to it and she frowned her face and telling paul how she felt bad because she wasn’t
    consulted before making the leprosy vow. Paul walked to her, held her and comforted her, he
    made her to see reasons for his vows and promised to be there for her in everything. He made
    her realised that the delay in sex will hasten his urges for it and will help to fast track his marriage preparations. Eunice
    thought for a while, she enjoyed love making but she never
    wanted to loose paul due to his God fearing and cool headed
    attitude. She agreed with paul and they both resumed to
    continue the prayers………….

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    Weeks after weeks, months flies, they were struggling with their intimate urges anytime they are
    together. They would engage in kissing and romance, but when
    they got to love making mood.
    Something will strike bro paul’s heart like thunder, reminding him of his pledge and vows, and the urges would die down
    immediately. When paul realises that he was only punishing
    himself with the romance of a thing. He decided to put and end to every romance and kisses. He decided to remain on holy hugs until they are married. Gradually,
    paul was getting back to his spiritual stand. He now prays regularly and also studies his bible. Eunice wasn’t getting
    comfortable with paul again, she isn’t getting the pleasure and emotional attention she always
    wished for, but she had no choice than to wait and be patient since she isn’t ready to loose paul.
    3months to the end of NYSC, eunice impatient grows into
    maturity and she decided to seek
    comfort in the arms of valentine who happens to be one of her toasters who eventually became
    her friend. They began to get
    intimate within the twinkle of an eye, eunice began to find
    valentine interesting and lively because he would always discuss
    and say dirty things she wanted to hear, with time, she reduced her visitation to paul and increased her visitation to
    valentine, since paul was more concerned about spiritual
    growth and less about emotions and romance, eunice’s attention of hanging out was now on val.

    “I will keep paul for marriage and keep val for friendship” eunice
    said to herself.
    2months to the end of NYSC, eunice and valentine began to
    have romance, but each time they were about to move on to
    love making, eunice was always scared of the vow she and paul
    made together, and she would always cry and resist. She always
    wanted to have fun but she wasn’t ready to suffer leprosy
    and epilepsy. After several resistances, val decided to get
    what he wanted in a hard way.
    He drugged eunice’s drink and eunice became weak and went unconscious. Valentine had his
    way and made love to eunice.
    When eunice became concious, she realised what valentine had
    done to her and she began to cry. Valentine tried to comfort her but he got a slap in return as
    eunice walked out in tears….

    To be continued.

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    Eunice got back to her room, closed up the door and began to
    cry, she would check her skin over and over again every minutes hoping to see leprosy on her spotless skin, she switched off her phone and neither paul nor valentine was able to reach her, after hours of crying, she thought of it that it would be better for her to go to paul and
    confess her sins maybe paul would be able to pray to God on
    her behalf.

    The next day in school, Eunice was sad and scared of relating her sins to paul. Paul also was wondering what could have went wrong with eunice
    because the sad look was obvious on her face. After closing
    for the day, Eunice followed paul to his apartment. On getting
    inside, eunice began to cry, paul was worried about what could have happened. He pulled eunice closer and said “whatever it is, please stop crying and tell me about it please. Eunice minimised
    her crying after several pleas and
    cuddling. She took the boldness to start a conversation. “Paul, you see, ehhhhmm, I don’t know how to say it, ehhhhm” eunice was stammering. “Pls just say it in any way you can please” paul
    whispered silently.
    ” Ehm paul. I know it is not morally and religiously right to
    say this, you know, we are humans, though I am religious
    but not up to your level, you know………..” Eunice was beating
    around the bush.
    “Eunice, please just hit the nail at the head”
    Paul said.

    ” Ehm paul, atimes, I used to have this feelings of kissing you, holding you tight, feeling your heartbeat, laying my head on your chest but………………………….”
    Eunice began to cry again. Paul pulled her closer, wiped her tears and looked into her eyes. “Eunice my love, don’t speak further, I knew what you wanted to say, I
    just don’t want to jump at it.

    “Really , eunice was nervous, thinking that holy spirit had
    revealed to paul about her lovemaking with val…….”, paul replied ” yes dear, I understand
    how you feel, I felt your pain. The truth is that the pain is mutual, I’m not also comfortable here.
    Doing all these things you said isn’t a problem to me. But my main problem is that it would give me intimate arousal and
    urges which will make us thirsty to have sex. And you still
    remembered the vow?”. Eunice nodded.

    “So eunice, I just felt it would be better not to perceive the aroma
    of the food we can’t eat. I told God to strike us with leprosy and epilepsy any moment we have
    intimate intercourse, and I’m not ready to face God’s wrath”.
    Eunice’s heart beats faster on hearing about the vows again,
    she became restless and asked “you mean when YOU and I
    having sex?” Paul replied “Yes”.
    She asked again, you mean “YOU and I?”, paul replied again “YES, is there any problem”?. “NO” said
    She hugged paul and felt relieved inside of her with the thoughts
    that since it wasn’t between paul and her, she was save. Paul also cuddled her and promised to be
    romantic in a moderate way that
    won’t raise any intimate urge.

    Eunice returned home with relieve in her heart. She switched
    on her phone and saw 15 apology texts from valentine. 3 days later, she forgave val and
    they resumed their intimate friendship, val was surprised that
    eunice no longer resist him again
    whenever its time to make love…………………..

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    Story continues by 12pm

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