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    Prologue :
    “its you may, you re all i want forever ”

    “Is the person you are now, the person you want to be remembered by once you’re gone? Are you proud of what you’ve achieved, or do you change the topic when someone asks what your accomplishments are in life? Sometimes, you need to take a break from the life you normally live, so you can appreciate it more. That’s exactly what I’m doing….

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    Phavourite numzy
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    let’s take a ride babyyy

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    Director Michaels
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    My parents got divorced when I was in “year 8” (j. s. s 2). After that, my brother Michael and my Mum moved out to Sydney while I stayed in Melbourne with my Dad.
    For a while it was just my Dad and I, until he threw himself into his work and barely even spent a total of 5 minutes with me a day. So, I spent my days differently. I started skipping school and hanging out with the wrong crowd. That’s when my Dad finally started to notice me. Even though he wasn’t noticing me for the right reasons, I was at least happy he noticed me at all. I thought the worse I got, the more attention my Father would give me. I was right, but now I realize it’s not something I want.
    My Dad and I decided it would be best to spend my summer break in Sydney with my Mum and Brother.
    So, here I am in the airport waiting to board the plane.
    “You’ll be fine on your own right sweetie?” My father asks me.
    “Yes, Dad. I’ll be fine. You’re the one who’s making me go anyways, so you shouldn’t be worried.” I say, quite annoyed.
    “May, I thought you wanted this too?” He asks me, sudden confusion washing over his face.
    “I do, Dad. Well, sort of. Don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to see Mum and Mikey but, I’m gonna miss my friends.” I say.
    It was true. I would miss the few good friends I had. I hung out with a lot of people, but none of them truly cared for me except my best friend Aubrey and my boyfriend Ian.
    “I know sweetie, but you’ll see them in 2 months. Try to enjoy this trip.” He says.
    I nodded my head and pulled out my phone, replying to the few texts I had from Ian. I put my phone back in pocket when I heard the P.A system say “Flight 206 to Sydney is now boarding.” I quickly gathered my bags and turned to face my dad.
    “Well, this is it.” He says as he pulls me into a tight hug.
    I wasn’t much of a hugger so I just pat his back before quickly pulling away.
    “Yup. Well, I’ll see ya.” I say as I begin to make my way over to the boarding line. I soon get to the front of the line and give the lady my boarding pass before she guides me where to go.
    I follow the long hallway until I get to the plane. I quickly find my seat and put my bag into the above compartment. I went to close it but it wouldn’t budge.
    “Need some help there?” A voice says from behind me.
    “No, I got it. Thanks.” I say without turning around, as I continued to struggle.
    Just then a pair of arms reached over mine and shut it. I turned around to face a boy. He looked around my age.
    “Not a problem.” He says, taking the seat next to mine.
    He motioned his hand over to my seat, gesturing me to sit down. I sat down and pulled the magazine from the side of the seat.”I’m Calum.” The boy beside me said.
    “May.” I replied, not bothering to even look up.
    “So, what’s in Sydney for ya?”
    “Family.” I say, trying not to continue the conversation. I was hoping he would get the message that I didn’t want to talk, but he didn’t.
    “Cool. So, where are you originally from?”
    Why was he so full of questions? If i’m on a plane from Melbourne, wouldn’t he naturally assume that’s where I’m from?
    “Do you mind?” I snap. “I’m trying to read.” This time I looked up at him.
    He looked a bit hurt by my words. “Oh-uh-um–sorry.” He stammers.
    I didn’t bother replying to him. I went back to my magazine reading, but guilt soon washed over me. I shouldn’t have snapped at Calum, he was just being friendly.
    “Melbourne.” I say to him. He was probably confused at what I said seeing as he asked his question about 5 minutes ago.
    “You asked where I was from. Melbourne.” I say.
    “Oh right. Well that’s cool.” He says.
    I could tell he was trying to be careful with his words, probably because of how I snapped at him earlier.
    “Look, I’m sorry for being rude before. I’m honestly not usually like that it’s just, I’m not exactly thrilled to be going to Sydney for the summer.” I explain to him.
    “Hey, don’t sweat it.” He paused. “But if it’s any consolation, Sydney is pretty great.”
    “Thanks.” I said, smiling back. “So, why are you on the plane? Are you visiting Syndey too?” I ask him.
    “No, I live there.” He replies.
    “Why were you in Melbourne then?” I ask, hoping I didn’t sound as inquisitive as he did earlier.
    “My sister lives out there.” He explains.
    “That’s funny. You were visiting your sister, and I’m going to visit my brother.” I laugh lightly. It wasn’t even funny but I don’t exactly know how to keep a good conversation flowing with people I’ve just met.
    The rest of the plane ride was spent talking to Calum about small things and watching movies.

