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    written by Lydia Jonathan

    How far can you go for love? For how long can you hold on to the one you love even where it seems it is finished and it cannot work again?
    This story is about a fight for love. Even after Daniel’s several attempts to frustrate and push her away, Regina keeps her decision to stay and fight to keep him. It is glaring he wants her to leave, leaving him seems to be the right thing to do to secure a better future. But she doesn’t want to leave and even after she finally leaves him, it was for a short time because she discovered they had something that could tie them together and she became determined to stay and enjoy his Love while it lasted.
    Get ready to be transported through a world of different emotions as you read this story “

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    episode 1&2

    Copyright © Lydia Jonathan
    The evening was chilly and eerily calm. I walked the compound of this huge mansion as the wind blew swiftly scattering the leaves in its path. Whilst the flowers danced to the tune of the cold evening breeze
    I shivered, regretting wearing only a thin piece of clothing out. Even as it was just four o’ clock in the evening, I looked up and dark clouds had covered the once clear sky. Crossing my hand on my chest, I walked down the flowery path leading to the garden. It was the only thing in this Gód forsaken place that gave me joy.
    I casted my hand upon the flowers, admiring it’s beautiful pattern, even though it can barely be seen, cause of the sudden darkness, but I knew it at heart how beautiful they looked, because I made sure they looked that way. I walked on slowly caressing the flowers in my path with my hand but stopped short when I heard something drop from far behind me. I turned immediately searching for the source of the disturbance. This is my daily routine in this house and we lived alone,so the thought of someone else here with me this late is strange, as the security man is usually in his quarters or by the gate at this time
    “Who’s there? I called walking slowly towards the source of the sound but was stopped due to a light blinding my sight. I squinted from the sudden brightness using one of my hand as a shield from the light
    “I’m sorry madam, I no know say na you” he lowered his torchlight.
    “its fine, I replied putting my hand down, my sight no longer evaded by the light
    “ I think say you no go come out today, since weather no good and place dey dark. He walked up to me
    “ I’m sorry, did I scare you? I looked at him
    Hahahaha, he laughed. No o, I no sure say I fit scare o, because things wey my eye don see no be here o. He laughed more
    “ Is that so? I snickered
    “ Yes o. I don carry my eye see plenty things for this my life because of this my job. Infact the things wey I don take eye see sef don dey make my fear say they fit vex one day
    “Wow, I crossed my hands, intrigued by the discovery.
    I don’t really know for how long John had been our gate man for, cause when I got married in, he came with the house. He is this cheerful middle aged man, whose smile is contagious. I get to see him every morning and evening as those are the time I usually come out of the house. We don’t get to talk much except for the occasional “hellos and how are yous”
    “Yes o, he continued, na so one day this spirit just see me begin dey ask me whether I don see her apple for ground wey she keep. Come see fear wey hook me, I just ignore waka comot before she vex come touch me
    This was hard to believe for me, my eyes widened not really a fan of ghost stories or the existence of spirits except for the existence of Gód and hell.
    “So they don’t try to harm you? I asked peering into his eyes
    “No o. If you no get there time, them self no get your time, he nodded as if asserting is theory. Just then a chilly breeze blew and I shivered crossing both my hands for warmth
    “Madam, cold dey catch you? He looked at my frame with concern and care in his eyes, something I haven’t seen in a while. Why you no wear something wey thick na, weather cold. You want wrapper or something, he turned to go get it I assumed but I stopped him
