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    watching and guessing what happens

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    keep on rolling

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    i cant laffff!!!
    ou presido dey vex

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    Wordsmith Publication
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    Captain Jackson season 2

    Episode 18b & 19a
    (Written by Lucky Thompson)

    Episode 18 b

    Captain Jackson’s pov cont

    When the bright faded completely, i moved toward the diamond crystal, input some security code. It open revealing the diamononds, i picked out one push in the close grasp and the crystaline case close back. I turm swiftly to the interception link, place the diamond on the radiating metal, stepped back as i watch the metal radiated crystaline rays and finally emited a direct shot of light to the Mirrow at the front.
    Weezing sounds followed suit and almost immediately stopped as a man appeared. He was no other person than the great Colonel Williams himself.

    Location: counter force base

    Lt. Pete and capt. Austine were seen moving towards an already mobilized troops.
    ” hope you boys are ready for this show? ”
    Brgd. Brown ask his guests as they made headway towards the helipad.
    ” yes sir! ”
    pete replied him throwing up a mock salute while his comrades laugh.
    They all entered the chopper and were soon airborn
    “We are going to the ICT unit to run some background survillence and tracking on the attack im Nigeria ”
    Brgd. Brown announced
    “Yes, those Nigerians really surprised me, they defeated the general’s men woefully, coupled with th defeat received from the french republic an.sure the general will be very loyal now ”
    capt. Austine chucked out while comrades laughed out
    “Loyal indeed, he’ll even be more than loyal”
    pete chipped in as they continued laughing
    “We are descendind sir! ”
    Came the pilots voice over the headphone they were wearing
    “Rogger that serge, take us down ”
    brgd. Brown replied and the chopper started descending
    “Emgerdi boys ” He stressed out to his junior comrades

    Episode 19a

    As soon as thd chopper touched the pad, they started trooping out one after the other and were at the ICT unit in no time
    “Cleo, turn on the tracking severe, Bryan, set the footer active and Mr. Williams start running a background test on the severe, make sure its properly secured before launching into Nigeria’s drone for tracking”
    “Yes sir ” came the reply as they began working on their basuc assignments
    “Did i hear you say mr. Williams? ”
    Pete ask as soon as they were in the control room.
    “Yes, he is also a william, like i said before, there’s quit a long history about that name, i’ll tell you later but as for now, we gat lots of duty to perform ”
    just then Mr. Williams voice came on live on the speaker
    ” sir, Nigeria’s drone is inaccessable ”
    “Meaning? ”
    the brigadier ask
    “Meaning it has been lock to outsiders ”
    came williams reply
    “Try using their satelite ”
    “On it ………damnite! ,its reading connection blocked ”
    “F-----g shit! , can you connect me through to their survilence base? ”
    “Yes sir ”
    “Do it ”
    “Done sir! , over to you ”
    speaking into his mouth piece
    “Hello, this is Brigadier James Brown from the 2nd counter force troops ”
    “Good afternoon sah! , this is Mr. Yusuf speaking sah! ”
    “Good p.m sir Yusuf ”
    “How may i help you sah? ”
    ” em, you see Mr. Yusuf, the attack carried out on your soil was a U.S base military mastermined plan, but unfortunate it was a rebell group, so we are cracking on them , we wanted to track the footings from the combat site but weren’t granted access ”
    “Oh yes, i do remember, after the attack, the president ordered all drones and satellites to be locked to prevent penetration from outsiders ”
    “Oh i understand but please can you grant me access? ”
    “Drop your IP number ”
    ” AP234-005CFB ”
    “Done! ”
    ” Thank you yusuf ”
    “Welcome sah ”
    “Have a nice day ”
    call was disconnected
    “Willy any sign?”
    “Decodind IP addresss sir, ‘5seconds left ….. done! Access granted sir”
    “Bingo! …let the show begin ”


    Sorry for the delay in updat guys, was very busy to update, cause of excess work
    This episodes are dedicated to @vivian8 RIP my dear fellow writer.

    DTLC is back!

    Visit our blog

    For more!!

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    Okay continue

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    Princess Temi Tunde
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    amada u ar heartless to value an outsider more dan ur blood

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    Humble Patila
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    chai see as buhari de cap the girl hahahahaha

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    Omobolanle Idowu Shotunde
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    Very interesting story, but can’t see the final episode

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