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    Abena that is not fair

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    Abena na pako babe now, so dont except her to be so cool.

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    Tobi, the last time I remembered, you were the one that forced Joseph to draft the contract so, why put the blame on him?

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    Tobi my guy learn the way of a man.

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    Thus is serious o

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    Lol! So funny…. These two somehow fits perfectly

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    contract episode 19
    She felt someone stare at her after a while
    and looked up to see Tobi standing by the
    door with a plate of sandwiches and two
    mugs of beverages. She suddenly felt self
    conscious in her shirt that was getting too
    small for her baby bump and her sport
    She berated herself for caring about what
    she wore while he was there and her gaze
    flickered to the sandwiches.
    “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She
    squealed and stood up grabbing the plate
    from him. He gave her an amused smile and
    rolled his eyes. She sat down and he sat
    down beside her. He handed her a cup of
    “But you’re drinking coffee!” She complained
    with her mouth full.
    “I like you better when you’re not awake, so
    coffee isn’t really the best thing for you
    right now.” He simply said before shifting
    his gaze to the television.
    She folded her arms against her chest and
    frowned. He reached for the plate to take a
    sandwich and she slapped his hand away.
    He narrowed his eyes at her but she
    grabbed the plate and looked away.
    He rolled his eyes at her childish attitude
    and his gaze lowered to her ebony legs. He
    looked at her outfit and forced his eyes to
    look away. How could she wear that and still
    look beautiful? If he saw another woman in
    those kinds of clothing, he would call her a
    homeless person.
    He pushed the thought out of his mind and
    they sat there in awkward silence. Abena
    racked her brain thinking of what to do to
    break the silence but came up with nothing.
    “Why are you still here?” She blurted out and
    mentally palm slapped her face.
    “It’s my house. I can be wherever I want.”
    He replied cockily. “Besides, all that water
    you dumped on me took my sleep away.”
    “Sorry.” She whispered sheepishly.
    “It’s okay. Pregnant woman madness. I get
    it.” He shrugged.
    “I’m not mad!” She uttered in protest.
    “Crazy? Eccentric? Mentally unstable? Take
    your pick.” He replied still staring a the tv.
    “Whatever.” She glared at him and took a
    bite of her sandwich.
    “There’s only one left? There were seven on
    that plate!” Tobi exclaimed in disbelief.
    “Well now they’re in my stomach. I’m eating
    for two, remember?” She pointed a finger at
    “I’m sure you ate six and the baby ate only
    one.” He said with a smile and she rolled
    her eyes looking away from his perfectly
    chiseled face.
    “How does it feel to be a billionaire? At 26?”
    She asked looking at him.
    “You get used to it after a while. Making
    billions is no big deal for me now. I’ve been
    running the company since I was eighteen.”
    He shrugged.
    “Wasn’t that too young?” She took one last
    gulp of her Milo and wiped her mout with
    the back of her hand, even though he
    brought napkins. He rolled his eyes at her
    rather ‘savage’ behaviour and continued
    talking, trying to avoid an argument.
    “Well my dad died, his second in command
    took over, I worked with him until I was
    ready. Then I started making billions. They
    say I have the Midas touch.” He smirked.
    “I was about to apologize for your father’s
    death but then you just continued speaking
    and you ruined it all.” She joked and he
    laughed. She enjoyed the few seconds of
    seeing his laugh, knowing that she wouldn’t
    see it again in a long time.
    “My father died a long time ago. I’ve learnt
    to live with it, and try my best to make him
    proud.” He simply stated and she nodded,
    beaming at him with admiration.

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