    “No,no, I’m fine now, I dropped my hands. I think it’s refreshing now, I walked to the garden’s pavement and sat and he came and sat close to me but making sure to give reasonable space between us while we sat in silence as I gazed upon the cloudy sky
    “Do you have a family? I finally broke the silence and turned to him
    He was a tad bit taken aback by my question as I have never tried to strike a conversation with him, and one as personal as that, but he quickly composed himself and cleared his throat. He smiled and turned back to stare at nothing in particular while I sat staring intently at him, wondering what was going on in his mind
    “ I get one daughter, he finally spoke out and brought out a photo from his pocket and handed it over to me
    “Do you always carry this around, I furrowed my brows but he smiled and nodded
    “She be my motivation, na him make I dey always carry am around.
    I took the photo from him and saw a beautiful young girl, who looked in her late teens
    “Her name na Rachel, he said and I looked up to him and then to the photo. She had his eyes I thought
    “She’s beautiful, I whispered not sure if he heard or not
    “ She be my pride as a man. He said and I smiled at him and looked back at the photo. Next month go make her twenty and she dey university
    “How come I’ve never seen her around, I questioned looking up from the photo
    “She dey stay with my mama, but now she dey school
    “What about your wife, I pried, knowing fully well I’m crossing a boundary but was too curious to back out now
    “She leave us when Rachel be one year old. She say she don tire, say she no fit dey suffer again with me since I no get better job, he spoke, sadness lacing his tone and a little bit of anger in between
    “I’m so sorry, I handed him the photo, feeling sympathetic towards him and how he raised a child on his own
    “Thank you, but I no too blame her, who go wan stay with poor, old and ugly man like me, his face contoured to one of pure sadness
    “Are you kidding, you’re daughter would be so proud of you, and I don’t know about others but you’re easy in the eyes and could easily pass for a 30 year old gentleman I nudged him. And I wasn’t kidding, he looked young for his age. He smiled and I smiled right back, cause like I said he’s smile is contagious but sooner than it came, my smile disappeared and I was now spotting a sad frown and we both went back to staring away in silence
    “You must think I’m pathetic right? I didn’t turn to look at him but felt his gaze boring into me
    “I no think say you dey pathetic. If anything, I think say you dey strong and patient, and that na very nice quality he patted my back. I turned to look at him but tears clouded my view as they threatened to spill at the slightest blink. I just wish things go dey different he added and the tears rolled down my cheek dropping off my chin to my lap.
    He raised his hand and wiped the tears with his thumb. “No cry, he said staring intently at me. I just wish say…. he trailed and looked away then back to me. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the sound of my husband’s car, honking.
    “Thank you, I stood up and smiled and he did same. I better go inside now I pointed and he nodded as I went in and he ran towards the gate as my husband honked continuously lacking no patience at all. From inside I could hear John saying “Sorry sir” over and over while I shook my head and headed straight to the kitchen
    “Food is ready, I called for him and he looked up from the sitting room where he was with his computer on his lap. He closed the computer, sighed and walked up to the dinning and sat while I sat opposite him. He took a morsel of semovita and dipped it in the egusi soup I served and into his mouth then swallowed. He looked up almost immediately spotting a scowl.
    “Can’t you do something right for once in your life woman! He yelled
    Woman? I thought, whenever he calls me that, it’s evident he’s having a bad day and it probably won’t end well if I so much as open my mouth to say a word
    “Is it bland? I took a morsel, but it tasted okay. I looked up to him and saw the anger now visible in his eyes
    “Is it bland? He repeated my question. Are you mad.

