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    episode 20

    “So the famous Tobi Ademi can talk like
    this.” She smiled.
    “This is my house. I can talk however I
    want.” He said quickly covering up his
    She rolled her eyes. She knew he was trying
    his best to stay away from her and not talk
    to her but she wasn’t going to live in a
    house and not talk to the only other person
    in it.
    “What about you?” He asked.
    “How does it feel to be poor? Horrible,
    thanks for asking.” She replied sarcastically.
    “That’s one annoying thing about women.
    Before you say one sentence, they have
    replied with one paragraph.” He pointed out.
    “Whatever. What did you want to ask?” She
    asked biting her bottom lip. She prayed
    silently that he won’t ask her about her
    “How does it feel to be pregnant?”
    “What?” He shrugged, his lips tugging into a
    small smile.
    “Well… there’s a good part. It feels… weird.
    You know, life is growing inside of me.
    Another human, with a completely different
    personality and way of thinking. Someone
    else that would stand out in the world.
    Sometimes I wonder how he or she-”
    “Please refer to my child as a ‘she’.” He
    said and she rolled her eyes.
    “As I was saying, I wonder how she would
    be. What she would grow up to be. If she
    would look like me, or take your ugly face.”
    She joked obviously lying about the last
    “You check me out every morning.” He
    replied with a famous smile.
    Okay, not so famous since he only showed
    it to her and Joseph.
    “I just wonder how she would be like.”
    Abena said, her voice sounding far off.
    “Abena, you do realize that-.” Tobi started
    “I know. Don’t say it.” She said quietly. She
    knew this would happen, and she was just in
    her third month. She was already forming a
    bond with the unborn child.
    Silence hung heavily in the air for a while.
    “What about the bad part?” Tobi finally
    She groaned and he burst into laughter. “I
    puke a lot, I eat like an elephant, my clothes
    are already getting tight, and I’m so fat! Not
    to mention that in six months from now, I
    would have to push a head probably this big,
    through a hole this tiny!” She gestured with
    her fingers.
    “Or maybe two heads?” Tobi asked with a
    “If I slap you ehn, you would see double.”
    She threatened and he laughed again.
    “It’s already almost three.” Tobi pointed out
    after a while. “I should probably go to bed.”
    She stood up and stretched not noticing that
    Tobi’s gaze lingered on her back side longer
    than necessary.
    “Aren’t you going to clear where you ate?”
    He asked.
    She picked her plate and cup, intentionally
    leaving his behind, and walked to the
    kitchen. She dumped them in the sink and
    decided to wash them the next day.
    “Don’t even think about leaving those there.”
    Tobi warned stepping into the kitchen.
    “I”ll wash it tomorrow.” She yawned not
    bothering to cover her mouth. He ignored
    her and pointed at the sink.
    “I don’t like messes in my house Abena.”
    “It’s just a plate and cup. Your whole house
    is still perfectly perfect. Like no one lives
    here. Don’t worry.” She said dramatically
    and started walking towards the stairs.

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    episode 21

    “Abena. Don’t you walk away from me.
    Come back this instant and tidy up this
    “You’ll get old fast if you keep talking and
    acting like that.” She replied still walking
    He groaned in frustration. He liked things in
    a particular way. Why was she messing that

