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    Chapter one
    By: Christopher K, Adibe
    Its been a year and four months after the death of chief Robert and junior Robert had fully taken over the family business, which had grown even bigger than its unexpected growth, it wasn’t a surprise chief Robert wasn’t an educated fellow so he was vulnerable to being cheated by his educated staffs who knows how to maneuver paper works, but since the introduction of junior Robert to the business such threats had long been eliminated making the business grow daily even also with the help of Barrister Christopher Aladdin, who would stand, defend and help the business acquire everything it needs, from lands to loans from both local and international banks. The business’ growth was massive and positively stressful.
    Robert smiled as he stared at the papers in front of him, it didn’t take a fancy accountant like Joe or an overpriced lawyer like Chris to tell him that he’ll be counting millions in dollars profit before the next stock exchange market closes. He was overwhelmed with joy and was also over working himself to death, he hardly had time for himself since his newly signed contract with Sally Ellington farm. Yes, his workers were more than capable to keep to the terms of the contract, but he took his time cross-checking each paper work on daily basis.
    He wasn’t out there in the field or in the factory, sweating and labouring, but he was seriously working with his computer pen and papers and that was a stressful job too.
    The sound of the front door, opening without a single knock could speak of only one intruder.
    “Judge me later bro, but I think the most beautiful girl in Africa is right here in our neighborhood” Chris stripped off his suit jacket and hopped onto the cushion nearest to Roberts desk.
    Robert glared at the intruder, people told him that he and Chris looked alike enough to be brothers rather than friends. He disagreed. They might both be six feet tall with handsome features but the similarities ended there. For one thing Chris had a curly afro while Robert visited a barber every four days to scrape every atom of hair off his skull. For another Chris had a simply manly stature while Robert was real muscular.
    Robert smiled, but not at Chris, he was smiling at the production reports in his hands, if Chris thought he needed a distraction, then he was right, what he really needed was a break.
    “Well, I’ve got a thrilling good news for you” Chris was nothing if not persistent, a trait that Robert had had cause to rue on more than one occasion, and this appeared like it was going to be one of those occasions.
    Robert waited a moment longer before he answered ”whatever puts a broad smile on your face is worth hearing, hit me with the good news”
    “The most beautiful girl in Africa is here in our neighborhood” Chris repeated
    ”If I was paying attention, then its obvious you said that before saying you had a good news, so its possibly not the good news” Robert interrupted with a smile. His recent engagements in the growth of what had turned into his personal business had cost him a lot, he barely had time to visit his mum, so noticing pretty ladies was seriously out of the picture, he was so determined in making Mac-elephant group ten times bigger than how it was under his father’s administration, and he had half achieved that.
    ”Okay, here’s the good news” Chris broke out ”she – am talking of the pretty lady, she just moved into the neighborhood, you know, ‘a johnny just come” he paused to check if Robert was paying attention, and Robert only raised an eyebrow meaning ”and?” Then Chris continued ”and she’s hosting her birthday tomorrow night”
    ”And?” Robert totally blurted out
    ”She’s living with a friend of Ours, Ella Godfrey”
    ”We will be the special guest of honour at her party”
    ”Chris, I know you too well to believe that being a special guest of honour in a young lady’s party could get you so turned on, so please let the cat out of the bag What-is-the-big-deal?”
    Chris slowly went to the fridge, took out a bottle of whisky, and drank straight from the bottle, while Robert stared at him, imagining the day he would outgrow his bad manners, he raised one brow quizzically at his friend who looked settled now
    ”Am thinking of racing her with you” he finally blurted out and that got Robert into a very loud laughter ”its been long we did this, and you need a time off, you’ve been working over time these days”
    The race was something they started way back in senior high school, back then they started from betting two hundred naira to five thousand naira till the last race they had which was for two hundred thousand naira and that was way back in the university. The aim of the race was first to get the mark -the girl- in bed wins the money, and here is Chris who’s old enough to be planning marriage and child bearing, talking about racing the most beautiful girl in Africa according to his exaggeration.
    ”Even if I will accept to race her with you, there’s cheating in the air” Robert said amidst laughter
    ”I don’t get you” Chris was looking very serious in this topic of his
    ”You know the girl, I don’t, that’s and advantage for you”
    ”I can see you are scared here” Chris smirked ”but let me set the record straight here, I only saw her walk past me, plus I was inside my car, so she didn’t see me”
    ”So how did you know about her birthday and about….”
