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    ride on

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    Hahahahaha now he’s starring at her kissable lips

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    Let me see how you can do this without getting involve with her

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    So Demi is ur brother

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    i love this story

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    interesting story, ride on

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    She nt going to leave the baby, she’s more than attached to it

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    episode 35
    “That’s why I have you.”

    “Let’s use pink.”
    “Tobi, I told you, it has to be a unisex
    colour. We don’t know the gender of the
    baby.” She explained.
    “Why haven’t we found out the gender of
    the baby?”
    “Because I like surprises.” She shrugged.
    “I dont.” He replied.
    “Why am I not surprised.” She rolled her
    eyes and muttered, “Control freak.”
    “Okay, so what colour can we use?” He
    asked, lifting an eyebrow.
    “No. It’s a boys colour.”
    “That’s my favourite colour.”
    “Why am I not surprised?” He mimicked her.
    “Can’t we just decide on a main colour
    already?” She ignored his mocking.
    “Just let me choose.” He offered and she
    glared at him.
    “No. You lack taste in a lot of things.” She
    “How about yellow?” He asked, anxious for
    the day to be over.
    He was never taking her shopping again.
    “Tobi you’re a genius!” She exclaimed and
    but he just stared at her.
    He knew what was going on.
    “We can paint the room yellow and white,
    like in stripes. But we can add touches of
    green, black, grey and white. We’ll evenly
    distribute all the colours. But yellow would
    be the main colour.” She said and he
    nodded his head.
    He was hungry.
    “What about the theme?” He asked when
    she glared at him, obviously angry that he
    wasn’t contributing to the topic.
    “It can be a zoo theme. We’ll have stuffed
    animals all over the place. Don’t worry. I
    have the image in my head. Lets buy the
    paint.” She gave him a cheeky smile and he
    pinched her cheek.
    “You’re adorable sometimes.”
    She swatted his hand away and took a
    bucket of paint.
    “You can’t carry that. Are you trying to
    stress my daughter.”
    “Fifty-fifty chance Tobi. And no, I’m not
    carrying it, you are.” She said.
    “The Tobi Ademi doesn’t carry paint. People
    do it for him.” He boasted and they exited
    the store with two men, carrying buckets of
    paint and painting tools.
    “What next?” He asked once they dropped
    the paint in the car.
    “Decorations and stuffed animals. Then we
    can go and eat.” He nodded and walked
    past her.
    “Why are you rushing?” She asked.
    “The faster we get all the stuff, the closer I
    am to eating.” He explained.
    “I’ve never seen you hungry before.” She
    “Well apparently, when you spend a day
    shopping with Abena Omotosho, your
    stomach suffers.” He joked and she hit him
    playfully on the shoulder.
    After getting toys, decorations, the cot,
    strollers and all the other things that the
    baby would need, they went for lunch.
    “You’re actually not bad company.” He said
    as they ate. He ordered French fried and
    chicken but she had a cheese burger with
    her French fries.

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