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    Continue please.

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    Go on

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    celine and hoffman

    celine and hoffman

    episode 4 and 5

    story by chindinma

    Simeons driver took off.
    “home right “.
    ” no not realy my parents would totally fire Mr Johnny”.
    ” so it’s my house then”.
    ” I guess”.
    Minutes later they arrived at simeons house?
    It was just as big as Gretels house
    Immediately the car dropped. few maids ran over to them one of them took simeons bag from his
    He grabbed Gretels hand and they walked into the main building Gretel sat down in the parlour
    “where are your parents”.
    “I stay alone”.
    (He smiles )
    “Your going to catch a cold”.
    He called one of the maids
    “sir “.
    “my friend here would like a hot bath thank you”.
    Simeon stood up and walked towards his room
    The maid turned to Gretel
    “pls follow me “,( she Said to gretel)
    ” oh ok”.
    She followed the Maid and just as she left her phone started ringing Mr John the driver was calling her
    Simeon on his path quickly took his bath he wore his slipper with a pair of shorts he was looking for something to where on top when Gretel barged into the room tying a white towel
    ” omg sowie, she tried walking out”.
    Simeon drew her back
    “hey its ok “. Simeon said dragging gretel back .
    “did you take my uniform I can’t find it”.
    “I think the maids are washing it “.
    She tried rushing out again
    He drew her back again
    “why are you so nervous “.
    “who, me? nervous, nooo “.
    “are going to tie that towel home?”.
    “I was hoping to wear my uniform didn’t know it was being washed so”.
    ” lucky you i think I have female cloths here
    he moved over to the cupboard and handed over a pretty short gown to her
    ” thanks,
    SIMEON stood looking at her
    “won’t you leave”. She asked
    “ok am leaving”.
    He leaves the room
    she quickly dressed up and rushed to the parlour where simeon sat she picked up her phone and saw the missed call
    ” my driver called”.
    ” call him back then”.
    She dialed the number
    “Gretel where are you”.
    ” am at a friends house how is your son”.
    “its realy bad he is in coma”.
    ” I realy liked that little boy I hope he will be fine”.
    “me too pls text me the address”.
    “ok She dropped the call “.
    “hey text me the address so I can send it to my driver”.
    “ok “.
    He texted her the address which Gretel forwarded to her driver
    She sat back down facing the tv
    “I am realy curious about something”.
    “what “.
    ” who Is your boyfriend “.
    “I don’t have a boyfriend”.
    ” that’s unbelievable “.
    “my turn”.
    “ok “.
    ” who owns this gown”?.
    ” my ex girlfriend”.
    ” wow that’s nice”.
    ” yea,so do u need anything water, food?
    “no don’t worry am ok:.
    ” if u say so”.
    Minutes later they heard a car Horn outside
    “my driver is here ”
    ” good bye I will bring your uniform to school”
    ” yes I would return your girlfriends gown too”
    ” ex”.
    “just kidding “.
    She rushed out and simeon returned to his movie
    Next morning ???
    Danny’s suite
    Danny walked into the dinner where Sandra already sat eating
    “good morning
    ” pls how’s my schedule
    ” the shoot starts by 10 and would end by 2 or 3 after that you are totally free
    Just then Danny’s phone rang it was Jennifer
    ” hey honey
    ” hey.
    I know you are mad but I am so sorry I was just so tired I forgot to call
    ” its ok so how are you .
    “fine how are you”.
    ” am great hope you are comfortable “.
    ” yes I am and even if I feel discomfort i just have to think of you right “.
    ” of course”.
    “so where are you
    ” just walking out of the mall”.
    ” ok I better go and get ready “, Danny said.
    ” ok I love you “, Jennifer added.
    “I will call you “.
    He drops the call
    He rushed into the bathroom and took his bath he got ready and headed for the shoot.
    *********?******* 2;30
    Celine rushed out with the 3rd tray of Orange for the day.she was so tired and angry she even forgot her glasses.
    She already came half way when she remembered it but it was already too late.
    So she ran off like that.
    Danny was done with his shoot for the day it was around 2:30
    He returned to the suite where he took a quick shower and dressed up again
    ‘ are you leaving”.
    “am bored so I would just look around town”.
    ” ok lemme call the driver “.
    “no don’t worry I feel like trekking”.
    “what if something happens to you aggressive fans or even kidnappers secondly you are not allowed to step on the floor , you can’t mix wit commoners , what if someone infects you”.
    “nothing would happen no one knows me dat well here secondly I have my cap on and I look casual who would recognize me “.
    “am not liking this “.
    ” I need fresh air be right back”.
    He walks out of the suite.
    I don’t feel safe about this Sandra says to herself
    Celine walked down the market junction she had sold quite the number.
    Danny was stroling directly towards the direction of Celine when his phone rang it was his manager
    ” what’s up dude
    ” how is the shoot going
    ” its cool I just finished
    Danny was so engrossed in the call he didn’t see himself running into Celine and at the same moment the tray fell down and her oranges fell all through the floor while some rolled into the dirty water nearby
    “Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!,can’t you see”.
    ” I should be asking you you walked so carelessly, gosh why are commoners so clumsy “.
    “what commonner, me commoner who do you think you are !!! , anyways I don’t blame you .