    Episode 2

    If there’s one thing I’ve grasped from my marriage is that my husband’s anger is difficult to comprehend. I sat and watched his facials turn from anger to that of pure rage
    “Is it bland? He repeated again but angrier. I married you into this and you do nothing all day but lazy around. I go out all day, working my áss off to provide for this household and your family and the least you could do is cook good food but even that you can’t do? He pushed the pushed the meal away
    I sat, filled with stifled anger but it dissolved to sadness by the time he finished. He has never dissed my cooking before. If anything, it was the only thing I was sure of in this house.
    He continued yelling, but I blocked it all out, consumed with my own thoughts. The rumbling of thunder doing a fine job at blocking out his screams
    “I’m sorry, I mumbled after he was done yelling. I’ll go make another one. I got up to pack the meal but he beat me to it.
    “Sorry for yourself, he dragged his chair causing it to make a screeching sound and he exited the living room. He came out seconds later with a change of clothes and car keys in his hand and he was headed towards the door.
    “Where are you going? I chased after him holding his hand. A storm is brewing, you can’t drive, it’s dangerous I begged but he pushed me aside and I landed on my butt flinching in pain from the impact. He cursed under his breath, opened the door and went out. I heard him call for John to get the gate and I rushed out after him and it was now drizzling and the cold breeze hit me again as soon as I got out.
    “Honey please, come on in, it’s raining, I begged hitting on his windowpane but he revised and drove out as John opened the gate, ignoring my pleas.
    Thunder rumbled and there was a downpour. I squatted crying silently,wondering where I went wrong. We were happy, we loved each other very much. We couldn’t leave without each. Where did it all go wrong I cried the rain pouring down on me. He gets angry, but he has never left at night.
    I stayed under the pouring rain crying my eyes out, not minding it. It actually was comforting cause the rain was melting my burning heart and it felt some what nice as I cried without comfort
    I felt the rain no longer pouring on me and looked up, but John was looking away but beside me with an umbrella in his hands covering me. His concern didn’t make me feel better but made me feel more ashamed, and I cried more. I was sad, angry, ashamed. Sad i can’t make my husband happy, angry he drove off and ashamed John had to see me like this all the time and the fears kept on flowing
    I got up and headed inside after a while, drenched and shivering and John followed after me. I had a change of clothes, came back to the living room and John was still
    “Madam, you dey fine, John came up to me as soon as I stepped in. I nodded and we sat and we sat in silence, my heart a bit warmed from his concern
    “Are you hungry? I turned to him, after we sat we for a while
    “errrrrrr he trailed, I dey fine he was gonna say but I left his words hanging when I headed to the kitchen without listening for a reply.
    I brought the dish and I guess he felt bad and didn’t ask questions but ate it
    “Is it good? I asked peering into his eyes and he smiled and nodded
    “You’re not just saying that are you? My brows furrowed
    “No madam, e sweet well well. He got up to leave but I stopped him and ran to the kitchen and poured all of it in the bowl for him. I might as well give it out than waste it, I thought
    “No….madam, I dey fine, thank you
    “I insist, we’re not gonna eat it anyway. He took it later after much persuasion on my side and left.
    Hours later, the rain subsided and my husband came home
    “I went to welcome him but got hit by the smell of alcohol. It could have been worst right? I thought as he passed out in the living room drenched..
    Why is he wet? And did he drive home drunk?. I didn’t wait for an answer from him because of his state, and I didn’t think I’ll get one even if he was sober. I dragged him up with his weight crushing me. I cleaned him up and set him to bed and left his room for mine
    My husband and I have been sleeping in separate rooms for years now, though it hurt at first, I’m used to it now. Been alone at home all day helped
    The next morning I got up and started breakfast as usual. Few minutes later, I was done and waited for him to come down but he was taking longer than usual. Is he okay? Maybe he needs help, I walked towards his room but stopped at the door. What if he gets angry at me I thought, stood there for a while then came back down to the sitting room and sat. Some minutes later, he came down freshened up
    “Good morning,I greeted and went about setting the meal
    “Yea, morning he replied pressing away in his phone
    “I made breakfast, I looked up and saw hm holding a travelling box in his hand.“ Are you going somewhere? I turned to look at him fully
    “Yes,I have a business trip I have to attend, he turned briefly to me and then back on his phone
    “Why didn’t you tell me you were going on a trip? I questioned
    “Is there a problem? He pocketed his phone and turned to me
    “Well, I’m you’re wife, so I thought I should know where you’re going. I whimpered
    He started walking towards me and with instinct I began moving back slowly until my leg hit the table and I was trapped. He came to a stop when he was right in front of me
    “Do I have to report where I’m going to you?he growled and I felt my breath caught in my throat. I shook my head in an attempt to disagree. He stared down at me for a while before backing away. My breath returned and I breathed out, relieved.
    “You came home drenched last night, what happened?
    “Nothing, he replied curtly
    “You didn’t drive back?
    “No,he replied and started pulling his box away
    “Aren’t you gonna eat something before you go? I already made breakfast
    “I’m not hungry, he replied without even turning to look at me, which hurt a lot
    “Daniel, I called out and he stopped, turned and looked at me
    “Where did it all go wrong? Fed up with everything I questioned. We were happy. But then you changed, you became this person, I gestured to him almost on the verge of tears. We told each other stuffs, I let out a sad chuckle. We do stuffs together. But now…I trailed. Now I don’t even know you anymore
    “I’m gonna be late for my flight, he turned and started walking away
    “Please, I begged, please tell me where I went wrong. He turned to me abruptly
    “You wanna know what happened? We drifted that’s what happened. We were not that young couple we once were. He spoke and tears rolled down my cheek, but he went on
    “You really wanna know what happened? You changed that’s what happened. You stopped trying
    “I….I…., I stuttered unable to form words
    “You were this…..this beautiful girl I married he continued. But now, you don’t even try anymore. You’re always moping around, you don’t do anything productive anymore, and you’re always to yourself he yelled the last part
    “You made me that way, I protested wiping the tears away. You started coming home late, you always had different perfume smells on your shirt and lip stick stains. You get angry all the time. You never even talk to me anymore. I was lonely for Góds sake, I yelled, breathing heavily staring intently at him
    We stood there for a while, no one daring to speak. “I’m leaving now. He turned opened the door, dragged his box and banged the door angrily causing me to flinch. I threw myself to the ground fighting the tears threatening to spill. I haven’t had a conversation with him in a while, and now that I have, we ended up fighting still and now he’s going on a trip for Gód knows how long
    I heard him giving directions to John and then he drove out speedily causing a screeching sound and the tears came pouring

    …To be continued

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    This is going to be an emotional rollercoaster

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    Already feeling sad for her.. It’s gonna be well, dear

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    It is well ma dear

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    eyaaa. is well

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    rhyne bryne
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    Hmm seated but this will be too emotional

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