    “Abena how many -”
    Abena froze when she saw Tobi enter her
    room, without knocking. She was just
    stepping out of the bathroom with a towel
    wrapped tightly around her.
    “Didn’t your mother teach you how to
    knock?” She snapped.
    “It’s my house, I can do whatever it is that I
    want.” He replied dryly.
    “Abeg abeg, shut up jare. We get it, it’s your
    overpriced house. But this is my room.” She
    walked closer to him angrily. “In this room,
    everything goes the way I want, its not part
    of your house, as long as I’m here. Do you
    get it?” She said raising her voice a few
    octaves higher.
    His jaw dropped but he quickly masked his
    surprise with a frown. “Watch your mouth.”
    “Next time, knock.” She pointed at him.
    “Everything must go the way I want it to go
    Abena. If you don’t want me to barge into
    your room, lock the d--n door.” He said
    while she bent down to pick a banana peel.
    “Why are there banana peels lying in the
    “I woke up early this morning hungry so I
    went to the kitchen and ate bananas as I
    walked.” She said slowly.
    “I have a dustbin for a reason Abena.” He
    “It’s just a small mess. You could practically
    pick it up and the kitchen would still be
    spotless.” She shouted back.
    “Why are you so d--n annoying?” He
    “Why are you such a control freak?” She
    spat out, glaring at him.
    “And why do you have such a nice ass?” He
    blurted out to her utmost surprise.
    Her mouth opened slightly and he froze.
    They stared at each other for a few seconds
    before he cleared his throat.
    “Dont leave banana peels around again.” He
    said calmly before leaving. Still in surprise,
    Abena locked the door before removing her
    As she walked down the stairs a couple of
    minutes after, Tobi was leaning on a couch
    already dressed for work.
    “Look I’m sorry I’m messy alright. I’m used
    to dropping things around so-”
    “Like your bra?” He asked pointing to the
    black bra on the couch in the space she sat
    earlier in the morning.
    “I forgot it there.” She said sheepishly.
    “Just keep my house clean.” He warned and
    she nodded with a strained smile.
    “Yes sir. I won’t leave banana peels around
    They were interrupted by the sound of
    something breaking. Tobi fumed with anger
    while Abena looked surprised. She had just
    dropped a vase on the floor.
    “I’m so sorry. It was a mistake. You can
    deduct it from the next payment.” She
    quickly said as she bent down to pick up the
    broken pieces.
    “Are you crazy?” He groaned helping her
    stand up, trying to avoid her stomach. Her
    fingers were bleeding from the broken
    pieces that she touched.
    “Do you know how important every single
    drop of blood is for my baby?” He asked as
    he led her to the sink.
    As he washed her hands, she began to sob
    quietly. “I’m sorry. I’m such a mess. I don’t
    know why I’m even crying. Or why I’m
    dropping things everywhere. And forgetting
    to do things. I’m sorry.” She said quietly.

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    having feelings for one another

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    And this is where the feeling strikes

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    episode 22
    He turned her around to face him and
    planted a kiss on her forehead, to her
    utmost surprise. “Take care. I have to go to
    work.” He just said before leaving her in the

    “She loved her. She name the puppy Blaze.
    God, you should have seen her face when I
    got her the puppy. I knew it was an amazing
    idea.” Joseph grinned, telling Tobi about his
    anniversary with Dera.
    They were sitting in the conference room
    waiting for some investors that were stuck
    in traffic.
    “That sounds like Dera.” Tobi replied,
    attempting to smile, but his friend didn’t
    notice his mood.
    “And we’ve been married for six years. God!
    I feel so old.” Joseph chuckled.
    “You are.” Tobi simply said.
    “What’s wrong? I know it’s not about this
    deal we’re about to close because you
    always get what you want.” Joseph pointed
    “It’s Abena.” Tobi groaned in frustration.
    “Ohh. You’re in love with her?” Joseph
    asked hopefully.
    “There’s something wrong with you.” Tobi
    glared at his friend who in response, gave
    him a shrug.
    “We always fight. And I’m trying so hard to
    not fight with her because she’s pregnant
    and she has mood swings and I don’t want
    her to get depressed and all that, but she
    does every single thing wrong.” Tobi
    “I like her. With everything you tell me, you
    can tell that she lives in the moment. Unlike
    you. You guys would be good for each
    other.” Joseph smiled while reading
    skimming through a document.
    “For the millionth time, she’s not my type!”
    Tobi snapped. “And what do you mean by I
    don’t live in the moment. I live in the
    moment.” Tobi stated, though it sounded
    like he was trying to convince himself rather
    than convince his friend.
    Joseph gave Tobi a look that said: ‘yeah
    “No you don’t. You arrange every aspect of
    your life, even your one night stands!”
    Joseph argued.
    “Well I have to control the outcome of every
    situation.” Tobi said.
    “No you don’t. Learn to live a little without
    planning what would happen after. From my
    point of view, you’re definitely losing control
    with this Abena thing.” Joseph replied.
    Tobi groaned in response.
    “Just be nice to her. She’s pregnant for you,
    and she’s doing it for money, so it’s eating
    her up. Be nice to the girl and stop being
    such an ogre.”
    Tobi was about to respond when Funmi
    opened the door slightly, showing only her
    “The investors are here.”
    Tobi nodded and stood up. “What are you
    doing this weekend?” He asked Joseph.
    “Going to Osun. I have a case to settle
    there. You?”
    “Tami is supposed to come over.”
    “An actress.” Tobi explained with a chuckle.
    “And you’re taking her to your house, with
    Abena there?” Joseph asked, lifting an
    “I really haven’t thought about that.” Tobi
    replied, his smile suddenly disappearing.
    As they walked out of the room to welcome
    the investors, Joseph whispered, “You know
    for a billionaire, sometimes, you’re just