    Celine bent down and started picking her oranges just then she noticed Danny was just standing
    “what are you doing pick my oranges oo”.
    “what you cant be serious “.he tries moving backward.
    ” what are you doing”.
    ” the thing is I am not allowed touch anything that falls to the ground “.
    “what, listen if you don’t start picking this orange am going to call the masquerades “.
    ” fine, i will call the commissioner of police “.
    ” that Will take time the masquerade riders are right behind me “.
    Danny looked and saw them he got scared
    “so what, are you not picking. hmmm its like you have not heard about this place we kill strangers and eat them alive “.
    ” what ?.
    “start picking “.
    ” ok ok am picking “.
    Danny uncomfortably bent down and picked one of the oranges then he quickly droped it back
    “you know what tell me your account number let me transfer the stupid money to your account”.
    ” are you kidding “.
    “am serious “.
    ” you are so sluggish now the rest has rolled into the dirty water”.
    “it seems like you don’t know who i am , how dare you talk to me”.
    “what, Who are you, are you the presidents son.
    “I think am richer than him”.
    “what !!!!”.
    Danny removes his cap
    “so are u still talking commoner “.
    Celine strained her eye to see Danny’s face but she couldn’t she even moved closer to him but her sight was just too blury
    “I know who you are”.
    “took you long enough, I mean assuming you recognized me earlier you would be happy I ran into you “.
    ” i know who you are, you are a lazy, stupid , proud peacock”.
    ” what you realy don’t know me”.
    ” no !!!!”.
    Danny was so annoyed at the fact that Celine didn’t know him he’s pride was hurt he wished she new him
    ” do you need glasses or something you mean you dont realy know me, me, me”
    Celine drags his shirt
    ” don’t think you can fool me give me my money”.
    ” no no no don’t touch me pls don’t touch me you will infect me, commoners don’t touch me”.
    “money “,celine shouted.
    “don’t you have an account”.
    “how old are you”.
    “dats not your business “.
    Danny leave me alone first I know what to do
    I can’t believe this girl doesn’t know me he says to himself
    “what “.
    ‘ leave me alone I will call my assistant to bring money for you “.
    “what if I leave you and you run”.
    “no I won’t, you irritate me I can’t do anything right with you holding me “.
    ” give me something of yours “.
    ” I don’t have anything on me or should i give you the phone I want to use to make the call “.
    ” didn’t u wear a watch , give me the watch”.
    ” no I never take off this watch”.
    “fine give me your shirt
    Danny covers his body with his hand “.
    “my sexy body is made for photo shoots not for stupid commoners eye”.
    “what this guy you are realy proud who are you sef tell me your name”.
    “ok hold this phone let me take of the shirt “.
    As Celine took the phone from Danny’s hand, Danny pretended as though he wanted to unbutton his shirt and he ran off forgetting that celine was with his phone
    “hey peacock you can run but you can’t hide “.
    ” I can “.
    Celine ran after Danny untill she realized the phone in her hands she stopped and shouted
    “ok bye bye I will sell your phone and replace my orange”.
    “no you are not with my phone “.
    Celine lifted the phone just then she ran off and Danny ran after her
    “commoner stop there “.
    ” no !!!!
    Danny ran fast till he caught celine and with one hand he drew her back
    ” you should know I wanted to stop “.
    ” ok wait lemme call my assistant
    ” ok .
    She handed over the phone to danny and took his shirt
    as he placed a call to Sandra and he put it on speaker
    “Sandra where are u
    ” am still at the hotel
    ” go to my room and bring the cash I left on the bed pls do before I die
    “omg where are you sir
    ” just keep strolling down before that hotel
    “ok sir
    Danny dropped the call and Celine left his shirt
    Danny looked at his hands he just couldn’t stand the sight of the dirt just then Celine walked out
    ” where to
    ” coming
    She returned with a sachet water
    “won’t you wash your hands
    “I bought water don’t worry I won’t charge you
    “but that water is not clean, I don’t want
    ” if you won’t wash forget”.Celine yanked and opens the water she finished it
    “commoner is that water safe for drinking”.
    ” peacock do you know how much I bought this water , well u don’t look poor”.
    ” duuuurrh
    Just then a black car arrived and Sandra came down
    ” are you ok sir
    “just pay her for her oranges
    “am sorry dear pls how much is your oranges
    ” ehe , now someone is talking, the thing is there are two types of oranges I sell here
    ” realy
    “yes nah, I have VIP oranges for only celebrities you know people like Danny Hoffman, musicians like star boy
    “yes nah
    “realy, but you are actually standing with Dan….
    (Danny cuts in)
    ” what makes you think Danny Hoffman will like your oranges
    ” (smilling ) well he has bought it before infact we are realy tight friends “.
    “Jesus Christ “.
    ” omg yes nah”.
    “and I also have normal oranges for average people like my father he’s a carpenter “.
    “that’s nice”.
    “this proud peacock here threw all of them into that water so the total cost is 30, 000 no leave no transfer “.
    “who me, peacock ,what!!”.
    ” aunty what are you saying”.
    ” pls just pay that girl i don’t want to see her anymore”.
    Danny walks into his car
    Sandra gave Celine the exact money she mentioned and went into the car
    Celine walked over to where Danny sat
    “bye , see you next time”.
    “never “.
    “you never can tell “.
    The driver took off
    Celine laughs as hard to herself
    Some people are realy stupid she said to herself as she ran home with her tray

