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    [STORY] Broken: Episode 1

    “I hate women”; I know hate seems like a strong word but that’s the only emotion I feel towards them; then maybe disgust. I mean, what else can I feel when the woman I loved with all my heart for four years told me she never really loved me, and that it was more like she stayed so long because she felt pity for me. This was my third failed relationship and I believe everything is wrong with how the love section of my life story was written.

    My first relationship seemed promising at first. Kemi and I were extremely close and we never really had problems, just minute arguments here and there. Although everything came crashing down when she slept with one of my friends and he bragged about it to my face, “Omo she bad!” he said. Till today I cannot comprehend how that happened exactly, but she didn’t even deny it. My second relationship was supposed to be a passing fling in the beginning but then it turned into something serious and lasted for six months, Vivian was a light-skinned goddess with an amazing personality. She brightened my day just by smiling, I swear I thought that was finally it, I’d found the “one”. But then good things always come to an end, don’t they?

    Three failed relationships within five years and I was left with a heart that barely functioned.


    I stared at the query letter with so much disdain, my attention at work had reduced drastically since the break-up. I refused to drown my sorrows in alcohol simply because drinking makes me go full retard. My job here at Apex Bank was simple but frustrating, I worked in the IT department and for the better part of my day, I was seated helping the “dazed & confused” customers.

    The query was a result of an incident that happened at work recently, I was sent by my supervisor to help setup internet connection in a new branch that was about to open, my colleague and I were busy setting up the connection when the branch manager who happened to be a woman walked in and yelled at us saying we were taking too long to just setup “simple internet”, I turned around with so much anger packed in my gut and with my head about to explode, and told her to go act like a b---h somewhere else.

    I know it wasn’t my finest moment but the anger that had been stored in me for so long finally got out. I felt the silence around me for a moment, she stared at me with disbelief and then walked away, her departure was followed by the loud laughter of my colleague and I knew my death was imminent. On my arrival at the office, my supervisor called me and asked for an explanation but all I could say was “I was having a bad day”. He gave me the query, asked me to answer it, and then head back to that branch and apologise to the manager.

    I’ve been seated in front of my laptop trying to explain why I was having a bad day and all I could write were these three words: I HATE WOMEN.

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    Old boy u neva explain any tin b dat o, next.

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    Oya we dey here!!

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    continue pls

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    This gonna be interesting.

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    [STORY] Broken: Episode 2

    I had a really shitty day and I am going to put the blame on every living creature that has a protruding growth on its chest known as breasts. I spent the entire day at work trying to figure out the way a woman’s mind works, I know that’s quite impossible but as interesting as they are, they’re also quite stupid. Women demand that they want to be treated like men; they want to have equal rights but refuse to bear the same responsibilities that a man does. That’s just pure undiluted stupidity right there, their responsibility lies in the kitchen and in the bedroom if they’re not so lazy.

    Putting a woman on the helm of affairs in an organization is just a recipe for disaster, she’s like a time bomb waiting to explode when she’s under pressure, and brethren you don’t want to be in their cross-hairs when they’re on their period and need to make an important decision. A woman knows that she’s subservient and she will always be that way but the feminist in her won’t calm down and realize the reality that her job is to submissive to a man and he reciprocates by showering her with his love and affection. Self-proclaimed feminists are going to rise up and tag this as an insult to women but there will be more peace in the world if they just accept this one simple truth: WOMEN ARE SUBSERVIENT TO MEN.

    Almost all the women in my office that hold superior positions all have the same problem: They are all single. After years of bagging several degrees, they’ve come to believe that they cannot be involved with any man ”inferior to them” and he needs to have at least a six figure salary. They don’t want to settle for an average man and that’s going to leave them single for a long time.

    This all seems like a cry for help and a bad way to generalize women but I don’t really care about all that, I just want to fade out and disappear. I can taste this hatred for women in my tongue or that could just be the after taste of the …

    I submitted my query reply to my boss and concluded my work for the day before heading home, my apartment was a constant reminder of all the ladies that broke my heart but I couldn’t move out because I didn’t have the luxury of pouring money into a new apartment. I prepared something to eat but the loss of appetite took over me and I delved into my deep thinking process again, I was going to shut myself off from the world and live my life like a hermit. There’s so much more to life than trying to always impress these women that don’t deserve me.

    Henceforth, I’m going to write down all these thoughts that flow through my mind in a journal of some sort and try to reflect on them. These words of mine might make no sense to some people but I find solace in those words and I hope they bring me the much needed comfort that I crave badly.

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