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    Enjoy this short story Tittled:


    I have never doubted anyone the way I
    doubted my immediate past girlfriend. No, it
    didn’t start that way from the beginning, I
    love giving people room for doubts and I really
    gave her enough room and even made
    excuses on her behalf. Maybe, she must have
    noticed my patience and penchant(I don’t
    even know if penchant is the right word
    here but I will let that pass at least for now)
    for long-suffering and decided to exploit the
    lamb in me.

    I met Bukkie through a colleague; you know
    how people joke around in work places
    sometimes? Yes?! Correct, that was what I
    did one day. I had mentioned albeit jokingly
    that I didn’t have a girlfriend not for wont of
    trying but that I haven’t seen one that
    matched what I was looking for in a lady and
    that I wouldn’t mind connected to a serious,
    hard working and a decent one. My colleague,
    Moji overheard that discussion and told me
    when everyone had dispersed from our very
    popular and most visited water dispenser
    corner that she had a lovely girl she would
    love to connect me with. She frantically
    painted a picture of a wonderful lady whom
    she believed and even vowed I would
    christened Blessing once we start going out.

    That conviction according to her was
    because she had been a tremendous blessing
    top her since she met her. Who doesn’t like
    better thing? I started itching to see this
    wonderful lady so described and painted in
    glowing colours. However, I insisted on seeing
    her pictures first to know if she scored well
    in the essential departments. I was
    impressed by what I saw in the pictures Moji
    showed me. Did I just say impressed?

    Scratch that! I was blown away by her very
    impressive look. She scored very highly in the
    two major departments most guys love to
    see on the ladies; the part departments that
    made quotes constructors come up with the
    phrase, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. He he he!

    Few days later, I met Bukkie and we talked.
    Like the saying goes, the rest is history.

    Fast forward to some weeks later; I have
    met Bukkie, I have toasted her, she had
    agreed for me (using local parlance) and
    we’ve started going out. I’m not sure she said
    yes because I used words that swept her
    off the ground neither did I say what she
    hadn’t heard before. I guess she had already
    agreed (for me) even before I opened my
    mouth to say what I said to her. Don’t tell me
    you are surprised to hear this (that I toasted
    a lady and she there and then said yes?) or
    are you surprised? Really? You haven’t seen
    or heard that before? Anyway, while you
    deal with that question, let me continue with
    my story. I was staying in the kind of
    apartment most Lagosians popularly
    referred to as a mini flat(a room, a sitting
    room, a toilet, a bathroom and a kitchen, all
    en-suite). As far as those kinds of
    apartments are concerned, it is immaterial
    whether the sizes of the rooms are like that
    of a matchbox. It does not matter. The
    nomenclature is the most important thing-
    mini flat. Bukkie was also staying in one in
    another part of town. Her part of town is
    more developed than mine.

    So, not too long after we started out, going
    out I mean, she opened the book of Bukkie to
    me and read everything to me. Or so I thought
    at that time. She told me where she worked,
    how much she earned and some other
    personal life’s struggles. Typical of me, I
    encouraged her and told her what she could
    do to depend less on her salary. I was
    already doing that at the moment. But
    somehow, her story didn’t match what I saw
    in her apartment, the apartment was
    tastefully furnished far above what she
    could have done with her salary. Anyway,
    she was grateful to hear what I was doing
    that made me depend less on my salary. She
    started implementing what I told her in a
    couple of days and the result was instant.
    Things started looking up.
    Less than two months into our relationship,
    some drama broke out. No, I didn’t see it that
    way then. I have a better picture of
    everything now with the benefit of
    hindsight. Bukkie called me one night to tell
    me what she described as a development. I
    didn’t know what to think about, so I
    approached the meeting with a blank mind.

    The meeting happened over the phone. “Did
    you remember that my Ex I told you about, the
    one that stays abroad now?” I responded in
    the affirmative. “Ehen, you won’t believe it,
    the guy called me the other day to say he
    had shipped a car to me and when I asked
    why, he said it was his token to me for being
    such a nice girl to him.” See me see story!

    How do you respond to such a story? Argue,
    disagree, agree or what exactly should I have
    done? Or what exactly would you have done
    if you were in my shoes? Well, I found the
    courage to respond to the development as
    she called it. He was called an Ex, he wasn’t
    in the country, I haven’t seen him before; so
    what is my own? I decided to see the gift of
    a car as a harmless gift. Emphasis is on I
    decided. So, I congratulated Bukkie (wasere!)
    but later tactically teased her. I joked that
    the guy was bidding and making way for his
    second coming. Bukkie waved that thought
    aside and vowed it was impossible. She even
    teased me back,“don’t tell me you are jealous
    already?” Who likes to accept that tag? I
    re-adjusted both my body language and my
    voice to dispel the insinuation that I was
    jealous. Accept that I was jealous?For
    where?! I sabi jeaslous?
    Seven days later, the car I arrived.
    Apparently, the arrangement had been made
    and car shipped before I was informed by
    my very own Bukkie. She was happy for her
    new baby. I was happy for her new baby.

    Spot the difference! My happiness and hers
    couldn’t have been on the same level. I was
    happy for her, for her latest acquisition; she
    was happy for her latest acquisition. Again,
    spot the difference! Well, we moved on. Life
    continued. The relationship continued.

    Some of months later, another scenario very
    similar to the car story played out again. This
    time around, Mr. Ex sent money to Bukkie to
    rent a better apartment (the brief was
    specific, “rent a flat in an up scale part of
    the city.”) and she had gone ahead to carry
    out the brief to the latter. Again, I didn’t
    know about the brief until she got the place
    and was ready to move in. My dear Bukkie
    informed me that she would be moving
    houses “very soon.” I can’t even remember
    exactly how I responded to her but I know
    that I was shocked especially when it
    dawned on me that the money for the new
    place was sent by Mr. Ex. You could cut the
    silence that enveloped us with a knife when
    she narrated how she came about the

    For days, I had to subject myself to a
    session of question and answer. I asked
    myself some hard questions and by the time I
    answered those questions, my next move
    became clearer to me. I called off
    the relationship. When I conveyed my
    decision to Bukkie, she flipped as if I had no
    right to get angry at her “success”, she
    couldn’t understand why I should reason the
    way I did. She was visibly angry with me,
    though I suspect that anger was just a front.

    I know you are wondering what my colleague
    said when she heard the relationship had
    packed up? She was lost for words.
    Towards the end of the year, one fateful
    evening like that, I was scrolling up and down
    the update on BBM and when I noticed that
    all her friends including my colleague had
    changed their DPs and PMs . The DP had a
    picture of lady’s finger decorated with an
    engagement ring. The PMs read, “I’m happy
    for you Bukkie, congratulations on your
    engagement; the messages came in different
    forms and constructions.

    To cut my story short, Bukkie married Mr. Ex
    the following year, in February to be precise.

    Everything took place in the apartment she
    rented before our relationship collapsed.
    Looking back, I have no regrets for quitting
    that relationship at the time I did. All I have
    for now is just a question, Bukkie why?


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    Bukkie Z

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    Kia!!!…..women get mind i swear,though am nt surpriz

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    Bukkie why

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    lolzzz dis na confirm jazz

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    U didn’t lose anytin so relax

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    Thank your star

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    It’s a real mood killer.. Guyz meant for ladies like bukkie are Snakie, onihaxy and Fury.. #SMH Mehn! your life won’t remain the same…

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