    “Alright folks we are now landed. Please proceed out of the east side of the plane. Thank you for flying with us and enjoy your day.” The pilot says on the speaker.
    I get up and retrieve my bags before following Calum out of the plane and into the airport.
    “Alright well, nice meeting you.” I say to Calum as I began to walk away.
    “Wait!” I hear Calum say.
    “Why don’t you give me your number? That way if you’re ever bored of hanging out with your brother and mum all summer, you’ll have someone else.” He says with a small smile.
    I could tell he meant it all in a friendly way, and not flirty.
    “Yeah sure.”
    We exchange numbers and say our goodbyes as we go separate ways. I go out to the cars and look around until I see my mum. She notices me too and walks over to me. Something seems a bit off with her, though.
    “Hey.” I say with a smile.
    “Hi.” She says, slurring her words a bit. Almost as if she’s drunk, but she couldn’t possibly be. Michael told me she works a lot, she’s probably just really tired.
    After about 45 minutes, we arrive at their house. I get my bags from the trunk and go inside.
    “The guest room is set up for you. You can go up and get settled. There’s left overs in the fridge.” My mum says.
    “Thanks Mum, uh- where’s Michael?” I ask.
    “Out.” She shrugs before walking into another room.
    “Okay then.” I mumble as I take my bags upstairs. Michael and I had always been close. We were only 2 years apart, so growing up we were always together. It was hard when he decided he was going to move out to Sydney with my Mum, but we had gotten older and hung out less anyways, so I guess I didn’t mind that much. I pulled out my phone when I heard it buzz.

    From: Ian
    Hey babe, hope your flight was okay. miss you already. Call me soon.
    To: Ian
    Miss you too! I’ll call after dinner

    I locked my phone and began to unpack my clothes. It was weird. Ian hung out with the same kids I did but, he was different. Yeah, he smoked a lot and got into a lot of fights just like the others only, Ian actually had plans on what he wanted to do in his future. He already had plans on moving out to America and going to college for accounting. He was really smart, but none of his friends knew that. I was broken out of my thoughts when I heard a voice call from downstairs.

    “May?” He called.
    I knew that voice anywhere. It was the voice of my big brother….

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    Xaar Whaskyd Brown
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    please invite others…. I really need all your support… this is my first story…. thanks yah all….am still dropping another episode tonight…..

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    …. [/EPISODE *2*] ….

    I run down the stairs as fast as my feet can carry me.
    “MIKEY!” I shout as I pounce into his arms.
    I wasn’t much of a hugger by Michael was the exception.
    “MAY!” Mikey yells back as he hugs me. “I’ve missed you so much little sister.”
    “I’ve missed you too.” I say as I pulled away from the hug.
    “Come on, come tell me about what I’ve missed in your life.” Mikey says as he pulls my hand upstairs.
    “Mikey, I saw you on Christmas.” I chuckle lightly.
    “Yeah but May, that was like 6 months ago. A lot can change in half a year.”
    “You’re right. Well, I have a boyfriend. His name’s Ian. I’ve been seeing him since January.” I started.
    “Is he nice to you? Does he treat you well? Has Dad met him? Does Mum know? Does he push you to do anything?” Michael shot all these questions out at me and I couldn’t keep up.
    “Mikey slow down.” I giggle.
    Michael had always been protective over me.
    “Sorry,” He laughed. “I just hate that I’m never around to protect you if you need it.” He says.
    “I know, but i’m a big girl. I can take care of myself you know. And to answer your questions, yes he treats me good, yes Dad has met him and no he doesn’t push me to anything.”
    “Okay good. Wait, what’s his last name?”
    “Baker, why?”
    “You’re dating Ian Baker?” He asks, clearly surprised.
    “Yeah why? Do you know him?” I ask.
    He composes himself and shrugs. “Uh, no. We used to have mutual friends.”
    I nod understandingly.
    “Man May, I’ve missed you so much.” Michael sighs as he hugs me again.
    “Me too Mikey. But don’t worry, I’m here for the whole summer. We’ll have plenty of time to spend together.” I smile.
    “Good. Oh um― I need to talk to you about something.” Michael says slowly.
    “Yeah…” I question.
    “Look, I don’t want to be the one to give you this whole speech believe me, but Dad is forcing me to. He said that you’ve been hanging around Clay and his crew. Why, May? Is it because you’re dating Ian? You know the type of guy’s him and his ‘boys’ are.” He said, putting air quotes on ‘boys’.
    Clay was sort of the leader of our whole group of friends. He was the one that got everyone the drugs and alcohol, and persuaded everyone to do bad stuff, including Ian. Ian and Clay were best friends, but I figured Mikey already knew that.
    “Clay’s changed.” I lie. “Him and Ian are best friends. He’s gotten a lot nicer now. He’s not the old Clay you used to know.”
    I was literally lying through my teeth. If anything Clay had gotten worse from when Michael knew him. Michael and Clay were best friends when we all lived in Melbourne, until Clay started hanging out with some bad people. Michael wasn’t that type of person so, he stopped hanging around Clay.
    “May, why are you hanging out with them? What happened to your old friends like Aubrey, Jadyn and Emma? Those were good friends.”
    I was still best friends with Aubrey but only because she accepted that I hung out with Clay, Ian and their group. Jadyn and Emma wanted nothing to do with them, so we stopped hanging out. “Look Mikey, I know you’re trying to help but it’s my life and I can choose to have whoever I want in it. I just got here and I don’t want to fight so can we just drop it? God! You sound like Dad!” I raise my voice.
    “Alright i’m sorry. Just forget I mentioned anything about it. Look, tonight I’m going over to my friend Ashton’s house. A few of my friends are gonna be there too. Wanna come? It’s sort of a summer start up party.”
    “I don’t know..I was supposed to call Ian later on and i’m kinda tired.” I say.
    After 5 minutes of Michael practically begging me to go with him, I gave in.
    “Great, be ready by 7.” He says as he shut my door.
    I figured I’d call Ian now so he wouldn’t get worried later on. It rang multiple times before going to voice mail. I furrowed my brows. That’s weird. Ian always answers my calls. I called a few more times only to be sent to voice mail again. I decided to just text him.

