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    episode. 25

    After a while, the doctor came out, with a
    calm expression on his face that already
    comforted Tobi.
    “How are you related to the patient?” He
    asked cautiously.
    “I’m his wife.” Dera said quickly.
    “Best friend.” Tobi added.
    Abena’s eyes fluttered open at the sound of
    the doctor’s voice. She strained her voice to
    hear what he had to say, ignoring the pain in
    her back.
    “Well he’s very lucky, he didn’t hit his head
    during impact, its his leg that I’m most
    worried about. We have operated on his leg,
    and from what I see, he would walk again.
    After six months of healing and therapy, he
    would be fine.” The doctor said and Dera
    breathed a sign of relief.
    “Well can we go see him?” Tobi asked with a
    “Yes. Family members only.” The doctor
    said before walking past them.
    Tobi followed Dera, completely forgetting
    Abena who sat painfully on the totally
    uncomfortable chair.
    They rushed towards Joseph who was
    sleeping. His leg was hoisted up and there
    was a cast around it. On hearing them come
    in, he woke up and stared at them,
    confusion visible in his expression.
    “Who are you guys?” He asked slowly.
    Dera and Tobi looked at each other with
    “I thought the doctor said he didn’t hit his
    head?” Dera said in a panicky voice.
    “I’ll go get him.” Tobi said and rushed
    towards the door.
    Joseph burst out laughing, much to their
    surprise. “You should have seen your faces.
    Oh my God!” He said, still laughing.
    Dera’s mouth hung open and she slapped
    him across the cheek twice. He stopped
    laughing immediately but still had a small
    smile tugging at his lips. She pulled him into
    a hug, while sobbing and he patted her
    “I’m okay love. I’m fine.” He said.
    “Of course yes you are. If you died, I would
    have resurrected you myself.” She said still
    “You scared the life out of me man!” Tobi
    said giving him a friendly slap on the
    “Don’t hit a sick man!” He said, feigning
    “Dera just slapped you, twice.” Tobi pointed
    “Abeg, she’s my wife. It’s allowed.” Joseph
    smiled and Dera planted a kiss on his lips.
    “Another reason why I can’t get married.”
    Tobi joked.
    “Oh! You left Abena at home?” Joseph
    “Oh my God. She came. I totally forgot her
    in the waiting area.” He panicked.
    “Who’s Abena?” Dera asked. “Isn’t that your
    baby mama?”
    Tobi shot Joseph a look. “I can’t keep stuff
    from her. That’s not the problem right now.
    You left her on those deadly chairs. She’s
    probably aching all over.”
    “I’ll be right back.” He said hurrying out of
    the room.
    “Does he like her?” He heard Dera ask
    “No!” He shouted and made his way to the
    waiting area, ignoring the looks he got from
    the nurses.
    Abena had fallen asleep on the chair, her
    neck was placed in the worst way, and she
    shifted uncomfortably.
    “Abena?” He tapped her shoulder gently.
    “Huh?” She woke up and sat up. Rubbing her
    eyes, she asked. “Is it time to leave?”

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    episode. 26

    “Nope. Apparently you’re a friend of Joseph
    too, so he wants to see you.” He smiled,
    feeling guilty about leaving her.
    He helped her stand up, and she stretched.
    She followed him, with a hand on her belly,
    a habit he had noticed.
    “Abena! My favourite person.” Joseph joked
    as they entered the room.
    “For someone who almost lost a leg, you’re
    very happy. I like that.” Abena commented
    with a laugh.
    “Sorry I didn’t acknowledge you before. I’m
    Dera.” Dera said to Abena.
    “No problem. I’m Abena.” Abena replied.
    “Ghanaian.” Tobi cut in and Abena smiled at
    his memory.
    Joseph wiggled his eyebrows at them.
    “If I slap you ehn. Sick or not.” Tobi warned.
    “No vex. I forgot you were a billionaire.”
    Joseph joked and they all laughed.
    “Sit down Abena. You must be feeling very
    tired.” Dera offered, gesturing to the couch.
    “Actually, since I’ve seen that this idiot is
    well, we’re leaving. I would come and see
    you tomorrow morning.” Tobi announced.
    “Okay then. Hope to see you again.” Dera
    said, referring to Abena, who replied with a
    “What about me?” Tobi asked, feigning hurt.
    “I’m already tired of your face.” She joked
    and Joseph gave her a high five.
    “You guys are perfect for each other. Go
    away.” Tobi smiled.
    “Actually, you’re the one that’s supposed to
    go away. Give us some couple time.
    Odabo.” Joseph said, gesturing for them to
    “Whatever.” Tobi laughed. “See you
    tomorrow.” He added before stepping out,
    with Abena following him.

    Once they were in the car, Tobi turned to
    Abena, with an apologetic smile. “Sorry.
    About how I treated you. I took out my
    frustration on you and it wasn’t fair. Then I
    left you in the waiting area where you were
    obviously uncomfortable. And you’ve
    probably not eaten.”
    “It’s okay. I understand. But you’re making
    me food once we get home.” She smiled
    “Deal.” He flashed her his charming smile.
    “I’ve never seen you like that before. So…
    out of control.” She spoke up.
    He visibly relaxed in his seat, and made no
    move to start the car.
    “I had a lonely childhood. Busy parents, no
    other siblings, surrounded by the household
    staff. You know, typical rich kid problems.”
    He gave a nervous laugh and she smiled at
    him, encouraging him to go on.
    “We went to the same nursery school, but
    that’s nursery school. We were still innocent
    children. But when we got to primary school,
    I was an awkward child. I had no friends
    because I didn’t know how to play the
    games they played, and I didn’t watch the
    movies they watched or listen to the songs
    they listened to. I was a…” He paused,
    looking for the right word.
    “Misfit. I was a misfit. But Joseph talked to
    me. He became my friend. Showed me the
    games they played, movies they watched
    and even the songs they listened to. He
    taught me Pidgin English, because it’s
    apparently compulsory for every Nigerian to
    know. He didn’t treat me like a rich kid, he
    treated me like a friend. He’s like the
    brother I always wanted, with less common
    sense.” He smiled and she gave a light
    “My point is, I don’t have a lot of people in
    my life. So I try my best to be there for the
    ones I have.”
    As he drove out of the hospital, she couldn’t
    help but wish she was one of the people in
    his life, but she knew she wasn’t. If was
    ever there for her, it wasn’t because he
    cared about her, but because he cared
    about the baby inside of her.

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    Continue Next

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    Ride on @bayjenny

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    These two are definitely gonna fall heavily for each other. Tnk God that Joseph is fine

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    Hmmm Finaly Here Mis Some Episode Have 2 Go Back Bt Am Here Now @joseph Thank God U’re Ok @tobi N @abena Make Una Do Quick Fall In Love Naw Next

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    Thank God For Your Life Joseph

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    they ar going to be the best couple if they marry

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