    Celines parents where sitted in the compound when she walked in with an empty tray.
    “Celine you are back you need to go one last time”.
    ” mum , dad , good evening .
    She runs into the house and carried the last oranges into the compound with a knife she sat on the bare floor and started peeling it
    “Celine what are you doing”.
    ” ma’am not selling again ooo how many should I peel for you ?.
    ” what, how much have you sold today, honey talk to this girl “.
    ” if she is tired leave her alone she has tried today my daughter peel 3 for me”. Her dad said
    “Celine give me the money you sold today”.
    Celine hands over her purse to her mum
    “Jesus Celine 32, 000 how come “.
    ” hmm ma God has answered our prayer ooo”.
    “Celine who gave you this money”.
    “ma,its one stupid rich boy like that he poured my orange into the water and paid me 30, 000”.
    “Celine go out with this one who knows if another person will pour it into dirty water “.
    ” my wife you are realy a funny woman”.
    “my daughter I am proud of you ooooo pls I will lick 4″.
    ” my husband you need to go and pay Mr chigozie this money as soon as possible you know money is not safe with humans”.
    ” don’t worry I will go as early as tomorow morning”.
    Just then chimezie rushed into the compound …
    Danny was about sitting on his bed when he remembered what happened with celine he took of his cloth and ran into the bathroom.
    Ahhhhh so disgusting !!!! He kept saying to himself….. while bathing Danny noticed that his watch was not on his wrist he hastened his bath and rushed out of the bathroom he searched the entire room but he didn’t see it he dressed up and came outside where he met Sandra his assistant
    ” Sandra did you see my watch”.
    ” no you never take of that watch”.
    ” its missing I think that troublesome girl stole it omg I can’t loose that particular watch”.
    “don’t worry we would look for her tommorow “.
    “no no no tommorow is still far”.
    He rushed out
    ‘where are you going”.
    Danny walked out of the house he want back to that spot but he couldn’t find his watch he looked around for minutes it wasn’t there he stood there for hours untill Sandra got there.he was lost in thought.memories flashed back.he moved his hair with one hand and rested the other on his waist.
    ” Danny come on lets go “.
    “ok lets go”.
    Both of them walked back to the suite
    Danny walked into his room where he sat down and just then he rembered a car accident which happened in the past he lay down quietly on the bed with his head down .
    Memories came flashing back.voices came ringing.
    He heard her voice again.
    ?”Danny stop,
    Danny stop the car…”
    Danny couldn’t sleep.the nightmares which was just ending started again …ever since that accident he had not been able to sleep at night.
    He lay quietly on his bed….
    What was he going to do..he lost it ….he felt he lost her all over again.
    Next day
    Gretel and keila walked out of ballet practice
    ” I don’t understand why you dropped ballet now “, Gretel asked
    ” I just felt like it”, keila said
    “you felt like what? come on you know you can’t lie to me”.
    “ok, finals is in two weeks gret”.
    “and you are ready”.
    ” and so are you”.
    ” I don’t understand”.
    “you are the best gret even if you don’t concentrate Mrs wills still calls you the best”.
    ” and”.
    “and u always win, u won last time too and I thought you where gonna drop at least this once but I guess I was just thinking , you know how much my parents look forward to this so ave decided if you are not dropping then I have to drop because i still can’t compete with my best friend “.
    ” but I am not competing k,
    ” u have too your dad is the biggest sponsor secondly why have you been coming to practice then”.
    ” I was gonna tell you that I won’t compete I just started coming to practice because I wanted to spend more time with you after all I have a lot of medals and awards already my mum doesn’t realy care about that anymore”.
    “what about u don’t you care”.
    “I care about my best friends happiness”.
    Keila hugs her
    Just then something caught keila’s attention in her phone
    Keila : this stupid blogger is at it again
    Gretel : read it out
    Keila: 17 year old award winning ballerina and multi millionaires daughter Gretel Hoffman has done it again, it’s a sex scandal , what a blast!!!
    Keila starts laughing
    ” I can’t believe this he even posted matching pictures including you tying a towel”.
    “me when?.
    ” in simeons house “.
    ” I was looking for my uniform den”.
    “what are you gonna do your dad can’t see this .
    “neither can Danny or even mum”.
    ” i guess we have to pay that blogger off to wipe this before it goes viral”.
    “we would see him tomorow
    Both of them walked torwards their different cars

    Next coming soon

    story by chindinma

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    Danny u never see anything right

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    Oh mhen i like dis Celine of a girl o, dnt worry everytin will b ok.

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    @ladyg spoil brat plenty ooo…….

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