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    Hahahahahahaha, tennie no mind dat guy wey make me remix him name jawe..


    If khola and u marry, wetin go happen to me and anitcham?

    Talk of say una come born parrots…


    Anywayz make i dey look as dat yeye khola go explain say no be wetin i dey tink. I dey wait for ur story khola…

    By dat time, u will c u will knw..

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    So, na wetin I dy miss be dis…. shoooo, this cassava, sorry Cassandra sweet o…. things we do for love…. abeg make una clear road, I wan sit down for front

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    My M.D…No mind her oo, con see her yesternight as she deh shout…..sorry……moan ontop say the thing no even touch her railway……nah now she con deh call me parrot…


    Aha…You know say even if ship con tumble, if ah go woke up, nah on you and Anitcham hand ah go woke up to…… Ah no do anything oo…we are just doing excursion……..

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    without salt ‘SOUP’ dey useless,, without spices ‘STEW’ dey useless,, without sound ‘MESS'(fart) dey useless,, without de smell ‘SHIT'(faeces) dey useless,, without erection mr ‘D--K’ dey useless,, without hole mrs ‘P**SY’ dey useless,, without fans ‘COOVAL22’ dey useless,, without comments ‘STORIES’ here dey useless,, without @Tennie & @Khola de parrot ‘COMMENTS’ dey useless,, FINALLY, without pple lyk me reading always @Tennie & @Khola’s ‘COMMENTS’ equally dey useless,,,,,,, SO KEEP IT UP GUYS & LET THE COMMENTS FLOWWW,,, ”ONE LOVE”

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    Episode 11

    Later in the night as we settled for a good night sleep. My heart pounded quickly out of excitement. I really was dying to make love to Cassandra. I so badly wanted to take the kiss she gave me earlier in the day which was still fresh in my memory to the next level. My excitement knew no bounds.

    ‘’Cassandra’’ I breathed, grabbing her waist as my heart pounded faster..

    ‘’I so much love you. I so much want to be with you for the rest of my life. Please make me a happy man.’’ I pleaded. She smiled and breathed deeply.

    ‘’I’m here with you my dear. I have no plans of going anywhere’’ she replied sweetly. I drew closer, kissing her forehead. She kept quiet and closed her eyes, an action which I saw as a green light to continue with what I planned doing.

    I so much wanted to make love to her. I so much wanted to relieve the tension in my waist. I so much wanted to be inside her. I so badly wanted to hear her scream and moan underneath me. I so much wanted to taste my Cassandra. I so much wanted to have a taste of her juicy body.

    Slowly reaching down, I touched her breast as the second step in tuning her up, slowly fondly the right side but she quickly held my hand, stopping me.

    ‘’oh Dave what do you want?’’ she asked like a child. I swallowed hard, and kissed her lips.

    ‘’I badly want to make you mine. I love you so much Cassandra. I want you’’ I breathed. She quickly drew back and sat up.

    ‘’we need to talk’’ she said, looking very serious.

    ‘’what do you want us to talk tonight?’’ I asked, sitting up and quickly controlling my raging hormones which were in the process of blowing out of proportion. I switched on the electric table lamp beside me in order to see her face clearly.

    ‘’yes I know you have been doing a lot for me lately. You have a very good and noble heart. All that i appreciate but I’m still yet to make a big decision concerning our relationship. Things between us are speeding much more than can be imagined. Yes It’s a good thing but nevertheless we should respect each other . A relationship is all about knowing each other, building up trust and setting up a harmonious future. Sex is never a priority and should be something done when the relationship has reached maturity. And what I mean by maturity, is after the relationship has been legalized by marriage. In other words, I’m among the few ladies who believe in *no sex before marriage*’’ she preached, leaving me totally demoralized with her words.

    Sensing my mood, She drew closer and caressed my chest, smiling reassuringly.
    ‘’listen my dear, sex isn’t something unmarried couples should engage in. it’s a very big sin, moreover I made a vow to God that I will keep my body and heart pure till marriage only if he will get me a good man. God answered my prayers by bringing you to me and I have to keep my vow’’ she added solemnly, throwing herself on me in an embrace. I held her tightly, sad but comforted with her words.

    ‘’so when are we meeting your parents. I’m so much in a hurry to meet them. I’m so much in a hurry to take our relationship to the next level’’ I pushed on, surprising her with my words. She quickly broke free from me and stared into my eyes. It was very obvious she wasn’t expecting such words from me.

    ‘’valentine’s day is about two weeks away. How about we visit your family and celebrate the festive day with them?’’ I offered seriously,pushing her back with my words. This time her face colored up with astonishment. Her hands shook for no reason.

    ‘’I’m very serious about you. I now leave the yam and knife with you. Everything is in your hands. Just tell me how it’s going to be like. Will you take me to your family on Valentine’s day?’’ I pushed on, drawing close to kiss her.

    ‘’do you really love me that much?’’ she asked with a slow whisper, surprising me with the question.

    ‘’oh yes I love you so much my dear. I will do anything to prove it’’ I replied quickly but the next thing I saw was tears in her eyes. Cassandra started crying for no reason. Perhaps it was tears of joy..

    ‘’no it cant be’’ she cried and backed me.

    To be continued`

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    Lol…. Dis Cassandra sabi drama wella o…

    i don tell u.. No let Kola deceive u… I be no 1… I jez dey look of una as u dey follow am play…he knws what he faces anytym he returns home..dnt worry i will soon send our i.v to u…(no come scatter am o)

    u too dey try me o.. Ehn ehn..

    @Chuksboy ….very funny..but dats d fact… We re all here 2 make evrything meaningful nd worthwhile… all we need is 2 wrk 2geda…

    na u go start d drama o… E be like sey i go like be among d cast…

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    Lol…….you pushed her to the edge…..let’s see what happen next

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    I wonder wat her excuse iz gonna b dis time

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