    ”Ella, she told me everything, said Amanda’s her friend and she lives with her blah, blah, blah, but I never spoke with the lady in question, I swear”
    Through out the record of their races from way back in high school, Chris had had the highest winnings, sometimes Roberts allowed him to win because he believed his Friend needed the money, but this was different, because, Chris was now a very rich fellow, though not as rich as Robert was, but rich enough to give away five million naira and so many other relief materials and foods to orphanage homes every three months, because he knew how it felt to be a poor helpless orphan. Yes, he was that rich
    ”So how much do you intend to bet in this race?” Robert asked looking really interested
    ”Seven million” Chris said without a single thought, seemed he had that price in mind
    ”Let’s make it a round figure. Ten, I believe u can afford that, its just a difference of three”
    ”Well, if u say so, then am not disagreeing” Chris said with a wide smile
    ”On the contrary, don’t you think you should be planning to get married, rather than play around, you should be thinking of making babies, for God’s sake Chris you’ll be thirty six these November” Robert said as he slowly stood up then went closer, collected the bottle of whisky from his friend, drank straight from it as he sat on his desk facing confused Chris.
    ”Well, its a nice proposal, let’s consider it after this particular race, or do you already have someone in mind?”
    ”Not at all, but I think its one of the essential needs of a grown man, to recreate a son that will inherit him, you’ve built a legacy bro someone needs to inherit that, I just inherited mine from my late dad, so I need to pass it on to someone”
    ”Nice sermon bro, but my legacy was built by you not me, and you’re correct on one side, someone has to inherit that, well let’s get to the finish line of this race then we can start hunting brides”
    Chris was determined, and Robert knew that nothing ever discourages him once his mind was made up. Chris left his friend’s office and Robert couldn’t go back to his paper works, he’d been inside his office for long, what he needed was actually some fresh air, not air conditioner .
    As he left his office, Robert smiled. The sun had come out and the weather was graceful, that’s a sign that production rate will be favourable today. He strode down to the farm areas and every body was as busy as they ought to be, the supervisors were really doing their job, he turned left to the flour processing unit, a two-storey building the smoke from the chimney and the noise from the building says serious work is ongoing, in less than two days they should be able to meet up with the deal with Sally Ellington, as he approached the poultry and fish farm areas, a tiny feminine voice echoed ”sir” without looking back he knew it was Stephanie his secretary, the young girl was good at her job and also good on bed and she never compromises both, she knew when to address him as ‘sir’ and when to refer to him as ‘Baby’ everything has its time and place and she was cultured enough to know that.
    He stopped as she hastened up to meet him, as she was running her breasts was flapping up and down rhythmically, and Robert couldn’t help but imagine her running to him naked
    ”Its one-thirty sir, your set time for appointment with Gregory and co. And they are already here” she said as she got closer
    ”Oh, I almost forgot, usher them in, in the next five minutes” he replied
    ”Okay sir”
    ”And make sure you see me tonight”
    She let out a wide smile ”okay sir” she said slowly.
    Coming to Isshangbo wasn’t a mistake for Dr. Amanda Owelle, it might just be her best decision ever, the environment was different from what she was accustomed to back in IMO state, the community was really under developed, and the people around here were a lot different, the warmth reception alone made her feel like a goddess, the village women sang praises to her as Ella came to pick her from the bus stop, she was the first female doctor to step foot into their land so the women were proud that what a man can do a woman can do even better, that was actually the topic of their praises.
    Ella her friend wasn’t left out, she took time in introducing Amanda to every living being she knows in the land.
    Ella was doing well for herself, owns a house of her own and a big restaurant upfront, that was the definition of a successful woman to Amanda, but Ella wasn’t educated as herself.
    Amanda was from a rich family, she had good education but she still felt inferior to Ella Godfrey who was making money on daily basis without the help of a family, that was actually the main reason she applied to work in a remote community like Isshangbo, she just needed her independence.
    When she applied for the job as an assistant doctor, she was expecting to work in a big hospital, not something as small as what Ella showed her earlier to be her new place of work, Ella also told her that Doctor Ken Odum who she was going to work with was an old drunk.
    How on earth was she going to cope working with such a person, whom according to Ella visits the w---e house more often than he visits his own clinic, and his visit there was not as a doctor but as a customer, and he was always drunk whenever there was an emergency, and if u confront him his excuse was always ”doctors ain’t God, we can’t save everyone, we save some, we lose some”……maybe that was why he actually needed an assistant.
    She could leave immediately, she could just leave. And yet…at home she’d be insignificant, a doctor in the midst of thousands, here, there would be days when she’d be the only available doctor, peoples lives would depend on her and maybe -just maybe- she could make a difference.
    Isshangbo was a remote area of Ebonyi state with little or no development, the townspeople were purely traditionalists believing In culture and local ways of things, most of them will never accept to go to the clinic for medical care, they’d prefer cooking herbs and three banks, except the doctor will come to their home to offer them treatments.
    More Comment’s more Episodes..

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