    To Ian: Hey. I don’t know why you’re not answering my calls but I’m going out with my brother tonight so I won’t be able to call you later on.

    A few minutes passed and my phone buzzed.

    From Ian: k

    K? K?! He freaking K’d me? I decided to not even reply. He was probably in one of his moods. Every so often Ian would get mad for no apparent reason and be a complete jerk to me. I’d learned it was best to steer clear of him while he was like this. I pushed it all out of my mind as I went to get ready for the party.
    I put on my short denim shorts and a white crocheted tank top. I straightened my long hair and applied some eye makeup and a bit of concealer. I finished much too early so I just went downstairs to watch TV. After what felt like years of watching One Tree Hill re runs, it was finally 7.
    “Mikey, are we going?” I call from the bottom of the stairs. Michael came flying down the stairs.
    “Let’s go.” He says as he gets his keys. We get in the car and begin to drive.
    “So how many people are going to be there exactly?” I ask.
    “Not that many. Just my closest friends.”
    We soon pull up to a fairly large house. We get out of the car and go up to the door. I was about to knock but Michael just opened the door.
    “PARTY’S HERE!” Michael shouts, causing me to roll my eyes playfully.
    A boy approached us laughing at Michael’s entrance.
    “Yeah, the party definitely is here.” He says looking at me with a smirk. That made me feel uncomfortable.
    “That’s my sister you d--k!” Michael says, slapping the boy on the back of the head.
    “Shit man, sorry!” The boy says laughing.
    “I’m Ashton.” He says with a smile.
    “Alright well come on in and meet everyone.”
    I follow Ashton and Michael down to the basement where everyone was. ”
    This is Cora, Luke, Harry and–” Michael says before I cut him off.
    “Calum?” I ask as I look at the boy sitting on the couch.
    It was the same boy I sat beside on the plane.
    “May?” He asks standing up from the couch.
    Everyone looked confused by now.
    “You two know each other?” Michael asks.
    “Yeah kinda. We sat beside each other on the plane ride here from Melbourne.” Calum explains.
    “Small world.” I chuckle.
    I sit down and begin to talk to everyone. They were all really nice. I couldn’t help but notice how attractive they all were. My brother sure knows how to pick hot friends.
    I look over at Michael to see him making out with Cora. I raise an eyebrow and look around.
    “You’ll get used to that.” A voice says as they sat beside me on the floor.
    It was Luke. I had never met him before tonight, but Michael talked about him constantly. They were practically brothers, at least that’s what Michael tells me.
    I look up at him and immediately took notice of his blue eyes. And lip ring. He was really attractive.
    “Are they together?” I ask him.
    “They always say they hate each other, but then every time they see each other they can’t keep their hands to themselves.” Luke chuckles.
    I nod, trying to understand how weird my brother was. My phone buzzes but I choose to ignore it.
    “You’d think he’d be embarrassed to make out with some girl right in front of his sister though.” I laugh lightly.
    My phone buzzes again.
    “Yeah, you’d think. But hey, this is Michael we’re talking about.” We both laugh.
    My phone buzzes again. and again.
    “Aren’t you gonna get that?” Luke asks me, referring to my buzzing phone in my pocket. I nod and take my phone out.

    From Ian: Where the f--k are you?
    From Ian: Are you at a party?
    From Ian: It’s late. go home.
    From Ian: Better not be cheating on me.

    I furrow my brows. He was definitely drunk. Ian was an extremely angry drunk. I decide to reply before he calls to most likely scream at me.
    To Ian: Would you relax? I’m out with my brother, as I told you before.
    “Everything okay?” Luke asks me.
    “Yeah, just great.” I sigh. I hate when Ian acted like that.
    “I’m gonna go get some more drinks from the cooler outside, want to come?” Luke asks.
    I hesitate at first but nod and follow him outside.

    alright I know it’s kind of boring right now but I hate story’s that just jump right to everything… so I want to kind of ease into things. Hope you’re enjoying so far though…. please like and comment…. so I could know your point of view as well…. thanks

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