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    Leo:when was the last time you slept?

    Cat:i dont know.A long time ago

    Leo:well,a growing body needs sleep.
    When i was your age,i would sleep half the day.I dont know if it helped with the growing,but i was well
    rested for whatever comes after.

    Cat:whose room did i wake up from?

    Leo:my son.Your cousin

    Cat:where is he?

    Leo:He’s dead



    Cat:by who?

    Leo:no one is still alive.

    Granny comes over and puts a plate of eggs in front of her.
    As she begins to eat the food.
    Leo holds up the page of the drawing.

    Leo:you are very talented.Is this what you want to be? An artist?

    Cat:No,i used to want to be like Lara.A super agent.

    Leo:Not anymore?

    chewing,Cat shakes her head.

    Leo:And now?

    Cat:i want to be a killer.

    She kepts shoveling food in her mouth.
    Leo looks up at his mother who crosses a suprise look.
    Cat finishes the last mouthful of pizza and looks up at Leo.

    Cat:can you help?


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    Leo walks down the street with Cataleya.
    He is carrying a kids book bag.

    Leo:the good news is that your father bought you your life with what he gave you
    The bad news is Don luis was playing the bad sides and has disapeared.
    You tore down everything he spent years on with that little chip.It’s something he will never forget in his grave.

    Cat:Are you trying to scare me?

    Leo:i am trying to educate you.



    Principal:Normally we dont accept students in the middle of Academy year,but under the circumstances,losing her parents in that tragic way…..

    Cat looks out of the window,saying nothing


    He hands a list of over to Cat who keep looking out the window.

    Principal:these are the school supplies you ‘ll need.

    Leo takes them.

    Leo:she’s still in a bit of shock.

    Principal:ofcourse,seeyou on monday Cataleya,such a preety name.

    She doesnt even mind them.Just looking out of the window.

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    Leo walks along with Cataleya,reading the list of supplies.
    Cat’s mind is far away from him.

    Leo:we ‘ll get all this stuff,then go over to this place i know down maxwell street for some hotdogs
    you like hotdogs?

    He looks down,sees no Cataleya,looks back to see Her walking in the opposite direction.


    Cat keeps going.


    He hurries,catches up
    with her.

    Leo:where you going?

    Cat:i ‘ve already been to school.
    i told you what i want to dont want to help me.fine.i ‘ll do it myself.

    She walks off.Leo grabs her.

    Leo:chica.Any idiot can be a killer.Look!

    Leo draws a
    357 mangnum pistol from his shoulder holster,and empties the entire bullets into the front of a car coming down the street.
    The car summersault off the road.Smashes a fire hydrant,crashes
    through a plate glass window of a shop across the street.
    Leo holster his gun.

    Leo:saw what i just did?

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    Leo:you want me to teach you to be a killer
    No problem.i ‘ll teach you.but you ‘ll be dead in five years.

    Cat nodes, agreeing

    Leo:if you want to be a killer and survive,
    you have to be a smart
    one.You have to know things besides pulling a have to know how the world works.How people think.You got to learn to be psychological.
    That i cannot teach you,unless you learn the basics at school
    Got it?

    Cat glares at him

    Leo:Now what’s it gonna be?

    He holds the gun in one hand and the school bag in the other hand.
    Cataleya hesitates for a moment.and Takes the school bag from Leo.
    They started walking away quickly to dodge the upcoming police men blowing their siren.As they put a distance between the chaos.

    Cat:But i still want to be a killer.

    Leo:Hey kid,dont stresss yourself.Okay.
    Finish your high school first.I promised
    to teach you.Got it?


    Leo:we cool?



    They both heads home


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    I love diz

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    Ride on

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