    Abena couldn’t stop thinking about the fact
    that Tobi kissed her forehead. And when she
    realised that she was thinking about it, she
    stopped herself from thinking about it and
    started thinking about the fact that she was
    thinking about it.

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    episode. 23

    She was in the indoor pool, wearing a bra
    and a pair of Tobi’s boxer shorts that she
    She knew why she was a mess lately, apart
    from the disadvantages of being pregnant,
    she couldn’t stop thinking about the one in
    the hospital. She had finally paid the
    hospital some amount of money to get
    started, so a small part of her was relieved.
    But she still had a bad feeling about her
    step mother and whatever she could be up
    Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound
    of a phone ringing.
    The house phone.
    She got out of the pool and got a towel.
    She walked into the main house, the phone
    was still ringing. She contemplated on
    whether to pick it or not. Shrugging, she
    picked the phone.
    “Hello. Tobi Ademi’s residence.” She said in
    a sickly sweet voice.
    “Please tell Tobi that he shouldn’t forget
    that Tami’s coming over for the weekend.
    And that I’m bringing his favorite lingerie.”
    She heard a woman say rudely.
    Ignoring the tightening in her chest, she
    replied in her most professional voice. “I’ll
    make sure he gets the message.”
    “Good. Who are you anyway?”
    “Just the help.” Abena replied and the girl,
    Tami, hung up.
    Abena scolded herself for being foolish. Of
    course yes he was bringing a girl home,
    what did she think.
    She just had a little crush on him, but now
    it’s all gone.
    At least that’s what she told herself.

    “Abena. I’m ho-.” Tobi stopped shouting
    when he saw Abena was just in the sitting
    room watching a movie.
    She turned around and gave him a smile. He
    lifted an eyebrow in surprise, why was she
    “How was work?” Abena asked.
    “Fine. As usual.” Tobi said slowly.
    “Good.” She said and turned back to the tv.
    He shrugged and walked towards the stairs.
    “Oh, and Tami called. Said something about
    bringing your favorite lingerie.” He heard her
    “Oh.” He turned around looked at her.
    “You should have at least said something.
    Do you think I would be comfortable staying
    in the house, while you guys do your
    business?” She asked, still surprisingly calm.
    “Sorry. I forgot. I was going to tell you, or
    even cancel.” He apologized.
    “No need to apologize. Its not like I own the
    house or anything. Where am I supposed to
    stay while you check out Tami’s lingerie?”
    She asked sweetly. He winced at her words.
    “I was going to set you up in a house in the
    estate for the weekend.” He replied.
    “Can I stay there till I deliver?” She asked
    hopefully. The faster she went away from
    him, the faster her crush on him would die
    “No. I have to keep an eye on you.” He said
    “Before you didn’t even want me in your
    house, now you want to keep an eye on
    me?” She retorted.
    “Abena. Please. Not now.” He said and
    walked up the stairs ignoring her yelling at
    A few minutes after, he rushed back
    downstairs still wearing his office clothes.
    He was frantically searching for something
    and there was fear written all over his face.
    Abena jumped up from her seat and turned
    towards him, worry written across her face.
    “What’s the problem?” She asked.
    “My car keys. I need my car keys. Where
    are they?” He asked still searching, throwing
    the pillows on the chairs away.
    “Relax Tobi.” She said touching his
    shoulders and looking at his face.
    “Your car keys are where you always keep
    them, hung on that hangy-thingy. What’s the
    problem?” She asked slowly.
    “It’s Joseph. The hospital called.” He said in
    a shaky voice. “He was in an accident.”

