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    in case you missed season 1 check the link below

    A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel

    Episode One

    I entered Akwa-Ibom a day to the NYSC camp
    resumption. I had picked a cab at the park and
    asked where I could get an accommodation. The
    friendly cab man drove me to a hotel not very far
    from the NYSC camp, I could easily get to camp
    when it opens the following day. After he dropped
    me at the hotel, I paid him and collected his
    contact because I would be needing his services
    later in the evening and the following day. I
    checked in and settled in the hotel, showered and
    laid in bed to rest, setting the alarm of my phone at
    6pm. Shania’s flight as she told me will be landing
    at Akwa-Ibom airport from Lagos by 6pm, I slept
    off afterwards.
    After the NYSC posting came out, and co-
    incidentally I was posted in the same state with
    Precious and Shania, I foresaw drama unfolding in
    the future. I wanted to tell Shania but decided
    against it. It should better be a surprise to the both
    of us when we meet in camp. I wouldn’t know what
    her reaction might be, would she believe me if I tell
    Precious after her message, kept calling but I did
    well not to pick her calls so that when we meet at
    the camp everybody will look surprised. Since we
    were to report to camp one week after the printing
    of our call up letters, I know the waiting won’t be
    long before the drama began.
    On the contrary, my sisters had told me of how fun
    camping would be. It had always been something I
    was looking forward to. Jenny had warned me to be
    careful with the two girls I was going to Akwa-Ibom
    with after I told her about the posting. She had also
    jokingly told me not to bring home a pregnant
    woman after my service year. A night before I left
    for camp, the family had convened a meeting on
    my behalf and advice and prayers kept pouring from
    every angle. At the end of the meeting, it was a
    relief going to bed.
    I woke up to my phone ringing, it was my mum
    calling. After I talked with her, sleep eluded me. It
    was not yet 6pm so I showered and went down to
    the bar. I settled with a bottle of Harp and surveyed
    the hotel premises. A lot of taxis were coming with
    people I believe to be prospective corps members.
    Since the hotel was close to the Camp, it was in
    the right site. I was still looking around when two
    girls came into the bar. These girls have got a
    height to kill for, both fair and their skin shun in the
    evening sun. One was slim looked more like those
    that can eat a bucket of food but you can hardly see
    them add a pound while the other was plump with
    the right portion of Bosom and bum.
    They settled in the table opposite mine. The plump
    girl went to place their order leaving the slim one to
    her phone. I was dazed by their beauty and
    exceptional resemblance. No doubt they are twins.
    While looking around the bar her eyes met mine
    looking at her, she smiled and nodded while I did
    same. What a beautiful smile she has. It will be dirt
    on my honor if I allow these girls to go without
    becoming friends with them. I was still
    contemplating on the move to make when the
    plump girl came back with a pack of yoghurt and
    small bottle of magic moment and two glass cups.
    Picking my bottle, I went around to their table.
    “Hi! Do you ladies mind if I join here?”
    “No! It’s no problem, make yourself comfy,” the
    slim girl replied with a smile while the plump girl
    also smiled too.
    “Thanks. You are corps members? I asked settling
    “Yea Prospective” she replied stressing the
    prospective and laughing.
    “Come on, once you are mobilized, you are a corps
    member already.”
    “You can’t be so sure until you are done with the
    camp registration without any issue.” The plump girl
    said amidst pouring their drink.
    “By the way, I’m Purity a prospective corps
    member” I said making sure to stress the
    “Purity?” the slim girl asked while the plump girl
    “Yes, why?” I asked surprised at their reaction.
    “Is that your real name or a nick?”
    “It’s my real name, are you surprised?”
    “Yea, by the way I’m Purity and this is my twin
    sister Divine?”
    “You gats be
    To Be Continued…

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    Bestie @Onahsunday631 the season two is here

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    Reply To: Campus Dilemma Season Two (NYSC Tale: A Clarion Call To Confusion)

    “you gat to be kidding me”


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    Hay Kay
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    dey gat to b kidding you ryt

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    why do u want to add to ur troubles male purity

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    thanks baby @victoriouschild


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