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    episode 24

    Tobi ran out of the house faster than the
    speed of light. Abena had insisted to follow
    him, and since he was in a hurry, he had no
    time to argue with her.
    There was only one person on his mind, his
    best friend.
    Abena walked into the car as quickly as she
    could, wearing a pair of shorts, an oversized
    shirt and flip flops. She fastened her
    seatbelt and frowned at Tobi when he began
    driving without strapping his seatbelt on.
    “Tobi. Your seatbelt.” She said cautiously.
    He ignored her, fire burning in his eyes, as
    he gripped on the steering and continued to
    drive, passing a red light.
    “I know you’re upset, but can you please
    fasten your seatbelt.” She said again.
    “Can you please, shut the hell up.” He
    “I have no time for seatbelts right now
    Abena. If you’re going to keep talking, I’m
    not going to hesitate to drop you right here,
    by the side of the road.” He spat out, anger
    and fear flowing with each word.
    “I understand that you’re upset, but if we
    have an accident right now, with your
    reckless driving, you would probably suffer
    the most, because you have no seatbelt on,
    and if you don’t care about me or yourself,
    can you at least care about your baby!” She
    shouted and he abruptly stopped the car.
    Regret visible in his eyes, he strapped his
    seatbelt slowly, ignoring the insults and
    glares he got from other drivers.
    He started the car again, driving more
    carefully. Fast, but carefully.
    Abena’s breath became even and she stared
    out of the window, because she couldn’t
    bear to stare at him
    “I’m sorry. I just-. Joseph is like-.” He
    attempted to say something but his voice
    broke and his eyes flickered towards her
    and back to the road.
    “You don’t have to tell me anything. Just
    drive. Let’s go see how he’s doing.” She
    reassured him, touching his hand lightly. He
    visibly relaxed and she smiled.
    They drove in near silence, while Tobi
    struggled to fight back the tears that
    threatened to fall, while Abena reassured
    him continually that everything would be
    alright, although she had no idea if it would
    She knew however, that she understood his
    The fear of losing someone you love.
    Especially when it was unexpected.

    Abena followed Tobi into the hospital, as
    fast as she could. She pushed back the
    memories she had of such a place,
    reminding her self that she was there for
    Tobi, not to reminisce on her unattractive
    She slump wearily on one of the
    uncomfortable chairs in the waiting area,
    trying to ignore her stomachs request for
    food. It would be odd for her to ask for food
    while he was worried about his best friend.
    Tobi walked to Dera and immediately she
    saw him, she started crying again. He
    engulfed her into a hug, assuring her that it
    was going to be okay, when he wasn’t even
    “Where are the children?” He whispered as
    though they were sharing a secret.
    “With Joseph’s mum. I couldn’t bring them, I
    just couldn’t.” Her voice broke and she
    started to cry again.
    They waited for what seemed like hours.
    Abena dozing on the chair, Tobi pacing like
    a madman, not noticing that Abena’s
    sleeping position was likely to give her a
    back ache; and Dera, occasionally calling
    her mother-in-law to make sure her children
    were doing fine.

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